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Archive-name: Couples/nitdorm1.txt

Archive-author: William Brien

Archive-title: Night At The Dorm, A, Pt.1

"Ah, could you slow down a bit, please?"

Terri complied.  Her movements up and down the shaft of Keith's dick slowed,

and he looked visibly more relaxed.  She smiled and sped up quickly,

enjoying the look in his eye, the tension felt thru her hand, the heat from

his body.  Keith gasped, and she slowed again.

"Now, that's not fair now.  There's a hands-off for you for a reason, and if

you keep this up, I'll have to break it."

"Well, you'll have to do what you have to do, eh?" replied Terri, a

mischievous grin on her face.  "And then the results will be more...


With that, she moved away from Keith's face and plunged towards the

rock-hard penis in her hands, still being caressed and gently handled. 

Taking him in her mouth, she ran her tongue around the head, sensing Keith's

excitement, and then took him into her mouth as far as she could go.  She

was still an amateur at this, even though she had done this many a time with

Keith (and others).  But she still had a certain "flair" for oral sex, and

Keith told her this repeatedly.  She never believed him, and this sort of

bothered him.  But not too much - it made her work that much harder.  Keith

could deal.

Her mouth moved slowly up and down, working its way farther and farther

towards his balls.  Terri's hand lightly cupped his balls and squeezed

gently.  Keith's moan could be heard above the light music playing in the

background to discourage listeners nearby.  She had her other hand around

the base of his cock, and as her movements quickened, so did her hand.  Her

mouth moved upward while her hand moved down, and the motions were

synchronized so that all Keith could do was to feel the pressure build up on

his groin.  Terri sensed this, and when she thought Keith could take no

more, she slowed, gently removing her hand and mouth from his body.  Keith

shuddered as Terri lightly brushed her hand past his quivering dick.

"My, my, my," said Terri, that look back in her eye.  "We sure did remain

controlled there, didn't we?  You didn't make a grab for me or anything! 

You sure are full of surprises tonite, dear."  She grabbed hold of him and

stroked him roughly, making Keith gasp again.  Terri knew Keith liked a

little surprise and pushiness, but he was in for a shock tonite.  Nothing

spectacular, but it all depended on how you look at it.  

"Well, you're not exactly Miss Manners tonite either, dear.  Why the intense


"Do you want me to stop?"

"No!" shouted Keith.  "I mean... uh, no.  I kinda like it.  It's


"I'll bet it is.  So, what to do now?"  And as she finished talking, Terri

pulled down her shorts, exposing nothing but her shapely thighs and her

beautiful patch of pubic hair.  She wriggled a bit too much for the occasion

of getting her Umbros off, but she liked how Keith seemed hypnotized by her

movements.  She could feel her wetness increasing as Keith's cock pulsated

and moved with his heartbeat.  "I have an idea," she continued, taking deep

breaths, belying her calm demeanor.

Terri grabbed Keith's hand and pulled it towards her, placing it on her

crotch, grinding lightly into his hand.  He smiled and moved with her,

feeling the damp mound below him, sensing her intensity.  She caught her

breath as Keith ran his other hand over her breasts and nimbly moved his

fingers over her clit, her most sensitive part.  His fingers circled her

nipple, brushing against it, then seizing it and pinching it lightly,

causing a gasp and a heavy breathing from Terri.  He was teasing her, and

she knew it.  

"So, the tables turn.  Is it all that it's cracked up to be?" said Keith.

"Oh, I don't know," said Terri, grinding yet again against his hand, making

up for his lack of movement.  "It's not that baaa.... uh!"   Keith put his

whole hand over her vagina and pushed deep into her with his middle finger. 

She shuddered as her sentence was rudely interrupted.  She'll probably

forgive me, thought Keith, if I do this...

His hands now ran freely over her body, touching her everywhere.  She was

leaning back on the bed, bracing herself with her hands, groaning with his

movements inside of her.  his hand slid over her breasts and stomach as he

rubbed her clit in time with the thrusts he pushed into her.  Terri couldn't

help herself.  She grabbed Keith by the neck and pulled him closer to her,

kissing him with a fervor that surprised the both of them.  Tongues dancing,

they felt each other, Terri's hands grasping him and stroking him, while his

hands were busy with their own activity.  Both were panting now, wanting

each other.  When this happened, problems occurred, because they couldn't

have sex in the traditional way - Terri was saving herself for marriage, and

Keith respected that.  But there were always other ways to get off, and they

both had some ideas...

