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Archive-name: Couples/lust3.txt

Archive-author: Rob H.

Archive-title: Lust Weekend 3 - Morning

Daybreak arrives too quickly.  The bedroom seems to glow, lit by the morning

sun filtering through the trees.  I awake slowly from a wonderful dream - a

dream filled with sexual encounters of the best kind.  As I lay in the morning

reverie, I become aware of a presence in bed with me. The presence is her -

under the sheets inspecting my penis. Not wanting to disturb her, I continue

to lay quietly while she is at work.

Her body is at right angles to mine.  I can't see what she is doing, but I can

feel it.  I feel her breath on the hairs of my leg.  Hovering over my penis,

she gingerly touches it with her fingertips; rolling it over to inspect the

underside.  My penis lies there, limp, against my leg; not yet responding to

her attention.

She once told me how curious it was that something so small and soft could

become something so large and hard.  And how she delighted in holding and

sucking on my limp cock and feeling it grow in her hand and mouth.

She continues her inspection - lifting and looking, tracing the veins, feeling

for the bumps and ridges that give her such pleasure. Moving closer, she

places a gentle kiss on the head and watches for a reaction. (It takes all my

concentration to prevent an erection) Seeing none, she kisses the head again

and follows with several kisses along the shaft. As she continues to fondle

and kiss me, I can no longer resist and I respond with the beginning of an


She moves even closer, directly over my member, and places the head in her

mouth.  She begins to gently suck on me and my cock grows steadily.  At this

early stage she can get the whole thing in her mouth.  She rolls me around her

mouth, licking with her tongue and sucking ever stronger.  My cock swells and

rapidly fills the available space, pushing against the back of her mouth and

beyond the ability of her lips to contain me.

With my erect penis filling her mouth, she adjusts her position under the

sheets and is now kneeling at my side.  Once comfortable, she begins sliding

her lips up and down my shaft.  Surely she must realize I am awake, but she

continues to concentrate on my erection.  Gripping my hardness with her lips,

she travels the length of my cock, pausing occasionally at the peak to swirl

her tongue around the head.

Holding my prick at the base, she removes her lips and begins licking and

kissing the sides.  She places her hand on the top of my shaft and slides her

tongue along the underside, matching her tongue strokes with her hand.

Cradling my cock in her hand, she closes her lips around me; running along the

length of my cock as though it were an ear of corn. Her hand closes around the

stiff rod and strokes in time with her lips.

Returning to the head, she swirls her tongue around the crown and dives on my

erection to maintain its firmness. The action of her lips, mouth, and tongue

now have my full attention and I can no longer resist. I begin to rotate my

hips upward into her grasp, formally notifying her that I am awake.  I push

back the sheets just as she is again stuffing my cock back in her mouth.

She releases her lip-lock on my throbbing member but continues stroking. "Good

morning" she says.  "Did I wake you?"

I don't bother to answer and reach for her body.  Sliding my hands down her

back to her buttocks, I cup the soft roundness of her cheeks and dip my

fingers into the valley between them.  Following the natural path established

by her body, I arrive at my destination to find her well lubricated.  Upon

feeling my fingers, she raises her ass to offer free access.

Using subtle hand signals, I pull her body around so I can get at her, raising

her leg and maneuvering underneath her. There, staring me in the eye, is her

treasure chest. I gently pull her down onto my face and open the lid with my

tongue. I begin licking her morning dew and searching for the buried treasure


Her hand closes around my cock as my tickling tongue lashes out at her.  She

presses her body down onto my face and I dip even farther into her.  She

returns her mouth to my prick and we engage in some mutual munching in the


I begin to concentrate my actions on her clit, attempting to bring her to a

level of excitation equal to mine.  She rotates her hips on my face and mouth

to direct my attention to the appropriate areas. Each time I hit the mark, she

responds by gobbling my root and squeezing with her lips and hand.

I reach for her breasts and cup one in each hand; gently squeezing, fondling,

and rolling their fullness. I catch the nipples between my fingers and tease

them into erection. Stroking, rolling, squeezing, teasing; my hands continue

manipulating her breasts as I eat her.

She is now supporting her body with her hands, using only her mouth and lips

to excite me.  I have grown as full and hard as I am going to get.  Her hair

bounces lightly as she continues plunging up and down on my cock.  At the

other end, I am lapping at her gash and nibbling her clit.

She pops my prick out of her lips and rolls onto her back, pulling her

sweetness from my mouth. She turns her body around, placing her head on the

pillow, and spreads her legs in an open invitation. Not one to miss an

opportunity, I move between her legs. Her sexual lips are slightly spread and

pouting. The dew from within coats them and they glisten in the sunlight.  As

she pulls her knees up, her lips open wider. She reaches for my cock, guiding

me into her warmth. I enter easily and as we press our bodies together our

lips and tongues meet.

Her kisses are always so expressive.  Even a routine kiss goodbye is an

adventure.  Whenever we kiss in passion, our tongues meet and exchange mouths.

It is little wonder that we usually end up in bed when we kiss. When we make

love, our kisses match our movements, adding to our excitement. Today is no

exception.  Each time I push my prick into her pussy, I toss my tongue at her

tonsils; every time she rotates her rump at my rod, she licks my larynx with

her lavalier.

Sliding my cock in and out of her sheath, I sense she is nearing an orgasm.

With each probing plunge she gets closer to the edge.  Her sleeve grips my

shaft as she comes and her hips grind up onto my member.  Our lips disengage

as the orgasm rolls through her body.  She presses her loins tightly against

mine, pushing her exploding clit onto my prick.  Wave after wave of bliss

rockets through her entire body.

