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Archive-name: Couples/moon-e.txt

Archive-author: Moonlite

Archive-title: Burning Atlanta

Part 1

I've done some crazy things before, but somehow waiting at the gate for your

plane to arrive suddenly struck me as on of the dumbest ideas I'd had in

years. Here I stood pacing, feeling like a virgin surrounded by Hell's Angels.

Scared and excited, nervous and wired all at the same time.

We'd met on a Southern California bbs, you calling from New Jersey and me from

the Bay Area.  Teleconferencing led to chatting and that led to long phone

conversations.  And all that led me to the airport in a strange city neither

of us had ever been to before.

The sysop on a local board had recently told me of a disastrous meeting he had

in a similar situation.  All sorts of scenarios ran through my head.  I know

so much about you and I feel so close to you, but still, I don't KNOW you.  At

least not yet.

Finally the jetway opened and the passengers began coming through the door.  I

stood beyond some of the others waiting to meet the arrivals so I could hide I

suppose.  Looking around me I noticed no others females alone who fit my

description and realized hiding wouldn't help.  I needed to walk right up to

you and get it over with.  Finally there you came, looking even more handsome

than the photos you sent me.  And even taller than the 6'3" you confess to


The next hour is mostly a blur.  I remember smiling shyly and you walking up,

taking me in you arms and hugging me as you said "Hi, baby".  We made small

talk as we walked to the airport's version of Muni-Metro.  I loved your smile

and the way you kept grinning at me.  When I told you there was a cab waiting,

your shocked expression was adorable.  "You left a cab waiting with the meter

running and the plane was an hour late?"  "No, it's a long story, the meter

isn't running", I responded.

After what seemed like an eternity we arrived at the hotel.  It was nicely

appointed and in the Buckhead section.  Two double beds and chilled California

Chardonnay compliments of my counterpart in Atlanta.  The card said "Happy


This trip is actually a business trip for me but you wanted to come help me

celebrate so we agreed to meet on Friday night and party till Sunday afternoon

when I officially had to be there. So far except for the kiss at the airport

and some infrequent hand holding in the cab we have not been very affectionate

and I'm beginning to think we may have to find alternative methods of

amusement.  At last you drop you bag and squeeze me tight.  I hug you back and

the kiss I have been waiting for becomes a reality. You nuzzle my neck and I

hear you say, "so that's what Shalimar smells like?  I love it."  More kisses

and you lift me up and turn me so my back is facing the bed.  We seem to fall

backwards in slow motion, you still holding me very tightly. I feel your

weight press against me and your hand caresses my breast, softly and lovingly.

We kiss more passionately and I feel your hand touch my leg, lifting my dress

and rubbing against my pantyhose.  I know you're checking to see if I

acquiesced to your request, and yes, lover, I did cut the crotch from the

pantyhose!  You move very quickly down to the end of the bed, pressing my legs

apart and using both hands rip the nylons away and suddenly bury your face in

my pussy.  I feel your tongue tease my clit and then probe my lips. Your

finger stimulates my clit further as you press your warm tongue inside me.

You position my legs over your shoulders and I run my fingers through your

hair as you take me to that special place.  I feel a powerful orgasm rip at my

sanity and give into the feeling entirely.  You continue your attentions and I

know I will be at your mercy until you decide I've had enough.  My hips thrust

forward and my breathing becomes very sporadic as the waves crash over me

again and again.  Animal sounds are filling my throat and I cannot even

remember where we are.

Please lover, please.  The word stop will not come.  You press even deeper

into me and suck at the juices you have caused to flow from me.  Finally,

gasping, I beg you to stop.  I cannot breathe and I cannot move.  After more

major quaking that reaches my soul you plant a wet kiss on my pussy and move

up to hold my quivering body close to you.  Running your fingers through my

hair and kissing me all over my face, you whisper that you want only to please

me and make this birthday very, very special.

I'd say we're off to a great start, lover. Looks like we won't have to find a

bowling alley after all!

                                    Part Two   

We find ourselves stretched out on the bed almost fully clothed and as I have

now recovered from the massive explosions in my body I grow impatient to

touch, see and taste your naked body.  While we kiss and cuddle we help each

other with buttons and zippers and with some squirming and rolling around

finally get all our clothing off.  Your body is terrific, my love, long and

tightly muscled.  You are all that I imagined you would be, and MORE.  The

next few minutes are taken up as you "pay homage" to my breasts as you put it.

 Every centimeter is kissed and licked and tweaked and loved.  Listening to

you describe the various parts, including how perfect the nipples are, makes

me wonder how I can simply take them for granted.

As you are busy enjoying my tits my hands explore your neck, your sides, your

back and finally your incredible ass.  I love the feel of your cheeks in my

hands, just as I love the way you suck on my nipples. Drawing a fingernail up

your side I find a ticklish place and make use of this newfound knowledge.

YOu squirm and laugh and take both my arms in your hands and press them beside

me on the bed.  You straddle my body and kiss my neck and throat, then lick

the inside of my elbow which drives me wild.  I beg you to release me so I can

continue my exploration.  After eliciting a promise that I won't tickle you

let me go.

