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Archive-name: Couples/mslily08.txt

Archive-author: Various - Genie

Archive-title: Adv of Miss Lilly's Tavern... 8

 He gave up on asking her any more questions and twisted around to do as  she

bid.  Using his body, he nudged her farther up so that she was practially

sitting up against the headboard.  He liked to have her watch him while he

licked her.

 Taking his time, he started at the tip of one foot, and gently began  kissing

and licking the toes.  She wiggled them and groaned as the flat of his  tongue

swiped up and down the sole of her foot.

 Then his tongue wandered up to her ankle and he pressed little kisses up  her

calve until he reached the back of her knee.  He straightened her knee  enough

so that he could give a strong sucking kiss back there.  The arch of her  back

and her moan were aphrodisiacs to him, although he certainly didn't need  any

help there.

 He nipped at her soft skin as he continued upward, wandering around the

smoothness of her thigh.  He used his hands to spread her legs wider,  giving

him access to the ultra-sensitive skin at the junction where her thigh  met

her hip.  She squealed and squirmed as his nipped and licked along that

crease, but her sounds turned to moans as he passed over her crotch, instead

heading down her other leg.

 The other leg got exactly the same treatment as the first only in reverse

order.  By the time he reached her toes, she was clawing at his back and

tugging on his hair to make him give her the satisfaction she craved.

 He abandoned licking her body altogether and looked down at her.  "If you

don't hold still, I'm going to have to tie you down," he threatened.

 Her eyes got big as saucers, but her answer was pure sassy Irish.  "And  then

what will you do with me?"

 Knowing that this could be the beginning of a new erotic game for them, he

growled, "Try me, Irish.  Just try me."

 As he began to nip at her inner thighs again, she squirmed and wiggled  with

an excessive force, moaning, "Ooh, Slade.  Do it to me.  Yes, sugar.  Just

like that."

 He knew that was his cue, that she was as ready for some fun and games as  he

was.  Drawing back, he got off the bed and went over to her armoire.  He

rummaged around until he found an old petticoat.

 "You don't need this anymore, do you, Irish?" he asked as he held his

treasure aloft.

 Without waiting for an answer, he ripped the cloth into six long strips.

With each one, he tied a different limb to the bedposts, making sure that she

was stretched as wide as he could make her without causing her pain.  He made

sure that she had adequate pillows propping her up and supporting her.  He

used the remaining two strips to pull her knees up towards her wrist, thereby

insuring that she couldn't close her legs at all.  He knew that not being able

to  hold tight to him with any of her limbs would increase the intensity of

her  orgasm.

 Satisfied with his handiwork, he stood next to the bed for a long moment,

staring down at her bound and spread body.  Her red hair lay fanned out  on

the pillow and her green eyes sparkled with lust and adventure.

 He climbed on the bed between her stretched thighs and gazed at her  pussy.

Soft tufts of red-gold hair covered a portion, but her lips were thick and

deep pink with arousal.  Even as he watched they opened slightly,  revealing

the moistness there.

 His fingers spread those lips even further apart, exposing her hardening

clit. She tried to move, but the bonds held her tight.

Slade bent down and touched the tip of his tongue to the tip of her clit,

feeling it jump underneath the pressure.

 As his tongue swirled around her clit, he inhaled, catching the scent of  her

arousal.  This prompted him to bury his tongue deep into her pussy,  thrusting

as far as he could reach.

 She groaned loudly and once again tried to close her thighs and clasp his head

against her, but she was helpless.  Taking advantage of her helplessness, he

began to torment her with his tongue.

 First he would thrust it deep inside her pussy, wiggling it around, then  he

would withdraw and lick upwards with the flat side, like a cat washing

itself. When he felt she was getting used to that caress, he would flick the

tip rapidly over her growing clit, hearing the air hissing between her teeth.

"Please, Slade," she said.  "Don't torment me like this.  Oh, god, you've  got

to make me come."

"Why?"  He raised his head to ask the single word before returning to his


  This time when he stuck his tongue in her, he could feel her inner muscles

clenching tightly, trying to hold his wiggling tongue inside her.  After

rapidly moving it in and out a few times, he abandoned her pussy and took  aim

at her anus.

  He rimmed the tiny crinkled opening with the tip of his tongue, feeling  that

aperture open and shut under the heat of his mouth.  Then it was back up  to

her clit.

He flicked it once.  "Do you want to come?"

