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Archive-name: Couples/mslily09.txt

Archive-author: Various - Genie

Archive-title: Adv of Miss Lilly's Tavern... 9

 As hard as she'd come a few minutes earlier, Irish was still hot for  Slade.

She groaned as she felt his cock slide up her rear passage.  He was so  thick

as he pushed deeper into her.

 Irish arched her back, opening her ass even farther and felt the tip of  his

cock strike as far as it could go.  With his hands grasping her spread

cheeks, Slade held still inside her.

"God, Irish, you're so hot and tight back here," he gasped.

 She rolled her hips and was rewarded with a hoarse moan.  Repeating the

movement, she felt bolts of excitement begin to course through her body.

Being with Slade was wonderful, but having his thick cock up her butt was  the

best.  No matter how hard she came when he was eating her, an anal orgasm

beat them all.

 As he began to stroke in and out, she gave herself up to the sheer  pleasure.

She rocked back and forth, reveling as the head slid past her sphincter,  then

withdrew, then plunged in again.

"Nuh, uh, uh," she grunted with each stroke, feeling him filling her to  the


"Yes, Slade, honey, that's it," she said.  "Do it."

His thrusts increased, stroking faster and faster.

"Oh, god, Slade, fuck me.  Fuck my ass!"  Irish tossed her head from side  to

side, losing control.  She always did when Slade ass-fucked her.

 The touch of his fingers on her still swollen, still sensitive clit sent  her

flying into the stratosphere.  "Aaaaahhhh!  God, yes, Slade!  That's it!   I'm


 As her anus contracted around his shaft, she felt the slick skin begin to

pulsate and then he was bathing her burning rectum with the heat of his  seed.

 Irish continued to thrust back against his spurting cock until Slade went

rigid and fell against her back, flattening her against the sheets.

 Breathing heavily, her asshole still spasming, she lay there, wondering  if

she would ever find a man as perfect as Slade that she could call her very


 Irish finished rinsing off as Slade completed buckling his belt. She  smiled

to herself as she drew the damp cloth between her legs, feeling the coolness

soothe the heat there.

 This had been one of their better nights, but, much as she wanted to go  right

to sleep, the evening was early and Miss Lily would be expecting her to  take

on some more customers.

 After she was done washing and had donned her skimpy lingerie, she linked  her

arm through Slade's.  "Come on, cowboy.  I'll walk ya downstairs."

 She held tight to Slade, savoring the last feel of his body against hers.

As they strolled into the parlour, Miss Lily caught Irish's eye.

 Irish squeezed his arm once and said, "Slade, honey, duty calls." She  pressed

a kiss to his lips.  "I better see ya again real soon, cowboy."

She knew Slade's eyes were on her as she sashayed across the room to her

madam.  "Yes, Miss Lily?"

"Irish, I've had a special request for you," the other woman said.  "Mr.

Crane has arrived and requested the pleasure of your services."

Irish looked around and sure enough, Jeremiah Crane sat in the corner.  He

tipped his hat in her direction.

"Now, knowing Mr. Crane's proclivities, it is entirely within your right  to

refuse.  You know I'll back any one of my girls, but he did offer to pay


Irish's eyes widened.  Double...of what was already a hefty price for Mr.

Crane.  She reached a quick decision.  "Okay, ma'am.  I'll do it."

Miss Lily inclined her head.  "Very well, I'll tell Jonah to prepare the

room. He'll signal you, as always, when he's done."

"Yes, ma'am," she murmured before heading for Jeremiah Crane.

 She approached Jeremiah Crane where he sat in a corner, sipping whisky.   She

stood in front of him, head bowed, hands laced.

"I'm glad you could accommodate me," Jeremiah said softly.

"Me, too, Mr. Crane," she said.

"But Irish, I hear you've been disobedient."

"Oh, no, sir."  She looked up at him.  "Not me."

 This was all part of the game Jeremiah Crane liked to play.  They bantered

back and forth a few more times before Jonah signaled Irish the room was


"Oh, Mr. Crane, if I've been a bad girl, then I need to go to my room."

Jeremiah licked his lips.  "Yes, yes, my dear, go on.  I shall follow."

 Irish led the way into the Torture Chamber.  As expected, Jonah had  cleared

the room of all extraneous objects and implements so Jeremiah Crane  wouldn't

be tempted to go beyond the boundaries they had already established.

 Jeremiah took a seat on the hard wingback armchair and patted his knee.   "I

think we will begin with an over the knee open handed spanking."

 As Irish draped herself over his bony knees, she saw Jonah take up his  usual

protective stance at the door.  It made her feel safe to know that Jonah

wouldn't let Mr. Crane go too far, although so far in four visits,  Jeremiah

Crane had stuck to his agenda.

 She felt a cool breeze ruffle her skin as Jeremiah pulled up her negligee,

exposing her bare buttocks to his gaze.  "Now, my dear," he began.  "I am



The first swat landed solidly as he continued, "...that you will be much  more



" the future and not be so unladylike."

His words died out, but the spanking continued with a steady rhythm.

-Whack-  Pause.  -Whack-  Pause.

 He alternated cheeks and she could feel the heat blossoming over her  behind

and spreading throughout her entire body.  She counted up to 25 slaps  before

he finished and let her up.

"There, my dear, now you are warmed up for the rest of your punishment."

Irish followed the set script.  "Oh, Mr. Crane, no more, please.  My ass  is

already bright red and burning."

 As expected, he took no heed of her plea and motioned to Jonah.  "I'm  sorry,

my dear, but we must make sure you understand the severity of your


 As Jeremiah spoke, Jonah gently led Irish over to the whipping stone.   She

lay flat on her stomach bending at the waist over the cool marble.  The edge

of the rock cradled her pelvis and when she bent over, her breasts dropped

into the proper indentations.

 Jonah stretched her arms out to the side and forward, fastening them  snugly.

Her legs were spread so that all her weight rested on her pelvis and  torso.

When she was properly spread and bound, Jonah gently tied a gag and a

blindfold in place.

"Thank you, Jonah," Jeremiah said.  "It is very kind of you to help me

discipline my little Irish waif."



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