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Archive-name: Couples/moon-f.txt

Archive-author: Moonlite

Archive-title: Sailing

Last Sunday morning I got a phone call from Darby.  He asked if I'd like to go

sailing with he and some friends, all but one of whom I had already met. Since

I love the water and had only planned to clean house I naturally agreed to go.

I stopped at the store and bought some enough wine, beer, fruit and other

assorted munchies for five.

When I arrived I found Darby and his friend Quinn working on the motor.  Quinn

is a tall, blonde, good looking engineer that Darby has unsuccessfully tried

to set me up with for over 5 years. He's a very nice guy but the chemistry

just wasn't there.  Darby and I had, however, "fixed" Quinn up with an

acquaintance of mine named Cindy.  I ran into Cindy at a dinner a couple of

months ago and she very breathlessly announced to me that she hadn't been laid

in 6 months and was in danger of death due to lack of sex. She further advised

me it was my duty to remedy the situation. And she and Quinn had been having a

wonderful time according to both of them, that is until very recently.  And

she announced that the "last man who did to me what he did to me, I married".

That naturally piqued my curiosity somewhat!

Anyway, the lady for whom this trip was planned and her new lover never did

show up so the three of us took off from Pete's Harbor in the motor sailor.

And it was a gorgeous day!  We had plenty to drink and since it was warm I

imbibed much more than usual. Darby and I managed to argue several subjects

very vocally and Quinn kept trying to change the subject.  Somehow sex came

up. Quinn asked me some questions regarding a women he once had a relationship

with.  She had one nipple that was inverted and loved having it all but

brutalized.  He said she even came if he was rough enough with just that one

breast.  He asked me how a man is supposed to know just how untenderly a women

likes to be handled.  I suggested that a man should start out very tenderly

and proceed to a slightly harder level and watch her reactions very carefully.

She'll either say something or give other indications that she does or doesn't

like a particular activity.

Darby then expounded on how a women becomes subservient when she gives head

and I argued that to me it was a position of supreme trust on the part of the

guy involved.  After all there are teeth that could easily become involved.

But then, as I pointed out, some men like to have the upper teeth gently

scraped across their glans in "just the right way".  This brought moans and

frowns from both of my companions.  Not all men like that of course.

It was then we spotted the floating purple object, just south of the San Mateo

bridge.  Naturally we had to retrieve it.  It turned out to be a balloon so

using a boat hook was out of the question.  They decided to use me instead.  I

leaned over and Quinn held my legs so I could reach for the balloon.  We later

found a White and a mylar Snoopy balloon as well.  A silly game, but we

enjoyed it.  And Quinn managed to hold me tighter with each retrieval.

Darby announced that he had to get home for a dinner party and Quinn asked if

I'd like to go back out and tie up and watch the sunset.  I heartily agreed

and after letting Darby off at the dock we proceeded back out.  By now I had

consumed at least 12 beers and was truly feeling no pain.  We tied up near

some barges and Quinn proceeded to remove his clothing and announced we should

go for a swim.  It took me at least 5 seconds to decide that was a great idea.

(That proves I was drunk!)  I proved to have a strange sense of modesty as I

removed everything but my bra.  I guess I thought people going by in other

boats would think I was wearing a bathing suit.  But it was a flesh colored,

very flimsy bra and probably only served to entice rather than cover much of

anything.  We played in the water and kissed.  Then Quinn got out and lowered

a small ladder for me.  It took a long time for me to feel safe enough to get

out.  Boats kept going by and at one point I was almost ready when Quinn

announced there was a plane at 40,000 feet.  That seemed very funny and I fell

backwards yet again.  Finally I made it out of the water and was then

freezing.  It seemed the obvious thing to do was to go below deck and warm up.

He held me and kissed me very tenderly.

He moved me to the sleeping area and gently ran his hands over my body while

his lips tended to my breasts.  I was warming up rapidly!  And then his mouth

traveled downward kissing my tummy and beyond. As he gently spread my thighs

with kisses I knew what Cindy must have been referring to.  He whispered that

he wanted to "eat me up" and proceeded to nibble softly on my clit and then

press his tongue into my waiting cunt.  He sucked and licked me into a state

of pure ecstasy.  And then he started the process again.  I thought I would

never breath again and at that moment I didn't even care.  His tongue and lips

alternated between my cunt and my clit and he was relentless in conquering my

lust.  Over and over he sucked on me and I exploded into his waiting lips.

