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Archive-name: Couples/highway.txt


Archive-title: Riding a Highway

After the play.  We get into the cab.  He has secretly told the

cabdriver to drive somewhere (however far the money will last).  He

slowly begins kissing my neck and his hand on my knee slowly working

up my thigh.  I can feel the  heat from the passion and rest my hand

near his bulge.  With his free hand, he slowly begins to unbare my

shoulder as his kisses move down my neck.  The other hand begins to

feel a slight wetness.

My hand goes into his pants where I can feel how hard and hot he

really is.  He wants to take it out right now, but I say no because

the cab driver is watching us.  So, I give him the address to my


When, we get there, I lead him to my bedroom.  There, I begin to

undress him and he begins to undress me.  I turn down the lights as we

begin to ease on to the king size bed.  As I recline, he crawls in

between my spreaded legs. He slowly begins kissing my chin, then my

neck, moving down to my breasts.  Kissing each breast, sucking each

nipple, playing with them with his tongue and gently nipping them

with his teeth.  All the pleasure causes me to moan and I grip him


My legs spread open wider as he begins to slip his hard cock inside. 

I feel it enter and my body becomes tense.  Once he has put it all

in  and begins to fuck me, I relax and let it happen.  My hands move

down his back and I grip his ass.  "Don't stop," I tell him. Then he

begin to thrust it  harder and harder.  I can feel it going in and

out.  I want to scream, but I surpress it.  I can hear him moaning and

saying how good it feels. Harder and harder he pumps his cock in me

until he cums.  Then he relaxes and lays on top of me.

-"But we are not done yet.  I want to be on top now." 

-"Baby, please, I need to gather my strength."  "Can I get a glass of 


Sure he can I say and go get a large glass of ice cold water with ice

cubes. So, he drinks the water, every bit of it.  Then I see that look

in his eyes.

	"Why don't you come sit on my lap?"

        "Are you sure you're up to it?"

	"Why don't you come and find out."

With an offer like that, I couldn't refuse.  I slip his cock inside

me and begin to ride it hard.  He's squeezing my breast and moaning. 

Then I begin to move faster and he grips my ass.  As I am rolling on

his cock, I ask him to pass me the glass with the ice cubes in it.  I

take one ice cube into my mouth and begin to crunch on it.  I take

his cock out and slide down his body til my mouth is right by it. 

Then I  put it in my mouth with the crushed ice.  He begins to moan

louder and grip the covers on the bed, as I  take him deeper and

deeper.   " I going to cum," he tells me.  And I tell him to hold it. 

I slip his cock back inside me and begin to ride it harder and

quicker.  He tells me he is about to cum, and I tell him not

yet...hold it!  As he caresses my breast and pulls on my nipples, a

tingle  goes through my body.  Up and down, I slid on his cock until

we both came. I lay on his chest in exhaustion and feeling pleasured. 

His cock is still inside me as I begin to doze off.



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