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Archive-name: Couples/lust2.txt

Archive-author: Rob H.

Archive-title: Lust Weekend 2 - The Shower

(INTRO: This is the second part of a fantasy weekend retreat.  In Part 1, we

arrived at the cabin, unpacked, and went for a moonlight swim in the lake. As

in all good fantasies, we made love in the water.  The story continues...)

We reluctantly wade to the shore and retrieve our clothes, but we do not put

them on.  We walk hand in hand, nude, through the trees and back to the cabin.

Our bodies still tingle from a combination of the act of love just completed

and the cool night air.

Upon arriving at the cabin, we toss our clothes onto a chair near the

fireplace.  Our bodies are still damp and she is shivering slightly.  She

decides to take a shower and heads for the bathroom.  "How about a drink to

help warm you up?" I ask, heading for the kitchen.

"Sounds good" she replies, closing the door to the bath.  I hear the water

running as I make us each a whiskey sour.  The clock on the wall begins to

chime.  Glancing at the clock, I notice the time - ten o'clock.  We've been

here only two hours and already have begun acting like wild animals in heat.

It feels good.

A slight chill passed through me and broke my into thoughts.  I realized I was

still naked and beginning to feel cold from the lake water.  Carrying our

drinks, I headed for the bathroom and a warm shower.

I push open the door and a wave of steam rolls into the cabin.  She is still

in the shower and I can barely discern her outline through the frosted glass

door of the shower.  As the steam clears, my view improves.  I can see the

profile of her body now.  The smooth lines of her legs, the softly-rounded

area of her stomach, and the gentle curves of her breasts.  The sight of her

in the shower begins the arousal process in me.  I set the glasses on the

corner of the sink.

I watch her through the glass as she showers.  Her hands slide gracefully

along her curves, lathering her body in the warm water.  She has an exquisite

body, and she is aware of it.  She has always been comfortable with her

sexuality, willing to explore and find what excites her.  It is this knowledge

of herself that has made me the lover I am.  By knowing what pleases her, she

is able to direct me so I can please her.

Pausing as she reaches her breasts, she cups them and smoothes her hands over

them.  Softly she caresses their fullness and gently teases her nipples. She

tosses her head back and lets the shower water splash across her body.  I see

her shifting her legs and I know she is getting excited.  As my erection

grows, I fight the urge to jump in the shower with her.  I continue to watch.

Leaving one hand to fondle her breasts, the other hand follows the water as it

runs down her body.  Slowly, the hand crosses her stomach and approaches the

junction of her thighs.  As her hand disappears between her legs, I hear a

soft sigh from the shower.  I know from the sound that her hand has found its


Although the shower glass does not provide a clear view, I watch as she

massages her body.  Slippery hands, gliding over the rolling contours and into

the hidden valleys of her body.  Gentle hands, teasing her breasts and

pleasing the inner reaches of her vagina.  I wish they were my hands.

My erection has grown into a full-fledged hard-on and it twitches with each

beat of my now-racing heart.  I cannot resist the urge to grab it and stroke

it in time with her movements.  She is not yet aware of my presence.  We

continue to masturbate, she on one side of the glass door of the shower and me

on the other.  As her hand increases in speed, so does mine, and we begin

building toward our fantasy orgasms.

I watch as she continues to massage her breasts and dip into her treasure

chest.  Based upon the sounds coming from the shower, she must be rolling her

fingers over her clit.  I can almost feel the soft, warm, folds of her sexual

lips as they envelope her fingers.  Knowing her body as I do, I know she is

wet and juicy now, and her fingers are sliding effortlessly into her deeper


The sounds coming from the shower increase in volume and tempo.  I know she is

approaching an orgasm without me, but I don't care.  I am in my own fantasy

world on the other side of the glass.  I grip my prick and continue to

masturbate toward my own orgasm.  Leaning back against the sink, I close my

eyes and remember our love-making in the lake.  My hand continues its travels

up and down the length of my cock, stroking to the memory.

I don't know if I made a noise or if she just sensed someone in the room, but

she slides open the shower door and is greeted by the sight of me leaning

against the bathroom sink, jacking off.  The sound of the shower door opening

causes me to stop in mid-stroke.  I am more than a little embarrassed and my

erection begins to fade.

"You naughty boy," she teases, "you were watching me, weren't you?"

"Yes." There is little else I can say.

"Did it make you excited?" she asks.  It seems to be a silly question in light

of my current state of erection.

"Well, what are we going to do about it?"  Then, smiling, she says, "Why don't

you come in here and we can 'discuss it'."

As I step into the shower, she immediately reaches for my cock and begins

where I had left off.  In just a stroke or two, she has me back at full

erection.  As I close the door to the shower, I reach for her love nest.

