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Archive-name: Couples/lindgft3.txt

Archive-author: C. Howie Humpzer

Archive-title: Linda's Gift - 3

              She had been leaning against the door all the while I

         was making a fool of myself but now she leaned over and

         flicked on the lamp which rested on the end table next to

         the door.  This gave a soft glow to the room and once again

         I was taken by her great beauty.  She didn't speak again but

         reached down and, one by one, slipped the pumps off of her

         tiny, delicate feet.  Next, she slipped off her coat and laid

         it where mine had been earlier; on the arm of the sofa.  She

         padded over to where I stood and pushed my coat off my

         shoulders, all the while her eyes transfixed on mine.  She

         then reached up and placed her hands gently on my shoulders,

         and for the first time that night, kissed me.  It was a deep

         kiss and brought me to instant arousal for the third time

         that night.  Her soft, snaking tongue probed mine as we

         continued for a minute or two, our breathing intensifying.

              Needless to say, It was only a matter of seconds before

         my hands began exploring her back and ass.  Her silk and

         leather clothing gave her body an even more sensous feel.

         I hiked up her skirt and squeezed her warm, soft ass cheeks

         through her panties, the elastic of her garters brushing my

         fingers now and then.  She began to breathe more heavily now,

         pulling me down to the floor.  We sat upright in the middle

         of the floor and began to undress knowing that from here on

         in our clothes were just going to be in the way.  She did

         leave the stockings on at my request, however.

              I reached my hand out and gently caressed her breasts.

         They never looked as good to me as they did at that moment,

         and I lingered there for a long time as Linda's head rolled

         back, enjoying my gentle fondling of her erect nipples.  I

         leaned over and kissed and sucked them tenderly, catching a

         hint of that wonderful perfume she had obviously rubbed into

         her ample cleavage hours ago.  It had had its effect on me.

              Linda started to get a little hotter and she began to

         stroke my thighs taking care not to touch my cock.  She knew

         that to make the moment last it was hands off for a while.

         I busied myself in the meantime by caressing the rest of her

         body.  I stroked her soft belly down to her dark, neatly

         trimmed bush, but went no further than the patch of soft

         skin which immediately preceeds her unusually thick clit.

         I then moved down to her legs where, again, I spent plenty

         of time.  Linda loves me to massage her legs and feet,

         especially after a long day at work, and I love to do it for

         her.  She has long, slender legs that end with the sexiest,

         most delicate, shapely feet I ever saw on a woman.  I am not

         a fetishist by any means, but I must admit that those feet of

         hers really turn me on.  I stroked and kneaded my my down to

         them to the accompaniment of her gentle sighing and moaning.

         I rubbed, stroked, and fondled, and kissed each toe, heel,

         ball, and arch through the thin film of nylon until I was

         certain my cock would explode.  I looked up to see if Linda

         was enjoying my attention to her feet and was treated to the

         sight of her leaning back against the couch, head back, legs

         splayed, gently fingering her swollen clit.  She lifted her

         head as I paused, and seemed to snap out of the spell she

         was under.  She sat upright and scolded "Hey, this is YOUR

         party, and here I am letting you do all the work."  This was

         definitely not work but I said nothing.  After all, she had

         gone to a lot of trouble presenting herself to me as she had

         so I figured it might well be worth my while to just relax

         and see what was in store for me.

              She raised herself to her knees and moved closer to me.

         She kissed me softly then pushed me down to the floor.  She

         extended her arms down to me, and with just the tips of her

         red fingernails raked me gently from my forehead down to my

         toes.  Moans escaped me as she electrified my entire body

         with her expert touch.  She continued until my eyes crossed

         and my dick flopped around like landed fish.  Then she

         flipped me over and repeated this proceedure on my back, ass,

         and legs.  I kept still, fighting the urge to hump the

         carpeting until she was finished.

