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Archive-name: Couples/newyears.txt


Archive-title: New Years

  The time was 3:15, and the last guest has just left our New Year's Eve party.

Although the place is a mess, we are very happy because the party went so 

well.  Also, we know that now we have our own personal celebration to look 

forward to.  After all, we have to start off the new year right!!!

  I take you by the hand into the bedroom; our shadows dancing in the candle's 

glow.  We sit down on the edge of the bed, next to the icebucket & champagne I 

strategically placed earlier in the evening.  I pour us both a glass, and we 

sip on the champagne as we look into each other's eyes.  Slowly we come to 

each other and join in a soft kiss; the bubbles from the champagne tickling 

our tongues as we meet.  Our hands gently caress each other as we kiss deeply 

and passionately.  My hands find your breasts, and feel your nipples poking 

through your blouse.  I start to massage your breasts, and I can tell by your 

beating heart that you wish me to continue.

  By now we have broken our kiss, and I begin to kiss your neck, biting gently 

as I go.  You tilt your head back and allow me full access to your neck, and I 

am more than happy to oblige.  I make my way up to your ear, and softly nibble 

on your lobe.  You feel my warm breath in your ear as I lightly trace your 

outer ear with my tongue.  Your soft sigh confirms that you are pleased.

  My hands in the meantime have also been quite busy.  I grab the bottom of 

your blouse & begin to pull it over your head.  As I slowly raise it the 

fabric rubs against your pert nipples, sending shivers through your body.  I 

pause my kissing of your neck long enough to get the blouse over your head, 

and also to get a view of your firm breasts in the soft candlelight.  My 

shadow rests between them, and I know that soon I will be there also.

  You run your fingers through my hair, and pull my head to your chest.  I can 

feel your heart beating against my cheek, and I feel your soft breath on the 

top of my head.  I trace a circle around your nipple with my tongue, and feel 

the tiny bumps on your aureole.  I then take your nipple between my lips, and 

very softly suckle it, careful not to be too rough.  I moisten it with my 

tongue, and rub my teeth on it delicately.

  Not wanting to neglect other treasures, my hands begin to unzip your skirt.

I pull the zipper down in the back slowly, hearing the teeth unclasp as I go.

I slide my hands down the back of your skirt, and feel the lace on your 

panties.  My hands cup around your buttocks, and I squeeze them firmly.  I run 

a finger under the edge of your panties and trace a path along the contour of 

your cheek.  The softness of your skin drives me crazy.

  I then remove my hands, and you slide off the edge of the bed and stand, so 

that I may remove your skirt with ease.  I take hold of your skirt & begin to 

drag it down your body, admiring the shape of your legs as I go.  I also am 

treated to the vision of your white panties, which are slightly transparent.  

I can see the dark hairs of your pubic mound through the lace.  I sigh in 


  You step out from the ring your skirt has left on the floor and move 

towards me.  I look up at you, and see a light glow around your hair from the 

candlelight.  I wonder to myself if you have ever looked so beautiful.  You 

smile a tiny smile, and slowly sink down to your knees. 

  We are now nearly face to face, and we gaze deeply into each others eyes.

You reach forward, and you start to unbutton my shirt, top to bottom.  As you 

reach my navel my shirt begins to open wide, exposing my upper body.  You lean 

forward and softly kiss my chest.

  I remove my shirt, and you begin to undo my belt, slowly pulling it from my 

waist.  I lean back so that you may undo my zipper, and slide my pants down my 

legs.  The hair on my legs rustles as you pull them towards you.  I kick off 

my shoes so you may completely remove my pants, and you toss them aside, 

knowing that I won't be wearing them again tonight.

  You look at my crotch, still concealed by my briefs, and notice that your 

seductive work has not gone unappreciated.  The growing bulge tells you all 

that you need to know.  You run your hands up my legs, stopping at my thighs.

I can tell from the look in your eyes what you wish me to do.

  I reach down and take your hands, and slowly pull you to the bed.  You roll 

onto your back, with your legs hanging over the edge, feet touching the floor. 

