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Archive-name: Couples/lindgft1.txt

Archive-author: C. Howie Humpzer

Archive-title: Linda's Gift - 1

              It isn't every day one celebrates his twenty-fifth

         birthday.  And, luckily, I wasn't the only one who felt this

         occasion special.

              Linda, my girlfriend, had racked her poor brain trying

         to come up with that "special" gift for me.  She hadn't been

         having much luck either.  Whenever we were together she would

         try to determine just what it was that would thrill me beyond

         comprehension by asking inane questions like "If you knew you

         were going to die tomorrow, what would be the one thing you'd

         want to have more than anything else in the world?"

         "Clean underwear" I answered, but I don't think that was

         quite the response she had in mind.

              Anyway, it went like this every day until the big one

         finally arrived.  Though each day throughout her search she

         had been somewhat subdued, even a little depressed at her

         inability to unearth my gift, I must say that on my birthday

         her mood changed.  She was giddy and could hardly contain

         herself.  It was obvious to me then that her long awaited

         brainstorm had finally struck.  This was going to be no

         ordinary birthday party.

              Ever the sly one, Linda invited me out to an early

         movie.  No dinner, just a movie.  O.K., I thought, at least

         this way our friends would know exactly how much time they

         would have to set up my surprise party.  I couldn't help but

         smile at Linda's thinking she could fool me with such a

         ridiculous ruse.

              The appointed hour arrived as did Linda, at precisely

         six-thirty that evening.  She knocked on the door, more for

         effect than to gain entry (she had her own key).  And what

         an effect!  As I opened the door there stood, framed in the

         opening, an apparition of such loveliness that my heart began

         to race, sending that warm tingle of lust in a southerly


              Now I knew why I hadn't heard from her since early that

         Saturday.  It was obvious that she had spent the entire day

         at a salon preparing for our date.  She looked sensational

         from head to toe.  Her long chestnut hair was done in loose,

         soft curls which gently cascaded over her shoulders, framing

         her oval face and giving it an elegance I must confess I

         hadn't seen before.  Her eyes, huge and brown, which had

         always betrayed her soul to me, were now transformed into

         smouldering, sexy ornaments which hung beneath elaborately

         decorated lids in shades of green and grey.  Her lashes were

         long but not heavy and her brows shaped to frame them

         perfectly.  Her cheeks wore a slight blush making them look

         as soft as I knew they were.  And her lips...God those lips!

         A woman's beauty is the sum of her parts but some parts have

         higher point values than others.  And so it is with Linda's

         lips.  She has lips as full and sensuous as any you'll ever

         see on any woman.  So you can understand why I was more than

         delighted to see them painted with that sort of deep red

         gloss that you might see a model wear in a Robert Palmer

         video.  Evidently, she was delighted to see that I was

         delighted as those wondrous lips curled into one of her

         trademark ear-to-ear grins revealing her gleaming white

         teeth.  I stood back to take in the rest of her.

              Turning my gaze downward, I saw that she was wearing

         her full-length leather coat which hung open to reveal an

         outfit that was new to me.  She wore a champagne colored

         blouse of silk which flattered her breasts to say the least.

         She complemented it with the gold necklace I had bought for

         her last Christmas.  With the silk blouse she wore a dark

         brown leather skirt which was rather tight and rather short;

         an item of clothing which I was unaccustomed to seeing her

         in.  I quickly became accustomed, however, when I saw those

         lovely long legs of hers protruding from under it.  She wore

         dark brown stockings and had on matching brown high-heeled

         pumps.  Add to this outfit assorted jewelry and a provocative

         scent, and hopefully you will have some idea of what caused

         the enormous erection that now throbbed in my trousers.

              Alerted by this warning, Linda stopped posing and

         hurried past me into the apartment.  With a knowing smile

         she grabbed my coat from the arm of the couch and dropped it

         across my arm as she sped past me and out into the hallway,

         narrowly missing my attempt to corral her into my arms.

         Smart girl.

         Continued in LNDAGFT2.STY



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