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Archive-name: Couples/mslily15.txt

Archive-author: Various - Genie

Archive-title: Adv of Miss Lilly's Tavern...15


This time his tongue was relentless as it searched out every nerve ending down

there.  Then he found a new one.  And she felt something she'd never felt


He'd taken a tiny portion of flesh and was nibbling and sucking on it.  The

pleasure mounted so rapidly, she thought she'd die.  Within minutes, she was

thrashing around, reaching for the stars again.

This time, when she touched one, she burned out of control.  A wail escaped

from her.  "Oh, Jaaaakkkeee!!!" 

Her body convulsed against his avid mouth, her breath harsh and panting as

again and again, she touched the stars, burning herself out of control


Finally, when all Jake had to do was breathe on her flesh to get her to spasm,

he stopped and kissed his way back up to her mouth.  When he plunged his

tongue into her open mouth, she tasted something different on him and realized

it was her own wetness.

He released her hands and she grabbed his body and held on tight, trying to

bring her breathing under control.

As her heart started to slow its pounding, he spoke huskily in her ear.  "Did

you like that?"

She nodded.  "Oh, Jake.  I've never felt anything like that before."

One hand crept down between her bodies.  "I just wanted you to know that

this..." He touched that sensitive nubbin of flesh.  "This is your clit.  And

it's very sensitive and gives you a great deal of pleasure."

"I'll say."  The words were out before she could stop them.  "Make love to me,

Jake.  I want to feel your...cock inside my...pussy."

He grinned as he slowly began to thrust into her.  "Soon, you won't feel at

all self-conscious about using those words.  That I promise you."

Words had failed them both as they made love with a ferocity that she had

rarely known before.

The dinner bell clanging brought Irish out of her reverie with an abrupt jolt.

She looked inside and saw all the girls gathering for dinner.  Moving slowly,

she straightened her legs, careful to keep her rolled up drawers stuffed

inside her pussy.  Tucking her journal inside her waistband, she joined them.



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