              Next, she turned me right side up again and the action

         got heavy.  She leaned down and kissed me tenderly, tongue

         pushing between our lips, gently encircling mine.  She left

         my face but continued to kiss and lick my neck, chest, and

         belly on her way to my waiting cock.  As she moved down my

         body, I felt the soft, fragrant curls of her hair brush

         against my face and chest, followed by the warm touch of her

         erect nipples as they dragged across my skin.  By the time

         she reached my now drooling cock, I knew I was near the end

         of my self-restraint, especially when her gorgeous ass and

         pussy came into view.  She straddled my face and slowly

         thrust and ground her pelvis lewdly, as she kissed around

         the base of my cock and balls.  Gradually, she lowered her

         glistening pussy to my face but held it just an inch or two

         above, so that I could savor the view of her delicately

         flowering pussy lips and her wrinkled, pink asshole.

              I was in heaven as she finally began planting warm, wet

         kisses on my boner.  It had been suspended in varying stages

         of erection for what must have been forty-five minutes now.

         And I was ready to splatter her tonsils the moment she

         wrapped those ruby-red lips of hers around it.

              She lowered her pussy to my face now, allowing me to

         dart my tongue around her clit, peehole, cunt, and asshole.

         As I did this I felt her chest heave against my abdomen.

         She was really hot now, and was preparing to swallow my cock,

         when she unexpectedly paused and went rigid.  Her hand still

         gripped my cock near its base, and I kept on blissfully

         lapping at her orifices, when suddenly I felt her stomach

         tighten.  I was wondering if she might be getting a cramp


              I quickly learned otherwise as a strange liquid filled

         my mouth.  It was very warm, a little sweet, and a little

         salty.  As what was happening began to dawn on me, another

         gush of piss entered my mouth.  I wasn't sure if I ought to

         be swallowing this stuff, so I pushed it out of my mouth,

         where it flowed freely down my cheeks and onto the floor.

              I couldn't believe what was happening to me.  My love,

         without warning, was urinating into my mouth, and I was

         loving it.

              As soon as she was able to start and stop her stream

         at will, she returned her lips to my dick.  It immediately

         reared up and prepared to unload, as she raised her hips

         slightly and released another stream of piss; this time

         above my mouth so that I could watch it flow.  There came

         a muffled gushing sound as the urine flowed from her

         distended urethra.  I reached up and spread her pussy lips

         to afford myself a better view.  The stream washed over my

         lips and chin as I stared, entranced by what I saw.  She

         stopped again and pulled her mouth away from my rod before

         I could come.  I was maintaining a level of excitement the

         like of which I had never experienced before.

              She quickly dismounted my face and swung herself around

         so that she squatted, her crotch suspended inches above my

         straining organ.  She now lowered her split pussy down, the

         moist area including her dripping piss hole actually touching

         the base of my cock.  What happened next was something I

         will never forget as long as I live.  She reached down and

         lifted my head so I could watch as she began to undulate her

         hips back and forth.  After a second or two, she unleashed

         her bladder again, actually jacking me off with her piss!

              It was more than I could stand, and I felt a spasm

         welling up from the basement somewhere.  It exploded,

         catapulting the first two or three globs of sticky jizz all

         the way over my head.  The intensity of that orgasm was

         unbelievable.  My body convulsed as it propelled wad after

         wad of hot cum all over my face and belly.  And for the

         entire duration of my climax, Linda continued spraying the

         length of my cock with her wonderful warm piss.

              Finally, our body fluids spent, she swung herself off

         of me and sat next to me on the floor, staring in amazement

         at what she had just done.  I looked down at my belly where

         small pools of her urine mingled with my cum, and likewise

         tried to comprehend what had taken place.

              It has been almost five years since that night.  Linda

         and I were married the following June.  And although we'll

         have our bad days now and then, I have grown to love her

         more with each passing month.  And I'm REALLY looking forward

         to my birthday next week!

                                   THE END



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