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Archive-name: Couples/mslily05.txt

Archive-author: Various - Genie

Archive-title: Adv of Miss Lilly's Tavern... 5

     When Lily opened the swinging door, she found the boy sitting on the worn

kitchen table drinking a glass of milk.  In this better light she could see

that the boy had a little pointed face and huge grey eyes.  Rhett leaned

against the icebox and grinned at Lily when she came it.

     "Willie," he nodded at the boy on the table, "Tells me he just got off

the train with Jeb Makin."

     Lily wrinkled her nose.  Jeb here tonight?  She'd not seen him, but then

he steered clear of her.  None of the girls liked him, he took forever and

always argued over the price.

     "What on earth are you doin' with that grubsteak farmer?" she asked


     "He's my Momma's cousin.  And--and Momma died last month."  The boy bit

his lip, then continued, "Daddy died two years ago and nobody wanted six kids

so we all had to go different places.  Cousin Jeb said he wanted me to help

with the chores."

     Miss Lily frowned.  She could just imagine the help Jeb wanted with this


     "Well, Willie," she said, "You're welcome to sit here in the kitchen, but

you should remember that if you want to be a gentleman, a gentleman always

takes off his hat indoors."

     Before Willie could stop her, Lily pulled off the grey cap and a wealth

of red-gold ringlets tumbled down around "Willie's" shoulders.

     "That's better," Lily said.  "What's your real name?"

     "Wilhelmina," the girl said and blushed.  "How did you know I wasn't a


     "Boys almost never wear pink nail polish," Rhett said and she looked at

her hands.

     "Cousin Jeb told me to keep them in my pockets, but I forgot."

     Lily and Rhett laughed.  Lucky she hadn't.

     "Now, child, why are you dressed like that?" Lily asked, putting the cap

on one of the kitchen chairs.

     "Cousin Jeb said he didn't want men hangin' round while we traveled.

Said they'd want to 'sin' with me.  He talks about sinnin' a lot."

     He did; the whole time.  That's why all Lily's girls disliked him.  He

invariably grabbed the first free girl and took her upstairs and preached at

her the whole time he was fucking.

     The grey eyes had filled up with tears.  "I don't want to go with him,

Ma'am.  Out in the middle of noplace not seeing anybody.  Please don't let


     Once he got this pretty kid home Jeb'd be able to sin as much as he

wanted with nobody the wiser that his "farm hand" was a girl.  In five years

she'd have four kids hangin' round her waist and look forty.  Probably

wouldn't even bother to marry her.

     Rhett whipped out a handkerchief, and Lily gave it to the girl, and

pushed back Wille Mae's soft hair from her face.

     "Well, now, Wilhelmina, how old are you?" Lily asked.

     "Seventeen.  But I'll be eighteen next month."

     "Eighteen, hmmm." Lily said.

     "I can cook, and play the piano, and do fancy sewing," she said.  "Please

don't make me go back with him, ma'am.  Mister."  Wille shot a plaintive look

at Rhett.

     "Well, Ima does all our cooking and we've got someone else who sews."

     "Come on now, Lily.  Surely you can find something for the child to do,"

Rhett said, his chivalry appealed to.  Lily shot him a mischevious look over

her shoulder.

     "She could play the piano.  I always did say that wasn't your strong


     "Why, thank you, Miss Lily."

     "You could work upstairs with the other girls.  Would you like that?"

Lily asked Wilhelmina.

     "What--what do they do up there, ma'am?"

     _Oh, my_ thought, Miss Lily.  _At least Heather knew what she was getting

into.  Or rather what was getting into her._

     "I could show her, Miss Lily."  Rhett to the rescue.

     "I'm sure you could," Lily said drily.  To Wilhelmina she said, "Now,

would you like to learn?"

     Wilhelmina nodded, then she looked crestfallen and said, "But the other

girls are all so pretty. . . ."

     "But, honey, you're pretty," Lily said.  "Let's see."  As Rhett moved

around and hitched one leg up on the table next to the girl, Lily pushed off

the brown corduroy jacket the girl wore, and pulled down the black suspenders.

Wilhelmina just looked confused as Lily began to undo the seven buttons of the

white shirt.

     As Lily might have guessed Jeb hadn't sprung for the price of an

undershirt; when she opened the last button and pushed the fabric aside there

wasn't anything covering the girl's turned-up pink-tipped breasts.

     "You certainly are pretty there," Lily said and ran her fingertips over

the soft, firm flesh.

     The girl shifted her shoulders a little.  "Please don't touch them,


     "Why not, Wilhelmina?"

     "Mamma said it wasn't nice to touch there."