I am dying to touch your cock.  I have felt it pressing against my body in

various places and know it is very long and apparently very thick as well.

Slowly I shift on the bed and move closer to inspect it.  Oh my!  Leaning yet

closer I blow softly on it and see it move.  My lips are hungry to taste you.

I plant a wet lingering kiss on the very tip of you and hear you sigh.  All

the phone sex has paid off.  You know my fear of having a man put his hands on

my head at this point and you touch only my shoulders.  One hand gently moves

to cup your balls and the other reaches for the shaft while I kiss you again.

I cannot wait to take you in my mouth but I'm afraid you'll be disappointed.

You are wonderfully constructed, love, but this may not fit.

Moving slowly I press my lips against your lovely prick and open them to test

the waters, so to speak.  The tip is so smooth and slightly damp, and my mouth

is so wanting.  Pressing lower I take you into the velvety wet cave of my

mouth.  You feel my tongue play with the head and moan.  I lick you all over

and up and down.  Long broad strokes that seem to have a wonderful effect.

You are almost throbbing, my sweets.  My hand still plays with your balls and

I finally take you back into my lips and move my head lower.  My mouth

stretches to accommodate your size and I start a very slightly suction.  My

hand on your shaft moves up and down as I begin to move my lips lower and take

more of you into my mouth.  My hand meets my lips and they each retreat in

opposite directions.  Now in earnest I begin to press you in and out of my

lips and suck on your manhood, my hand now moves in concert with my mouth and

you shift your hips to allow me better access.  The hand that was playing with

your balls moves between your cheeks and a single finger strokes you under

your scrotum moving almost to your asshole and back.  You flinch and moan and

tell me you love this attention but you may not be able to stand it for long.

I know you have been looking forward to this for weeks and want you to feel

all the excitement I can provide you.  I suck on you harder and harder and

move my head up and down on you faster and faster as your breathing becomes

more inconsistent.  Still sucking harder and moving up and down with lips and

hands you moan and make almost intelligible sounds as you feel your explosion

getting closer.  Your legs move and your stomach muscles tighten as you are

approaching the edge.  I continue to take you for a ride and suck as hard as I

can, taking as much of you inside my mouth as possible and feel you fight the

overwhelming urge to cry out as you finally experience release and blast off

into my mouth. I continue to suck until you have shot all of your juices into

me, once, twice no three times.  I swallow the hot, sticky cum and slowly lick

you clean before moving up to lie quietly in your arms.  You smile and kiss me

and tell me it was just as you imagined it would be and that you are sure

there will be no time for sightseeing in our short two days together here.

                                   Part Three   

As we sip the wine and cuddle and talk I can feel you getting excited again.

Maybe this wasn't the dumbest thing I ever did after all.  Things seem to be

going very well indeed so far.  We are no longer hurried, but are able to

spend time talking and just holding each other.  I could become very attached

to you I think.  There's a comfort to that as well, but also fear.  We are

very different in our thinking and then there is the minor problem of our

living on opposite ends of the country.  Well, in typical Scarlet O'Hara

fashion, I'll think about that tomorrow. Right now I want more than anything

to feel your big cock ramming into my pussy.

You must have read my mind, sweets for at that moment you take my wine glass

and place it on the nightstand.  You wrap one of your long arms around me and

kiss me very deeply as your other hand moves to play with my clit.  I respond

as any horny woman would and you slide one then two fingers inside me to make

sure I'm as ready as you think I am.  Very quickly you take me in both your

rams and roll onto your back with me now on top of you.  "Put it in" you

whisper and I follow your instructions.  Taking you in my fingers I rub your

cock against my clit once and then against the entrance to my pussy.  Pressing

you into me as I slide against you eases the head of you into me slowly.  Oh

you are big, my love.  I slide very, very slowly onto you and feel you stretch

me to the limits as you go deeper filling me totally.  You whisper "take it

all, baby".  And I finally am able to.  Positioning my hips and pressing

against you as tightly as I can I feel like a thick steel rod has me impaled.

Very slowly I begin to move away from you and slide almost off the hardness.

Your hands find my hips and help me into a rhythm that is centuries old but

always feels different with a new lover.

You press your hips up as I slide down again and again I am stretched and yet

there is little pain involved.  My muscles caress you tightly and we move in

unison.  I sway slightly as you ram into me and I slide up and down on your

rigid cock.  Up and down a little faster and harder.  Your hands on my hips

control me as I am riding you.  Up and down, harder and faster until I see

lights exploding as I reach my peak.  You press me down until I can move again

on my own and again the rhythm takes over.  Up and down and harder and deeper.

It takes very little time for me to explode again and I feel as though each

thrust from now on will take me to the heavens.  I am lost in this experience

and need you to guide me, darling.  Each of my orgasms cause further

contractions and makes your cock feel bigger.  You tell me "go with it, baby,

let me take you there again".  And you do, over and over.  Finally you begin

to get closer yourself and as I have almost collapsed from pleasure I feel you

shoot into me completing our union.

You pull me up to your chest and kiss my forehead softly.  I cannot breathe or

talk yet.  I can only place my arms against you and shudder.  You hold me

closer and whisper softly, "Happy Birthday, lover.  I'm so glad I can finally

call you that for real."



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