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Archive-name: Couples/mslily06.txt

Archive-author: Various - Genie

Archive-title: Adv of Miss Lilly's Tavern... 6

     Percy walked into Miss. Lily's and sat in the same overstuffed leather

chair he usually sat in and put his feet up.

 It had been a long week and he was glad to be here at the legendary brothel.

 He smiled at several of the young ladies which he had come to know over the

course of his living in the town.

 He rose from his chair and strolled over to the bar. "Mr. MacLeod!" exclaimed

the young woman behind the bar "Nice to see you. Scotch?"

 "Yes, please" Percy said warmly. He excepted the drink and gave the girl a

decent tip and went back to his chair.

 He was well liked by most of the ladies because he was a gentlemen and was'nt

known for holding back money.

       As he walked to his seat he noticed that the date was March fourteenth.

Almost St. Patricks day.

 He remembered last St Patty's at Miss Lilys (It had been his first week in

town) and hopped that there'd be another party of it's kind.

 He pulled out the black webley pistol he was known to carry and placed it on

the table beside him. He was found of the weapon and was proficient with it,

but felt it servedd little purpose in Miss Lily's.

 Percy finally reclined in the chiar with a glass of fine single malt scotch

and a copy of the kama sutra.

*          *           *        *         *         *            *        *

  Irish stood and stretched against the doorjamb as the men came through the

door.  She knew that Slade McCall would be coming by in a little while and she

wanted to be done with her first customer when he arrived.

  She watched the men file in until she saw the one she wanted.  Knowing that n

one would challenge her right to choose first, she sauntered up to Billy Joe.

"Well, now, Billy Joe, you came back.  And I'm glad to see ya."

 Billy Joe, a young lanky cowboy around 19, stammered a greeting and blushed

bright red.  Irish had relieved him of his virginity several weeks ago and

since then she'd heard talk around town that he was saving all his money for

another go round with her.

 Twining her arms around his neck, she nuzzled Billy Joe's cheek.  You wanna go

upstairs or you wanna waste time with a drink first?"

"G..go upstairs, ma'am," the shy cowboy replied.

 Irish grabbed his hand and pulled him through the arched doorway to the back

stairs.  "C'mon.  It's quicker this way."

 Once she had the young man in her private room, she shut the door and turned

to see him, standing awkwardly in the middle of the tiny room.  There was

barely room for the large bed and a small dresser next to it.

"Now, Billy Joe, don't tell me you're still nervous about being with me," she

said.  "Didn't I teach you anything last time?"

 She watched him swallow, his Adam's apple bobbing.  "Yes, ma'am."

"Well, come on, start undressing."  Irish turned sideways and began rolling

down her left stocking.

"Uh, ma'am, could you leave those on?"  Billy Joe's hesitant words stopped


She looked up.  "Why, Billy Joe, do you have thing about stockings?"

"I...they're just so soft."

 Rolling it back up, she replied, "Anything you want, sugar.  Anything for


 In minutes they were both naked, except for her garter belt and silk

stockings.  He stood in front on her, turning red again, unsure of what  to do

next to get them from the floor to the bed.

 Stepping forward, Irish reached out and gently shoved Billy Joe backwards  so

he fell on the bed.  Then she knelt between his legs, bending down till  her

mouth was inches away from his shaft.  "Is this okay with you, Billy Joe?"

 The boy could only stutter as her mouth engulfed the head.  A strangled  moan

escaped from him as she drew the entire length down her throat, burying  her

nose in his pubic hair.  She felt him buck against her, but before he  could

get out of control, she released the tight suction she had created and  began

to tightly controlled licking and sucking.

 She closed her eyes.  This was the part she enjoyed the best.  Sucking on  a

man's cock.  It was when she had the most power.  These men would do  anything

she wanted after she'd sucked and licked on them.  Getting into what she  was

doing, she savored the male scent that wafted around her head as her lips

went up and down on him.

 Opening her eyes, she saw Billy Joe avidly watching his cock disappear  into

her mouth, only to reappear in moments.  "Oh, ma'am.  That's  good."

Releasing him briefly, she smiled.  "I'm glad you're enjoying it."

