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Archive-name: Couples/mslily01.txt

Archive-author: Various - Genie

Archive-title: Adv of Miss Lilly's Tavern... 1


             (This story was written by many different writters who all 

              visit the adult writer's section on the Genie computer 

              system. The story is so good, that I wanted to share it 

              with you all...  There is mild bondage and spanking in

              some of the chapters, but not significantly Bondage) 

"Oh my, I see I'm a bit late for that after all, Miss Lily.  Your red-haired

lass seems to have latched on to a mustang of sorts. Perhaps I could tear you

away from your duties for a moment and buy you a drink."  Earlier, Kenfield

had successfully concluded negotiations for land rights which he hoped would

make him even richer when the railroad was routed through this booming little

cowtown.  Of course, a little more money in the right hands would make sure

the route did come through THIS town.

Lily took on a mock outraged look with the easy skill of many lies and maybe

one too many years, "Why Mr. Kenfield, you're not tryin' to get me woozy so as

to have your way with me, are you?  You KNOW I'm saving myself for marriage!"

They shared a hearty, knowing laugh and Lily reminded him that business came

first as he, of all people, should understand.  "Ah, Lily, you know just what

to say to a fellow.  Someday you'll sweep me off my feet and take me away from

all this dreary finagling of land deals and whatnot."  "Michael, let me fix

you up with a little somethin' I've been saving for a special customer like

yourself," she said, stepping away through the curtains and down the hall.

Left to his own devices for a moment, Kenfield's eyes swept slowly around the

environs, smiling when they met with those of the twins, Jenny and Jeannie.

Remembering his last visit here, some weeks ago, and the night he spent with

them, was enough in itself to physically excite him.  (He thought, "Maybe a

repeat performance with THEM... That cowpoke they're hanging onto will be

lucky if he doesn't waste it in his jeans just thinking about the

possibilities...  but no, they're too good to allow that!  Where has Lily gone

off to?")  He wondered if the special something she had gone off for was that

Frenchie he'd heard a rumor about.  Supposedly, Lily had recruited, and paid

handsomely for, a young girl from Paris to be brought across the Atlantic.

Oh, but he DID love their accents so...

Connor walked into the brothel, and pulled his hat from his head. Lily smiled

as the Scotsman walked in. Connor was probably the most gentlmanly customers

she had met, and was hung like a clydesdale to boot. "Mr. MacGreggor, how nice

to see you." She said, as he took her hand. "I am fine, Miss. Lily. And your

self?" He kissed her hand and bowed. "Im just as fine as a working girl can

get. How can I tilt yer kilt tonight honey?" She asked, hooking arms and

walking to the bar with him. Lily had trouble understanding why Connor came

here. He was a handsome man and had money. He could have almost any woman he

chose. Not that it bothered her he came to her place, it was odd. "Nothing

yet, lassie. I would, however, like to have a glass of Scotch. Granted you

have any."

"Why of course Mr. MacGreggor." Lily said, and slipped behind the bar. She got

a glass and a bottle of honey colored liquid from under the bar. Connor drank

the scotch, and chatted with Lily as the girls stared at him and giggled.

Hopefully he'd pick one of them. He seemed quite a catch.

"Connor," Miss Lily said. "I think you might want to meet our new girl. I

think you'll like. Shes from Scotland too." He arched his brow "Really?  Might

I have the chance to meet her?" He asked. "Heather! I have a friend out here!"

She yelled up the stairs. Connor's eyes widened when he saw the figure decend

the stairs. "Lily lass, I belive you've tilted my kilt." He said, his eyes

bulging, along with his manhood.

 "Good Evening, Lass." He said politely, bowing a bit and kissing her pale


 "Sir, I canna help bah notice ye have an accent. Inverness?" She asked shyly.

 "Yes, but I was raised in Skye. Edinburgh?" He asked her in return. "Aye

sir." She answered.

 At least he was'nt like some of the other men who often came here. He seemed

like a nice enough man.

 "I think you two should get aquainted. I'll leave ya'll now." And with that,

Miss Lily swaggered off to meet with her new customers.

 "I hope ye nae mind sir, but Im just now starting." Heather said to him as

they walked up the stairs.

 "danna worry lass, I think ye'll get the hang of it." He smiled at her, and

they commenced up the stairs.

 They reached a room with a handfull of dried heather hanging from the knob.

"This is you area I presume?" Connor asked her.

 Heather nodded, and the two walked into the room.

 Heather removed the silken robe which graced her womanly curves from her

shoulders, revealing a fine brazzier and dainty garter belt and stockings.

 Connor pulled her in for a deep kiss, his hands cupping her breast, stroking

her hard nipples.

 Heather could feel Connors cock right between them, and heat flashed through

her body and moistened her.

 "Are you ready?" Connor asked her. He had no intention of taking her if it

was against her wishes.

 "Yes." She said, her body hot as she rubbed her chest against his.

 Connor removed her clothes, slowly, licking her rosey nipples, gently grazing

them with his teeth.

 Heather pulled off his jacket and shirt, his masculine chest throbbing as his

heart beat wildly.

 She ran her hand through the hairs on his chest, and went down to remove his

belt and pants.

 Connor's shaft was almost ripping through his shorts as Heather worked the

rest of his clothes off.

 She licked the head of his cock, which was like a plum, It pulsated as she

sucked on it.

 She stopped, and jumped on the bed, spreading her legs wide.

 Her wettness could be plainly seen, and Connor edged his way between her

legs, his cock gently probing her furred mound.



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