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Archive-name: Couples/nitetown.txt


Archive-title: A Night on the Town

And then there was the Thursday night that Ana and I went out. In

Holland (at least in our corner of it), the big nights to go out are

Thursday and Saturday, and nothing really happens until after eleven.

Nobody really goes out on Friday (too busy recovering from Thursday, I

guess). Not much gets done on Friday mornings! That made both

Thursday and Friday a bit dull for us - I have to be at work early on

Fridays, and there just isn't anything happening on Friday night!

I was about two and a half hours late getting home (overtime for the

fourth day in a row), but had worked a deal with my boss to come in

late the next day to make up for it. She was waiting for me at the

door with a kiss and a cold beer. "Rough day?" she said. "You look

pretty beat."

"You know it, honey" I said. "This was one of those days. At least

tomorrow's Friday, and I don't have to be in until noon."

"I know it's been pretty hectic for you lately, and I though you could

use a little relaxation." she said with a smile that lit up her whole

face. "Maybe you could lie down and rest for a while, and then we

could go out for a bite to eat and few beers."

I sat down and put up my feet. "Great idea, but from the gleam in your

eyes, I don't think that I'd get much rest!"

"Only if you really want to. I thought you might like to play a little

cards for a while to unwind."

Teaching Ana my own variation of the fine American art of strip poker

was probably one of the most rewarding things I ever did, and that

Thursday night proved to be no exception.

Half an hour later, I was missing only my shoes and socks, and belt.

Things weren't going quite as well for Ana - she was down to her

panties and bra.

"Shit! That's three hands in a row I've lost!" she exclaimed as we

compared hands. "And I had plans for you, too!"

"Looks like they'll just have to wait for another time." Collecting

and shuffling the cards, I could tell that she was both excited by her

situation and a bit frustrated by her failure to win. "Take off the


"You won it, you take it off." she said defiantly.

I stood up and reached across the table, and down her back to the clasp

at her back. Unfastening it, I pulled the loose ends forward,

caressing her sides as I did, and then followed through with the backs

of my fingers on her breasts. As my fingertips passed her nipples, I

noted that she definitely was a bit excited.

She extended her arms forward for me, and I pulled the bra down her

arms to her wrists - then suddenly twisted the straps together, pinning

her hands together. With one hand, I jerked them up over her head.

The other hand returned to the darkening tips of her luscious tits. I

tweaked a bit, and she tried to move her head against my body.

"That's good," she moaned. "Please don't stop!"

I pulled the bra off of her arms and sat down, saying "You'll get

plenty of that before I'm through!"

Defiantly, again, "Only if you win!"

I dealt the next hand - and she reached over and took my cards. "You

can play mine, your luck is just a little too good when you deal!"

I picked up her cards - two pair. She drew three cards. "Damn! These

are the same as the ones I threw away!"

"That happens. Now you take off your panties!"

She stood, and removed them with a flourish which would have done

justice to Gypsy Rose Lee. Pouting a bit, she said "Here. Take them.

I can still win, you know!"

That was true - you see we play strip poker with slightly -er -

different rules. Just losing the clothes isn't the end of the game.

Even naked, we have something left to bet - ourselves. Sometimes, we

both run out of clothes, and that can be a lot of fun. Usually, we

don't, and the winner gets to collect a very enjoyable wager from a

(usually) willing slave!

Surprisingly, she did win the next two hands. She eyed my cock through

my shorts hungrily as I removed my pants. The bulge was a bit obvious,

and the look on her face (to say nothing of the look of her nipples)

told me that she wanted it.

She dealt the next hand, and looked at me triumphantly. "I don't need

any cards!" she said as I drew two.

She had a full house, but so did I - and my cards were bigger. Her

nipples were, too, as I said "You know the rules. Go get the toys!"

"I'll get you next time!" she muttered as she walked out of the room.

I kicked back, relaxed, and lit a cigarette as I pondered her fate.

She returned, and put the box on the floor in front of me.

"Turn around and close your eyes!" I commanded. "No peeking!"

