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Archive-name: Couples/old-fr1.txt

Archive-author: DarkNites

Archive-title: Old Friends 1

	Well, what can I say about this story?  I never planned to finish it

because it was so hard to put on paper.  But things change and the completed

work is the longest and most intricate story I've written.  H. if that's you,

you never read this..

	I'm always looking for critiques (even flames!!) so feel free to 

write to me at  I have no problem with people

e-mailing my stuff around, as long as my name remains with it.

	And for those of you who suffer under the delusion that women 

engineers can't possibly be sensual...  

		DarkNites:	Old Friends (Part I)

	Adrienne swept across the room in a sea of bronze brocade.  The man 

she was heading for rolled his eyes heavenwards but she never saw because by 

the time she reached him, he was smiling pleasantly at her.


	"Hi Babe.", he winked at her.  "Still making entrances, I see."  A 

quick smile flashed across Adrienne's face as she pirouetted, the fabric 

rustling before finally settling down around her.  Every eye in the room was 

on her, some disapproving, some fascinated, some lustful...

	The brocade overcoat was fastened at the waist, sweeping out behind 

her in a elaborate train.  Beneath it she wore nothing but a strapless 

black body suit.  Perfectly respectable, but she still stood out like a bird 

of paradise in this genteel world of pressed suits and demure cocktail dresses.

	"Do you like it?"  She stood there grinning, knowing perfectly well he


	"Its..  err... very dramatic.  But then you knew that, didn't you."

	"Poor Andy...", she tucked her arm through his and started walking him

to the buffet.  "Someday you'll give up trying to make me respectable."  He 


	"Babe, you can wear a burnoose to the next clients meeting for all I 

care.  Just make sure you keep churning out those designs."

	"No problem.  I was lying in bed last night when it came to me in a 

flash!"  She gestured dramatically before grabbing an hors d'oeuvre and 

popping it into her mouth reflectively.


	"Hold on."  Andy snapped to attention.  "There's someone I want you

to meet.", he said as he dragged her away from the buffet table.  She cast a 

last longing glance at the food behind her.  He walked her over to a group

of navy Armani suits, and tapped the single grey Klein on the shoulder.  The

man turned around and his eyes fixed on Adrienne.

	"Garett Rate, I would like to introduce you to.."

	"Adrienne, its been a long time...", Garett smiled at her.

	"You two know each other?" asked Andy, a little confused.

	"You could say that."  Adrienne gave him a slow smile.  "We were

lovers in college."  Andy turned a shade redder and cast a nervous glance 

around them, expecting a fully-fledged scene to explode around him.  The 

unusually calm note in her voice told him that this was not going to go well.

	"So you are the wunderkind that Andy has been trying to get me to

sell.", said Garett taking her elbow and walking her back to the buffet.  

"I would have figured that you would never let anyone handle your own

publicity."  His pulse was racing as he felt her soft skin against his palm.

He had never forgotten the strange energy she possessed but tonight she seemed

to radiate it.  The bronze brought out the gold in her skin and her hair was

still the same jet that he remembered.

	"Ah well.  Things change."  She shrugged.  "I'm not the showperson 

I used to be.  I'm happier sticking to technical side now."  Oh God!  How

did the man stay so good-looking?  By rights, his gut should have been sticking

from between his suspenders.  She resisted an urge to slip a hand under his 

dress shirt and feel just what good shape he was in.

	"You have changed.", he said turning to her.  "I've never seen you

with long hair before."  Before he could stop himself, he had drawn his

hand through the silky waves that cascaded down her back.  Not a muscle in

her face moved, even though her stomach had started going through the strangest



	"And you look wonderful.", he added in a low voice.  Her inner self

groaned.  That was the voice she remembered from long nights and early 

mornings a lifetime ago.  Soft whispers, long velvet thrusts, heat and

passion.  Her body remembered too.

	He was so focused on her that he couldn't help noticing, with a sight

shock and then pure exhilaration, that her nipples were erect and straining

against the black material of her body suit.  Then to his own consternation,

he felt his own body react.  Damn!  She noticed.  A wicked gleam crept into

her eyes as she arranged the folds of her skirt to block the sight of the bulge

in his pants from the rest of the room.

