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Archive-name: Couples/goodgirl.txt


Archive-title: Good Girls

This is a story I did a couple of years's entirely fiction,and

I would NOT want to meet the narrator...L.E.

My first wife,Betty,was what you'd call a nice girl--pretty,honey-blonde,

soft-spoken,dependable,reserved.Our love life wasn't much though...not what

I'd hoped for when we got married.She seemed to have inhibitions about any

but the most "normal" sex acts,and I couldn't get a handle on them.However,

sometimes she seemed to hesitate before saying no,and I eventually persuaded

her to tell me why.

It turned out that she'd had fantasies about doing all sorts of things,but

out of guilt she'd always envisioned them as happening to an alter ego who

she called Nita."Nita is a bad girl",she told me.

"Well..couldn't you be Nita for me in bed?" I asked her.

She shook her head."I'd still know I'm Betty",she said.I thought about that.

The next day I bought her a dark wig,since she'd told me Nita didn't look

like her."When you wear this wig,you're Nita",I told her.She hesitated,but

said she'd try it.

That night,after she undressed,she put the wig on.She looked at herself in

the mirror,psyching herself up.Then we had the best sex we'd ever had.After-

wards,she took the wig off,kissed me goodnight,and went to sleep.

We started doing this several nights a week.I learned more things about Nita.

Nita never ate her vegetables,Nita went to reform school,Nita used blue

language(Betty *never* did),Nita smoked(or so she told me;this was a real

surprise,since Betty had made me quit when we got married),Nita played with

herself--and didn't mind my watching.I liked going to bed with Nita.The

thought crossed my mind that if I could get her to sleep in the wig rather

than going back to being Betty after sex,I might be able to get sex out of

her in the mornings too.

Betty told me that she didn't have any sleepwear that would suit Nita...all

her nightgowns were at least knee-length,and Nita was something of an ex-

hibitionist.I got out a catalogue from a sexy-underwear place that Betty

had told me I was perverted for getting,and asked her to pick out something

for Nita.She selected a pair of crotchless panties and a peekaboo bra.We

ordered them,and after they came she began to be Nita all night.

Within a few months,she was Nita all night,every night.The more she did

things that Betty would never have dreamed of doing,the less she thought of

herself as Betty.She took to wearing plenty of cheap makeup,and I got her

a broader wardrobe of ultrasexy underwear.I took to thinking how I could

get her to spend even more time as Nita.

Every morning she would scrub and turn into trim,prim Betty;every night she

would change into her wig and blatant undies and become pouty,naughty Nita.

I decided to get her some clothes to wear around the house that would suit

Nita.My first try was less than successful;the clothes I got her were way

too sexy for Betty,but not vulgar enough for Nita.She had to tighten and

shorten and slit everything to make them right."You'll have to go out shop-

ping for yourself,Nita",I told her.She shook her head;that was too much for


Now that she had clothes to wear around the house,she became Nita around

dinnertime,and increasingly stayed Nita through breakfast.I noticed she got

a bit dirty at times."Nita never washes",she told me.

"'re not Betty.You should say 'I'",I corrected her.The less she

thought of being Nita as an act,the better she was at it.She accepted the

correction,and from then on we often showered together,with me washing her,

though she had to wash her wig and her hair separately.

After about six weeks,I finally got her to go out shopping with me as Nita

to get some more Nita-type clothes.Like before,the stuff I suggested to her

never seemed naughty *enough*.I was amazed at the transformation.Nita wore

ultra-short dresses,ultra-short hot pants,peekaboo blouses,net or seamed

stockings that she would keep wearing even with runs in them.When she wore

panties--about half the time--they would either be crotchless or she would

wet them and never mind the smell.Nita was still nervous outside the house,

though,and I decided to build her confidence.

After a while I brought home a pack of cigarettes.After she had become Nita,

I showed them to her."I know you smoke,Nita",I said,"but I've never seen

you do it.Wouldn't you like a cigarette?" She took one slowly.I lit it for

her,and lit up myself for the first time in a long while.It felt good.I

showed her how to smoke,and after a little while she got the hang of it.

I encouraged her every evening,and in a month Nita was smoking more than I

was.I grew to love the way she ripped the top off a pack and stuffed the

cigarettes into her stocking tops,occasionally lifting her skirt to take

one out and light it from one she'd smoked to the bottom,and the way she

insouciantly blew smoke in my face.I had to live with the way she used

*anything* for an ashtray...that was the way Nita was,cheap and dirty.Most

important,once she had the habit,her strong concepts of her Betty self as a

non-smoker and her Nita self as a smoker made her feel less at home being

Betty and more at home being Nita.We started going out together regularly,

and she won some wet T-shirt contests(the kind of place I went with Nita

was very different from the place I had gone with Betty).

That summer we went to a topless beach,but I noticed Nita was ill at ease.

She occasionally checked her wig.I asked her about it later,and she said

she was nervous about anyone who knew Betty recognizing her.I got some hair

dye and we colored her body hair to match her wig rather than the hair on her

head,but it didn't help much.I thought about the problem.

