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Archive-name: Couples/glaphoto.txt

Archive-author: Harry Mudd and an Imaginary Friend

Archive-title: Glamour Photography

Well,  the  day  had finally come. Here you were, standing in  front  of  a 

camera,  getting  your picture taken. Except, of course, it wasn't  at  any 

studio.  Time for the old home photo album. You and your lover  had  talked 

about  it  for some time, after you had admitted to him  that  you  enjoyed 

looking  at the women in the men's magazines, like Playboy, and  Penthouse. 

But,  you  had told him, they seemed a little tame, and that you  got  more 

excited  and envious when you were looking at the more graphic pictures  in 

Hustler. The ones where the women would hold their pussy open and show  the 

pinkness inside. For some reason, it looked more fun.

You  were  just  talking  about it, when he suggested  that  he  take  some 

pictures  of  you.  "No," you told him, "I don't think  I  could  do  that. 

Looking  is one thing, but taking my clothes off for a camera is  something 

else. I mean, what if someone saw them??"

"No problem, doll. No one ever will. I can develop them myself, and we  can 

save them. That way, in 20-30 years, we'll remember how good we looked, and 

how much fun we had. I'll tell you what: if you don't want to, how about if 

we  just  take  some of you in regular clothes, or a  swimsuit?  You  know, 

fashion photography. How about that?"

"Well,  I guess that'd be ok," you told him. Thinking to yourself,  though, 

"Hmmm, maybe I could just start off that way, and see how it goes. I'm sure 

I could always quit."

So after a little more coaxing, you told him to be here at your place  next 

Saturday.  Well,  today was Saturday, and you had gotten  up  early,  fixed 

yourself a good breakfast, (so your stomach wouldn't be growling), and took 

about  2  hours to do your hair and make-up. When he came in, he  said  you 

looked  great,  but that the make-up had to be a bit heavier, so  it  would 

show up better on film. 

"Kinda make it look like a hooker's make-up. I know it seems like too much, 

but it really IS better for the camera. It tends to get washed out from the 

flash, so you need more to make it show up."

So  you went walking back into the bathroom (still wearing just  a  towel), 

and applied more pancake, rouge, eyeshadow, etc...

While in there, you called out to him, "What do I wear?"

"ANYTHING you want, baby," he answered. "Where should I set up?"

You  told  him the empty living room would be good. You had taken  all  the 

furniture  out  so  you could put in the new carpet, but so  far  had  only 

gotten  as  far as removing the old carpet, so all you had now was  a  bare 

wood floor.

As  you  put on more cosmetics, you heard him banging  around,  moving  his 

equipment.  You wondered what was involved. You assumed he would just  have 

his  35mm  and a flash. "Must be more to it than that,"  you  thought.  You 

guessed that since he had done some photography for "High Society"  before, 

that he knew what he was doing.

Having finished with the Mary Kay, you head into the bedroom, and pull  out 

a business suit. You pull on the blouse, and put on the crotchless panties, 

hoping  he won't notice till later. You pull on your suntan pantyhose  over 

them, and put the purple skirt on. The high heels come next, and,  checking 

your  hair one last time in the mirror, you head out into the large  living 


You are surprised at the amount of equipment he has there. 

"What IS all that stuff?" you ask.

He starts pointing things out, explaining what they are needed for.  "Well, 

that's  a tripod, used to hold the camera steady, so we can get very  clear 

pictures.  Wouldn't do too well to have you all made up, and have  it  come 

out blurry, now would it? That big white panel is a reflector. I use it  to 

even out the lighting all the way around you. That's so when the flash goes 

off,  you don't look like you are in a spotlight. These two boxes with  the 

umbrellas  on them are called 'fill-in flash' units. That's  an  additional 

way to add light, because with just the flash on the camera, no matter what 

reflectors I had, you'd still be in a spotlight. We want as much a  natural 

look as we can manage. I don't want it to look like a picture. I want it as 

a captured moment of time."