	"You don't look so bad either."  He felt her gaze travel lazily over 

his body and come to rest at his crotch.  The tension in his groin increased, 

as muscles tensed involuntarily.  This was Adrienne all right.  No one else 

had ever dared to tease him this way in public.  He wondered whether she 

remembered that he always gave as good as he got. 

	Smiling, he lifted a hand and took the weight of one firm breast

in his palm.  Slowly, he let his thumb brush her taut nipple through the

fabric.  With a sense of victory, he saw a mixture of feelings run across her

face as she backed away from him.  Then a cool mask slipped into place, as she

offered her hand to him.

	"Its been nice seeing you again, Garett but I don't think that it would

be a good idea if you handle the SRC67 campaign."  He lifted a brow in 

question.  "We didn't work together well in college and I don't think we 

would work together well now.  I tell Andy that as soon as I can."  He 

shrugged nonchalantly, even as he started seething inside.  

	"If you can't take a little challenge..." he dared her delicately.

	"Yeah Right!", she threw back mockingly over her shoulder as the 

crowd parted to let her through.


	That night, Garett plopped down on his hotel bed for what must have

been his twentieth attempt at relaxing.  Something was burning in his blood.

To be exact, Adrienne was burning in his blood.  His pride was stung that 

Adrienne had actually refused to work with him when there were hundreds of 

other companies clamoring at his door to help make them rich.  And it didn't 

help that every time he closed his eyes to sleep, he could see her in his bed, 

naked and uninhibited, eyes shadowed with passion.



	She wanted him.  The tension that hummed between them was unmistakable.

And she always got what she wanted.  She settled back into her warm bed.  

The doorbell echoed through the house.  A satisfied smile crept across her 

face.  He had come as she knew he would.

	Garett stood outside her door, ignoring the arctic gale that buffeted

at him.  He shook his head with a wry smile.  Adrienne had told him long ago 

that she wanted to live in an abandoned fire-house.  It didn't surprise him 

that she had managed to do just that.

	The door swung open.  She stood framed in the doorway, wearing nothing

but a ivory silk nightshirt.  The wind rushed past them into the house, setting 

her hair adrift and plastering the material to her curves.  He couldn't take his

eyes off her.

	"Come in.." 


	The warmth and silence of the place should have soothed him.  It 

probably would have if she wasn't in it.  She sat beside him on the comfortable

couch, pouring him a cup of hot chocolate with all the poise of someone fully

dressed.  She hadn't bothered to throw a robe on or put slippers on her feet,

but he didn't mind a bit.  The silk clung to her curves with a subtlety that 

awoke the senses and made it strain for more..

	She leant back and sipped at her mug.  A look of pure pleasure crossed

her face as she tilted her head back and let the rich chocolate flow down her

throat.  She sighed with happiness and tucked her feet under her to get 

comfortable.  She looked at him then, perusing him with an intensity that 

matched his own.  

	"Why are you here?"  The question was simple and direct.  A full

range of excuses flowed through his brain.  Came to talk you into working

with me, wanted to talk over old times, came to screw your brains out...

For some reason, he didn't feel a need to lie.

	"I came to finish what we started ten years ago."  He didn't need

to remind her of what he meant.  He saw the memory creep into her eyes,

darkening them until he was reminded of a storm about to break.


	She was wearing a maroon sundress in the depths of winter.  She was

definitely more comfortable than he, buried as he was under several layers

of clothes.  As soon as he stepped in the door, he started stripping until

he was down to the thin T-shirt that was bearable in the tropical temperatures 

of her apartment.  When he was done, she caught his eyes and then deliberately 

turned away from him and glided to the carpet, hips swinging gently under the

soft fabric.  He wasn't watching them though.  His eyes were drawn to the

expanse of her back peeking at him from between the cloth panels holding the 

dress together.

	She swung around then, the fabric flaring out around her before 

settling against her bare legs.  Oh God!  She was totally naked under that

dress.  Her breasts had already detected the presence of their lover and her 

nipples showed through clearly just below her low neckline.  His own body

started to react to her subtle invitation.  He stood still for a minute, 

feasting his eyes on her slim form, enjoying the sweet pleasure of his own 

arousal.  An innocent smile crossed her lips as she started toying idly with 

the buttons running down the bodice.  Her eyes never left his face as one, 

two, then three buttons slipped out of their holes.

