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Archive-name: Couples/moon-h.txt

Archive-author: Moonlite

Archive-title: Moonlite Thanks Shawn

    Let me tell you of my latest lover, Shawn.  We're still in the very

beginning stages of getting to know each other.  The part where everything is

new and exciting.  He writes me poetry and I cook him souffles.  We hug a lot

and kiss a lot and generally fondle each other at any and all opportunities.

   I actually met Shawn on a computer bulletin board like the one you're on

now.  And although I normally don't follow through with these encounters I

have made a couple of exceptions (like Atlanta), and he was one of them.  I

was so taken with the long and clever poem he wrote to me I just had to get to

know him better.  We decided to meet somewhere that would be safe ground for

each of us and also had diversions in case we didn't hit it off, so we agreed

to meet at the Marina Green and fly a new kite I had recently been given.

    It had been years since I'd flown a kite and just putting it together gave

us plenty to laugh at, not to mention him finally launching it.  He's tall,

about six feet, with incredible green eyes and let me tell you he fills in a

pair of jeans the way they should be filled in!  I adored watching him from

behind, it made me want to squeeze his adorable ass.

    After we played with the kite on the Green and got to know more about each

other we decided to go someplace equally scenic and have a drink and talk some

more.  We went to one of the second floor coffee houses at Ghiradelli and sat

outside and watched the sailboats on the bay.  He's a photo nut and kept

snapping pictures of me and the scenery all day. But that was kinda fun too!

    All too soon the sun was setting and we knew it was time to make a

decision or two but neither of us wanted to make the first move.  Just as I

was about to give up hope that he would say something he finally asked if I

would like to see his place and some of his favorite photos.  I tried not to

seem too eager as I said yes.

    His place was great and very tidy but then I'd expect that of a Virgo.

And the photographs were marvelous.  There was a whole series shot in Yosemite

that I loved.  You could almost smell the fresh air in these shots.  As I was

examining the pictures more carefully a second time he moved closer to me and

I felt his arm go around my shoulders.  I looked deeply in his eyes and smiled

and the was the beginning.......

    It didn't take to find out that he really knew how to kiss. He was

deliberate and his lips were so soft.  I melted against his body and held him

tight as we continued to explore with our tongues and raise our body

temperatures several degrees.  I was in heaven already and we were just making

out on the sofa.  What would I do when things progressed?  I was about to find

out.  He very slowly unbuttoned my blouse a little and kissed my neck and down

to the top of my lacy bra.  His hands were gentle and I felt like I'd been in

his arms many times before, in my dreams at least.  i ran my fingers through

his hair and played with his ears.  He began removing my blouse completely and

quickly mastered the hooks on my bra with one hand.  (The true sign of a

bachelor!)  Now my breasts were free and he took full advantage of kissing

each of them in turn and sucking on the excited nipples only making me hotter.

 I had been rubbing my hands over his back and as far down as I could reach.

Soon I found my fingers on the button on his jeans and the zipper was quickly

down.  I wanted to touch him so much, I couldn't help myself.  He grinned and

suggested he could help me a little.  He slipped off his shirt and dropped his

jeans leaving only those low cut jockey shorts that I love.  They're so sexy,

especially on a guy who looks like Shawn does in them.  He felt it was only

fair that I lose all but my lavender bikini panties as well and I complied

most willingly.

    I have no idea what the air temperature was in that room, I only know I

was HOT.  I licked my index finger and reached down and lightly traced the

outline of his cock which was now extending over his shorts and bent down and

followed the same path with my tongue.  I had to taste and touch and know this

man. He helped me by slipping off the shorts and I got my first full look at

his beautiful stiff prick.  i moved to the floor on my knees between his legs

and was not to be denied the pleasure of kissing his cock.  I started slowly

savoring the experience and touched only the head.  One of my hands caressed

his balls gently and the other stroked the length of the shaft.  My tongue

made a complete circle around him and then played with the slit on top until I

could get a real taste of him.  I moved faster now, wanted to have him fill my

mouth and to please him completely.

    My lips covered him softly at first and I took a little more of him into

my warm wet mouth.  Softly I began to suck on him and move up and then down

further on his hardness.He was making very soft sounds of pleasure and I

continued each time taking a little more of him inside the velvety warmth of

my mouth.  My hand was stroking him up and down and I could feel him growing

even larger as I sucked a bit harder.  I wanted so feel him explode but he had

other ideas.  He took me by the shoulders and pulled me up to his level again,

then pushed me backward on the couch.  The natural momentum caused my legs to

separate.  As he laid me down gently he began to move toward my crotch and I

could hear him inhale as he approached the most female part of me.  He kissed

my panties and then moved them aside and kissed me.  I was loving his every

move and shifted so it was easier to remove the only remaining garment.  I was

already very wet and his finger had no problem forcing its way inside of my

pussy.  His lips found my clit and I sucked in air very quickly as he sucked

on me.  Oh how I wanted this man!

    Normally I adore oral sex and consider it one of the most pleasurable

things in the whole world but right now I wanted to be possessed by his steel

hard shaft.  My hands on his head told him of my need and desire and he got up

quickly and pulled me up with him.  There was a straight chair near the corner

of the room and he took me there where he sat upright.  I needed to

instructions as I immediately straddled him and pressed my body onto his firm

cock.  I was not slow or gentle, I was possessed and wanted to feel him

violating my body with his organ.  I pushed hard against his thighs with my

ass and felt his hardness fill me.  Oh, the sensations were coming fast now.

I moved up and down almost off completely and rammed down again.  He must have

felt I was in danger of hurting one or both of us with my movements as he

gently took hold of my hips and began guiding me to a slower motion.  That too

was wonderful.  My muscles began to tighten and spasm as I came very quickly.

I leaned against his chest and let him lead me again.  Up and down with a

slight wiggle at the bottom.  More tightening spasms and I knew I couldn't not

totally surrender to this experience with Shawn.  i must have made incoherent

sounds as my whole body began to shake with a very powerful orgasm and soon I

could feel him getting very close too.  He tried to slow up the pace but I

wanted to feel him blow hot sperm deep inside my cunt.  I wanted to feel his

pleasure and know that there was magic here for him too.  i caused my pussy

muscles to tighten on him and milk his climax from the very center of his

being through his balls and finally out.  He held me tighter as he moaned that

he was cumming.  I paused just enough to allow him to feel completely spent

and then fell against him with my head resting on his shoulder.  He continued

to hold me and move his hands over my back and hips. As I finally stirred he

pushed me slowly to my feet and we went off to explore the bedroom.  But first

a little nap, my love......please!!!



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