You  smile  at  his drop into romanticism, and ask what the  cable  on  the 

camera  is for. He told you that it's a remote for setting off the  camera, 

to  insure  even  further that the camera doesn't move  when  he  take  the 


"Ok," you say, "NOW what do we do?"

"Well, first, we have some wine. This is needed to relax you. I can see you 

are a bit nervous."

"Well,  I've never done any film work before. I don't know what to do.  I'm 

afraid I'll mess up."

"Don't  worry about it," he told you, "you CAN'T mess up. I'm the  one  who 

controls everything. Just relax and be yourself."

"OK,  but, do we REALLY have to drink this early in the day? I  mean,  it's 

only 10 am."

"Yep, necessary. Believe me, it's ok. It's only 1 drink."

He  gets out the bottle (already opened), and pours you a drink, in a  long 

stemmed  wine  glass. You sip it, and notice its chilled  just  right,  and 

actually tastes good for this early in the morning. You sit down, and  look 

around, intimidated by everything. You aren't sure if you want to  continue 

with this.

He seems to notice this, and tells you to take your time.

"Drink  the  whole glass, but only at your own pace. Relax,  it'll  be  ok. 

Think  of it as fun, not something to be afraid of. Just like  having  your 

school picture taken."

"I HATED getting my school picture. They ALWAYS turned out terrible."

"Not  this  time, love. This time it'll be great. You're  so  beautiful,  I 

could do this with a instamatic and make people think it was a Renoir."

You  smile  at him, relaxing a bit. You are enjoying the  attention  he  is 

giving you. 

"A Renoir? No, I don't think so. Maybe I'd make a good Picasso?" You make a 

funny face at him, sticking your tongue out.

He  laughs, and leans forward to give you a kiss. You stop  him,  reminding 

him of the lipstick. 

"Hey, wait!" he says. "That's perfect. Stay there." And he turns the camera 

around, and starts taking pictures of you. He has you cross your legs,  and 

hold  the  wine glass on your lap, both hands wrapped around the  stem.  He 

takes the picture, then tells you to tilt the glass forward, so he can  get 

the  ring of lipstick you have lip on the rim. Then he has you hold  it  up 

almost to your lips, ready to take a drink.

The  whole time, he is telling you how great you look, and how perfect  the 

pictures will be, especially since you are in them. You feel flattered  and 

amused  that  he  would say so. "You're just saying that."  you  tell  him, 

hoping it's not true. "No, I'm not. I really believe it. Really!"

After about 10 pictures of this, he asks if you would like to do more.  You 

say sure, since you are starting to enjoy it. He goes over to your  stereo, 

and  turns  on  some hot, soft, romance music. Not  sleepy  classical,  but 

something with an underlying urgency to it. Not rushed, but not boring.  He 

has  you  look down a bit, stare up at him, with the glass  close  to  your 


"Ok, now. Lick your lips very slowly, like it's the most arousing thing you 

have ever tasted."

You do your best act, and notice your lips feel pretty good and smooth. You 

put  on  a ghost of a smile, trying to be alluring. You  guess  it  worked, 

because  he  says, "Don't do that! I'm trying to take pictures  here!"  You 

smile  wickedly, and decide to try and turn him on. You guess the  wine  is 

starting  to  work on you, since this is your third glass;  you  have  been 

sipping it in between shots. 

So you tell him to set the stuff back up where it's supposed to be, and you 

go  over in front of the camera. You remove the blazer you had put on,  and 

he notices you don't have a bra on underneath your silk lavender blouse. 

"Great,"  he says. "Put the glass down, stare at the camera, and pull  your 

shoulders back. Now lift your chin, and put one foot out to the side. Hands 

on your hips. Great!"

He  takes  a series of pictures, you trying to be the sexy  business  woman 

boss  type.  It  seems to be working, because as you  watch  him  take  the 

pictures, you notice he's getting a hard on. You are about ready to  spring 

a surprise on him, when he announces, "I'm out of film. Hold on."

