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Archive-name: Couples/mslily02.txt

Archive-author: Various - Genie

Archive-title: Adv of Miss Lilly's Tavern... 2

     The crowd at the bar was beginning to get a little rowdy,

 just as they did almost every night at about this time.  Bryan

 knew he'd have to start throwing people out in a few minutes.

 Meantime, he pulled out his pouch of tobacco and rolled himself a

 cigarette.  Striking the lucifer against the coarse wood of the

 door frame, his face is lit by the flickering light.  The long

 scar on his cheek seems to writhe with life, a long red snake

 against his skin.  Just as he draws the smoke into his lungs, the

 first fight of the night started.

     "Damit," said Jim, "I said you will!"

     "No," said Sally, "Miss Lilly doesn't allow us out of the

 house during work'n hours.  Its a rule!"

     "Screw Miss Lilly.  I'll pay whatever it takes."  Several of

 his friend gave up some rough laughter at this comment.

     Bryan quickly stabbed out the tobacco against the heel of

 his boot.  "Asshole," he thought.  Striding to the bar, he stood

 behind the unruly patron, waiting for him to threaten the girl,

 in any way.

     "Look," said Sally, "I don tol' you that I can't leave.  Now

 either we go upstairs, or I find another friend for the evening."

     Jim was drunk.  Otherwise he'd had the good sense not to

 grab Sally by the arm.  There were few rules at Miss Lilly's, but

 this one was inviolate.  //You do not bruise the Merchandise

 unless you've paid for it.//  Jim hadn't.  But he would.

     Bryan tapped him on the shoulder.  "I wouldn't," he said, in

 a voice that could cut steel.

     Jim whirled, pulling Sally with him.  Bryan briefly thought

 of reaching for his sap, but decided Jim wouldn't put up a fight

 with the proper persuasion.  With the speed of a striking snake,

 one hand whipped forward, grasping Jim's throat, while the other

 balled into a massive fist.  "You can let her go, pay your tab,

 and leave" said Bryan, still in that cold voice, "Or I can pay

 it, using the money I'm going to take from you.  Your choice."

 All the while, he stared calmly into Jim's eyes, the threat of

 his fist hanging close.

     Conflicting emotions warred across Jim's face.  Miss Lilly

 only hired the best, and it was whispered that Bryan didn't fuck

 around.  On the other hand, Jim couldn't back down in front of

 his friends.  Not and maintain what honor he had.

     Watching the eyes, Bryan saw Jim make his decision.

 Bringing his fist forward, Bryan slammed it into the side of his

 opponent's head.  Jim crumpled like a ragdoll, never having the

 chance to react.

     "You okay Sal," Bryan asked.

     Rubbing her arm, the attractive blonde nodded.  Holding the

 limp body with one hand, Bryan looked for and found Jim's wallet.

 Throwing it on the bar, he carried Jim out back and dumped him in

 the alley.  Through an open window, he could hear Heather

 shrieking in pleasure.  "Good fer you girl" he thought.  Dropping

 Jim in the muck, he returned back to his normal station near the

 door.  Nodding to the piano player, he rolled another cigarette,

 wondering if he'd get to smoke any of it.

 Connor could feel Heather's waist moving in tight circles, and kissed her

deeply, their tounges meshing.

 "I'll go slow, don't worry." He told her, kissing her pointed nipples.

 He pulled up slowly, and felt her muscles clamp as he did.  Her eye's were

dark, and a moan of pleasure escaped her lips.

 The pain inside her was dissapating, giving way to pleasure.

 Connor went back down slowly, using all his will power to restrain himself.

 Heather's movements became faster, as did Percy's, and soon she was reaching


 She yelled out, her voice filled with pleasure and slight pain.

 As soon as she orgasmed she wanted to do it again, but differently.

 The other girls told her it could be done from behind, but Heather worried

about the pain.