After countless orgasms I begged him to stop and just hold me. He finally

moved up and let me collapse in his strong arms while he kissed my hair and my

neck.  When I was finally able to move again I reach down to feel his cock and

slowly stroked its hardness.  It was average in thickness but much longer than

most. And I wanted very much to taste him and to please him as he had me.  I

slid down on the small bed and planted a wet kiss on the tip of his prick.

Then I breathed lightly on it and attached.  I took him quickly into my mouth

and began to stroke the length of his manhood with one hand while I played

with his balls with the other.

The sudden intake of his breathe told me all I needed to know about how he

liked the activity.  I sucked and pressed him as far into my throat as I could

and stroked in and out.  My tongue was very active and was moving over him as

I sucked and sucked.  His cock quivered and grew even larger and longer.  I

was prepared to bring him to completion this way when he took over and told me

he wanted to cum in my hot pussy, NOW.

He shifted me to my knees and rammed into me quickly.  His long shaft filled

me completely and I felt him hit the famous G-spot and I suddenly quivered in

a new orgasmic spasm.  His thrusts were long and deliberate and I pressed my

ass high to receive all the pleasure he was forcing on me.  He maintained a

pace that sent me over the edge after every breath or so it seemed.  And at

times he would grab my hips and ram even deeper pressing his prick against my

cervix and making me scream with pleasure. Finally he thrust very deeply and

groaned as he felt the pressure build from his balls and his cum shot into me.

We were both ready to collapse and he again moved up beside me and held me

tightly.  I nuzzled his neck and he stroked my hair. Soon we were kissing

deeply again and I felt his fingers seeking my lust center.  It had been only

a very few minutes and Quinn was teasing me already.  He mentioned that there

was no doubt in his mind that those were real orgasms I felt as no one would

put THAT much energy into faking them.  More kisses and soon he asked me if he

could again feast upon my love juices.  My only reply was to again spread my

thighs and press his head downward.

He proceeded directly to my pussy and used his fingers to spread me wide.  His

talented tongue again forced its way into me and I was very soon squirming and

moaning once again.  As his tongue played and sucked his fingers massaged my

clit and I dug my fingernails into his back as I experienced another major

climax. Then he moved his fingers to my slit and finger fucked me as his lips

toyed with my clit.  He then sucked me over the edge and I almost lost

consciousness.  He seemed to sense my total lack of control of even

involuntary body functions and lessened the intensity only long enough for me

to get oxygen to my brain and breathe.  And then he began again.  Over and

over I came and came until I threatened to die on him if he didn't stop for a

while. He again proved that he is a gentleman and held me while I relaxed

against his finely muscled body.  When I was again in charge of my senses I

kissed him and he said "suck me harder baby" and I'll fuck that tight cunt of

yours some more."  How could I resist that offer.

I began by sucking on his balls and making him moan with excitement.  Then I

moved up and licked up his cock from the underside and watched him twist and

writhe.  Finally I took him in my mouth and sucked him as well as I know how.

Surprising even myself with the amount of his cock I could take into my mouth.

I pressed deep and pulled almost off and back again.  I used my lips and

tongue to fuck his cock.  Soon he pressed me down on the cot and lifted my

knees wide and slowly pressed into me.  There intensity was there but he was

very slowly driving me crazy.  I discovered I could lift my legs and press my

feet against the cabin top and tighten my pussy muscles even better. He

finally let me feel all of him inside of me and we built up a very comfortable

speed and rhythm together.  No one was in total control this time, we were

working together and naturally I lost the race again.  His beautiful cock

plunged deeply into me even as I tighten up to keep him out.  His thrusts were

rewarded again as I became lost in the blackness of ecstasy.  He took me over

and over to the place where there is no sensation but the nerve endings of my

cunt and the feeling of being totally penetrated. What an incredible feeling.

And it happened over and over and over.  Quinn loved me as I have seldom been

loved before.  After he reached the blackness with me we rolled over and

napped for an hour or so.  And then......well, it started over again.

We finally docked at midnight, but after tying up we decided to go below once

more.  At 1AM he walked me to my car and explained that he'd be away on

vacation for 10 days but I'd be the first person he called on his return.

Would I save the week-end after Labor Day for him?  How could I possibly say

no?  Have a wonderful vacation, Quinn.  I'll be waiting.



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