Her orgasm only serves to entice me into more action and I continue plunging

into her.  As the first climax begins to subside, I sense the beginnings of a

second and she pushes her pelvis even harder against me. I direct my cock into

a position which puts it into better contact on her clit.  With each stroke,

her next orgasm builds and she soon comes again.

I wait until her shuddering ceases, then withdraw from her quivering quim. I

pull her over onto her stomach and she raises onto her knees.  I point my

pecker at her slit and press forward, sinking fully into her depths.  With

each thrust I pause to rotate my prick inside her sleeve.  She reaches down

between her legs to massage my balls as they slap against her clit.

Her fingers are coaxing the cum from me and she tickles my tool as we fuck.

Gripping her buttocks, I hold her steady as I glide in and out of her.  Her

fingers find her clit and she begins to aid my efforts for her third orgasm.

As her climax builds, she tilts her hips to apply more pressure on my cock. I

can feel the sap rising from my balls and begin driving harder into her.

Pushing deeply into her body with each stroke, I go after my own pleasure

release.  She feels my balls begin to tighten for their launch and she gently

supports them as the rocket is loaded. My explosion begins and jet after jet

of cum spurts into her. Feeling my cock twitching in her love nest takes her

over the edge and she comes again.

I pull out of her when my prick has emptied its contents into her container.

She quickly spins around and stuffs my dwindling prick into her mouth and

begins licking and sucking.  Her action keeps me hard and I maintain a useful

erection. She rolls me onto my back and continues administering mouth to cock


Satisfied that I am not going to go soft on her, she swings a leg over my

midsection, slips into the saddle and begins riding. She starts with a gentle

trot, rocking back and forth on the horn. As she rocks, my prick slaps inside

her. She places her hands on my chest and leans forward, trying to increase

the feeling on her clit.

Without losing contact, she turns her body around and faces away from me. As

she rocks on my cock, her clit slides along the shaft and another orgasm

builds.  She reaches down and fondles my balls as she fucks me.  With each

forward motion, the palm of her hand rubs her love button and adds to her


Reaching from behind her I massage her breasts.  Her nipples are fully

extended and press into my palms.  She leans back but discovers this decreases

the intensity of our contact so she leans forward, supporting herself by

placing her hands on my knees, and presses onto my pole. She raises up along

my hardness and then lowers herself on the full length, rubbing her clit along

the underside of my cock, stimulating her and coaxing her climax.

I am able to watch my prick disappear into her folds as she raises and lowers

her body. Her sex lips suck on my shaft as she rises up and push on my pole as

she descends. Our bodies make a slight slurping sound as the cum from our

earlier orgasms is squeezed out of her sheath. Our love juice coats my cock

and foams as we fuck.

Her ride turns into a gallop as she thrusts herself onto me.  The ride takes

her up and down and back and forth in the saddle.  With each motion, she

presses her loins against mine in a frenzy.  She pushes herself to the limit,

going for another orgasm. In and out I plunge, up and down she rides, until

her climax takes over. Her body convulses again and again as she rides her

orgasm across the finish line.

Lifting off my still-raging prick, she rolls onto her back and spreads herself

wide open. I lift her legs and hold her knees with my elbows. My slippery cock

slides easily past her dripping lips and into her body and I begin drilling

her well. My cum coated cock drives in and out of her, and our bodies squish

together with each thrust.

I feel the stirrings of an eruption and pull out of her.  Lowering her legs, I

move up her body and place my prick on her chest.  I gently cup her breasts,

pressing them around my cock, and begin thrusting back and forth between them.

As I push forward, the tip of my tool approaches her lips. She tilts her head

down, trying to capture my member on the forward strokes. I move closer and

continue fucking her breasts.

The juice from my cock coats her breasts and I slide easily between them.  I

can now reach her open lips and she tongues the tip each time I approach.  I

push fully forward and she closes her lips around the crown.  She licks and

sucks greedily on me and I return to moving between her breasts.

I am far enough up her body that each stroke takes me into her waiting mouth.

She reaches for my cock and pulls me into her mouth, sucking and licking all

the while. She grabs my ass and begins pushing and pulling me into her throat.

It is clear what she wishes me to do.

I lean forward over her head so my cock is pointed straight down her throat.

With her hands directing me, I probe her mouth with my prick.  An orgasm is

imminent now and my increased motion tips her off to that fact.  She grabs my

rod and begins stroking rapidly. With one hand she lifts my balls; with the

other she strokes my hardness; and with her tongue she laps at the crown of my


Her efforts are soon rewarded and I cum.  When the first drops eject onto her

waiting tongue, she closes her mouth around me and sucks hard. She releases

her lips, but her hand continues coaxing my cum. Her hand becomes coated with

my love juice and her tongue lashes out to lick at the fruits of her labor.

She sucks me deep into her mouth to savor the remnants of our copulation and

to attempt to retain my erection.  This time she is not as successful.

I withdraw from her lips and climb back down her body.  Our lips meet in

renewed passion and we lick each other clean.  Our loins are numb from this

encounter and we both seem totally satisfied - for the moment.  Our bodies

continue to generate heat and I press my spent body into hers.

Basking in the afterglow of our love-making, we continue to kiss and cuddle.

The morning sun has now set the room ablaze in light, but it pales in

comparison to the fire which burned between us just moments ago. In the

distance, the kitchen clock chimes eight times. The day has just begun!

               End - Chapter Three - "The Lust Weekend"



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