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Archive-name: Couples/homefrnt.txt

Archive-author: Sam

Archive-title: Life on the Home Front

It's unfortunate, but ever since our daughter was born over two

years ago, my wife and I have had a sex life that has been close to

non-existent. And seeing as how we used to make love several times

a week, I've been getting extremely frustrated.

Fortunately, Mary usually goes to bed before I do, so when she's

asleep and I feel like masturbating I go to our movie cabinet, get

out a XXX movie and start the VCR. I turn the volume way down low,

pull my shorts down and hold my dick and balls in my hands and

watch the couples on TV as my rod starts throbbing and getting

hard. I like to watch the scenes where a couple of ladies are

together, licking each other's swollen clits and spreading their

legs wide open to reveal their wet, juicy pussies. Watching this

gets me excited, and my dick gets rock hard in no time. I slowly

stroke the entire length of my shaft with my right hand, lightly

squeezing the rim of my dick head as my hand reaches the top of its

cycle. My left hand cups my tingling balls, which at this point are

starting to pull in towards my body due to the increasing pleasure

that I'm giving myself. With the middle finger of my left hand I

start brushing that area between my asshole and my balls, sometimes

pushing the tip of my finger against that tight hole, which sends

an enjoyable rush through my balls and into my stomach.

At this point a little drop of cum starts to ooze from the tip of

my pulsating cock. I like to start a slow squeezing action with my

right hand at the base of my dick and gradually ascend the

squeezing action up the entire length, pushing every bit of that

lubricating cum out. I'll then take my left hand away from

caressing my balls long enough to swipe that cum off with my index

finger and taste it. A little salty, a little sweet...

When I get to this point I know I can make myself come as soon as

I want to, but that's one of the things I like about masturbating -

 not only do you know exactly what feels the best, you can also

control how long you want to hold off before you come. I always

like to take that taste of slippery, sticky fluid that I squeeze

out of my throbbing dick a few times before I release my full load.

Besides, when I'm getting ready for my orgasmic release, I like to

change what I'm watching on the movies from the clit-licking

beauties to hot and horny couples fucking. I love to see a guy's

long, hard cock thrusting into his lover's pussy and see her cunt

lips exposed when his dick is gliding outward. As he pushes in and

drives his pole as deep as he can, his balls slap her ass, her

ample tits jiggle and those same hot, wet lips fold inward. I also

like to watch a man pull his engorged member out of a woman's

dripping hole, grasp it in his hand, pump it a few times, arch his

back and spew his warm semen all over her, gush after gush, with

drops falling on her face, lips, tits and belly.

Now I start increasing the pace of my stroking, tightening my grip

on my cock, and with my left hand I begin to squeeze my balls a bit

harder. As I approach my climax, my asshole starts to tighten and

my balls pull completely into by body. My pumping gets even faster

now and my dick head starts to swell and grow huge, almost stopping

my tight-fisted, rapid fire motion from pushing over that helmet

rim. I can feel that flood of cum start to flow from inside my

body, and I know that its time to push myself over the brink and

into a heavy orgasm. My cum starts rising through the length of my

cock, I start thrusting my pelvis forward, and with a firm grip and

a push from the bottom up I force out the first stream of my hot

semen, flying out from my dick head and landing right on my neck.

My actions are almost uncontrollable now. My grasp on my cock is as

tight as it needs to be now and my motions are automatic, with wave

after wave of cum being forced out onto my chest and belly. When

I've just about exhausted my supply, the last few pushes of my body

along with a tight peristolic squeeze of my right hand up my still

throbbing shaft drains the final flow of cum out of my body,

dripping from the tip of my cock into the pubic hair above my dick,

over my right hand which is still encasing my pole, and onto my

left hand, which is just now releasing its death grip on my balls.

It takes me a minute or two, but I finally muster up the strength

to stop the movie, carefully trying to operate the remote control

without any cum dripping off of my hands onto it. I then make my

way to the bathroom with my underwear dangling from around one of

my legs and with a handful of tissues proceed to clean myself up.

I pull my underwear on, but with my dick still large and swollen

its a bit difficult to walk. I take the movie out of the VCR, put

it away and watch TV for a while, waiting for my hardness to

completely subside. I then get up to go to bed, and a last drop of

semen finds its way out of my limp penis, slicking my dick head and

creating a damp, spreading spot on my underwear.

