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Archive-name: Couples/lust1.txt

Archive-author: Rob H.

Archive-title: Lust Weekend 1 - The Lake

The drive from the city had been tiring.  There seemed to be more than the

usual number of idiots on the road today.  Perhaps they, like us, were just

hoping to take advantage of the long weekend.  At least they were not coming

to "our" woods.  We had purchased the cabin from a friend of ours last month.

We needed a place to just get away and be alone, together.

Turning off the main road, we drive the mile and a half through the woods, on

the stone lane, to the cabin.  Nestled in the woods, the cabin is somewhat

isolated.  The nearest "neighbor" is about a quarter-mile hike through the

trees.  We don't know if anyone is there for the weekend, nor do we really


We unpack the car and quickly store our supplies and belongings.  We agree it

had been our good fortune to acquire the cabin.  After taking a few minutes to

look around, we talk of vague plans for our time here.  Little do we know what

the weekend holds in store for us.  It is to be a weekend we will not soon


Although tired from the trip, we are excited at being here.  Deciding to sit

on the porch for a while, we take the folding chairs outside, placing them

side by side on the porch.  We snuggle there on the porch, her head on my

shoulder, as close together as we can get in our chairs.

The night air creeps through the trees and softly brushes over the front of

the cabin, lifting the scent of her perfume and tickling our minds with the

smell of honeysuckle, pine, and spruce.  Here and there are the sounds of

evening: the rhythmic chirping of crickets, a fluttering of wings as birds

settle into their nests, and the quiet creaking of tree limbs.  The world

around us is preparing to bed down for the night and our thoughts are toward

that end as well.

"Let's go for a walk" she suggests.

"Where would you like to go?"

"I don't know.  Why don't we go down by the lake?"

"Sure, why not." I take her hand and we leave the cabin porch.

The lake is but a short walk through the woods.  We step into the clearing in

front of the water.  There, stretching out before us, lies the peaceful

solitude of Lake Tuckahoe.  Named for an Indian chief, the lake has remained

untouched by the machines of man.  Its quiet beauty is a reflection of times

gone by and a tribute to those who would maintain the pristine quality of life

around it.

The sky has a few clouds drifting through it tonight and the moon is three

quarters full.  I hold her close as we gaze out over the still water. The

moonlight dances across the lake and gently caresses the darkness.  Looking

into her eyes, I can see the outline of the trees surrounding the lake.  I

hold her even closer and lower my lips to hers.  Our lips meet in a soft kiss.

The smell of her perfume and the tenderness of her lips brings the beginnings

of a hard-on to me.  As we press ourselves together, I feel the warmth of her

body and the imprint of her breasts on my chest.  The soft kiss becomes one of

rising passion, matched by my rising erection.

My hands begin roaming her body, tracing the outline through her clothes.  I

study her body as a blind man would - in braille - feeling each contour as I

explore.  I know her body as well as my own.  Yet, each time I touch her it is

as exciting as the first.  The sight and the feel of her body always brings

joy to my heart and hardness to my loins.

I push my thigh against her.  She responds by spreading her legs slightly,

allowing me to press into their junction.  As her legs open, so do her lips

and her tongue leaps into my mouth.  It is a welcome intruder and our tongues

meet in a wet greeting.

Our intertwined legs begin to dance a sexual dance, rolling and rubbing

against each others loins.  As I press deeper into her valley, she replies by

squeezing my thigh with her legs, searching for my prick.  Feeling the warmth

of her thighs against my rising prick increases the passion of our kiss and

our tongues begin to do battle.  Lowering my hands to her buttocks, I pull her

tightly against me.  Suddenly, she breaks away from my lips and body.

"Let's go for a swim."  Her eyes reflect a mischievous sparkle from within.

"But our bathing suits are back at the cabin"

The sparkle in her eyes becomes a glow.  "Who needs a suit?", she asks, and

begins to strip off her clothes.  She divests herself of all her earthly

belongings and stands there in the nude.  Her breasts push firmly into the

night air, and her body glows in the light reflecting from the lake.  Even the

shadow she casts in the moonlight is exciting.

"What's the matter?" she asks,  "Are you chicken?  Embarrassed?  Come on!"

As she heads toward the water I realize that she is serious and hurriedly

attempt to catch up to her.  I strip away all that I possess (at the moment)

and head for the shoreline.  My prick slaps against my legs as I run.  She is

already in the water, playfully splashing and waving for me to come in.  "I

must be crazy", I think, and wade into the lake.

The water is warmer than I had imagined and I am thankful for small favors.

She is staring at my loins, obviously checking my hard-on, as I approach. She

lies back in the water, allowing her body to float.  Her breasts protrude

above the water like a pair of beautiful islands in the moonlit lake.  Her

legs are open and inviting and I long to dock my ship in her port.

Reaching out in the moonlight I lightly touch her breasts, causing the nipples

to become erect.  I trace the water line around each breast and kiss each

exposed island peak.  My hands remain in constant contact with her as I move

down her body and between her legs.  Once there, I submerge my body until my

face is at the level of the lake surface and move toward the harbor formed by

her thighs.  With the first kiss on her shores, her eyes close and a smile

comes to her lips.

