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Archive-name: Couples/interlud.txt


Archive-title: Interludes

I see us together, on a boat, in a small cabin below

deck, lit only by the flickering light of numerous scented

candles.  The water is calm, imparting only a barely 

perceptible rocking to this private world.  You are naked;

I am naked.  You lie amongst a wild disarray of sheets and 

pillows that cover your body in places, only serving to 

make me want you more.  I push them away as I touch every 

part of your body with my fingers, my lips, my tongue, my 

breasts, all my naked skin.  I gently nibble on your ear 

and you feel my breath on your skin.  Your sudden intake 

of breath excites me more, and I bury my face in your balls, 

licking them, inhaling the smell of you.  I caress the 

inside of your thigh with one hand as I lick firmly up the 

underside of your penis, then flick my tongue lightly at 

its head.  I slowly crawl up your body, squeezing your 

dick between my breasts and kissing and licking your

chest as I go.  I reach your neck and tease you slightly,

licking and kissing the hollow behind each ear.  I kiss my

way along your jawline to the corner of your mouth, where

I pause to observe your eyes, hooded with desire.  Still 

watching you, I plunge you deep inside of me, closing my eyes

and arching my body up and back as I press myself as far

onto you as I can go.  After a few seconds, I lean forward

again and kiss you full on the mouth, pressing my entire

body into yours.  I slowly begin to stroke with deliberate,

full thrusts, reveling in the feel of you moving inside me.

As we both become more excited, my movements increase in

speed until we both come in an explosion that causes all

my muscles to contract simultaneously, rendering me

motionless while still straining to press my body into

yours.  I shiver with the feel of you shooting deep into

me.  After what seems an eternity, I begin to breath again,

and collapse in a heap on top of you, still enjoying the

feel of you inside of me.  We lie together, bodies entwined,

whispering in the flickering light, and slowly fall asleep

as the boat continues its gentle rocking.

# 2

You are lying on your couch, fully clothed.  I kneel on the

floor next to you, one arm stretched across your stomach, my

eyes watching every detail of your face as we talk.  I absently

move my arm and hand across your chest, enjoying the feel of

your muscles through the thin fabric of your shirt.  I

slowly grow quiet as I listen to your voice and feel its

vibrations through your chest.  My eyelids droop, and my eyes

begin to wander to other parts of your body.  They travel

across your shoulder and down your arm.  My fingers,

of their own volition, follow the path of my eyes to your

palm, which they gently raise to my mouth.  I place your 

hand on my face and hold it there, moving my head to feel 

your palm, your fingers, travel across my face.  I slowly, 

reluctantly, relinquish your hand as I rise to stand

before you.  As you watch, I slowly unbutton my shirt,

opening it only enough for you to catch a small glimpse of

the breasts hidden beneath.  When the last button is undone,

my hands travel back up between my breasts, then across to

the outside in a swirling motion before pressing them firmly

together and up.  My head falls back and my eyes close

momentarily, as I enjoy the feeling and the thought of your

gaze.  After a few seconds I reach for the clasp of my bra

in the opening of my shirt.  After releasing it, I slowly

slide my shirt and bra off of first one shoulder, then the

other, before lowering my arms and arching my back to allow

gravity to finish the task.  My hands then slide back up

my torso to my breasts, which they massage slowly.  Your

hand reaches to touch, but I catch it and kiss the palm before

pressing it to my breast.  Before you have a chance to take

advantage of it, I place your hand firmly back on the couch

next to you.

As I watch your eyes on my body, my hands make their way to

my waistline, where they unbutton and slowly unzip my pants.

You catch a glimpse of black lace underwear before my hands

slide down my torso and under both pants and panties, forcing

them slowly over my hips and down my thighs.  As I step out

of them, one hand travels back to massage a breast while the

other slides slowly up my thigh and across my pubic area before

pausing with my palm on my stomach.  After the slightest pause

my fingers travel back down and between my legs to feel the

wetness there.  After moistening my finger in my juices,

I reach down and sensuously brush it across your bottom lip.

Your mouth opens slightly with desire as you smell the musky


I glance down and notice you are having a hard time lying

still.  Your hands move across your body and your hips move

involuntarily.  The movement of your hips draws my gaze to

the great bulge in your pants, and I slide my hand down

across it, and between your legs.  I lower my face to your

stomach, lifting your shirt slightly to expose a small

amount of bare skin just above your pants line.  I bury my

face in your stomach, first kissing and licking, then rubbing

my face across your skin, enjoying the tickle of the hairs

peeking out of your pants.  I slowly unbutton and unzip your

pants, releasing your pulsing cock only slightly because of

the briefs you wear beneath.  As I push your pants aside,

I very gently nip along your cock, starting at the head and

working my way down to the base.  Your hips move more 

violently at this, pushing up off the couch to press your

cock firmly to my face.  You groan with pleasure and I raise

my head to gaze at you, your head thrown back, your eyes

closed, your mouth open slightly.  I pull the waistband of

your briefs down enough to expose just the tip of your swollen

cock, and I flick my tongue across it, lapping up the precum

that oozes out.  I slide my hands down your hips and around,

under your pants.  I pause to squeeze your buttocks before 

continuing the downward movement that brings your pants and

briefs down to your thighs.  As your cock springs free of its

confinement, it rivets my attention.  I reach up to gather

your balls in my hand, and massage them gently before sliding

one finger firmly up your dick.  It is followed by my palm,

which applies gentle but firm pressure before returning to

finish the job of removing your pants.  I quickly slide your

pants down and off, enjoying the feel as my hands slide down

your bare skin.

I lick and suck the toes of one foot before slowly laying a

trail of kisses and small bites up the inside of your leg.

When I reach your balls I roll them around with my tongue,

licking them and sucking them as I inhale your smell.  I

slide my tongue up the bottom side of your dick, applying

firm pressure until I reach the head, where I switch to very

light, quick, flicks.  I slide my mouth over just the head

and suck gently while swirling and flicking my tongue all

around it.  As your hips buck, I begin moving my head in a

stroking motion, taking your dick further into my mouth with

each stroke.  I bring up one hand to massage your balls as

my mouth and tongue work on your cock.  I feel your tension

mounting and suck hungrily in anticipation of your cum.

When you come I am ready, and I swallow quickly and continue

milking every last drop out of you until you are reduced to

a quivering mass, groaning with pleasure.  Your cock begins

to shrink and I continue licking it very gently until you

beg me to stop.  I softly kiss the very tip, then slide

my body up to press my lips to yours.  Our tongues join and

you taste the faint salty flavor of your cum.

You are completely enervated, and I lie next to you, watching

your breathing slow, feeling your body relax.  When I know

you have fallen asleep, I lower my head to your shoulder

and fall asleep with you.



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