I now notice that you have left on your high heels, and I silently think my

approval.  I slip off the edge of the bed to my knees, and admire the 

wonderful view that you have allowed me.

  I then caress your beautiful body, starting at your feet and working all the 

way up to your face.  You take one of my fingers into your mouth, and gently 

suck on it, driving me wild.  My other hand continues it's caresses, first 

running through your soft hair, then kneading a firm breast.  I slip my finger 

from your mouth, slick with your saliva, and trace a path from your mouth down 

to your navel.  I circle & tease your bellybutton, finally sliding my finger 

into it.  You arch your back suddenly, and I realize that I have found a 

ticklish spot.  I playfully tickle you for a few seconds, and then stop, 

knowing that there are other matters much more deserving of my attention.

  My hands then slide down to your panties, which now have become slighly more

transparent from your wetness.  I slip my fingers into the band, and start to 

pull them down, wiggling them over your hips.  You lift your hips upward so 

that I may get them down further, and I admire the firmness of your stomach.  

The panties slide easily down your legs once past your hips, and you raise 

your knees to your chest so that I may get them over your shoes.  This also 

allows me a glimpse of your hidden treasure, which I am dying to explore 


  You put your heels gently on my shoulders, being careful not to drive the 

spikes into my flesh.  You still have kept your thighs together, not yet 

giving me the full view I wish to see.  I begin to kiss your ankles softly, 

alternating from leg to leg.  Each kiss lands a little higher and higher, 

until I am at your knees.  You slide your legs over my shoulders so that the 

back of your knees rests firmly on them.  I run my fingertips up from your 

buttocks and over your thighs, making you shiver.  I then bring them around

your legs, to your knees, and begin to pry your legs apart.  You resist at

first to tease me, but then you succumb and give in.  I take a few seconds

to stare at your womanhood, fascinated and pleased.

  I then continue kissing your legs, working up your inner thighs.  I land 

soft feathery kisses all over, in no particular rush.  I wish to savor the 

moment myself, as well as build your anticipation.  

  Soon thereafter I reach your pelvis, at the point where your leg meets your 

hip.  I am careful to avoid your treasure, making you squirm in disagreement.

I kiss around your lovely bush and follow your tan line, all the way up your 

hip.  I follow it back across your lower abdomen, and over to your other hip.

  The quick rising and lowering of your stomach tells me that you are ready.  

I kiss downward from your hip, and reach the top of your leg.  My mouth is 

just inches away from your most delicate prize.  I take a deep breath and I 

begin to blow gently, making sure to hit the spot I desire.  You moan your 

approval.  I then take my fingers and pry apart your petals, so that I may

be granted access to all I desire.  The pinkness of your inner lips is 

glistening with your juices.

  Not quite ready to rush in, I form a small ball of saliva upon my lips.  I 

let the droplet fall slowly down, like a pendulum on a clock.  I dangle it 

enticingly above your clit, and let it fall upon your love button.  You squirm 

in delight, and it runs down your slit, and settles somewhere below.  I now 

feel that you have suffered enough, and should be rewarded for your patience.

  I begin by taking my tongue and gently running it up the length of your 

outer lips, starting at the bottom.  I circle the entire course, and then 

settle upon your opening.  I have waited much too long to taste your sweet 

nectar.  I plunge my tongue into you, thrashing about.  My tongue will go no 

further, and my nose is buried in your furry mound.  My tongue explores deep 

inside you, my chin wet from saliva and juices.

  After I feel my exploration is complete, I withdraw my tongue to give 

attention to other needing areas.  I gently flutter my tongue over your clit, 

only touching every so often.  I am careful to not give too much stimulation 

to this most sensitive spot.  I play off of your reactions, letting you thrust 

your hips to me.  You grind your pelvis into my face, and I am only too happy 

to tend to your need.  I could do this forever, but I have a different idea.