     "Doesn't it feel nice?"  Wilhelmina nodded nervously.  "They feel nice to

touch, too."  Lily turned to Rhett.  "Let's see what you think."

     Rhett reached out and cupped both the globes in his hands, and rubbed his

thumbs over her nipples.  The girl shivered and inhaled deeply.  "Real nice,"

Rhett said.  "They're real nice."

     "Now, honey, can you honestly tell me that you never touched them, just

because your Mamma said so?"

     The girl blushed and said, "Well, sometimes."

     "Did you ever touch yourself anyplace else?"

     The girl turned even pinker.  "Yes, ma'am."

     "Show me where."  The girl quickly put her hand in the general area of

her crotch and then quickly moved it away again.

     "Let's see what you look like down there," Lily said and began to

unbutton the trousers.  "What did it feel like when you touched yourself


     "Like--like a cat gettin' petted, ma'am."

     "That's good.  I think you're going to like it here."  Wilhelmina hardly

seemed to notice as Lily pulled the pants down, over her hips and off the

girl's long shapely legs, since Wilhelmina's eyes were closed and her

shoulders were squirming as Rhett contintued rubbing her tits.

     Lily smiled.  The girl was gorgeous, with white skin, nicely rounded tits

and ass, and a sweet curly red bush.  If Irish didn't watch herself she'd have

some serious competition.  Lily ran a practiced hand up the inside of the

girl's thigh and Wilhelmina made a little noise and instinctively moved her

legs apart.

     "You're pretty all over, Wilhelmina.  Yes, indeed."

     The girl's chin was resting on Rhett's shoulder now as he continued his


     "I--oh!--I didn't know, ma'am.  I've never seen another woman naked.

Mamma slept in her own room, and--mmmmm--all my sisters are little.  I hardly

knew what was happening when I started getting hair down there."

     Rhett was enjoying this, he smiled over the girl's head and said, "Maybe

you better show her some more womanflesh, Lily.  So she'll know."

     She looked from the girl to Rhett.  What the hell, a chance like this

didn't come along every day.

     Rhett's room was right off the kitchen and he had an oval mirror.  He put

the girl down in front of it.  Lily moved to stand beside her.  The girl

looked up at her shyly.  Lily smiled and started to pull the pins out of her

own greying, dark brown hair so that it fell down her back.

     The black lace dress was easier to get out of than it looked and it went

over the back of a chair, to be followed by a plethora of petticoats.

Wilhelmina stood watching Lily with her hands clasped, but every so often

she'd look beyond Lily to Rhett and then quickly away.

     When Lily was down to her corset and stockings she flicked the girl's

chin and said, "Unhook my stockings, child."

     The girl's fingers were cold as she rolled the silk down Lily's legs, but

Lily liked the light touch--especially when Wilhelmina had to brush her pussy

to get to the hooks.  As the girl undid the last hook, Lily caught the girl's

hand and made her rub it against the sensitive skin of Lily's inner thigh.

     When The girl looked up at Lily, and Lily used her other hand to caress

the side of the girl's face.  Behind her, Rhett moved to start unlacing Lily's


     When the last lacing was undone, Lily let go of Wilhelmina and pulled it

off.  The girl looked from the long tumbling dark hair, to the nice big tits,

Lily's famous tiny waist, over the full hips to the crisp curly black hair

betwen her thighs and smiled for the first time.

     "If I'm pretty, ma'am, you're beautiful."

     Lily laughed.  "Maybe ten years ago.  But for that you get a kiss, hon."

     She pressed her mouth to the girl's, very softly at first then harder.

The girl put her arms around Lily's neck and Lily began to tease the girl's

lips open with her tongue.

     Their tongues flicked against each other as Lily began to feel

Wilhelmina's breasts.  The girl moaned, and Lily pulled the warm body up to

hers.  Wilhemina's skin was like silk and she was already begining to rock her

hips back and forward as Lily held on to her.

     Lily moved to nuzzle Wilhelmina's neck, and she whispered, "Touch me

back, dear," she began to nibble at a pink earlobe.

     Wilhelmina reached tentatively to touch Lily's tits and the older woman

guided her hand to the nipples.  As Lily had done with Wilhelmina's the girl

began to carefully circle Lily's nipples with the delicate tip of her finger.

She could hear Rhett's clothes rustling as he began to strip a few feet away.

     Lily ran her tongue down the girl's long neck and then kissed the hollow

of her throat, and continued moving downward until she had one of the girl's

pink nipples between her teeth. She rasped her tongue over it and the girl

made an ecstatic little sob.  Then Lily began to suckle on her, feeling the

nipple swell and harden beneath her lips.  Dimly she was aware that Rhett was

standing behind Wilhelmina, and that his hands were sliding over the girl's

flank and the front of her thighs.