Dipping my fingers inside, I find her still wet and slippery and my fingers

slide into her easily.

We press our bodies close together and my hard-on pokes into her stomach. She

tilts my prick upwards, towards her breasts, catching it between our bodies,

and continues stroking.  Our lips meet in passion.  We stand in the spray of

the shower masturbating each other.

Her hand is firmly gripping and stroking my cock, from the hairy base to the

soft crown and back again.  With her free hand she reachess for my balls to

softly squeeze them and feel them roll in her hand.  Despite our recent

activity at the lake, I have recharged and reloaded and am ready to shoot.

The feel of her hand around my cock, sliding up and down the shaft, is giving

me immense pleasure.  As I begin building to a climax, I search for her clit

to return the favor.  Because she had been masturbating in the shower longer

than I had been masturbating in the room, her clit is swollen with desire and

I easily tease her toward her peak.

We continue our rubbing and stroking motions on each other.  As her hips begin

answering my probing fingers, my hips begin thrusting my prick through her

fingers.  As I pick up the pace with my cock, she responds with her body. Up

and down her hand slides on my cock, in and out my fingers probe in her

sheath. Faster and faster our motions become, each trying to coax the cum from

the other.

Just as we are about to bring each other to a climax, she releases her grip on

me.  She breaks our kiss and pushes my hand away.  "No," she says, and turns

around, putting her back toward me.

"What's wrong?" I ask, and then realize what she is doing.

Placing her feet as wide apart as she can, she bends at the waist and grabs

the faucet handles in the shower.  A very pleasant sight comes into view

between her legs and her action needs no further explanation.

Holding my cock in my hand, I move up behind her.  I rub the full length of it

along her slit several times, mixing her lubrication with the juices that have

escaped from the tip of my cock.   We are both so aroused that even this

simple action causes us to moan.  I continue teasing her for a few strokes

before slipping the head of my prick inside her folds.

Slowly, I push forward and slide easily into her warm, wet, confines.  Ever

onward travels my miniature miner, searching for the deepest regions of this

cavern he has discovered.  The miner crawls along this tight-fitting path;

probing the sides, top, and bottom of the cave; until he reaches the end of

his shaft.  I pause, allowing her body to adjust to the size of the intruder,

before retreating.  Holding her hips steady, I begin the rhythm we both enjoy

so much.

As I pull my cock out, her sex lips grip me tightly and provide new

stimulation for her clit.  I withdraw until only the head remains inside, then

reverse direction and plunge back into her warmth.  In this position I can

watch my cock travel in and out of her body.  I see her sex lips holding onto

my thickness and responding to our motion.  The sight of my hard penis and her

soft lips drives me crazy and I begin moving faster.

I need to feel her body close to me, so I lean over and reach for her breasts.

I find them and tease her nipples into erection.  As I roll the nipples

between my fingers I continue to probe her pussy with my prick. Cupping her

breasts in my hands, I feel their soft fullness and gently squeeze and caress

them with my palms.  As I do so, I can feel her close herself around my cock

and realize her orgasm cannot be far behind.

My hands leave her breasts and travel across her stomach to her love box. My

fingers explore her junction, searching for her clit.  I find it and begin

massaging her toward orgasm.  I match the actions of my fingers to the

thrusting of our loins, pushing her closer and closer to a climax.  I feel her

close around me even tighter and know she will come very soon.

Her climax is approaching rapidly now, and she pushes herself harder and

faster onto my cock.  Plunging faster and faster into her body, I rub her clit

and press it against my pulsing prick.  I feel my balls tighten as they get

ready to release their contents into her container.  Faster and faster and

faster we move, until we reach our ultimate velocity.  We simply cannot

possibly fuck any faster.

Suddenly, there is no turning back.  My prick extends as far as it can into

her, my balls tighten and spray the first jet of cum into her box.  Her orgasm

hits as she feels my cum paint her interior walls.  The timing is incredible.

With each pulse of my prick I can feel the grip of her walls as we attain a

simultaneous orgasm.

As I deposit the last of my cum into her depths, my legs weaken.  It is only

because of our position that I do not fall flat on my face in the shower.

Holding her closely, I continue to press her loins against mine as our orgasm

fades into memory.

Reluctantly, I remove my prick from her and allow her to stand.  She turns to

face me and we embrace.  The once-warm water begins to cool, but it does

nothing to quell our passion.  Her hand reaches for my dwindling cock and she

gently squeezes and strokes it.  For the time being, I have nothing left to

give her, but that does not diminish the pleasure I feel as she rubs my rod.

Realizing the water will not be getting any warmer, we wash each other

somewhat quickly, pausing to pay special attention to the "good parts".  We

turn off the shower and step into the room.  She grabs a couple of towels and

heads for the bedroom.  I take the drinks and follow closely behind.