	In a flash, he was in front of her, his hands diving under the fabric

to cup her breasts in his palms.  She gasped softly and closed her eyes, a

mute appeal for him to pleasure her.  He couldn't resist, he started to 

squeeze and mold her breasts, rubbing his palms over the sensitive tips of

her nipples just the way she liked it.  Her breasts felt so firm and good in 

his hands that he had sudden visions of his cock thrusting between them, 

rubbing against her bronze flesh.  He closed his eyes, holding in the 

erotic images in his mind.

	One hand slipped along her leg to pull up her soft skirt.  He could

see the material bunch up against her hip, see his hand slip under it and 

search for the heat and warmth of her.  He saw it all in his mind's eye.  

Slowly his lashes lifted to focus on her.  Her eyes were open now, her gentle

yearning for him undisguised.  Something swelled within him then, an 

inspiration, powerful and unrelenting.  

	He lay back onto the carpet, stopping her as she made to join him

there.  Instead he clasped her hips and moved her to stand astride him.  He

could sense her puzzlement as she stood all alone, wondering what he wanted 

her to do.  Slowly his hands guided her forward until she was standing over 

him.  She realised then what he was about.  He could see up her skirt.

Up at her bare groin.  

	His gaze was intense, his hands slipping up under her skirt to stroke

along her inner thighs.  She felt fingers drift across her cleft, not parting 

them, merely stroking.  A wave of sheer erotism flowed through her, leaving her 

feeling strangely helpless and completely at his mercy.  Adrienne had to bite 

her lip to keep from whimpering.  

	"I've always wondered what this would look like.." Garett murmured

from below her.  Two fingers slipped partly between her outer lips, stroking

along her sensitized flesh before slipping fully into her vagina.  Adrienne

gasped at the contact.  She could feel his fingers deep within her, pressing 

against her walls, stretching her out for him.  

	His fingers started to thrust in and out of her.  She could feel it.  

She could see it in her mind's eye.  Her senses fed on the sheer sensuality of 

the moment.  His other hand came up then, finding her clitoris and circling it 

in rhythm with his thrusts.  She doubled over, fighting to control the pulsing 

pleasure roaring through her, groaning uncontrollably as muscles contracted 


	Adrienne took it as long as she could, forcing herself to stay upright

even though the tension in her legs and abdomen was driving her crazy.  

Disjointed visions of hot sex flowed through her mind, all powerful thrusts

and passion.  She could feel the frenzy building and she started kneading 

her hands against her thighs, trying to keep her balance.  Her legs finally 

gave way and she dropped to the carpet beside him.  He didn't let her off the

hook though.  Swiftly he changed position and took up the rhythm once again, 

leaning over her to watch her squirm under his hands.  She was soaring now, 

her hands clutching at his shoulders as her hips thrust up against his hand.  

But she needed more..

	"Garett..   Please come into me."  Her voice came in short bursts as

she started wrestling with the snap of his jeans.  

	"We'll have to make this quick."  He replied gently.  "I have to leave

in 10 minutes."  Adrienne froze.  His fingers still moved between her legs but 

that didn't do a bit of good.  The mood was broken, leaving her feeling flat.

	"Why?" she demanded.

	"I have to be at the game soon."  Adrienne didn't answer right away.  

She was too busy trying to control her temper.  Disjointed thoughts flowed

through her head, mostly dealing with how she wanted to kill him.

	"You're not leaving in 10 minutes.", she stated calmly.

	"Oh really?  Why not?"  He asked with a raised eyebrow.

	"Because I won't let you."  She caught his wrists and pinned them

on either side of his head.

	"So we always have to do what you want, is that it?", he asked tensely.

	"No, but do you know how it feels to have someone set time limits on

sex??  I feel like a very convenient body right now.  I'll just have a quick

fuck and go to the game!", she mimicked viciously.

	"Whats wrong with a quickie?  Why does it always have to be a long

production with you?"

	"Time limits." she growled.  "My whole life is a series of time limits.

I'm not going to take it when it comes to love-making.  I deserve better."  

She let him loose and stood up, placing a hand on her lower back and pressing

down.  The combination of stress and unfulfilled desire had created a dull,

throbbing ache there.  

	"There are some things I won't compromise on.", she finished quietly.

Silence filled the room.

	"Maybe I should leave to let you calm down."




	And that was that.  Even now Adrienne could remember that afternoon 

with a clarity she rarely had with her memories.  So he wanted to finish it, 

did he?



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