 When she resumed her sucking, she applied a hard pressure, wanting him to

experience his first orgasm in her mouth before she took him into her  body.

In seconds, he was bucking against her face and groaning loudly.  After a  few

thrusts, he shuddered and poured his semen down her waiting throat.  When  she

was sure she'd gotten every drop, she let his cock slip from her mouth and

kissed her way up his body, until she reached his lips.

 As they kissed, she knew he could taste himself and that served to make  her

even hotter.  Damn, she thought, this kid's good.  And in a few years,  he'll

be great.

 Knowing that he was still hard, Irish murmured, "How do you want it?  Do  you

want to be on top, or do you want me to?"

"You, ma'am.  Please ride me."

 Spreading her legs, she straddled the thick shaft between his legs that  still

pointed straight up, hard as steel.  She reached down, ready to smear  some of

her wet heat on the head of his shaft, but his hands were already there,

probing, testing the warmth of her readiness.

 She held herself still, letting his blunt calloused fingers explore.  One

digit entered her as his thumb pressed briefly over her clitoris.  A  shudder

passed through her.  "Don't make me wait, Billy Joe," she whispered.  "I  want

you inside me now."

 Using his fingers to spread her open, his other hand guided her hips down

until she was fully impaled on his cock.  A long sigh escaped her.   -This-

was what she enjoyed best, feeling the long hard length of a man filling her


 She waited a minute before she began to rock over his body, letting him

thrust in and out of her.  She knew Billy Joe wouldn't last long, especially

not  long enough to let her have an orgasm.  But she wanted to make it good

for him.

 As he continued his steady pumping, she began to moan.  "Oh, Billy Joe.

Yes, sugar.   Harder.  Fuck me harder."

 As his hard shaft continued to slide in and out, pounding deeper and  deeper,

she felt a flutter of sensation beginning deep in her belly.  She ran her

hands down her body and then back up to cup her breasts, pinching her

nipples. Maybe she could climax after all.

But all too soon, Billy Joe began gasping,  "Uh, Miss Irish, it's coming.

I'm gonna...Aaahhh, here it comes."

 Irish held herself perfectly, letting Billy Joe do all the work, driving  hard

up into her several times before pulling out and letting his come shoot  all

over her breasts, belly and pubic hair.

 She reached down to hold his still-thrusting cock against her vulva,  feeling

the shaft rub against her clit.  Another spark fluttered inside her.  It

wouldn't escape yet, but it sure was priming her for Slade.

 Waiting until Billy Joe had stopped pumping against her, she slipped her  leg

over his body, and climbed off the bed.  Turning in order to maximize the

effect, she strolled over to her bureau and took out a linen cloth.

 She kept a large supply here in order to clean herself off after each

customer.  Personal hygiene, as Miss Lily was always saying, was part of  what

brought their customers back time and time again.

 After she finished wiping up the last of Billy Joe's sperm from her  breasts,

she used the cloth to wipe off his rapidly shrinking member.  Giving it  one

last pat, she tossed the cloth in the corner.

 "Come on, stud.  The evening's young.  If you're lucky, maybe you can  catch

one of the other girls tonight."  As she spoke, Irish slipped back into  the

emerald green lingerie and went to the mirror to fix her hair.

 She watched in the mirror over her shoulder as Billy Joe slowly pulled on  his

breeches and buttoned his shirt.  When he had finished dressing, she  turned

back around to face him.

 "Sugar, I sure as hell hate to bring up such a vulgar subject.  And you  know

that I would screw you for free, but Miss Lily does insist on certain  rules

and paying up is one of them."

 Billy Joe reached into his pocket and pulled out some coins.  He counted  out

the proper amount and gave it to Irish, blushing hotly as he did so.  "Two

dollars for sucking me, Miss Irish, and five for...for..."

 Irish took pity on the boy and finished his sentece for him.  "Five for

fucking.  Thanks, Billy Joe, you come back again, you hear?"

 Irish waited until he'd left the room before stashing the coins in the  bottom

drawer of her dresser.  She made sure they were hidden, knowing that

Florabelle kept track of how many men each girl took upstairs.  Then, with

another tug at her lingerie, she left the room, heading back downstairs.

Maybe Slade would be here by now.



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