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Archive-name: Couples/mslily10.txt

Archive-author: Various - Genie

Archive-title: Adv of Miss Lilly's Tavern...10

She could hear his voice as he moved around behind her and the clack as he

removed the strap from the wall.

"Now, my dear, I think we shall start with 5 on each side."

Irish forced her muscles to relax.

-Thwack!-  -Thwack!- -Thwack!- -Thwack!-

The strap beat a steady rhythm as Jeremiah struck first one asscheek,  then

the other.

 When the ten were finished, Irish took a deep breath through her nose,  trying

not to cry.  She always forgot how badly the strap stung.

 Irish stiffened when she felt blunt fingers exploring her pussy.  "Why,

Irish, my dear, you're soaking wet!" Jeremiah exclaimed, his fingers smearing

her secretions over her entire vulva.

 She tried to turn her head, hoping to rub the blindfold off, but it was no

use.  She tried to speak through the gag, but the cloth held her mouth  open

too wide for her to form coherent words.

 What was going on?  This wasn't the usual script.  Usually after whipping  her

with the strap, he untied her and soothed her buttocks with aloe.  And  Jonah

wouldn't interfere unless Jeremiah physically hurt her.

"Ah, Jonah, perhaps you have something to help me out," Jeremiah said.

"Something to quench my poor Irish's inner wetness.

 Her eyes bugged out behind the blindfold.  Jeremiah didn't mean what she

thought he meant.  Jeremiah had never before been interested in anything

sexual - either in doing or watching.

 She heard the sound of a zipper and the rustling of clothes before  Jeremiah

gave a loud sigh of pleasure.  "Ah, yes, Jonah.  I see that you do possess

something.  Come, my dear fellow, let us put that in Irish and relieve her


 Irish squirmed frantically, trying to spit the gag out so she could talk.

There was no way Jonah could fit his cock inside her.  She'd seen his  sword

and it was huge.  Easily three times the size of Slade's and Slade's was  the

largest she's ever seen.

 If Jonah tried to force his way in, he'd rip her insides to shreds.  She  felt

the large blunt tip press against her wet pussy and wiggled even more


"Just relax, Irish," Jeremiah said.  "He'll be inside your wet little  pussy

in just a moment.  And then he'll quench your desires."

 She moaned as Jonah's cock began to open her pussy and push inside.  God,  it

felt like she was being split in two.  Tears came to her eyes and she  groaned

as Jonah packed inch after inch of his cock into her pussy.

 His balls slapped against her clit when he was all the way inside.  The

muscles of her pussy burned as they stretched to accommodate Jonah's cock.

"Very nice, Jonah," Jeremiah said as his fingers explored her split pussy,

testing the snugness with which Jonah's cock fit.  "How does that feel, my

dear?" he asked as he pinched her clit.

 She groaned again and couldn't decide which was stronger, the pain of  Jonah's

cock stretching her pussy or the exquisite pleasure Jeremiah was wreaking

upon her clit.

 Her clit pulsed beneath his fingers as he withdrew them.  "Now, Jonah," he

commanded.   "Begin fucking her slowly."

Whimpers escaped from behind the gag as Jonah obeyed and slowly slid his  cock

out, then back in.


 Irish jerked as though she'd been shot as the sting of the strap spread  over

her buttocks.  God, how much more could she take?  It was obvious Jonah

didn't think she was hurting, otherwise he would have stopped this scene.


The strap continued to hit her in rhythm with Jonah's slow thrusts.







 Irish clenched her fists against the pain and forced her muscles to relax,

allowing Jonah easier passage.

 His thrusts increased at the same speed as Jeremiah's slaps with the  strap.

Irish caught her breath and held it for several strokes, letting it out  in a

long sigh.

 She held her breath again and suddenly noticed that the pain stretching  her

pussy had lessened.  In fact, an insidious pleasure was creeping through  her

lower body, warring with the heat radiating from the strap hitting her


 She took another deep breath, relaxing her muscles even further and felt

another tingle of pleasure.  It seemed as though the pain of the strap

against her already burning buttocks combined with the pain of her stuffed and

stretched pussy to produce spasms of excruciating delight.

 As the pleasure grew, the pain from Jonah's monster cock diminished until  he

was thrusting rapidly in and out and she was clenching her inner muscles  in

an effort to hold him in.

Irish began to breath hard behind the gag and felt the ecstasy growing.

-Thwack!-  In.  -Thwack!-  Out.

Faster and faster Jonah fucked her and Jeremiah wielded the strap against  her


 Suddenly a pleasure so great it was painful blossomed throughout her  body.

Her muscles clenched, her body stiffened and went rigid and she began to

hyperventilate through the gag.

 Wave after wave hit her body, buffeting it between the hard marble rock  and

the hard stiffness of Jonah's pounding cock.  As it reached its peak, she

gave a cry and the breath seemed to leave her body as she passed out.

 Slade picked himself up out of the dust yet another time.  He would break that

black stallion this mornig if it was the last thing he did.

 He jammed his hat back on and walked over to where a couple of the cowboys

were holding the bridle.  The black stallion rolled his eyes back, baring his

teeth.  He took the reins with one hand, then stood there and told the boys to

let go.

 They quickly backed away from the horse and Slade began to croon to the

trembling animal.  If force wouldn't work, he'd sweet talk the horse.  'Course

if it had been a mare, he would have had better luck.

 As his voice crooned the nonsense syllables to quiet the horse, he thought

about last night.  Last night with Irish had been one of the hottest they'd

shared in a long while.  It had also stirred up some feelings that he didn't

want to think about.

 He wondered if she'd taken on anyone after him.  He knew she had, but that

thought didn't rest easily with him.  He wanted her all to himself, to know

that he was the only man fucking her hot pussy and tight ass.  That his was

the only cock to slide down her throat.

 A loud burst of laughter brought him out of his thoughts and he swung his gaze

over to the group of cowboys.  "What's so funny, boys?"

"Chet here, was saying that he hoped it didn't take you this long or cause you

this much trouble to ride Irish down at Miss Lily's," Zeke, one of the hands,


"Chet should mind his own damn business about Irish," he snapped and

inadvertantly pulled sharply on the reins.  The stallion reared up against the

pressure and the boys laughed again.

"Well, it sure wouldn't take me this long to slip my Long John Silver into

Irish, that's fer sure," Chet remarked.  "In fact, maybe tonight, I'll go down

to Miss Lily's and ride that gal all night long."

Slade kept quiet trying to hold onto his temper.  It wouldn't do to show the

men how much Irish meant to him, especially before he figured out exactly what

that was.  He continued crooning to the stallion.

"Hey, McCall," Chet yelled out.  "Maybe you can come down and watch how it's

done.  If you can get it hard, maybe I'll even let you have sloppy seconds of

that whore."

 That did it!  Slade saw red.  Nobody called Irish a whore and got away with

it.  She might be a prostitute, a hooker, even a lady of the night, but she

wasn't a whore.  That word sounded so cheap.

 He handed the reins of the dancing stallion to Zeke and yanked Chet off the

fence.  He drew his fist back and let one swing fly.  His knuckles connected

with the side of Chet's nose.

 He heard the break as the cartilage snapped and then Chet slid to the ground,

holding his broken nose.  "My nose!  Dammit, McCall, you broke my nose!"

 Slade stood there for a long moment, looking down at him.  "If you ever speak

about Irish that way again or refer to her as a whore, or if you ever even try

to buy her so much as a drink, I'll kill you."

He pivoted on one heel and snapped out a command.  "Zeke, finish up here."

Then he stalked off towards the bunkhouse.



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