We dry ourselves as we sip our whiskey sours.  Once dry, we wrap the towels

around our bodies and lie down on the bed.  I move close to her and cradle her

head on my shoulder.  As we lie there, finishing our drinks, we talk.

"It's really nice here the woods", she says.  "Quiet, peaceful, romantic".

"Yes, it is," I reply.  "It's just what we needed - some time alone - to

rediscover ourselves."

"And what have you discovered?" she asks.

"I've discovered what I knew all along", I answer, "I've discovered that I

love you, that I love making love to you."

"Must be something in the water", she teases, and we both laugh at the double

meaning of the statement.

As we laugh, the towel loosens around her.  Her breasts peek out from the

edges of the towel.  They are beautiful breasts; soft yet firm, nicely rounded

and full.  Centered upon each mound is a circular brown aureole with a raised

nipple at the hub.  I have always loved her breasts.  I love to caress them,

to tease them, to suck on her nipples and feel them grow in my mouth.

Her nipples are slightly erect as they pop out from beneath the towel, and I

cannot resist the urge to fondle and kiss her breasts.  Her chest heaves as

first contact is made.  She pushes her breasts up into my face.

I kiss the perimeter of each breast, working from one to the other, climbing

each mountain toward its peak.  As my kisses reach the summit, her body begins

shifting on the bed, and I know I am arousing her once again.  My lips climb

down the mountains and begin a trip south.

Traveling down from her breasts, I kiss a large circle across her chest and

stomach, pushing the towel out of the way with my face.  Reaching the crest of

her forest, I move around the edges to her thighs.  Slowly, I work my way

along the top of her thigh to the knee.  At the knee I move two inches inward

and begin a return route toward the junction of her thighs.  Skirting the area

once again, I move along the other thigh in a similar manner.  Twice more I

take the trip along her thighs, each time approaching closer and closer to the

center of her body.

With each passing journey her body responds, pressing her loins up into my

face as I pass by.  The towel lay completely open now, as though I have just

unwrapped a gift.  And I have.  Peering into the center of her thighs, I see

the glistening of her sex lips, moist with anticipation.  They are an open

invitation to explore the nether region of her body.

I continue kissing and licking around the edges of her, slowly working my way

toward the central target.  Her hips rise and fall, pushing up in search of my

teasing tongue.  I dance away from her each time, only to return and tease

again.  Finally, to satisfy her longing and my taste buds, I allow her hips to

place the target at my disposal.

She lets out a controlled moan at the first contact of lips on lips and pushes

herself into my face.  Extending my tongue, I lap at her now dripping bowl and

begin probing her slit.  Her response is to press her loins onto my tongue.

Using my tongue as a spoon, I drag it along the length of her opening and lick

her juices.  I love the taste of her.  I could spend hours at her deli,

sampling the delights of her fruit.  If only my tongue were longer.  Then I

could delve deeply into her and taste the source of her sweetness.

Long, luscious licks of her love box only serve to improve the quality of her

offering.  The taste of her is driving me crazy.  I begin an assault on her

clit in an attempt to make her release more of her honey.  I jab at her clit,

rolling it on the flat of my tongue, dragging it along the full length of my

tongue.  Probing the edges of her lips, pulling the hood of her clit with my

lips, again and again I attack.

Concentrating first on the deeper reaches of her vagina, I dip my tongue far

inside her.  Then I withdraw to circle her clit and lick her sex lips. Lapping

and tonguing at her cleft, I continue to coax her toward a climax. Around and

around I drive my tongue, licking, sucking, teasing, rolling, tasting her

free-flowing juices.  I want her to come on my tongue.  I want to taste the

juice from deep within her.  I want to feel her clit grow and her walls close

around my tongue.

Her breathing is rapid and I can feel her orgasm approaching.  I tongue her

faster and faster, concentrating more on her clit, and she thrusts her body up

into my face.  Her hips are tossing on the bed and I struggle to maintain

contact.  Her hands go to my head to direct me for the final assault as her

orgasm hits.

Her body heaves as she climaxes in wave upon wave of satisfaction.  Her hips

press upward onto my probing tongue and she releases the flood gates from deep

within her well.  I continue lapping and licking at her, attempting to gather

as much of her juice as possible.  I press my lips over her sex lips and suck

at her cup as her orgasm subsides.  Finally assured her climax is complete, I

lick her inner thighs and her outer lips for any remaining sweetness.  Her

sexual lips are swollen in a combination of desire and satisfaction.  I gently

kiss them in thanks for their contribution to my taste buds and slowly begin

the trip back up her body.

