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Archive-name: Couples/hands.txt


Archive-title: Hands

Things were going well with you my newest lover, I was having fun pleasing you

and you were doing the same, until......

My lips were gently kissing your cock and my tongue was wandering over you.  I

moved to take more of you in my mouth and suck you harder. I'm sure you were

only following your instincts, love, but it was a major mistake.

As the passions welted up within you and you began to moan and ask for more, I

tried very hard to please you.  My mouth is, unfortunately quite small and

cannot accommodate your entire prick.  I was going up and down on you and

sucking as best I could.  Then.....

Your hands moved to my head, forcing me down on your further. My immediate

reaction was not as you anticipated.  I moved forcefully against the pressure

of your hands, almost losing contact entirely.

I didn't want to spoil the moment for you love, only be able to continue in my

own fashion.  While using my hands to keep up the contact I lifted my mouth and

quietly asked you to move your hands to anyplace but my head.  My shoulders

would be fine, my breasts that you seem to like to touch so very much.  But

don't force me or guide me or try in any way to add to what I'm doing to you


Knowing you were hungry for more I once again continued to cover you with my

lips, forming a tight seal and sucking again.  This seems to please you so.

And again you placed a single hand this time on the crown of my head and gently

pressed down.  Have you gone deaf my love?  Taking my hand and moving yours I

continue, until....

There you go again.  No wonder page 26 of the Cucumber book says "You only eat

Cucumbers when you want to...."



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