As I rummaged through the toys, I glanced up and caught her eyeing my

selections. "I told you not to peek!" I said. "That's going to cost


"What are you going to do about it?" More defiance. I LOVE it when

she gets that way, especially when she shouldn't. She does, too, which

is why she does it.

I grabbed a leather blindfold and placed it across her eyes, then

buckled it carefully over her blonde hair in the back. "Be careful." I

warned. "You didn't win, so you will do what I tell you or pay the


I buckled a wide leather belt (more like a supple leather corset with

several rings and smaller buckles on it) tightly around her waist. Two

more wide straps graced her thighs, right up against her now-damp puss.

I then selected four leather cuffs, and fastened one to each wrist and

ankle. The wrist cuffs, I fastened to the ones at the thighs, and two

smaller straps pinned her elbows to the sides of the waist belt. I

embraced her from behind, and began to pay serious attention to her

stiff little nips.

"OOOOOOOOO! Harder!" she moaned as I pinched and twisted gently.

"Be quiet! I'll decide what I do, when, and how!"

"But it feels sooooo good! Don't stop!" she said, pressing her ass

back against my crotch.

"I'll decide what YOU do, too, and the first thing you're going to do

is take off MY clothes! NOW!"

It took a while, using her teeth and tongue, to work my T-shirt up to

my arms. I sat down to make it easy for her to completely remove.

When she had finished I stood up again, and suddenly moved away from

her. "Now, the shorts!"

It took her a minute or two to find me, and she had to get onto her

knees to grab the waistband to pull them down. As soon as she had

uncovered it, she laughed greedily as her lips made a beeline for my

cock. Pushing her head away I said "I didn't tell you to suck on me, I

told you to take off my shorts! That's going to cost you, too!"

I didn't exactly stand still and make the job easy for her. She was

laying on the floor with her head at my feet when she finally had the

shorts down to my ankles. I stepped out of them, and told her to stand

up. "From the time that simple job took, I don't think you've EARNED

the snack you wanted yet." I picked up the shorts, and looked at her.

She stood there, legs apart, and arms pinned to her sides with her

fingers fluttering as she swayed and turned slightly trying to figure

out where I was and what I was doing.

I grabbed her hair and forced the shorts into her mouth as she gasped

in surprise. A wide rubber strap held them in place, the smooth black

contrasting nicely with her fair complexion and the brown leather of

the blind fold. A short strap, about six inches long, quickly

materialized between her ankle cuffs.

"Now, a bit of punishment for your bad attitude." I said matter-of-

factly. She really began to squirm as I placed spring clamps on her



"What's the matter? Can't you speak either Dutch or English?" I

asked. I sat down on the couch and lit another cigarette. "I need

another beer." I suggested. As she hobbled out of the room to get it,

I moved the coffee table away from the couch.

I heard the refrigerator door close, and soon she came slowly through

the door with the beer in one hand and the opener in the other. I

opened the beer and poured into my glass, then took a sip as she stood

there expectantly. The clamps (and the cold air from the refrigerator)

had a visible effect on her nipples. The aureoles were very dark, and

the tips looked very sensitive. A little attention from my fingertips

and tongue, and she almost fell down! When I stopped, there were more

muffled noises from behind the rubber strap.

I stood up. "I had intended to give you a little of THIS..." I said,

pulling her roughly to me and pressing my cock between her legs. She

squirmed and tried to get me inside her, but could not move enough.

"... but you're going to have to wait! Maybe that will improve your

attitude. I snapped a thin leather strap onto a convenient ring at the

front of her waist, then eased her onto the floor on her belly.

Removing the hobble from her ankle cuffs, I attached them to the cuffs

on her thighs. I carefully pulled the thin strap up between her legs,

being very careful to place it deeply into her wet sex and between her

ass cheeks. From there it went through a loop at the back of the belt,

between her elbows, and along her spine to the pack of the rubber strap

holding my shorts in her mouth. I pulled it just tight enough to pull

her head back a bit. As a finishing touch, I tied a leather thong to

one of her big toes. I threaded it under the strap emerging from

between her buttocks, and then tied it to the other toe.