Reaching her breasts, I softly suckle them and caress the fully-extended

nipples with my tongue.  The hard tips poke at my tongue and I know I have

pleased her.  Her breathing begins to return to normal and she softly sighs in

satisfaction.  Her legs twitch in the afterglow of her orgasm and she presses

her thighs together as several aftershocks strike.

Arriving at her lips, I kiss her passionately and hold her closely.  There

seems to be a glow over her entire body and a look of ultimate pleasure upon

her face.  I am satisfied that I have done well.

I turn onto my back and lie next to her.  Her mind clears and she raises up

onto an elbow and peers into my eyes.

"That was great!", she says, "But what about you?"  Looking down, she sees my

cock poking up under the towel.  Reaching down, she gropes my tool through the

terry teepee.  As she kisses my lips she pushes aside the towel, freeing my


Gripping my prick in her hand, she begins kissing my body.  She elects to take

a direct route and works her way down my body in a straight line, crossing my

chest and stomach and arriving quickly at her goal.  She tilts my prick up

away from my body and slips the head into her mouth.  We groan in unison as

her lips close around the satiny crown of my prick.

She looks up at me with her soft brown eyes and begins feeding the shaft into

her mouth.  More and more of me disappears, until her mouth is stuffed with my

hardness.  Holding her lips tight around the shaft, she raises her head and

withdraws my cock.  She strokes my throbbing cock and licks her lips as she

stares into my eyes.

"How's that?", she asks. "Do you like that?"    (What a question!!)

"You bet!", I reply, as my hard-on increases by two sizes.

She continues to stare into my face to see the pleasure as she opens her mouth

and devours my cock again.  Once more she stuffs her mouth full of my cock and

then withdraws it.  Her tongue lashes out and she laps at the head, swirling

her tongue around and around the crown.  She strokes my length and squeezes

the shaft.  As she licks and kisses the head, her lips and tongue become

coated with my grease.  Her eyes close as she licks my slippery cockhead and

her lips.

The sight of her enjoying my cock excites me even more and I begin pumping

through her hand.  Her hand tightens around my cock to hold me still.  Her

grip makes it clear this is to be her blow job, and I am not going to do

anything but enjoy it.  Suits me just fine!

She holds my cock and licks along the shaft to my balls.  Reaching the sac,

she tickles them with her tongue and strokes my shaft.  She lifts my balls

with her hand and gently sucks them.  In spite of our earlier encounters, they

seem to be full of cum again.  Returning her attention to my cock, she again

licks her way along the shaft to the head.

Once again slipping my erect organ into her mouth, she begins a sliding motion

up and down my length.  As her mouth engulfs my prick, her tongue wraps around

the shaft, working me into a frenzy.  The combination of her saliva and my

juice allows my cock to slide back and forth between her lips with virtually

no resistance.  She is no longer looking into my eyes, electing instead to

concentrate on the hard cock in her mouth.

My prick continues pistoning up and down between the oval of her lips and she

cups my balls, coaxing the cum from them.  As I watch her head bob on my

prick, I feel the pressure building as I near eruption.  I am just itching to

shoot in her mouth.

I always love it when she sucks me off, and I think she enjoys it as well. The

feeling of a hard cock gliding in and out of her mouth, back and forth over

her tongue; the knowledge that she is giving tremendous pleasure to the one

she loves; the same basic reasons (with a change of equipment) that I love

giving her head.  She speeds up her actions on my member, releasing my balls

to devote full attention to my pending orgasm.

Faster and faster she plunges my cock in and out of her mouth, relying solely

on her lips and tongue to bring me off.   She grabs my cock at the base to

keep it pointed straight at her mouth for the final attack.  Her head becomes

a blur at my loins as she goes after my climax.

"I'm gonna cum," I warn.  I can no longer hold back the urge to assist in my

orgasm, and I begin thrusting into her warm mouth.

She feels my cock swell as it loads up to shoot.  Having come twice tonight,

the first release is a gentle spurt, landing softly on her tongue.  She holds

my prick lightly in her hand, almost as if she were taking my pulse.  And, in

a way, she is - her fingertips can detect every convulsion of my erupting

cock; and each convulsion is followed by a squirt of juice that spreads across

her tongue.  She milks the cum from my cock; sucking and squeezing the shaft

to pull it all from my balls.

In a matter of moments my orgasm is over.  My prick begins to go limp in her

mouth and the cum stops flowing.  She licks my cock clean and eventually

release my softening prick from her lips.  Climbing back up my body, her lips

meet mine in another passionate embrace.

"Any chance of getting it up again tonight?" she asks, hopefully.

"I'd love to, but you have completely drained me."

"That's okay" she says.  "We have all weekend.  Let's get some sleep."  She

lays her head on my chest and presses her warm body close to mine.

"All weekend" I think, "I don't know if I can take it!"

                              End - CHAPTER TWO -



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