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Archive-name: Couples/mslily07.txt

Archive-author: Various - Genie

Archive-title: Adv of Miss Lilly's Tavern... 7

 Slade McCall sat at the wooden bar that stretched across one side of the

gaudy living room.  This whorehouse didn't look any different from any others

he'd been in.  In fact, it wasn't any different, 'cept that Irish worked here.

 He felt his cock harden uncomfortably in his tight jeans. Jesus, he  needed a

woman.  If Irish didn't get downstairs pretty soon, he was going to take  one

of the other girls up on their subtle offers.  But he didn't want another

girl.  He wanted Irish.

 As he took a long pull on his beer, he caught sight of a flash of green  out

of the corner of his eye.  Had to be Irish.  She was the only girl allowed to

wear green.  He kept his eyes forward, knowing that she would come  straight

to him, like a bee returning to it's hive.

 Sure enough, within seconds, he felt the hard tips of her tits pressed

against his back, burning twin holes through his rough linen workshirt.  A

voice purred in his ear.  "I was hopin' you'd be here tonight, Slade.  I need

a  real workout."

 His already rock hard cock threatened to burst the buttons on his jeans.   He

jumped when he felt her hand squeeze his dick.  "Oooohhh, nice and hard,"  she

cooed.  "You're ready for me, ain't you?"

 Unable to take her sweet torture any longer, he turned around in her loose

embrace, meeting her lips with his.  His tongue traced a solid line  across

her cheek to her ear and she squirmed against him as he softly blew into it.

"Let's go upstairs, Irish.  Otherwise, I'm gonna take you right here,  right


 She withdrew her hand from his bulge and grasped his hand in hers,  tugging

him off the barstool.  "C'mon.  I got a huge bed, empty and waiting for you to

fill it."

 As he allowed Irish to lead him upstairs, his gaze caught Miss Lily's and  she

gave him a wink.  He returned the gesture before he disappeared out the

doorway.  He used his free hand to grab at Irish's taut ass as she  climbed

the stairs in front of him.  He felt the muscles tighten briefly and knew

that she was anticipating a good fucking in her ass.

 Slade had to smile as Irish paraded him down the long hallway.  The back

stairs were right next to her room, but she wanted every girl to know  that

she had him.  So she chattered loudly about inane things, using his name every

other word.  That way when they heard the grunts, the groans, the shrieks  or

the cries of delight, they would know who was giving it to her.

 He didn't mind.  In fact, he kinda liked it.  Knowing that the other girls

were listening to them and that they envied Irish his cock and his  expertise.

 Once in the room, he leaned back on her bed, propping up his boots on the

sheets.  "Take my boots off, honey," he ordered.

 He always liked this part of undressing, because she would have to face  his

feet and bend over in order to tug the boots off.  This gave him a nice  view

of her rear assets and allowed him to think about the pleasures to come.

 Once his feet were free, she didn't need any more orders.  Quickly and

efficiently she unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it from his shoulders  when

he leaned forward.  Then she unbuttoned his jeans and waited until he stood

before she tugged them down to the floor.  He stepped out of them, stark

naked, his stiff cock waving in front of her face.

 Before she could take a lick, he sat back down and stretched out on the  bed.

"Now, you strip."

 Using the fingertips of one hand, he gently stroked his cock as he watched

Irish reveal each inch of succulent female flesh.  He stopped for a moment

when she finally kicked off her panties, but resumed as she slowly rolled

down each stocking, then unhooked her garter belt.  When she was completely

nude, she stood there, thrusting her breasts out at him, one bent leg, hiding

the treasure between her legs.

 As she posed, he contemplated what he wanted first - her pussy, her mouth  or

her ass.  As he thought, Irish ran her hands down the sides of her body,

coming back up to cup her breasts, offering them to him.  "Suck my  nipples,

Slade," she pleaded in a husky voice.  "They need you to suck them."

 It was as good a way as any to start out the night.  Slade knew that  Irish

would probably come after he started, but he knew she could come several

times in one session.  The most she'd ever had was 5.  Maybe one of these days

he'd break that record.

 Still stroking his cock, he swung his legs over the side of the bed, spreading

them apart and motioned for her to come closer.  As her skin brushed against

his inner thighs, he released his shaft and leaned forward to latch on to one

ruby red nipple.  His tongue laved the taut bud, tasting a faint hint of sweat.

 He knew she'd already had Billy Joe tonight, but he knew that kid  couldn't

make Irish come.  It took a strong man, with a lot of stamina and  willpower.

She was insatiable at times.

 Delicately he bit down on the tip of her breast, feeling her hands come  up to

grab his head and hold it still.  Tremors racked her body as he  continued to

nibble at her tits.  He switched off, first one, then the other, always

sucking on them, them biting them, then licking all around.

 Irish continued to squirm as he feasted on her breasts.  When she held  his

face tightly against her chest and arched her back, giving a low cry, he  knew

she'd had her first orgasm.  Gently, he released the tortured nubs,  nuzzling

her throat.

"Felt good, honey?"

She slumped over, resting her head on his shoulder.  "Oh, Slade, you're

incredible.  I needed that."

 Twisting around, he hauled her body up on the bed, stretching out beside her.