Keith pulled away, regretting it the moment he did it.  "I think we might

have to do something about this, Terri.  I'm getting kind of hot and

bothered.  If you know what I mean."  She grinned, and knew exactly what he

was talking about.  Pushing him away from her, feeling his hands slip away

from her body, she placed him squarely on his back.  Terri made him put his

hands on his side.  "No touching!  At least, not yet." she said with a grin. 

Looking at him, she turned away from him, and placed her ass in his view. 

She was now on top of his chest, facing away from him.  Keith could feel

Terri pushing against his chest, the dampness fairly dripping onto his body. 

She slid up his body, her ass a tempting sight as it slowly enveloped his

line of sight.  Terri lifted herself up and put her knees on each side of

Keith's head, keeping her distance from his mouth.  Keith, however, had

other ideas.

He put his arms on each side of her body, then around her hips and onto her

ass.  He now had a firm grip on her, and was not about to give up his

position very easily.  Keith could smell her muskiness now, her intensity

and sexuality turning him on just by being near him.  He pulled her clit

near him and lightly licked her, running his tongue all the way down her to

the bottom of her cunt. 

Terri jumped, and pulled herself away from his touches lightly, not really

wanting to, but she had to.  "That's not fair!  I never even got into

position to do you!"  she pouted.  Keith didn't reply, which meant that he

was using his tongue for other things, and she soon felt what he was up to. 

Her whole lower half shuddered as his tongue entered her and his hands

grasped her ass.  She knew this was going to happen, so Terri had to

concentrate.  Letting her cunt move up and down Keith's tongue, she grabbed

his dick and stroked it, lowering her mouth on the tip and sucking hard. 

She could feel him stop for a second startled by the feelings she initiated,

but recovered and soon continued his oral advances.  She thought, "Well, if

he wants to play that way..." grabbing his balls while slowly enveloping his

entire dick to her tightly placed hand on the base of his cock.  Moving and

sucking at the same time, she could feel his pulsating thru her entire

mouth.  While she sucked him, Terri was grinding her mound against Keith's

face, wanting more.  He was happily obliging, moving slowly into and out of

her mouth while licking her and tasting her sweetness on his lips.

Keith felt that now was the time for what Terri liked him to do.  It took

them a while to find out what each of them liked, in the sexual sense, and

once they did, the fact that they could not have any intercourse did not

bother them at all.  His hands, grabbing her ass, pulled her down closer to

his mouth, and he lightly brushed his tongue against her asshole.  Her

muffled moan made him continue, pushing and probing while his hands roamed

her whole body and cunt.  She squirmed and moaned as she sucked his dick,

stroking it with more intensity as his movements increased.  Keith soon wet

her ass enough, so he resumed licking her clit as his finger slowly pushed

against Terri's rosebud.  She tried to resist, but started to push against

his hand, wanting more.  He felt Terri stop licking and sucking him, and he

knew that she would have to, since she couldn't concentrate on both things

at once.  His cock ached for her touch, but he could wait.  He was getting

off anyway - his time would come soon.

Pushing Terri off of him, Keith pulled his body out from underneath hers,

pushing her down onto the bed stomach first.  His hand never left her ass,

rubbing against her and feeling her grind in return.  He grabbed her cheeks

and pulled them apart, sticking his tongue against her asshole, feeling her

grind into the bed.  Her hand reached back and ran thru his hair, pushing

against his head, telling him what he needed to know.  Keith let her hand

manipulate his actions, sensing that Terri was getting very close to orgasm. 

She grabbed him, and looking back at him, pulled him towards her.  She then

grabbed his dick and put it in the crack of her asscheeks, wanting him to

rub against her.  Keith pushed against her ass, touching her asshole with

his dick as he moved back and forth between her.  The pseudo-anal sex

continued, with Terri tensing against his body.  She felt her urges building

against her will, wanting to hold onto this feeling forever.  She finally

couldn't hold it anymore, and she started to cum, pushing against Keith's

cock hard, hoping he would keep moving back and forth.  Her asscheeks tensed

against his dick, not wanting to let it go, moving it up and down in her

frenetic motion.  Keith pushed against her, wanting to enter her from

behind, but he couldn't.  Finally, Terri stopped moving, and she rolled

over, pulling her ass away from his dick.  With all the movement next to his

dick, without even entering her ass or cumming or ANYTHING, he was very,

very hard and dying for release.  She pulled him up towards her face, and

after thanking him for making her feel so good, she...



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