I keep saying to myself that I'm going to start licking that cum

off of my hands, wipe it off of my body and lick that from my

fingers too. In fact, thinking about tasting my semen while I'm

masturbating gets me a little hornier. I mean, women taste, lick

and swallow cum and even seem to enjoy it from what I've read and

seen in movies, and I've already said that I do enjoy licking up

those few drops of lubricating cum that I squeeze out of my dick

prior to comming. But for some reason, after I've sprayed myself,

I have no desire to lick any of it up. Maybe its because even

though I'm a horny person and consider myself as willing to try

different things, I'm still a monagamous heterosexual man, and men

don't "suck" men. What I have done a few times, though, is that

when I have been masturbating and I've felt myself approaching a

climax, I've laid on my back, flipped my legs up and over my head

to position my cock head over my mouth and continued to jack off

until I shoot cum into my mouth and onto my face and neck. So,

yeah, I have taken my own cum a few times, but that position is a

bit awkward, it hurts my neck, I don't come nearly half as much as

I do when I don't try to flip over, and the orgasm just isn't as

intense as usual.

I've noticed that a few women in the movies that I watch have

shaven pussies. I sometimes find that quite exciting, and I also

enjoy seeing a pussy with closely cropped hair. I can see that

horny erect clit and those beautiful spreading lips, and when those

cunt juices start to flow that entire mound and slit just start to

glisten. What I have also noticed, though, is that a few men in

these movies have no hair on their balls. Sometimes when I watch

one of these guys fucking a woman from behind and see his loose

balls swinging free and slapping against her clit, I get turned on

by the sight and the thought of bare balls.

One day, after an afternoon of hard work out in the yard I came

inside to take a much needed shower. It had been a few weeks since

Mary and I had made love, and in the midst of soaping up my body I

started fondling my lathered-up balls and sliding my slippery hand

up and down my stiffening cock. While I didn't want to make myself

come, in the hopes that we might have an intimate night in bed, I

began thinking about those naked balls. I contemplated the thought

- I'm sure it'll be exciting for me, both the shaving part and for

my own sexuality, enjoying cupping my hairless balls while I

masturbate, but it's not exactly something I can hide from my wife

either. Would she think I'm too weird? She doesn't have the sexual

drive that I do, and she's not as open to trying new things to

enhance our sex lives as I am. Or would she find it find it

exciting and want to touch, feel and play with my smooth balls? I

decided to reach for the razor. I started by holding my dick

straight up by the head and shaving downward along its length

toward by balls. After going around the base of my shaft and

removing the hair all around it, I started shaving my balls in

slow, deliberate motions. It helped that my sack was tightening up

a bit, making the job go easier. When I finished I washed all of

the soap off of my body, rinsing the loose hairs off too. I only

nicked myself a couple of times, but when I did, I could definitely

feel it! It stung enough to force me to be extremely cautious if I

ever decided to try this again. But now I could admire the finished

product - a freshly naked sack holding a couple of swollen balls,

just aching for attention! I don't know if you've ever felt bare

balls before, but it's quite an erotic thing, both the tactile

sense of feeling those sensitive balls and rolling them around, and

the sensation of the balls being touched with no hair in the way,

sending a rush through my body.

I planned the night out. After I got my daughter down to sleep, I

slipped a dirty movie into the VCR while Mary wasn't watching and

then excused myself to the bedroom for a minute while she was

settled in on the couch reading a book. In the bedroom I took off

all of my clothes and then slipped on some black, shiny underwear

I have that has an opening in the front where my dick and balls can

fall through. I had bought these a long time ago to surprise my

wife with on our honeymoon. I started getting a hard on

immediately! I grabbed my pulsating boner and began with a few

long, deliberate strokes while I started rolling my balls around

with my other hand. The smooth feeling of my naked balls was


I walked out of the bedroom, pumping all of the way, and when I

rounded the corner into the living room I said to Mary, "I have

something here that I'd like for you to see!" She looked up and was

immediately aroused, but at the same time a little ashamed. "Oh

honey," she said, "I feel like I've been ignoring your needs. I'm

sorry that I don't have the sex drive that you do, but that doesn't

mean that I can't please you." As I aproached her, near naked and

leaving no doubt as to my state of horniness, I said, "Baby, I

don't want you to think that you have to do anything if you don't

want to. You know, I've thought that sometime it might be nice for

us to each make ourselves come while watching a dirty movie. If you

don't want to, you can just watch me stroke my long, hard cock and

shoot all of that hot cum all over myself!"

I started the movie and sat down beside her, never releasing the

hold on my hard-on. The couple on TV was naked and kissing

passionately, with her legs starting to wrap around one of his. His

prick was starting to grow larger, and she slid down his body to

greet it. With her curvy ass sticking up in the air, her hands

surrounded the base of his cock and held loosely onto his dangling

balls. As soon as her lips touched the tip of his dick, she swiftly

moved her head down, taking the entire length of his stiffening

shaft into her mouth until her lips met her hands.