  I reach over to the champagne bottle, and remove an ice cube from the 

bucket.  You spot this and you shudder.  You know all to well what I have in 

store for you.  I take the ice cube and place it into my mouth.  The coldness 

of the cube makes me want to spit it out, but I suffer through it so I may

do what I wish.  When the cube has melted, I take my now cold tongue and touch 

the tip onto your clit.  Your reaction is immediate.  You withdraw at first, 

but then your curiousity gets the better of you and you thrust your hips to 

me, and suffer the initial shock.  I tell by your reaction that you feel you 

made the right decision.  We continue until my tongue returns to it's more 

natural temperature, and then some.

  Not feeling like we have explored all options, I take another ice cube out 

of the bucket.  I bring it above your stomach, and let a drop of melted ice 

fall into your bellybutton.  I slowly bring it downward, letting droplets make 

a little beaded path down your lower abdomen.  I can see water droplets 

sparkling in your bush, the shiny beads a stark contrast to your dark pubic 

hair.  I take the cube & gently touch it to your lips, trying to let you 

adjust to the temperature as well as you can.  I slip the cube between your 

lips and insert it into you, making you gasp loudly.  I then take my tongue 

and plunge it into you, trying to lick the cube.  I play this game of cat and 

mouse until the cube has finally melted, soaking both you and my face.

  You take a deep breath and I know that you are ready for new pursuits.  I 

remove my briefs and let loose my swollen organ, which is aching for some 

attention.  I climb on top of the bed, slowly rubbing my chest up your body

as I go.  I feel your nipples poke into my chest, and I press harder, rubbing 

them even more.  You run your fingers through my hair, and down my back, 

leaving tiny scratches along the way.  

  We now are face to face, and we take a moment to gaze passionately into each 

other's eyes.  My face still wet from our previous endeavor, we join in a 

kiss.  You do not care that you are tasting yourself within my mouth.  We kiss 

each other deeply, and continue to enjoy the sensation of our rubbing flesh.

  My erect shaft is pressed against your waiting pussy, throbbing in 

anticipation.  I begin to rub it against you, your lips still very wet & 

providing ample lubrication.  We grind our hips together, without any 

penetration.  Our pace steadily quickens.

  You bring your legs up to my waist, and wrap them around me.  I do not care 

that your heel is stabbing into my back.  I arch myself up on my arms, and you 

reach down and gently grab my cock.  You slowly guide it to your awaiting lips 

and place the head just barely inside.  I want to thrust in immediately, but I 

hold back.

  You bring your hips up to me, and my cock slides in slowly and easily.  I 

feel your warmness start to engulf me.  We continue until it is in all the

way, our pubic hairs joined together like velcro.  We pause, and enjoy the 

sensation of being joined as one.

  We then begin to grind, very slowly in circles.  I can feel your inner walls 

surrounding me.  Our grinds start to turn into thrusts, and we begin to move 

in unison, still keeping control.

  Still perched upon my arms, I am able to look down and see myself plunging 

in and out of you.  I find this sight to be very erotic, and start to slowly 

quicken my pace.  Your movements keep time, and we continue, picking up speed 


  I lower myself down so that I may kiss you, and our chests press together.

I can feel your heart pounding, and know that it won't be much longer.  Our 

gasps and moans turn louder and louder, our kiss more frantic as we go.  Your 

fingernails sink deeply into my back, and the pain just intensifies what I am 

feeling.  By now we are thrusting as hard as we can, and your breasts are 

swaying in small circles.  You let out a loud gasp and I know your time is 

about to come.  I thrust even harder, wanting to share your climax with you.

Your body convulses, and I know that you have hit your peak.  My body also 

tenses as I ejaculate deep inside of you, spraying my love into you.  You sink 

your teeth into my shoulder and I hardly even feel the pain.  We continue our 

motions far after I have come, until you are ready to stop.  I collapse on top

of you, our bodies slick with sweat.  We kiss each other softly upon the lips,

and close our eyes.  We drift asleep knowing that whatever may happen,

the new year has gotten off to quite a beginning.



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