Now, any movement of her head, legs, or feet would have its effect on

the tension of the strap between her thighs. She was noticing this, as

she moved tentatively in her bondage. "Now, you can do whatever you

can for yourself. Just think - it could have been me in your cunt or

your mouth! If you're good for a while, and lay nice and still, I may

let you loose and even fuck you... tomorrow morning or so." She

moaned into her gag and began to squirm.

I looked at her ass, with her heels pressed into it. The cheeks were

quivering a bit as she explored the possibilities of her position. I

reached over and turned on the television, lit another cigarette, and

directed my attention to my beer and the 6:30 news. I knew it drove

her crazy when I did that.

Within a half hour or so, Ana was moving about to the limits of her

position. Her knees worked quickly apart and together, and her ass

lifted into the air as she bent at the waist to work that thin crotch

strap deeper into her ass. Her feet worked convulsively to get her

toes (and their share of the tie) into the act, and it looked like she

was going down on the carpet as she bent her bead forward to pull the

strap deeper into her now soaked cunt. An incredible series of noises

emerged from behind the gag.

As I watched, she convulsed abruptly as she reached the first orgasm of

the evening. She screamed into the gag as I reached down and pulled on

the strap myself. I lifted slightly and she helped with her knees,

then suddenly arched her back and lifted her legs. I held her up as

she squirmed and bucked. Her fingers and toes clenched and then spread

wide, and she shuddered in another strong orgasm. Then, with little

mewing noises coming through her gag, she went limp and relaxed.

I rolled her gently over onto her back, and noticed that the tit clamps

were missing - she had worked them off in her struggles against the

rug. I removed the rubber strap from her sweat-soaked face, and pulled

out the thoroughly soaked pair of shorts. I bent and kissed her, and

it seemed like she was trying to tongue my balls through my mouth. I

hadn't seen her this worked up in a long time.

"Too bad you lost at cards, dear. Must have been some plans you had

for me."

She spread her knees apart, and said "Please fuck me now! Please!"

"Not yet. But if you're good, maybe I'll let you suck my cock for a

while. Like that idea?"

"Oh, yes!"

I laid a big throw pillow on the floor against the front of the couch,

then worked her onto her knees, leaning her forward on the pillow so

that her breasts just came against the front edge of the couch. I

picked up her clamps, and put them back in place. When she started to

protest, I said "Watch it, or I'll give you a REAL gag, and you can

just lay there and dream until it's time to go out!"

A bit subdued, she waited until I sat in front of her and wrapped my

legs around her. As she took me into her mouth, her pinioned hands

gripped my ankles like vices. She said something past my cock - was it

really "NOW I've got YOU!"?

She can do things with her mouth like no other lady I ever met. Fast

and slow, deep and shallow, now sucking and now nibbling up and down

the sides of my shaft. She took her time about it. I reached around

to her back and found the rubber piece with the crotch strap attached.

As I pulled up, not too gently, she moved her knees apart and began to

spasm again. Suddenly, I was caught in the wave, out of control. My

legs crushed her belly and breasts against the pillow and the front of

the leather couch, and must have shot a quart of hot fire into her

mouth. She redoubled her efforts, and crashed into another shuddering

peak. I thought she was going to suck my balls inside out.

Spent, I had to sort of pry her off of me - she didn't stop working,

and (after I come), it's almost excruciatingly sensitive (a fact that

I'm sure she would have exploited if SHE had won the game: she usually


I reached over and freed her ankles, wrists, and elbows, and laid her

on the floor. I gently massaged her arms and legs, and removed the

blindfold. She looked at me as if about to say something, then thought

better of it and just smiled. We lay together and kissed, more slowly

and passionately this time. When her hand strayed for my crotch, I

decided it was time to move on.

I looked at the clock - it was about 10:30. I helped Ana to her feet

and led her into the bedroom. She walked over to the bed and pulled

down the covers.

I said "Not yet. We're going out for drinks, remember? Come with me!"