My own actions showed Mary that I was serious about needing to

come. I started to roll my balls with my left hand, loosely enough

for my wife to be able to see them clearly, as my right hand slid

up and down my long cock. Mary was getting aroused - I noticed her

squirming slightly on the couch as her eyes moved back and forth

several times from the dick sucking on the TV to the live action

right next to her. She hadn't noticed my naked balls until she

decided to lend a hand and gently grabbed my balls. "You shaved

your balls!" she exclaimed. "I did it thinking it might turn you

on," I said. "I just want for you to be excited!"

Well, it was working, because she started rubbing her crotch

through he jeans. I continued to pump my meat as Mary stood up and

started to undress. Off came her tee shirt and bra. Her freed

breasts bounced a little bit, and the cool air on her nipples

caused them to become slightly erect. She opened her jeans and

shifted from one side to another, sliding them down over the curves

of her hips and letting them drop to the floor. She was obviously

horny now, because after she sat down beside me all it took was one

swift tug on her panties and they were gone, shooting off of her

foot and flying through the air toward the middle of the living


By this time the couple on TV were fucking wildly, with each of his

thrusting motions ending with a pelvic slap into her ass, causing

her tits and ass to jiggle slightly. Mary was really getting into

this now. Her right hand was hard pressed against her clit,

furiously making circles, as her left hand was cupping one tit and

then the other, squeezing them and pinching her hard nipples. Every

once in a while she would reach a hand over, grab my balls and give

my cock a tight pull and a squeeze. My excitement level never waned

a minute. I was pulling by balls down toward my ass and pumping my

swollen shaft even faster now. I would occasionaly reach over

toward my wife and let my fingers run circles on the hood of her

enlarged clit, dip my middle finger into her hot, wet pussy, brush

my wet finger over her dampened cunt lips and back up to her clit.

I'd also give a little bite and suck on her nipples occasionally.

My eyes were moving from place to place now, from the horny

participants on TV now screwing in about their fifth position of

the night, to my own lap where my hairless balls were rising in

toward my body and my dick head was growing huge, then over toward

Mary, one hand buried in her crotch rubbing her swollen clit up and

down faster and faster, and the other hand moving from tit to tit,

massaging each breast and pinching each hard nipple. I could tell

that Mary was quickly approaching an orgasm, because her breaths

were getting shorter and her clit-rubbing motions were becoming

sporadic. My grip tightened, and feeling the quickening pulse

within my throbbing cock I knew it wasn't long before I'd be taking

a shower in my own cum. And then, my wife started panting, "Oh,

honey I'm going to come! I... I'm, oh I can't hold back any

longer...!" Her pelvis thrust down into the couch and both of her

hands were down working her pussy, one hand shoving fingers deep

into her hot, wet hole and the other pushing hard on her clit. She

bucked again, with a few pressing circles of her hand on her clit

that stopped abruptly as the next wave of her orgasm coursed

through her body. Several more waves of pleasure came over her,

each one causing her to force her pussy down on the fingers deep in

her cunt as the rubbing pressure on her increasingly sensitive clit

gradually decreased.

The sight of her comming was all it took to push me over the top.

Wih my eyes fixed on my own pulsating crotch my right hand squeezed

harder on my engorged cock as a few drops of pre-cum rolled out of

my dick head and over the rim, slickening my rapid-fire pumping. My

bare balls left the pulling grasp I had on them and ascended,

leaving my left hand almost flat against my body under the base of

my rigid shaft. Then the first wave of my climax came, my pelvis

shooting forward as I fucked my hand, and a stream of cum shot out

of my throbbing cock so hard that it landed on my face. Round two

came soon after with a push down and a pull up of my right hand and

another load of hot cum spurting from the tip of my dick. As I

slowly decended from the height of my orgasm I gave my cock a few

more tight strokes and squeezed the rest of my cum out onto my

belly. I felt Mary's hand on my chest as she started to massage the

warm cum there into me. I reached up, grabbed her hand and there we

sat, our holding hands resting in a pool of cum on my stomach. I

think the guy on TV was getting ready to shoot his cum all over his

lover, but we were too exhausted to even care.

After a few minutes and a couple of deep kisses I mustered up the

strength to get up, go to the refrigerator and get us both

something to drink. A drop of cum fell from the tip of my softening

dick as I walked back to the couch and handed my wife the drink. I

hadn't turned off the VCR, and now on TV a buxom brunette with a

shaved pussy was getting eaten out by a man with a quickly

hardening cock. Mary was intently watching this, and as I sat down

she reached over and started rolling my shaved balls around in her

hands. This felt quite pleasant, but since I had just come a few

minutes ago, I wasn't getting hard. She said, "You know, I like the

feel of your balls like this. They feel so soft and smooth - I

think it's kind of sexy. And honey, guess what? I'm still a little

horny!" As she started stroking her clit and continued to roll and

tug on my balls, I could feel the start of another hard-on...



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