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Archive-name: Couples/lindgft2.txt

Archive-author: C. Howie Humpzer

Archive-title: Linda's Gift - 2

              All the way to the theatre and until the lights went

         down, I couldn't take my eyes from her.  It wasn't until

         after the movie started that I finally started to realize

         that all this; the makeup, the hair, the new clothes; this

         was my birthday gift from Linda.  She couldn't think of

         anything to buy me that was fitting to the occasion so she

         had herself giftwrapped (her words later, honest)!

              This revelation was confirmed shortly thereafter when

         she leaned over and began to coo softly into my ear, "Happy

         birthday lover, are you enjoying my gift so far?"  And with

         that she slipped off one of her shoes and began to stroke my

         leg with her stockinged toes.  That was all she needed to do

         to get my motor running again.  My cock swelled up so fast

         I could almost hear the blood rushing to it.  She

         nonchalantly reached over and ever so gently drew her long

         red fingernails up the length of the stretched fabric

         covering my now wildly twitching dick.  I almost forgot that

         we were seated in a crowded theatre as I prepared to attack.

         But again she sensed disaster and whispered to me to slow

         down.  I was content to hold her hand tightly and

         occasionally rub her warm thigh until the movie was over.

         And to this day, I don't even remember what movie we saw that


              On the way home, I asked her if she wanted to stop for

         a bite.  She said she wasn't hungry and that we should just

         go back to my apartment.  I then remembered my theory about

         the surprise party.  I felt a little apprehensive at the

         thought of being at a party with the most beautiful woman

         on the face of the earth when all I wanted to do was make

         mad passionate love to her.  It was really a strange feeling;

         dreamlike, as even conversation which normally flowed between

         us as easily as electricity through a circuit, lapsed into

         silence as I began to fantasize about what might happen


              As I turned my key in the lock on my apartment door,

         however, I resolved to enjoy myself as best I could.  After

         all, these were my friends; good friends who wanted to make

         this night special for me.  I gingerly entered the room

         awaiting the sudden screams which would pierce the silence

         at any moment.  But all I heard was giggling behind me.

         Linda was trying her best not to laugh hysterically at the

         sight of me tiptoeing around the living room of my apartment

         in the dark like a befuddled burglar.  "Surprise" she said

         softly, still supressing a laugh.  "No party?" I asked.  "No

         party" came the answer softly as if suddenly she pitied me.

         "At least not the kind you were expecting."  Instantly I knew

         that I was about to receive part two of my birthday gift.

         Continued in LNDAGFT3.STY



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