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Archive-name: Couples/moon-a.txt

Archive-author: Moonlite

Archive-title: Long Island

I don't remember exactly how you first approached me. I do remember the

business meeting when you first came in and I noticed how tall and interesting

you were.  Not classically handsome, but striking.  Such a welcome relief from

all the others.  Your sense of humor and your incredible Dutch accent were all

so very intriguing.  We were gathered in a small resort on Long Island, in the

dead of winter.

After the mandatory cocktail hour and the never-ending dinner we assembled as

if on command in the bar and that was the first time we had a chance to really

talk. It seemed no time before we were dancing, and you were asking probing

questions.  I also remember you stroking my thigh under the tablecloth as the

V.P. was grilling me for specific information about my area of the country.

No fair, no fair, at all!!

At that time I still had no idea we would actually become lovers, and so soon.

We already discussed the drawbacks of having "extra" contact with co-workers.

But it was destined.  Soon a walk in the snow and a very long kiss.  Hands

moving over my back and then you took my hand and said "we either need to stop

now, or go to one of our rooms".  A wise decision, in retrospect.

Being a provincial company they had segregated the males in one wing, the

females in another and you of course had more luxurious accommodations in yet

another area of the hotel.

Since you are the consummate gentleman we went to my room.  That was the

beginning of an incredible night of lovemaking in every fashion.  You helped

me undress and took off your own things only to immediately push me into a

sitting position on the bed and then kneel in from of me and use your very

talented tongue to explore all of me.

The electricity you caused made me shiver and still does thinking about it.  I

wanted only to have you stay there with your dark hair showing between my legs

for days.  And your lips covering my clit as you sucked on me and drove me

over the brink more times that I could count.

You finally took pity on me and let me recover, only to fill me with passion

again as you kissed my lips and explored my mouth with that tongue that drives

me wild.   I do love how you kiss me.  And then it is my turn to please you,

moving my lips down your body, finding all the sensitive places you have on

your chest and sides and slowly toward the area I want so much to taste and

tease and suck. As my lips moved across your body, you sighed and squirmed but

I was relentless.  I love to tease, and tickle.

My hair brushes your tummy as I move my head down your long, lean body.  I

breathe softly on your stiff cock and touch it with just the very tip of my

tongue. You gasp as you feel the warmth wetness running over the head of your

shaft.  My right hand seeks your balls and gently fondles them.  As my legs

are near your head you reach to part them and pleasure me again.  I ask you to

lie still so I can have my fun.  I'm not good at true 69 position, I lose

control of myself.

Slowly I take the tip of your cock into my mouth and tease it with my tongue.

Moving just a bit further down and beginning a light suction I take you

further into the depths of desire. You press your hips upward to speed the

entry and I move back to control the action.  You moan again and I press

further taking all of you into the warmth of my lips.  Up and down and sucking

harder, and harder with each movement.  My hand is still playing with you

balls and a single finger press under you toward your ass.  You are throbbing

now and I love it. Harder and harder I press up and down on you and suck as

hard as I can.  Just as you are about to cum you pull my head away quickly.

And I see your entire being shake with spasms of delight.

You pull me up to lie next to you.  Your arms comfort me as your breathe

returns.  We kiss very softly and I seem to melt into your body.  I know

you're married and instinctively I also know it's been a while since you've

experienced passion like this. Your fingers reach to touch my boobs and you

mention how much you like the definition of the nipples and how hard they are.

You trace the areolas and cause them to become even harder.  Moving slightly

you lower your head to suck on each one and your right hand moves down to play

with my love nest.  I feel your finger play with my clit and I sigh.  You

continue until I cannot feel anything except your mouth on my tit and your

finger gently massaging my clit.  One, two no three times you make me cum like


My hands seek your cock again.  I want so much to have you inside of me,

driving deep and filling me.  I run my fingers up the underside of your shaft

and feel the response I desire.  You whisper that it's too soon for you to be

able to get hard enough to satisfy me.  I say , we'll see about that.  And

slowly my hands stroke you to full length and you are amazed.

You guide me onto you and I reach to place you at the entrance to my pussy.  I

lower myself slowly savoring every inch of your manhood thrusting into my

wanting area.  You again lift your hips and press even deeper into me.  I

shake as I feel you filling me. Certainly I will be split in two but I don't

care.  I want to have you forcing that wonderful cock up and into me very

deeply and very hard.  We begin a motion that is known worldwide and you guide

my movements with your hands on my hips.  A little faster and I suddenly

erupt, moaning louder and moving quicker as your hands dictate.  You feel my

muscles tighten as I cum and you continue the ballet.  Harder and faster,

deeper and quicker.  Oh Jesus, I moan and you continue the trusts as I

continue to cum. I'm incapable of moving on my own and you know it.  You press

your hands to indicate direction and timing and I am only an instrument for

your use.  Use me, lover.....I love it so.  After I have had total enjoyment

of your body you finally move past the point of control as well and cum

groaning loudly as you do.  I collapse on your chest unable to move or think,

knowing only that you have satisfied me totally.

Oh, God, how wonderful that felt and how very much I wanted you. Talk to me

and love me, I pleaded with you for hours.  And you did.  We are not truly

friends, we have not had time for that yet, but we are very well matched

sexually, and I know there will be places in our lives to do this again.

The first time was so special as we explored and played and laughed at little

things during our periods of small talk.  I will always remember this one

night as being one of the best ever in my life.



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