I led her into the bathroom, and said "I'm going to take a shower.

You're going to wait for me, then dry me off. Any bullshit, and I'll

gag you with a bar of soap! Understand?"

She nodded, then stood quietly as I pulled her wrists up behind her

back, then fastened the cuffs to a towel ring. They were quickly

joined by her friend, the body strap. "Keep your feet half a meter

apart." She quickly complied, and flexed her knees a bit to vary the

tension on the strap. "Have fun!"

After a luxurious, hot shower, I stepped out to find Ana standing as I

had left her. Her eyes were closed, and she had a kind of dreamy look

on her face. She had managed to get the towel out of the ring and was

holding it in her hands. Her skin glistened from the steam of the

shower, and the various leather gadgets adorning her body were darkened

from the moisture in the air and her sweat. I let her loose, and she

meekly toweled me dry. She even combed my hair for me, then padded

quietly after me as I returned to the bedroom.

"OK..." I said. "To keep the evening interesting, we're going to play

a game. You are going to wear the things you have on under the clothes

I pick out for you. We're going to play a bit of a game. Anytime I

say 'mouth', you will immediately stop talking and open yours, just

like my pecker was in it. Try it. "MOUTH!"

She looked at me questioningly.

"One point. I'm keeping track, and I have a punishment in mind for

each point you get when you goof! MOUTH!"

Her mouth opened and her lips pursed in a perfect pantomime of a randy

lady giving a blowjob. "Perfect. The next word is 'feet'. When I say

'feet', you will move yours one half meter apart. FEET!"

She closed her mouth and shuffled her feet to comply.

"Two points. I didn't tell you to close your mouth!"


"Three. I didn't tell you to speak, either. You may speak to others,

and otherwise act as naturally as possible, but when we are alone, you

will speak only when spoken to. Understand?"

She nodded. "Four points. I asked you a question. MOUTH!"

Again the eager fellatrix imitation. She was learning. "The next word

is 'hands', at which you will put your wrists together behind your

back. HANDS!"

She complied perfectly.

"OK. Now, you will hold the position until I tell you to. There is

one more words you will have to pay attention to. If I say 'down', you

will get onto your knees, unzip me, and suck my cock until I say

'stop'. In addition, you will IMMEDIATELY follow any other command I

give you. Got it?"

"Yes, darling!" she said. Can we practice those, too?"

"Five points! I'll give you a point anytime I think you say anything I

feel like giving you a point for. Now, let's get dressed."

I selected a couple of items from my dresser, and we went back into the

living room. I removed the gag holder from the crotch strap, and

rerouted the damp leather strap through the rings on the backs of her

thigh straps in the hopes that it would pull a bit into her every time

she took a step (or sat down). I then gave her a pair of loose blue

jeans. Fairly new, they would press against her as she moved without

revealing what was under them.

As she sat and pulled on her socks and jogging shoes, I could see her

squirm a bit and knew that I had the strap in the right place. I then

helped her into a special bra.

The bra was a hand-crafted masterpiece, if Ana did say so herself.

Made from knotted thongs (a la macrame, a terribly underestimated

hobby), it was more like a fishnet but fit perfectly. Perfectly for

the purpose, that is - it was (quite deliberately) made almost a size

too small. Her breasts protruded a bit between the thin straps - she

said it made them VERY sensitive. It had taken a whole night to make,

and Ana didn't complain a bit about being tied to a bar stool with her

hands stretched to a ring in the ceiling during the all-night "fitting"

session (but, that's another story - we made a number of toys that


A pair of rubber bands on her nipples completed the arrangement. By

the time I was through, she was ready to go at it again. She looked

quite excited as she pulled on the loose wool fisherman's sweater and

adjusted it to cover her wrist cuffs. As she brushed her hair and

fixed her make-up, she exaggerated her movements enough to let me know

that the coarse texture of the sweater was doing the job I had in mind,


I handed her the nipple clamps and a battery powered vibrator, which

she placed in the pockets of her jeans. Then I stuffed a couple of

"surprises" into my own jacket pocket.