She groaned.  "Oh, yes, sugar, yes."

"How bad?"  Another flick.  "What will you do for me?"

"Anything," she whispered.  "Anything you want.  Just eat me until I  come."

"Anything?"  He gently bit down on the nub.

"Aaahhh!"  She convulsed as far as her bonds would let her.  "Whatever you

say, Slade.  Just put me out of my misery."

He raised his head, feeling an evil grin split his face.  "Oh, are you in

misery?  Would you like me to stop?"

"You bastard," she groaned.  "You know what I mean."

She began to pant as he flicked her clit several times rapidly.  "Oh, god,

Slade.  Anything.  Just make me come."

 "Your wish is my command, pretty lady."  With those words, he abandoned  the

teasing games he'd been playing and began licking her in earnest.  Every  move

he made doubled in intensity.  His hands left her pussy and moved up to

squeeze her already hard nipples, while his mouth opened wide and tried to

suck every inch of her pussy inside.

 Even with the tight bonds, she was able to move an inch or two and she  began

a tight rapid movement, until he brought one hand down and stuck three

fingers in her pussy while biting down on her extended clit.

 That was all she needed.  Her entire body went taut and her inner muscles

clenched his fingers, holding them deep inside her.  She gave one long cry

before holding her breath.

 When he released her clit, she loosened momentarily and began to pant.   But

she went rigid again when he took her clit in his mouth and sucked as  hard as

he could.  Her entire body seemed to vibrate against the pleasure he was

forcing upon her.

 He repeated the last few movements several times, feeling each new climax

wrenched out of her body.  After about four or five orgasms, tears began  to


"Oh, oh, Slade.  Dear God, please stop.  I can't take any more."  Her  voice

quivered before another spasm hit and she began to pant again.

He raised his head slightly.  "Oh, I don't know, Irish.  I suspect you're

good for another cum or two."

 Then he resumed his sucking her clit.  Three more orgasms followed, each  one

wracking her body with convulsive spasms.  He finally figured she was

satiated enough for now and withdrew his fingers from her pussy as he lifted

his  head.

 With the direct contact broken, her body collapsed on the bed, her own  juices

trickling on the linen bedspread, a sheen of sweat covered her trembling

body. He gently blew on her inflamed pussy, ruffling the red-gold hair.

 After a few moments, he began to kiss his way up her body, licking the salty

sweat from her belly, the tips of her breasts, finally, plunging his tongue

deep inside her mouth as he rested the full length of his body against hers,

the tip of his cock resting against her still spasming pussy.

 She met his kiss, tasting herself on his lips before they broke apart.  "I may

never be the same again," she gasped.  "That was incredible."

"Still horny?"  He grinned.

A tremulous answering grin spread across her flushed face.  "Depends.  What do

you have in mind?"

He flexed his hips so his cock slipped lower than her pussy.  "You know what I


"Untie me and I'll think about it."

"I want an answer first."

She strained upward to touch her lips to his.  "Anything for you, Slade.  You

know that."

"Just wanted to hear you say it."

"I thought I did.  Earlier when you were biting my clit."

"That was said in the heat of passion.  You would've promised me anything for

an orgasm."  He lifted his body off of hers and began to untie her ankles.  "I

wanted you to tell me now."

 As he finished undoing the last of the knots, she drew her limbs in closer to

her body, but snuggled up against Slade.  Nudging him over on his back, she

raised herself up on one elbow and looked into his eyes.

 He saw the seriousness reflected in her gaze and in her husky voice as she

said, "I've told you before.  Anything for you, Slade.  Anything.  All you

need to do is ask.  And I'm yours."

 He felt his heart constrict in an unfamiliar way and wondered why those words

caused such a tightening in his chest and why he wanted to crush her body

against his and never let go and why he suddenly hated every other man who'd

ever been or thought about being with Irish.

 Irish jumped when Slade swatted her behind and growled in her ear,  "How

about your ass now?"

"How do you want me, sugar?"  It was easy enough to put the proper  inflection

in her voice and clamp down on those tender feelings she had for Slade.   She

had to remember that he was just another customer, no matter how special  or

tender or sexy he was.

 His voice was husky with desire as he said, "From behind, on your hands  and


 Irish rolled over and propped herself up on all fours.  She knew that  none of

the other girls gave Slade what he wanted, none of them satisfied him  like

she did.  "You got it, sugar.  Now fuck my ass!"



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