  "I, I want to do it differently, but Im not sure.." She trailed off, hoping

she would not anger Connor.

 "I understand." He said. She smiled sickly, and rolled over as he pushed her


 She felt his hand work her wettness into her ass, and crooned at his touch.

 "Ready?" He asked her.

  Heather smiled and turned over, pointing her pert ass up towards Connor.

"Relax girl, this is going to hurt a little, but it will get better in a few

seconds." Heater's asshole was wet with lubrication, and Connor was ready to

break it in. Slowly he slipped his cock into her ass, and Heather groaned.

There was a discomfort, but it was slowly going away, giving way to ecstasy.

Connor kissed the back of her neck and worked his dick in and out of her, his

strokes constant and measured. Heather clenched her ass, and began to moan.

"Ohhhhh, I...I like this way, ohhhh." Her ass began to moove in tight circles,

and Connor started to speed up, his cock like a piston. His dick went in and

out of her tight ass, and H felt something spread through her body. She cried

out in passion as she reached orgasm, and was quickly being brought to another

one by Connor's large manhood.

Connor felt a tingling at the bottom of his dick, and he knew there was no

turning back. He moaned slightly, and his dick moved in and out, faster and

faster, untill he reached orgasm and came inside of Heather. They both

collapsed on the bed, and Heather scooted into Connors arms. He held her

tightly under the warm blankets and they kissed each other untill they both

fell asleep.

Ginger sank to her bed in disbelief.  She stared atthe letter in her hand and

read it again. She still couldn't beleive her eyes. Her sister, who had been

away at boarding school since she was eight was unhappy. She wanted to come

and live with Ginger.  Sarah had been sent away to school when their parents

had died. That was right about the time that Ginger came to Miss Lilly's.  She

would rather be there than  live with her brother.  And now Sarah wanted to

come here. Sarah didn't know what Ginger did, she had never needed to know.

 As Ginger read her sister's letter a host of memories flooded back to her.

She remembered what had driven her to Miss Lilly's. It had been a warm suummer

day at home.  Her parent's had died in a horrible accident a scant few months

ago. Because of the heat, she had decided to go swimming.  She stripped out of

her clothes and stepped into a secluded pool in the woods near her home. She

closed her eyes and simply relaxed.  Her breasts floated atop the water, not

unlike lilily pads that floated nearby. Just as she was drifting off to doze

she heard a faint rustling in the forest, thinking it to be only the wwind,

she drifted off again.

 Matt is standing at the bottom of the stairs at the back door knocking gently

and hoping no drunk comes stumbling down the alley. He hears footsteps and

removes his hat and places it over his bulging cock - embarassed to be sure -

but embarassed horny guys need relief too.  The door lock rattles and it

starts to open....

"Matt darlin' ..." "I thought you'd never get here!  A girl can only wait so

long you know ..." Matt  grins shyly.  Ginger leads him up the stairs and into

her rrom.

Percy sits in the parlour, his hands behind his hand and smoking a cigar.

"God. a guy could get to like this place." He said, his teeth clenched on the


 Gemma slipped down the stairs without a sound.  Her last customer still

 dozed in her room, so she had a little while to waste in the parlour.

 Flirting was one of her favorite pastimes.  It often led to a busy



  She saw Percy lounging in the corner, his eyes closed and a ring of

 smoke swirling around his head.  He was such a handsome man, Gemma always

 found just looking at him a pleasure.


  She imagined the chest beneath the starched shirt.  She had been lucky

 enough to tempt him into her bed a time or two, though he seemed to be

 very choosy.


  Gemma finger-combed her deep auburn mane and squared her shoulders.

 Perhaps she could convince him that he should spend a bit of time with

 her.  She walked slowly up to him, rolling her hips in graceful


 "'ullo, love.  Need a bit o' company?"