     "You like this Wilhelmina?" he was asking the girl.

     "Oh, yes.  Oh!"  his hands had brushed lightly over the front of her

crotch as she spoke.  "I feel kinda warm down there.  It feels. . .so. .


     "Miss Lily, I'll take over up here," he said squeezing the girl's globes.

"Why don't you see to the rest of her."

     Lily smiled up at the girl as she knelt down in front of her.  She could

smell warm pussy already.  Lily put a teasing finger on Wilhelmina's vulva and

ran a finger over it once.  She was gratified to hear the girl gasp.

     "Do you want me to touch you again, Wilhelmina?" she asked.

     "Yes, please, ma'am. Yes. . ."

     Lily used her whole hand to spread the young, slender thighs.  She let

her touch linger rubbing warmly, but not quite where the girl wanted.

Wilhelmina's hips rotated trying to find the place herself.

     "You're teasing me," Wilhelmina finally pleaded, "Don't ma'am don't.  I

want you to touch me so bad!"

     Lily laughed and spread the girl's petals with her fingers and then

expertly flicked the nub she found there with her tongue.  The girl's hips

bucked with pleasure as she did.

     The girl was getting nice and wet, as Lily expertly twirled and licked at

the virgin cunt before her.  If she looked up she could see that Wilhelmina

had arched her back and had both her arms around Rhett's neck as he fondled

her.  From the sounds escaping from Wilhemina and the speed of her gyrations

the kid was going to come soon--too soon.

     Lily pulled her face away from the girl and smiled coyly up at her.  To

the girl's stricken face, she said, "This is a two way street, honey.  Before

we finish you you've got to make somebody else happy."  Lily stood up.  "Rhett

lay down on your back.  We're going to teach her something _special_."

    Rhett's cock looked about a foot long as he lay down on the brass bed.

Lily urged Wilhelmina to kneel down next to him.  The girl was looking at the

risen manhood with wide grey eyes.

     "Go ahead and touch it, hon," Rhett said.  "It's waitin' for you just

like your pussy was waitin' for Lily.

     The girl reached out hesitantly, and he groaned as her fingers

encountered the engorged flesh.  Startled, she snatched her hand away.  Lily

sat down next to her and guided the girl back to him.

     "It's nothing to be afraid of, Wilhelmina," she said firmly.  "That's

what makes him a man just like you're pussy makes you a woman." She ran her

hand down the girl's round ass. said,   "That's called his cock."  The Lily

slid her finger into Wilhemina's wet, waiting opening.  "And it goes in here."

The girl gasped at the feel of Lily's hand.

     "But he's so _big_, Miss Lily.  How can it fit?"

     Lily chuckled.  "Don't worry.  A man's cock always fits just right.

You'll see."  She moved her hand up to the back of Wilhemina's neck.  "He

likes your hand, but he'll like something else better."  Rhett made a

pleasured agreeable noise.  "Bend your head down and kiss it, honey."

     The girl's lips pressed the shaft briefly.

     Rhett gasped, "Yay-us!"

     "Keep on," Lily ordered. And the lips kissed again, and again, higher

each time.  "Good, Wilhelmina, Good.  Now lick it like it's a big, long

lollipop."  The girl seemed to be beginning to enjoy herself, as she began

moving her tongue in slow, eager cirlces along Rhett's cock.  Rhett was almost

beyond vocalizing as he held twined his fingers in the girl's hair and arched

his hips.  When Wilhelmina reached the tip, however, she lifted her head.

     "It's wet, " she said.

     "That means you've got him real excited, hon.  So, now it's time for the

next thing.  Do this and I'll rub your pussy some more."

     The girl swallowed and nodded.

     "Move his cock til it's straight up and down.  That's right. Now, lick

the drop off the end."  The girl's tongue flicked out.  "Real slow now, slide

your lips around it and take it in your mouth.  Slow though.  Slow as you


     The girl knew how to follow orders, and Lily smiled as she watched both

the girl's carefully working mouth and Rhett's face.  When she had taken the

length of it in her mouth, Rhett's hips were working hard and long to glide it

in and out of the little pink lips.

     "Oh God, Lil," he panted, "If her cunt feels half as good as this. . ."

     Lil's hands were already exploring that.  She used her thumb to rub the

girls clit, and slid two fingers into the waiting cunt.  The girl moaned

around Rhett's swift moving prick.

     "She's nice and tight and soft, Rhett.  I can feel her little cherry

waiting to be popped.  You're gonna like fucking her," Lily crooned the words.

Wilhelmina's hips moved slowly as if drawing every bit of pleasure out of

Lily's touch.  Lily rubbed her own thighs together, enjoying the friction.