"MOUTH! FEET! HANDS!" She snapped into position like a trooper,

thrusting her breasts out. "OK, relax. DOWN!" Again, perfect - she

set what must have been an Olympic record for getting things going.

"Six points - you're already too good at this."

She looked up at me, never missing a stroke with her head. "And

another point for the bad look makes seven. Now put it away, it's time

to go!"

She looked a bit disappointed as she carefully put my cock back and

zipped my fly. She stood and gave me a long, deep kiss. "I love you,

my dear. Lets go!"

With a "cat that ate the canary" grin, she headed for the door.

It was time to leave - about 11 PM. Ana held the door for me, and I

handed the keys to her to lock up as I went out.

She followed me out the back door. I locked it, turned, and kissed

her. Then, I said "Down!"

"What?" she asked.

"Eight points!"

"Oh, sorry!" she said as she dropped to her knees, unzipped my fly, and

went to work.

"Yes, you are sorry" I said. "And another point for talking makes

nine. You'll have quite a score before we're through, I'm afraid.

Let's go."

She zipped up my fly and we walked to the car. She opened my door, and

I got in and slid behind the wheel. She shut my door, walked around,

and got in on her side. As soon as she was sitting, I reached across

her and fastened her lap and shoulder belts, then pulled them as tight

as I could.

"OOOOOOOOH!" she crooned. "What's next?"

"Another point, for starters!" I replied. "I didn't ask you anything!"

I took a small thong from my pocket, and tied her wrist cuffs to the

middle of her lap belt. Two more straps, and her feet were firmly

attached to the front legs of her seat. I started the engine, and

began to back into the street.

"Where are we going?" she asked, innocently.

"To your eleventh point, and a place where you will be very quiet!" I

replied. I stopped the car, and produced one last gadget. Turning on

the dome light, I showed her what I had: a leather strap with a rubber

sac on one side, and a tube leading to a small ball on the other.

"Please, no... I'll be quiet!" she whined.

"That's too late, and twelve points." I said as I placed the sac

between her lips and buckled the strap at the back of her head. I then

worked the knob at the ball end of the tube, and squeezed it several

times. Her cheeks began to bulge, and she made more protesting noises.

"And one makes thirteen! Just because I can't understand you doesn't

mean that you can talk!" I said. I gave the ball another pump or

three, checked the bonds at her wrists and ankles (and copped a feel or

two in the process, which elicited an enthusiastic "body language"

response), and put the car into gear. As I reached up to kill the

light, I looked at her. She winked back.

Puling into the street, I said "I think we'll drive around a bit and

see who's where tonight. You'll enjoy the cobblestones!"

I drove around for a half hour or so, over the rough cobblestone

roads. I took great care to make turns as abrupt as possible without

attracting the attention of the local constabulary, to keep Ana as

aware as possible of her bonds. Passing under a street light, I

noticed that she had her knees as far apart as possible, and both hands

busily fingering her crotch through the jeans. I couldn't hear what,

if anything, she was trying to say over the rattle of the old car, but

her eyes were closed and she seemed to be in a world of her own.

"Just wait until the ride home, after you've had a few beers!" I said.

"The bumps and straps ought to be pretty entertaining then!" This

time, I could hear her moans over the mechanical noises.

We finally arrived in the vicinity of the local "strip". I pulled into

a dark side strip and parked the car. I killed the motor, then let the

air out of the gag.

"Ooooh, what a nice ride!" she said.

"Ooooh, what a fourteenth point!" I replied. Don't forget yourself!"

As I freed her wrists and ankles, I decided to throw another element

into the game. "From now on," I began, "you keep track of your own

points. How many do you have now?"

"Five, isn't it?"

"It WAS fourteen, but the ones you forgot just got doubled, so it's

twenty five now. And if you forget again, I'll add a hundred or so!


She seemed a little breathless as she said "Yes, dear!"

