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Archive-name: Couples/jerjill1.txt


Archive-title: Adventures of Jeremy and Jill, The

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        One day after work, Jeremy came home to find his girlfriend

waiting for him on his doorstep. She wanted to surprise him by

cooking dinner for him, but when she got there and found the door

locked. Jeremy greeted her whith a surprised smile and asked her why

she was sitting on his porch.

        "I wanted to surprise you and cook you dinner tonight."

        "Well, you did surprise me alright, but since you're here,

let's go out to dinner!"

        "Ok, but I did plan more than dinner!"

        "Oh really, what did you have in mind?"

        "You'll just have to wait now won't you!"

        Then she grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer to her and

gave him a wet, pasionate kiss. After breaking the kiss, Jeremy

opened the doorand carried her into the house. Jill declaired that

she had the first shower.

        "Oh, Ok," Jeremy replied.

        Jill ran up the stairs to the bathroom. Closing the door

behind her, she entered the bathroom. She quickly removed her blouse

and bra. Her pert breasts bounced out of the configning bra. She

noticed that her nipples were hard so she took a moment to carress

them and she let out a short gasp. then she slid off the skin tight

jeansand pulled down her panties. Knowing that she could not ignore

the warmth from between her legs, she slid one finger into her moist

pussy.with the other hand she reached into the shower and turned the

water on. She removed the finger from her now dripping pussy and put

it in her mouth to suck off her sweet juices. "I can't wait til

tonight she moaned, and stepped into the shower. Almost immediately

she placed her finger back into her pussy. Realizing that it was

getting late she removed her finger and moaned once again. She

grabbed the soap and washed herself and imagined what it would be

like to have jeremy wash her. After washing her hair, she shut off

the water and steped out of the shower. The water dripped down the

length of her slender body. She took the towel and dried herself

off. With the towel rapped around hershe opened the door to find

Jeremy About to knock on it.

        "You took quite a while, what were you doing?," asked Jeremy.

        "Wouldn't you like to know."

        "Well, I had better take my shower if we want to get to

dinner tonight."

        He walked in to the bathroomand shut the door. On the floor

he found Jill's clothes with her bra and panties lying on top.

        "A little messy are we?"

        Jill pouted and said "Yeah, so?"

        Then she walked into the bedroomand picked out the sexiest

dress in the closet. 

        Jeremy quickly undressed, turned on the water, and stepped

into the shower. After Thinking of how Jill looked in the towel he

noticed the his cock was as hard as a rock. Trying to ignore it, he

thought to himself, "Tonight if I am lucky!" He finished his shower

and wrapped a towel around his masculine body and walked to the

bedroom. Jill was almost completely dressed and needed to use the

bathroom again so she said, "Good, you're done, I need to use the

bathroom again."

        After both finished getting ready, they finnally left for

the resturaunt. During dinner, Jill teased him and then gave him the

cold shoulder whenever he tried to any sort of move toward her.

After dinner Jeremy asked, "What now?"

        "I'm kinda tired so let's just go home, ok?" 

	Both of them were quiet on the way home. Jill knew what was to happen,

because she had planned it. Jeremy on the otherhand had no idea what was to 

happen. After getting home Jeremy tried one more desperate attempt at her, but

as usual she shrugged him off. 

	"I am going upstairs to take some asprin and go to bed," she told him.

	"Ok," Jeremy replied, "I'll be up in a while."

	She went upstairs into the bedroom and changed into a lace teddy. After

waiting for about ten minutes, and she knew what he was doing, she walked back 

downstairs to find Jeremy on the couch, watching a porno and slowly stroking hisengorged cock. Quietly she snuck up on him and said, "Now I could be better 

stimulation than that!"

	"AAA" Jeremy screamed and looked up at her while trying to cover 

himself. "I thought you were going to bed!"

	"That's right, isn't it!"

	"But you've been turning me down all night"

	"That was my plan. I wanted to suprise you somehow tonight!"

	"That you did alright! You look Great!"

	"Enough talk I am getting cold in this outfit, It must be time to take 

it off." 

	Those were the last words to be said as Jill jumped onto Jeremy's 

exposed lap and began to kiss him passionately. He moved his hands to caress

her pert breasts. She moaned and began to kiss him more vigorously now. She 

moved a hand down to his half hard cock and wrapped it through her fingers. He

pulled the straps of the teddy down and freed her resrtained breasts. He then 

took one of then into his mouth and then the other. She let out a loud gasp 

as a small orgasm shot through her body. In a single motion she pulled his shirtoff and pulled him to the ground. She returned the favor as she began to suck onhis small nipples. Then moved down his chest to his now fully erect cock. He 

answered her by removing his pants the rest of the way. She stroked his cock as he did befroethen she took it into her mouth and began to caress it with her

tongue. Then she swirled her tongue around the glans. Suddenly she took his 

entire cock into her mouth at once. He let out a loud moan.

	He screamed, "You've never done that before, but don't stop baby!"

	She pumped his cock in and out of her mouth several times and she could tell that he was about to explode so she deep throated him once more and he shothis come down her throat. she took his cock out of his mouth and cleaned up all

of the come.

	"That was GREAT, but now it is my turn to please you!"

	He rolled over and pulled the teddy the rest of the way off of her and 

exposed her flowing wet pussy. He could smell ans see deep within her as he 

plunged  his tongue tward her open pussy. He licked the full length up to her 

clitoris then twirled it with his tongue. He then plunged into her pussy 

multiple times quickly then slowly and quickly again. She began to quiver as herorgasm was coming. Soon she was screaming and then fell to the floor paralyzed.

	"FUCK ME NOW! FUCK ME HARD!" she screamed.

	He moved up to kiss each of her breasts, then her lips. Pausing for a 

moment to tease her, he said, "Now you know what it is like to be teased!"

	Then he thrust his cock deep inside of her and she screamed. He pumped 

her, back and forth, harder with each one. As her third orgasm was passing he

could feel the passion within himself growing. In one final thrust he shot his

load deep into her awaiting pussy. 

	After he recovered, he picked her up and carried her unconsious body to

the bedroom, and he put her into bed and then fell asleep next to her.

	In the morning he woke up to breakfast in bed. When He asked why, she

replied, "That was the best thankyou I could thin of!"

	As she was leaving the room to go back downstairs she asked, "What are

your fantasies? Ask and you shall receive!"

		END Chapter 1



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