She was more than a little wet herself, but she was getting almost as much of

a kick out of watching this little cherry tart learn her lessons as she would

out of fucking straight.

     Finally, Wilhelmina's hips began to grind against Lil's fingers, and the

Madam judged it was time.

     "You ready to take her, Rhett?" Lily asked.  "She's ready for you."

     "Any time, Lil.  Any time at all."

    "We'll start with missionary," Lil said.  "Her cousin being so worried

about sinnin' and all.  Come on, honey.  Let's get you into position."

    Wilhelmina was a fast learner--she was almost as slow moving her mouth off

Rhett's cock as she had been putting it on.  Rhett groaned in disappointment

as she ran her tongue over the tip one last time, and the girl let out her own

little mew of protest as Lily gave her puss a pat and withdrew her hand.

     Lily rolled Wilhelmina over onto her back, and ran her hand up and down

the child's body.  The girl wiggled eargerly as Lily urged her to move her

thighs apart and to bend her knees.  As Rhett got on his knees between those

waiting thighs, Lily smiled down into her face.

     "Rhett is gonna fuck you now," she said.  "You're a virgin, hon, and

you've got this little cherry waiting to get broken.  Don't worry.  It's going

to hurt and it's going to feel better than anything you've ever done in your

life.  Give me a kiss, for luck."   Lily found she was hungry for the touch of

the girl's lips, and for the slightly frightened grip of Wilhelmina's arms as

their tongues twined together for a long moment.

     Rhett's thumbs had spread the girl's pussy lips and he was using them to

massage her nub while he waited.  When the women had separated, and Lily had

stretched out on her side next to the girl he lifted up Wilhelmina's butt.

     His cock probed at her unbreached entrance for a moment, and the girl

caught her breath.

     "Now?" he asked.

     "Yes!" Wilhelmina cried, and he slowly, began to slide into her.  Lily

watched the girl's face, and she stroked her swollen, sensitive tits.  For a

moment Wilhelmina looked unsure, then Lily saw her her grimace with pain.

Lily moved her hand to the girl's face, as the pain of the breaking membrane

made her whimper.

     "Shhh. . . It'll be ok in a second, hon."

     Suddenly the girl looked surprised and her hips began to move.

     "It feels good, Miss Lily.  I like him being in there."

     "Does it fit?" Lily asked, laughing.

     "Better than anything--even your hand!"

     The girl was already moving in perfect rhythm with the piano player.  And

Lily kissed her again.  The girl slid her hands to Lily's full breasts, and

began rubbing them ecstatically.

     "That feels good, Wilhelmina," Lily said.  "You've got good hands, hon."

     "And a great tongue," Rhett added hoarsely.

     Lily caressed the girl's eagerly moving body, enjoying her moans and

gasps of pleasure.  This girl was going to be good--worth a fortune.

     After a little while Wilhelmina started making little sobbing noises, and

her hips began to rock faster.

     "I feel funny, Miss Lily.  Like something's gonna happen."

     "That something's called 'coming' and it's what you've been wanting since

we started."

     The girl screamed with overwhelming pleasure then and her whole body


     When Wilhelmina's movements had gone back to spasmodic little jerks of

pleasure, Lily moved a little away and let Rhett lay down with all his weight

on the girl.

     "I want to feel her tits under me," he explained.

     "Now, Wilhelmina," Lily continued to the girl's flushed happy face, "It's

Rhett's turn to come inside you.  You'll like that, too."

     "I haven't not liked anything, yet."

     Lily chuckled and ran her hand down Rhett's strong muscular back, fondled

his flat ass, and finally down to where she could feel Rhett's balls against

the girl's cunt.

     She gave the balls a light massage. He was almost ready.  His hips were

moving faster, stroking in and out harder.  When she knew he was about to come

she pressed her hand against him to milk every drop out of him into the

dripping, young pussy, as Rhett's voice thundered his pleasure.

     Wilhelmina was laughing and so was Rhett as they separated.  Lily smiled

at them sweetly.  She swung her legs over the edge of the bed.

     "I've got to get back to work, Rhett and Wilhelmina.  So--"

     Rhett caught her shoulders.  "What's the hurry, Miss Lily?"

     "I shouldn't be gone so long."  He was still partly erect, she realized

with surprise.

     "No, Miss Lily, don't go."  Wilhelmina was sitting up.  "Nobody's made

you come yet."

     Lily laughed.  "Well. . . ."

     Wilhelmina rolled to her knees and pressed her sweet mouth briefly to

Lily's. "Please stay," she said.

     How could Miss Lily _not_ accept that invitation?



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