A week later I bought a wig that looked a lot like Betty's hair,and another,

redheaded wig.When Betty got home that day I showed them to her."This wig is

for Betty",I told her,"and this one is for Nita".

"But Nita--"

"Nita *shaves her head*",I said,adding an embellishment of my own to Nita's

naughtiness for the first time.

Betty gulped,but accepted my suggestion.She took off her clothes,and I led

her to a mirror.First with scissors,then with a razor,I carefully shaved her

bald.She looked with wonderment at her changed appearance.She had symbolical-

ly crossed the line from being Betty,who occasionally pretended to be "Nita"

for me,to being Nita,who occasionally pretended to be "Betty" for the out-

side world.A wig falling off could never reveal Nita as Betty,only Betty as


Nita didn't wear the redheaded wig much,but since she had started occasion-

ally flashing people,she occasionally used it to change her appearance.

About this time,since Nita had told me pictures of her appeared in men's

magazines,I started taking some and sending them to tacky sexy-letters mag-

azines...PLAYBOY et al were too respectable for Nita.Some of them got bought.

Nita was delighted,but it embarassed Betty so much I saw even less of her.

Not long after this we moved.Although we were still in the same metropolitan

area,we had crossed a state line,which meant we needed new driver's licenses.

I asked Nita if she could drive,and readily fibbing up a history,she said

she had been hot-wiring cars since she was twelve.I challenged her to get a

license of her own rather than renewing Betty's.Nita went down to the motor

vehicle office and got a learner's permit,and then took her written and road

tests--she entertained me with stories of how the instructor made eyes at her

and she teased him.Soon Nita had her own driver's license with her picture

on it,and Betty's had expired,which meant she had to commute to work as Nita,

changing clothes and wig in a bathroom;I hardly ever saw Betty around the

house after that.Since her driver's license was such an important ID,Betty

transferred her bank accounts into Nita's name.

A couple of months later,we decided to take our vacations together in the

Bahamas.Nita rummaged through her things(she had far more clothes than Betty

did by now) and found an old passport of Betty's,but it had expired."I

don't want to take my vacation with Betty",I told her,"I want to take my

vacation with you." With her driver's license,her bank ID,and some fancy

ootwork,we managed to get Nita a passport.While in the Bahamas,she got her

name tattooed on her ass.

After we got back,we moved again,this time only a short distance.Betty had

introduced herself to the neighbors in the last place,and they had wondered

about us since they saw more of Nita than they did of Betty.In the new place

Nita was Nita to everybody,even if it grossed them out.In fact,Nita took very

few of her "Betty" things along on this move.

I had lunch with Betty a few times,just for variety,but now that I knew life

with Nita I didn't understand what I'd ever seen in her.She was so dull.

About this time Betty's brother,who had been ill in the hospital for many

years,took a turn for the worse.He was the only relative she had,and she

visited him often.Before long he died,and she had barely gotten over that

when her boss,who had been less than understanding of the situation,fired

her.Not wanting Nita to suffer over Betty's problems,I suggested that she

get a job herself.

After she won another wet T-shirt contest,she managed to get a job in a top-

less bar.It was just the kind of job that suited her.She was nervous at first

over the fact that she was expected not only to hustle cheap champagne but

be fondled and suck off customers for extra cash.I told her it was okay as

long as she told me about everything,steered clear of disease(Nita had her

own doctor now;Betty hadn't been to one since we moved),and gave me the

money.If I wanted to live with Nita,I had to live with the kind of woman Nita

was.I went to the bar often,not only watching Nita,but all the people watch-

ing her.I placed bets with myself over whether customers would ask her into

one of the private rooms.I was glad to see her become the most popular

"hostess" in the place.

Through a regular at the bar we learned about a private sex club and became

regulars there.Nita found a job at another topless bar that paid a little

better,and I managed not to let anyone there know she lived with far

as they knew I was just another man who came to stuff tips in her G-string

and buy overpriced booze from her.

One day Nita told me a patron had asked if she could appear in an X-rated

movie he wanted to produce.After hearing that the man had a good record in

the field,I told her to do it.All the men who'd seen her bod in magazines

deserved a chance to see it on film,and those who'd seen her in the flesh

deserved a permanent record.

We went to California,where Nita did the movie and got offers to do several

more.The producer told us she was a real find,and paid to have her boobs

enlarged a bit,but Nita felt being a movie star didn't fit with her image as

a cheap slut,and decided to wait a few months at least before doing another


We went to Reno,and in the tackiest quickie-wedding chapel we could find,I

formally married my second wife,Nita.As we sped off in a rented convertible,

Nita reached under her saucy minidress,took off her panties and exuberantly

threw them out of the car.When we got home,I inserted a wedding ring in her


We gave away the last of Betty's clothes,and buried her college diploma and

a few of her odds and ends in the back yard as a sort of funeral.There really

wasn't any reason to have her around any more.

I love life with Nita.She's my kind of girl.



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