Not a lot happened in the club. We had a few drinks and she managed

not to look self conscious as she held her mouth in "the position" for

a few minutes at a time. Sitting at a bar stool, she earned a few more

points (I gleefully reminded her) each time she reached for her drink

after forgetting that her hands were supposed to be together behind her

back. As we ate, I even caught her with her feet together under the

table once or twice when they shouldn't have been. The way she ate her

German wurst really caught the waiter's eye.

Dancing, however, was the best.

We don't dance much, but the way she pressed against me on the slow

numbers was really something to remember. Her nipples felt like

bullets against my chest! The way she squirmed against me actually

drew looks from the normally blase Dutch folks.

Sitting back at the table, holding her mouth open, she looked at me as

if she had something to say. I nodded, and she asked for permission to

go to the bathroom.

"Sure." I answered. "But there's a price. Handing her purse, I said

"There are three toys in here. When you come out, there will be a

rubber band on each of your thumbs, and two of the toys in your purse

will be where they were. The third little toy in there will be where

it belongs, too. How many points do you have now?" I asked.

"Thirty-three, I think." she replied.

"You think? Two more for not being sure! Now, you'd better get going

and get back before you piss me off and I give you a hundred or so."

She left. A few minutes later, she returned and led me to the dance

floor. I could see the rubber bands on her thumbs, and when she held

me close I could feel the nipple clamps through her sweater. I said

"Well, you did that so well that maybe I'll take back a point or two."

"I doubt it." she said. "I couldn't decide whether the other toy

belonged in front or in back. Is that another point?"

"At least twenty. Which makes sixty or so."

She buried her face in my shoulder, and I could feel that she was

quickly reaching critical mass again.

When the song ended, I paid our check and we walked back to the car.

As we entered the dark street, she ducked into a doorway and said

"Where should the little buzzer go?"

"Drop your pants, and I'll show you." I replied.

She lowered the jeans to her knees, and I surprised her by saying

"Down!" as I entered the shadowed doorway.

She dropped to her knees (pressing her ass against the cool brickwork

behind her), and proceeded to go down on me with a fervor matched only

by her earlier work while leaning against the couch. Such was her

enthusiasm that I blew another load into her mouth, with enough force

that she later said that she thought it was going to come out the back

of her neck.

She stood, and I told her to turn around and give me her purse. I

extracted the small vibrator, and she shuddered as I pulled the strap

out from between her cheeks. I gave it a couple of extra tugs, and the

way her knees and legs shook told me clearly that the strap was still

directly on her clit.

Reaching around in front of her with the small tool, I said "Mouth!

Feet! Hands!". She shuffled her feet apart as well as she could with

her pants around her ankles, and pressed her wrists together behind

her. I placed the dildo in her mouth and said "This is awfully dry.

If you get it wet, maybe it'll be easier to put in."

She didn't move. "OK!", I said, "It's your ass!"

Before I could pull it out, she had clenched her lips on it and was

tonguing it for all she was worth. After a minute or two, I removed it

and pulled her backwards by the strap. She backed up awkwardly, and I

said "Bend over!"

When she did, I slipped the thing quickly into her asshole. Before it

disappeared, I turned the end to set it into motion.

"OOOOOOO!" she squealed. "No fair!"

I released my grip on the strap, which snapped back into place between

her cheeks and rammed the thing fully home. "That's at least ten more

points for arguing, and another two for talking out of turn!" I said.

"Now, zip my fly, pull up your pants, and let's go. You're driving."

The ride home was much quicker. She knew the area better than I, and

even a tourist can spot a thirty kilometer drive over bumpy roads,

especially when it ends only a few hundred meters from home. The short

distance was fortunate, though, since she was pretty distracted!

She parked the car, and when we got out, I said "Down!" again. This

time, she didn't kneel - she squatted and squeezed her knees against

the sides of my legs as she worked. Her hands kneaded my ass as if she

was trying to push all of me into her mouth, instead of just my dick.

Yep, she was wound up again, and I was getting there quickly!

Back in the living room, I told her to make any change to her attire

that she wanted. She stripped off her outer clothes, and looked in the

"toy box". Not finding what she wanted, she looked puzzled, than

walked right up to me and reached into my pocket. She took out the

strap with the pump gag, buckled it around her face, and pumped it up.