 Sorry to take so long Sugar but I gonna preach this Sunday and it wouldn't be

fittin and proper to be seen coming over here, though you are worth getting

caught for.  Matt, kinda lagged behind Ginger as she walked up the stairs

peering up her short dress and seeing lovely legs topped by shapely thighs and

every time she stepped up he got a glance at her furry beaver (Matt was

already cumming in his pants, a steady pulsating throb.  When this happened

before it took the starch out of his cock, but not this time!).  Once inside

Ginger's room Matt was already brain dead, his cock was leading him. The door

closed and Ginger was on her knees slowly unbuttoning his pants...

 Matt darlin' you seem to be in a bit of a hurry tonight.  Calm down a little

honey!  We've got all night.  You know Miss Lilly wonly wants to give our

lawmen the best!  She sat back on her heels as his pants fell to the floor.

Well, what's your pleasure? Sm She smiled up at him as she gave his cock a

light kiss at its tip as the eye winked at her.

 Three months on the trail tracking down bank robbers and living for this lady

of my dreams.  Now I'm weak as a cat, you've drained my love juices but my

cock will not get soft.  Sweetie, it was heaven when you took my cock and

pressed it down between your tits as I jacked off.  You drive me crazy now as

you make that slurping sound as you keep on digging your fingers into my bare

ass as you suck me, I feel your tongue the long length of my cock.  Matt

cannot remember ever being so hard and erect; ah the swell of perfume, of hot

cunt and hard dick is like a shot of whiskey on the brain.

 Karen sat on the edge of her bed thinking about her last

customer.  She enjoyed Larry Clark's visits but they were so

infrequent that she could hardly predict when the next would be.

Nevertheless, she knew that when it happened it would be

something worth the wait.  For now, she simply slipped on her

revealing little blue dress, the one that left just enough to the

imagination, but enough to tempt anyone who wanted a little time

with her.

 She walked down the stairs and heard big Mac making his usual

uproar after a successful night at the tables in the saloon next


"Give me all your women! I can handle them all!"

 Karen knew the truth as it was her that Mac usually spent these

nights with.  He wasn't so bad as long as he wasn't so drunk that

certain things were just impossible no matter how hard one tried.

 She got down the stairs and Miss Lilly was trying to calm Mac

down.  Karen knew that Miss Lilly'd prefer to kick Mac out but he

was someone who paid for his fun.  He was just someone who never

grew up most of Miss Lilly's women and Miss Lilly felt a bit

sorry for the guy.

 Karen walked over to Mac and pressed her full chest into his

back, surprising the man and getting him to calm down.

"Hey cowboy, what ya doin?  What's all the noise about?"

"Shucks mam, I was just havin a little fun," Mac said as he

 turned to take one of Karen's full breasts in his hand.

  All Ginger could think about was how it would feel to have Matt's cock inside

her.  It had been so long since he had been here and no other man had given her

such pleasure as he did, he always took his time to enjoy everything to its'

fullest height before he took her there again.  The only man who had ever taken

her to such a height was Mr. Crane, a few weeks ago.

 As Matt began to stiffen again, she began to back off her sucking and led him

to her four poster bed ...

 Percy smiled at the young womans offer and looked at his pocket watch. Ten to

nine read the roman numerals printed on the time peices face.

 He remembered the last time he'd been with her and a slight shock went down

his spine.

 "I think I'll take you up on your offer, madam." He said, trowing his cigar

into the fireplace and taking the womans hand.

 As the girls departed, Irish pointed out Percy, asleep in the chair he was

sitting at last night, still clad in his kilt.

 "Look at the drunken Scotsmen!" Irish said. Although Percy was a scot, he was

one of the few men she knew who was only interested in holding a conversation

with her.

 Percy was a handsome man, although a little mysterious. From what gossip

could be heard around town, he was something of a noble.

  " I wonder what he wears under that kilt?..." Irish said,turning to China

parasol as she walked out the door.

 "-I- Know!" China remarked, giggling.

 The girls walked out and Percy remained in an unconsious state until they




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