Damn!  You go back and get the glass, filling it up. Standing in  front  of 

the  camera, you wait, sipping at your Cabernet Souvignon. He  reloads  the 

35, and gets back behind the lens. He says, "OK, ok, let's go." Seems to be 

in a rush, does he? Ok, let him try this.....

You lean back, hold the glass high over your head, and tilt your head back. 

He's snapping like crazy, because your tits are tight against your  blouse. 

Then,  without warning, you tilt the glass and let the wine run  down  your 

chest, over your stomach, and down to the floor. He is snapping  furiously. 

Good thing he's got that auto-winder on there! The wine is cold, and  makes 

your  nipples tighten, and stand out even farther against your  blouse.  He 

has  you turn towards him, and do the same thing again. The blouse  is  now 

see  through, just adding a hint of color to your skin. Your large  breasts 

are  looking good through it, and you feel excited. He says  it's  perfect. 

Just what he was looking for. So sexy, yet not dirty. Kind of like a wet

t-shirt contest, he says. So you continue....

You start to unbutton your blouse, and get down to your cleavage before you 

stop.  You lean forward, pushing your tits at the camera, and  holding  the 

blouse  open  to show your breasts. It looks good against  the  see-through 

which is all around it. 

He just lets you do what you want, snapping pix at a rapid pace. You  start 

to  undo the skirt, unwrapping it from around you, and letting it  fall  to 

the  floor.  He almost faints when he sees the garter belt  and  crotchless 

undies you have on. When he runs out of film again, it only takes him about 

6 seconds to change rolls, and he is off again. 

You  decide to get very bold, and grab the front of your blouse,  right  at 

your  nipples.  While he is snapping, you rip the blouse off  you,  letting 

your tits swing free. You throw the blouse to the ground, and turn sideways 

to show him your profile. 

He  pushes a stool over to you, and you sit on it. It's kind of like a  bar 

stool, with the legs connected by bars. You sit on it, and press your knees 

together.  He  throws you a towel, and you dry off. You put your  hands  on 

your  knees, and hold your tits together with your upper arms. He  has  you 

straighten  your  back,  and  hold your head up, so  you  make  a  type  of 

triangle.  "It looks so good, angel. I love it!" Your nipples are  standing 

up  still, not from the cold anymore, but from the heat. You find that  all 

this  is turning you on. You imagine yourself as a model for  Playboy,  and 

that soon you'll be Hef's woman. 

Your  lover  tells you to wake up, and move around. Who the hell is  he  to 

interrupt your fantasy? So you put those heels on the floor, stand up,  and 

turn  around,  showing  him  your ass, covered by the  black  lace  of  the 

panties.  You pull it together, against the middle of you ass, showing  off 

your cheeks. That flash is going like a strobe light! You put your  fingers 

in the band of the garter belt, and bend over, sliding them down your  long 

legs,  pointing your ass at him. You turn around, and kick off your  shoes. 

Now all you have on are the panties. 

You  stop, and notice he is rubbing his cock through his pants.  "Excited?" 

you ask him. "You know it, babe!"

You  sit down on the stool again, and put you feet on the cross  bars.  You 

slowly  spread your knees apart, showing him the opening in the  underwear. 

Your  legs get wider and wider, till it's like you have nothing on at  all. 

Your  pussy  is wide open, and you can see him zooming the lens in  on  it, 

pressing that cable release. He finally says he has to let himself out, and 

wants to take his pants off. 

"No. If you want to do that, YOU get in front of the camera."

He hesitates. "No, I've always been the taker, not the takee."

"Oh  well," you tell him. "Guess I'll just get dressed then." You start  to 

pick up your clothes.

He  practically flies out from behind the camera. You giggle, and run  back 

behind it. He explains that all you have to do is get what you want in  the 

middle of the frame, and squeeze the cable. You tell him you think you  can 

handle  that,  and he takes no time in removing his  pants,  revealing  his 

tight  bikini-type  black underwear. His cock looks so huge  in  that  tiny 

thing! You almost forget to take pictures, but then you remember, and start 

looking  through the view finder. You get his whole body in view, and  take 

pix as he removes his shirt, shoes, and socks. Now he is dressed just  like 

you. (Except, of course, his underwear isn't crotchless.) You tell him  you 

want to see his cock, but only if he does it nicely. 