Placing my hands under her buttocks, I lift her slightly to gain better access

to her cove.  I begin gently lapping at the shoreline, lightly splashing water

as I tongue her slit.  She is wet from the lake and her own natural juices,

and as I continue licking, she becomes even wetter. Teasingly, I circle her

opening, occasionally dipping my tongue into her to pull out more of her

juice. She begins to respond to my actions with slight pushes of her hips,

encouraging me to find her sensitive areas, and I knead her buttocks in my


I search along the folds and find her love button.  My tongue rakes back and

forth across the hood of her clit and her excitement builds.  I love the taste

of her body and could eat her all day.  Fortunately, she loves being eaten,

and would let me do so all day; but she likes giving pleasure as much as

receiving and I cannot last all day.  However, that has never stopped us from


I continue my actions on her body, alternating deep thrusts of my tongue into

her folds with attacks to her clit.  Pulling her loins against my face, I

extend my tongue as far into her as I can to lick the honey from the walls of

her pot.  Her sweetness melts in my mouth.

I turn my attention to her clit and she replies by pressing up and onto my

probing tongue.  Using rapid strokes, I toss her clit from side-to-side with

my tongue.  Back and forth, then up and down, and finally in circles, I leave

no direction untried as I push her toward orgasm.  The response of her body to

my actions only serves to encourage me and I assault her body with a

vengeance.  I have but one goal in mind now - I want to make her cum.

It is difficult for me to control her movements and I know she must be close

to a climax.  Again and again I lap at her clit, bringing her ever onward,

until she cannot stand it any longer.  Her body begins to shudder as her

orgasm hits. Pulling her loins tight against my face, I dip into her slit to

feel the contractions with my tongue.  I want to taste her cum.  I lick and

suck at her, capturing the juices as they flow from within.

She begins to relax, but I continue licking and sucking.  Finally satisfied

that I have drained her completely, I pull her into a standing position.  My

prick, now a raging hard-on, stands away from my body.  As she slides along my

torso, her thighs close around my rudder.  The moonlight shimmers on the water

and lights her face.  Brushing back the hair from her eyes, I stare into their

warmth.  We both smile in satisfaction and kiss passionately.

Her thighs are warm and I cannot resist the urge to thrust my prick back and

forth between them.  She reaches down between our bodies, grips my shaft, and

begins stroking.  Her hand slides along the length of my cock, testing my

hardness.  "I want you", she says, "I want to feel you in me."

To punctuate her statement she raises her hips, opens her legs, and wraps them

around my waist.  Holding my prick, she presses forward and onto my cock. The

combination of her slippery sleeve, and her exceptional aim, results in a

direct hit.  I sink deep into her sheath.  We moan in unison as the mating is

completed and press our bodies tightly together.

We pause to allow the sparks of this first penetration to escape then begin

the rhythm of sex.  Our bodies work together, sliding my rigid pole in and out

of the confines of her channel.  Inserting.....deeply, then withdrawing.....

slowly, leaving only enough of my cock inside of her to maintain the union.

Gripping her buttocks I squeeze her further onto my erection and she allows

her legs to float upward in the water, providing me free access to her body.

The lake begins to churn in response to our love-making.  The once quiet

waters ripple from one end of the lake to the other and back again.  Like fish

spawning we continue our actions.  Pushing....pulling....pushing again.

Inserting....withdrawing....inserting....withdrawing....inserting.  Just as a

needle on a record gets stuck in a well-used groove, I, too, am stuck - in her


Holding her ass in my hands, I tilt her hips and pull my cock out, until just

the head is tucked in her folds.  Driving fully into her I push the full

length of my cock into her, hitting the back wall of her vagina.  The contact

causes us to moan.  I withdraw my rod and attack her again.  The feeling is

intense - for both of us.

Time and time again I plunge deep within her.  The water cushions my actions

and washes around our bodies in a maelstrom.  She lowers her legs, to increase

the pressure on my cock, and wraps them around my waist again.  She rolls her

hips in response to the piston in her chamber and pushes her clit onto the top

of my prick.

We try to increase the speed of our motions but the water prevents us from

moving any faster.  The slower pace does have its advantages, however. I have

the time to feel her inner walls gripping my shaft as I penetrate her sheath,

and she has the pleasure of feeling the full length hardness of my cock

rubbing against her clit.

We continue to fuck in the water, my cock sliding;

deep....shallow....deep....shallow....deep; filling her sleeve with my prick,

pressing my cock into her and causing our pleasure to mount.  I can feel the

build-up of pressure in my balls and I want to squirt my cum in her -- I want

her to cum again and again  --  I want to feel her cum around my prick.

She begins pressing her clit even harder on my cock and I know she is ready to

cum.  Her body twitches and jerks as her climax hits.  Her orgasm is almost

violent and I can feel her vaginal walls close in around my prick, squeezing

my shaft as she cums.

A few more thrusts into her and my eruption begins.  I grab her ass and pull

her as far onto my cock as I can to plant the first spurt as deeply inside her

as possible.  Pressing into her for the second spurt, I try to place it next

to the first; firing my weapon at the target again and again, until my

ammunition is spent.

As our orgasms retreat, our tongues extend to meet again in passion.  We are

probably not the first to have made love in these waters, and we will

certainly not be the last.  But, for the time being, we have been the best.

And as stillness slowly returns to the lake, we can hear the waves we have

created quietly applauding on the shore.

                             End - CHAPTER ONE



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