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Archive-name: Couples/growsup.txt

Archive-author: David Green

Archive-title: She Grows Up

    It basically started when I was a little girl, playing mommy's and Daddy's

 with the next door neighbor's kids. Then it progressed to mock weddings and,

 gradually as I grew up it became dirtier and dirtier. Until the time I reached

 my twenties it was so filthy, that for the first time in 6 years, I actually

 went to confession! You see, I am not exactly what you would call experienced,

 far from it, in fact, but I put that down to my hurry to get married.

 Something I could never admit to myself for a long time, and of course, by the

 time it did. So when I met Mark and fell in love, I literally jumped at the

 chance of saying yes. The fact that he was the first person that asked me had

 no bearing on the matter at all, or so I like to think. But if I'm honest

 about it, I would have married anyone who stayed with me long enough to pop

 the question. The ceremony itself was purely magical, I feel wonderfully soft

 and seductively horny. White always seems to have that effect virginal on me.

 As we drive to the hotel for the start of our honeymoon, I let my hands feel

 the silkiness of my thighs thru my stockingtops. Slipping a finger into the

 bridlegarter and moving the lace skirt wide apart so that my husband could

 catch a flurtive glance of what's to come.  Once or twice, his own hand trys

 to intervene, but I brush it away not wanting to ruin a night of unashamed

 lust, now perfectly legal and above board. The champagne is on ice as we walk

 into the room, and two fruit glasses have been placed on the bedside table.

 The waiter hangs around just long enough to pop the cork, and wish us the best

 of luck, leaving us staring with embarrassment into each other's eyes. "I

 think I'd better change out of these clothes," I remark. "Not a very good

 idea," replies Mark, "I want to take you exactly as you are!" He downs his

 drink in one gulp. Puts his glass on the table and comes towards me. "No

 please, please wait, give me a few minutes, it's all happening to fast", but

 he doesn't, just stares at me and moves his hand up to my shoulders and lets

 my dress fall gently to the floor. I blush as his eyes began feasting on my

 luscious body, partially hidden by my revealing underwear. "My god you look

 beautiful," he whispers, "Lie down on the bed and let me worship you." I

 willingly obey my lord and master, trying not to imagine what he intends to

 do, though it is quite difficult.I feel so sencious as I carry out his orders,

 and my little white panties moisten, as if ready for the touch. I desperately

 need to feel the sharp point of his tool inside me, but the waiting is nearly

 over, as he prepares himself for a lustfull invasion of my watery pussy. He

 begins feeling all around my quivering torso, squeezing my saturated vagina

 and kneeding my tits thru the scanty underwear, which I have no intention of

 discarding. I gradually reaching my boiling point as his tongue descends down

 on my cunt, licking the outer lips through my panties and tearing them aside

 to explore my erect love bud. He takes it in his mouth nibbling it making it

 grow harder and harder under his expert touch he spreads my legs wider and

 licks along the outline of my stocking tops, exploring and probing until his

 mouth knows all my intimate secrets.

    I love every insane moment, and press his head down on my furry beaver,

 until I can hear his muffled slurps, ringing out above my cries of delight.

 It feels as if all the juices from my body are being sucked from me, by a

 human vacuum cleaner, literally drain ing my insides of every last bit of

 moisture. He is hunting for more, and I am not sure what he expects, until

 suddenly I have this very strange and alien feeling. Something inside me

 begins to let go inside me, and I being to shudder under his perfect skills. I

 sink deeper into his face, wrapping my legs around his neck, he is still

 sucking but now with hard, frantic actions. Then suddenly, with out warning,

 it all happened, escaping from me in one long forceful stream, the feeling is

 unbearably wonderful. I gyrate up and down, as the sensation goes on and on. I

 can see the juice drip from the corners of his mouth, before he has time to

 swallow, the substance from my body is expelling , only stopping for the

 quickest moment to take a quick breath, he goes on and on. I lay back

 exhausted, panting like a wild animal that has to be chased for the kill. I

 don't think you've had one of those before, he says. I reply no.  We call that

 a multiple orgasm, darling. He laughs, and you tasted beautiful, sweet and hot

 and virginal.  all my defenses have been broken down, my fire has been relit,

 I want him badly and need his swollen cock in my pussy, more than life itself.

    Slowly, I twist my body around, so I can swallow his thick, veined member.

 He sighs in sure ecstasy, as inch by inch, as I incased his glorious piece of

 meat. Moving my tongue gently around the tip, and licking the swollen hole on

 his prick, and then letting the whole thing slide down my eager and awaiting

 throat. I don't let myself go down on him for very long, I can't, it all seems

 so trivial, and I am torturing myself having to wait any longer for his torrid

 penis. Shame lessly, I stradle him, the feeling excites me beyond all known

 bounds, and I revel in the friction. His think skinned cock is causing me to

 shudder. He grabs my shoulders and pushes my down hard. Every part of me is

 filled with his burning fire rod.  He's rough and gen tle at the same time. At

 last, I am complete, a whole women, my longing is fulfilled. I am still

 wearing my bridle underwear, and I can tell the sight of my grinding and

 bouncing up and down while still incased in pure white silk, is making him

 feel like he is invading a puri tanical virgin. He reaches out and grabs my

 headdress, which is still lying by the side of the bed, and skillfully places

 it around my head, draping the long veil softly over my shoulders, allowing it

 to fall naturally and surround my breasts.

    My bra strap has seductively slipped off my shoulder and a pink little

 nipple is hanging out of the cup. I lean forward to keep on riding him, and he

 gently takes the bud like a nursing baby. I want him to take the complete tit,

 to feel the softness of its texture with his masterful mouth, so I forceit on

 him, pushing myself, hastily down until he eagerly accepts my plunge. He

 gropes around to find the tops of my stockings, and finally lets his hands

 rest snugly against my perspiring skin, rocking me back and forth with seesaw

 motions, gyrating, until I can't bear the vigorous sensations for another

 second, but I desperately need to join forces with Mark this time, to

 experience our cums uniting at exactly the same time. Now that I know what

 orgasms feel like, I want then all the time. I want to be one long, soaking

 wet love machine, dripping with insane lust every minute of the day and night.

 As soon as he comes near me I just want to come; then he won't have the time

 or energy to stray! I can tell he's about to inject his come into me, so I

 desper ately try to hang on, rocking gently now to hold back my orgasm. But he

 won't let me, and thrusts his expload ing cock further up into my oozing

 vagina. Everything starts to become hazy as I feel the thick sperm shoot up

 and fill all my inner parts. It triggers something deep inside and I begin to

 shudder and shake under the force of my aching innards, throbbing and

 quivering in a frenzied experi ence. We lay back, thoroughly exhausted, my

 underwear sopping wet, but my veil still intact. Lying there in ecstasy and

 exhaustion, a wave of unbelievable happiness flows over me.  Who could ever

 have thought it could be so fantastic. I think I'll remember this for the rest

 of my life. What a perfect moment. I shift my panties into a more comfortable

 position, as all thru our fucking session they have been pulled over the

 corner of my lips, and they are getting rather itchy, although it's a feeling

 I wouldn't change for the world. I remove my panties and put them to one side,

 thinking how nice and surprising it will be to reuse them on our anniversar-

 ies. I can honestly now say that I can never accept the fantasy over the real

 thing, and who gives a damn what anyone says! I mean you have to agree with

 me. don't you? After all I have had the experience. 



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