He  has  a nice body, and he turns around and around, acting  like  a  male 

stripper,  dancing for the camera. He moves closer, and shakes his  package 

into  the  lens. You can see his balls bouncing through  the  material.  He 

backs up, and shows his ass to you. He, too, pulls the material between his 

cheeks,  and wiggles his ass at you. You find your free hand  between  your 

legs, rubbing your clit. What a hot ass he has. 

He  drops his shorts, and turns around very fast, surprising you  with  the 

length and stiffness of his cock. GOD, it looks inviting. But you want more 

pictures of it, so you keep snapping. But it won't take anymore. "Damn," he 

says.  "Out  of film again." He rushes over, and changes the camera  for  a 

camcorder.  Mounting  it  on the tripod, he tells you, "I  can  make  still 

pictures  from  this. It runs for two hours, so don't worry  about  missing 


Then  he  goes back to the chair, sits down, points his cock  at  you,  and 

pours a new glass of wine over it. You can't resist. You love the taste  of 

cock,  and  the  taste of red wine, especially this  kind.  You  leave  the 

camera,  and run over to the chair. He turns sideways, and you get on  your 

knees, taking it in your mouth. God, the taste of it is enough to drive you 

crazy. The saltiness of his sweat, and the sweetness of the wine is  almost 

too  much. You reach your hand back down between your legs,  and  furiously 

pump  your pussy. You stick two fingers into it, and are surprised  at  how 

slick  it is, then you remember you had poured wine on yourself,  and  some 

had probably gotten inside. So you remove his cock from your mouth, and lie 

down,  legs spread towards him. He immediately kicks the chair out  of  the 

way,  and  drops onto his stomach, putting his face between your  legs.  He 

groans as his hard cock hits the wood floor, and you start to laugh. 

"Verry funny. VERRRRY funny. I think I broke my cock!" 

You  tell  him to turn around, that you'll kiss it and make it  better.  He 

does, and you take the glass that is still sitting there, and dip his  cock 

into it. There was just enough left to get the whole thing coated. 

Then  you put his legs on either side of your head, and put your  hands  on 

his hips. He lets you control him, and you pull him down onto you,  letting 

his  cock slide deeply inside your throat. His balls tickle your chin,  and 

you swallow, letting your throat muscles close around his shaft. He  moans, 

and drives his tongue into your pussy. You almost gag at the feeling he has 

just  given you. You pull your thighs close around his head, and  hold  him 

there.  He starts flicking his tongue up and down in your slit, making  you 

wetter,  and licking off the stickiness of the combination of the wine  and 

your juices.

As  you  suck his cock, you feel it building in pressure in his  balls.  He 

licks  you  faster  and faster, across your clit, through  your  lips,  and 

across  your  asshole, teasing it just slightly. He holds your  lips  apart 

with  his  hot fingers, and stabs your cunt with his tongue. He  snakes  it 

around  inside your nether hole, making you wetter by the second. The  soft 

bottom of his tongue rubs across your clit the whole time, making you  jump 

from  time  to  time from the electricity his touch  gives  you.  You  feel 

yourself starting you cum, and you pull his hips down, stuffing his massive 

cock all the way down your throat, sucking as hard as you can. He pushes  a 

finger into your ass, and you cum, squeezing his head, and using your hands 

to  jam him farther into your pussy. He starts to cum, and you can feel  it 

burst in your throat, filling you up with the heat. You can't hold it  all, 

and  it starts to run out your mouth. Licking and sucking, you pull it  out 

as  fast  as you can, letting it spray your face. He  turns  around,  after 

going  limp, and licks it off your face, then kisses you. Then he gets  up, 

points to the camera, and says, "We got it all on tape!!"

You laugh........................



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