He propped up on one elbow, gazing down at the feast that lay before him. His

left hand idly wandered over her heated body.  After a few minutes, he rolled

on his back, leaning against the pillows and the headboard, crossing his hands

behind his head.

 Irish knew the drill by now and she scooted down between his spread legs.

Slade let out a groan as her mouth swooped down and engulfed the entire

length of his shaft, rubbing the head at the base of her throat.

 Then she settled in for one of her world class blow jobs.  She formed an o

with her lips and slid it up and down his cock.  After a few minutes,  Slade

began to gently thrust upward into her mouth.

 But Irish was too good to let him come that fast and she changed tactics.

Now she nibbled up and down the sides of the steel bar between his legs.

 Slade felt the darts of pleasure zing through his groin every time her  teeth

nipped a bit of skin.  He forced himself to keep his hands where they  were,

laced behind his head.  It prolonged the sweet torture, but the end  result

was worth it.

 When his hips automatically began to lift again, Irish changed tactics yet

again. That was why she gave such world class blow jobs, because she  could

do 'em several different ways before he blew his load.  This time she

abandoned his shaft and nuzzled her way below to take his balls into her

mouth. Using her tongue, she shifted the sensitive sacks from side to side

until he opened his legs wider, giving her even more access.

 That must have been the signal she was waiting for because she slipped his

balls out of her mouth and let her tongue roam farther down.  When it  rimmed

his asshole, Slade jumped.

 His hands flew from behind his head to pull her away.  "Jesus, Irish," he

exclaimed.  "What was that?"

"Something new I learned, Slade, honey.  Did ya like it?"

 He shifted uneasily.  "The only men that like attention back there aren't

real men, Irish.  You know that."

 Kneeling back on her heels, her eyes shot daggers at him.  "That's  bullshit,

Slade.  Men enjoy attention to their asses just as much as women."

"No way."

 "Well, if men don't enjoy it, then maybe women don't either."  She thrust  out

her lip in a pout.  "At least, maybe this woman doesn't."

 He thought that over for a second.  It was obvious she was going to deny  him

her ass.  Of course, he could overpower her when the time came and shove  his

cock up her rear passage.  But Slade had never taken a woman by force and  he

wasn't about to start now, even with a prostitute.

 He had to admit that her tiny pointed tongue had hit a nerve when she'd

licked back there.  And it hadn't been unpleasant, just unexpected.  Maybe

he'd  let her try it this once.  After all, he did want to fuck her ass real


"All right," he drawled as he slowly leaned back again.  This time he  kept

his hands resting on the bed beside him.  "But if I say stop, it's over."

 Irish bent over, already wiggling her tongue down his shaft, over his  balls

to probe his rear end.  Slade jumped again as the pointed end thrust inside,

but relaxed as she bathed the inside with warmth.  She dallied there only a

few moment before sliding her way back up to swallow his shaft.

 The explorations were over and she began a strong sucking up and down.   Slade

endured it the best he could without moving until finally he had to  thrust up

or scream.

 As his hips began to move, she snaked one hand underneath his buttocks and

slid her index finger inside him.  But her tongue had done the job and he

didn't jerk away.  He only groaned as a deeply pleasurable sensation  engulfed


 Several thrusts later, he began snapping his hips harder and harder,  finally

spurting into her mouth with a harsh cry.  She greedily swallowed every  drop

he gave her, her throat muscles massaging his cock in the process.

 When she had drained him dry, she let his cock fall from her mouth.  She

rested her head on his thigh and sighed. "Mmm... delicious as always."

 They lay there like that for a while, Slade breathing deeply, as his  racing

heart slowed.  But his shaft remained soft and limp against his belly,  even

when she nuzzled it.  But he wasn't worried.  He knew that it would get  hard

again in a little while.

Just as soon as he started licking and sucking on Irish.

But for now he was content to lie back against the huge feather pillows,

enjoying the soft tickling sensation of her head resting on the inside of  his

right thigh, her nails tracing patterns on the inside of his other thigh.

"Did you have a good cattle drive, Slade?" she murmured softly.

"Pretty good.  Only lost 'bout a half dozen head."

"Will you be leaving again soon?"

"Naw," he drawled.  "I'm stickin' around for a while.  Masters over by the

Ridge needs some help, then I'll go over the gorge to Johnson's spread.   But

you can bet that I'll be comin' in to town as often as I can."

"Good."  He heard the satisfied smirk in her tone.

A few minutes later, he broke their short silence.  "What's your real  name,


She lifted her head to look at him.  "Irish."

"No, I mean the name you were born with."

 She scooted up so that she was laying stretched out next to him.  "I don't

talk about that.  Ever.  Ask me something else."

 This was the third time he'd asked her what her real name was.  The first  two

she'd just ignored him and gone back to sucking on his cock.  But this  time

he'd waited until she was done before questioning her.  And he was  definitely

getting some sort of response.

"Okay, why'd you become a hooker, then?"

"That's easy."  She grinned.  "I like men.  Especially well- built,  well-hung

men like you."  Her last words were said as she fondled his cock and  balls.

 Then she turned over on to her back and spread her legs.  "Now, it's my  turn,

Slade.  Please eat me."



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