She stood there, looking at me expectantly.

"Beer." I said.

As she went to the kitchen to fetch my brew, I removed one more toy

from the box, and another object from the mantle over the fire place.

When she returned from the kitchen, I concealed both objects hands

behind my back. "Build us a fire", I said, walking into the kitchen.

I emerged from the kitchen with a paper bag in each hand. Entering the

rosy fireplace glow, I saw that Ana had turned out the lights and was

sitting on the couch lighting me a cigarette.

"Well, dear... How many penalty points have you earned?" I asked.

"MMMMMM MMMMMM MMMMM" she mumbled, casually handing me my smoke.

"Oh." I answered. "Did you forget?"

She nodded, eyes bright above the strap of the gag. Her flushed face

glowed in the firelight as I placed the two bags on the table.

"Well," I began. "Looks like about a hundred points. Here are two

bags - one is worth one use per point, and the other is worth three.

Pick one."

She reached over and picked up a bag. "That's three!" I said. "Open

the other and look at what was inside."

She picked up the other bag, and turned it upside down. Out fell a

ping-pong paddle . "You would have had 100 smacks with that." I said.

"Too bad you guessed wrong."

She squirmed as she eyed the other bag.

"Since you picked the gag yourself, why don't you get yourself a

blindfold, too!"

As she buckled the blindfold around her face, I unfolded a large

plastic sheet and spread it on the floor in front of the fire place. I

led her, deaf and dumb, to the middle of the sheet, and helped her to

lay down. "Don't go away!" I said. I walked out and then tiptoed

back, stood and watched her for several minutes after I slammed the

kitchen door - as soon as she thought I wasn't watching, her hands flew

to the clamps on her nipples and the strap over her clit. I stood and

watched the show as I sipped my beer and smoked the rest of my


Then, I quietly selected a few pieces of rope from the box, and

silently walked around the room. There were a few ring bolts set

inconspicuously into the baseboard, and I affixed one end of each piece

into six of them at strategically selected locations. Ana was

oblivious to this, busily working herself into another frenzy of


"ON YOUR BELLY" I shouted suddenly. Shocked, she rolled over. "Spread

your hands and feet, as far as you can!" I commanded. She did.

I quickly fastened her wrists, ankles, and waist belt to the ropes. I

went around again, and made sure that each was firmly attached, and

tight enough that her movement was minimized.

"All right." I said. Now, this is what you chose for your punishment.

I removed a middle-sized blue candle from the unopened bag, and held it

under her face. She sniffed, and began to struggle against her bonds

when her nose told her what it was. "Three 'applications' times 100

points. That's a bunch of drops, don't you agree?"

She nodded her head as I lit it.

I held it until it was burning well, and said "Here's number one!"

She tensed and squirmed, but I, of course, did nothing. When the

expected spot of heat did not materialize, she raised her head a bit

and turned it from side to side. Then, I turned it to the horizontal,

loosing the small puddle of melted wax which had collected under the

flame onto her exposed ass cheeks.

"MMMMMMMMM...AAAAHHHHHH!" through the gag. More squirming.

I carefully treated a few other spots - the soles of her feet, the

backs of her knees, and her shoulders - to a drop or two each of the

exciting (and surprising) heat. I dripped a small stream of the stuff

along both sides of the strap between her cheeks, moving the strap

enough to be sure that at least some of it got to the base of the

still-buzzing power toy plugging her now violently struggling butt.

When I slipped a finger under the strap against her mound, merely

touching her rock hard clit set her off like a bomb. The noise level

rose to a point that I would have believed impossible, considering the

degree to which she had inflated her gag.

I replaced the candle in the holder on the mantle, and released her

from her bonds. "Don't move!" I demanded.

She lay as still as she could, considering. I fetched the pillow from

the front of the couch, and told her to get up on her knees. She did,

and I laid the large pillow on the coffee table and covered it with the

plastic. I helped her to her feet, led her to the table, and made her

lay on the pillow. As I fastened her wrists and ankles to the legs of

the large table, she was arched backwards to the limit.

Two more short pieces of rope from the box held her waist strap (and

her waist) immobile, and her thighs spread and motionless against the

pillow. "Enough?" I asked.

She shook her head, breathing like a marathon runner.

Two more cords, criss-crossed between her breasts, pinioned her upper

body and pulled the leather net bra even tighter against her throbbing

breasts. Another rope held her knees wide. The last, from one elbow,

under the table, to the other, took away the last of the freedom for

her upper body.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!" The volume of noise and lack of motion as a few more

drops of wax fell on her securely fastened body convinced me that she

was both ready and well bound.

I walked around the table to her head, lifted it, and removed her gag.

"Aren't you afraid I'll wake the neighbors?" she asked, panting.

"I don't think there's much chance of that." I replied as I stripped

off my clothes. I then straddled the table and lowered my crotch

against her face.

She made a valiant try to get her freed mouth on my balls, but my ass

was in the way of her forehead. She laid her head back as I lowered

myself, and licked tentatively at my asshole.

When I reached forward and removed the clamps from her nipples, she

moaned and rammed her tongue deep into my ass. I lowered my self a bit


It was probably the male equivalent of a lady playing "carnival" (hey -

sit on my face and I'll guess your weight) as I dripped the wax onto

her breasts. Simply put, she went crazy. I was right - the neighbors

couldn't have heard a thing, the way her lips locked around my hole.

When I slid forward and the tip of my tool was between her breasts, the

muscle tension in her limbs shook the table as she redoubled her

efforts to lick my tonsils.

I reached forward and unsnapped the crotch strap from the front of her

waist belt, and pulled the thoroughly soaked leather from between her

pussy lips. When the dribbling wax got to THAT sensitive location, she

went so rigid that I thought she might be able to break the solid oak


When she went limp, I stood and surveyed my handiwork. Blue wax

covered her still erect nipples, and with every (deep) breath, the

flesh of her breasts struggled through the mesh of her macrame bra in

their waxy shell. Sweat literally poured from her in the reddish glow

of the dying fire. Her hair was matted and stuck to her forehead. I

blew out the candle and replaced the stub on the mantle.

I busied myself for the next few minutes carefully tightening each

strap and rope. With each adjustment, her mouth worked and her muscles

twitched. When I mounted her, it seemed like she didn't really expect

it. Her sudden gasp as I plunged my hardon into her spread and hot

pussy was smothered by my kiss, and it seemed that only the (as yet)

unused muscles deep inside her still had the strength to move. My

fingers stroked her flanks from elbows to thighs. I pumped gently a

bit, my weight on her as I twisted her nipples and pushed my tongue

deep into her mouth.

The faithfully buzzing battery-powered gadget lodged in her ass seemed

to connect directly to my libido, and I clenched my arms, legs, and

lips tightly against her as I came with every bit of strength I had. I

still don't know which one of us screamed with delight into the mouth

of the other!

Later - much later; the fire was down to the ember stage - I gently

untied her and soothed and cleaned her body with a hot towel. She just

sighed. I half carried her to the bedroom, and laid her in the bed.

When I joined her, she curled up against me and slept, dead to the


I awoke in a bit of a panic - Ana was gone. It was eleven o'clock. I

looked at the night stand, and saw that the alarm clock was set for

eleven-fifteen. She had obviously remembered to set the clock for me

before going to work, and it was time for me to get my act together.

On the way to the door, I passed through the living room and noticed no

sign of the previous evening's activity - she must have gotten up early

to put everything away - we couldn't have gotten to bed before four!

Then, I noticed the coffee table. On it, in the exact spot where Ana

had seemed to reach Nirvana a few hours before, were a new blue candle,

a small pile of playing cards, and a note. I looked at the cards:

three queens and two jacks - a full house, queens over.

I read the note - it said "Je was geweldig, schat - tot MIJN buurt


"You were wonderful, darling - until MY turn tonight!"

Maybe Friday wouldn't be as dull as usual after all!




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