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Archive-name: Couples/funsun.txt

Archive-author: Mirage

Archive-title: Fun in the Sun

A nice, inoffensive story of consentual adult sex with the slightest

thrill of exhibitionism. It may be too mild for some, but it shouldn't

be to shocking for anybody who reads this newsgroup. If it is, BFD!

	I can't believe I have time to relax! I'm sitting here in the sun,

in a tank top and shorts, feeling those nasty ultraviolet rays warming

my skin. Skin cancer? No way! I don't spend enough time out here to be

at risk. I wonder if I'm even out enough to maintain my vitamin D levels!

Mmmm. It feels so good!

	I close my eyes from my book and tilt my face up to the sun.

	I can hear you walk up quietly, but I don't react. What will it

be? I know you well enough to expect a "sneak attack." Why do guys do

this? (Well, I guess I'm guilty on occasion myself.) Just when I'm

relaxed, reclined, letting the world disappear, somebody insists on

tickling me or dropping ice down my back! With a mental sigh, I brace


	Ah, yes. Of course. Ice - on my chest (because my back is 

against the lounger). You expect me to jump or scream, but I don't.

I won't. Instead ...

	"Mmmm ... feels good."

	Actually, it _does_ feel good; the cool, wet ice against my

baking skin. As it melts (quickly) and trickles down my cleavage, I

shade my eyes with my hand to look at you, as though I'm not sure who

you are.

	"Oh, hi! It's just you." I say with a smirk. "I thought it was

my other lover." (Oh how I love to tease you!)

	"What `other' lover?" you demand playfully, as you run the 

shrinking ice cube across my chest with your finger. The cold wetness

has caused my nipples to harden, quite obvious through the thin, soft

cotton of my top.

	"You know ...," I chide, "My other lover who does _nice_ things

for me."

	"Oh REALLY? Who is this guy?" 

	My top is getting very wet from my sweat and the melting ice.

A sudden breeze blows across me, causing me to shiver involuntarily. I

see your eyes sparkle with delight as you watch my breasts jiggle and

my nipples grow even harder.

	"BRR! Now I'm cold!" I fib, scowling, but enjoying your pleasure

to my body's reactions. I sit up, placing my feet on either side of the

lounger to rise, but you sit near the foot of the chair, sideways to me,

placing your hand on my bare thigh to keep me seated. 

	I watch your face, your eyes, as you appraise me - my tank top

rolled up to my breasts, my cut-off jeans unzipped and opened to allow

the sun to touch as much of me as possible without actually digging out

a bikini. These are my SHORT shorts. I don't wear them in public. 

Sitting as I am, I know without looking that my bush is quite visible

between my thighs, the denim hiding only the pinkness of my sex. I 

never wear panties with these shorts - that would be a contradiction!

This is the first time you've seen them.

	I knew you would enjoy this view, and your expression and 

straining shorts verify that fact. After a significant pause, during

which I pretend not to notice you staring at my body, you close your

mouth, recompose your face and look up to my eyes.

	"What `other' lover?" you repeat. "I'm nice to you."

	I grin at you like the imp that I am and reply,

	"You're not my `nice' lover, you're my `nasty' lover!"

	"Is that so? What's the difference between nice and nasty here?"

	"Well, while you try to shock me by putting ice down my pants,

or tickling me, my `nice' lover would cool me when I'm hot and caress

me with gentle touches."

	"Hmph! You _like_ having ice on your skin?"

	I nod as you reach into the tumbler of iced tea you're holding

and fish out another piece of ice. I can feel my crotch start to warm 

with anticipation. Playing the game, though, I try to change the


	"So, how was your ride? How far did you get?" I ask as you begin

tracing the top curve of my breasts above the fabric with the ice.

	"Not more than 10 or 12 miles. Dave's bike got a flat and we didn't

have a spare." You have some trouble keeping your voice even as your eyes

watch my breasts twitch from the cold. My top is now soaked down to

my nipples and the cloth clings tightly to my skin. Another breeze

passes and a delicious shiver runs through me, so I lay back to steady

myself, not really meaning to pull away from your hand.

	"Is there any place else you need to be `cooled'?" You ask as

you retrieve another ice cube.

	I just shrug casually, but I watch intently as you bring your

hand toward my abdomen. As the first drops of water hit my skin, I 

gasp slightly, but I want to feel it - where will you touch it? 

Meanwhile, further `south' I can feel increasing warmth and swelling.

	You take your time, letting drops fall to my skin. The water

begins to pool at my navel, then rivulets roll down my side. I close my 

eyes and enjoy the delicate tickle of the cool drops, as you guide 

them downward. Then ... I feel a light touch ...

	Involuntarily, I jump, but with pleasure, not shock. I

realize it's not ice I feel ... cold, but not that cold. Your fingers -

inside my left thigh, near the crotch. Gently, your touch glides 

upward to the crease, then up and down along the crease. I let a soft

sigh escape. Edging slowly inward, you stroke the skin, then the

curly, trimmed hair of my bush. It dawns on me that my hands are

tightly gripping the arms of the lounger; I'm holding my breath. I

consciously force myself to breathe slowly, deeply. I can't quite

relax my arms, resisting my urge to press against your hand.

As you reach the denim, and a solitary finger slips underneath to

find the wetness, I again catch my breath with a whimper.

	"Oh my!" You are surprised to find how wet I am.

	I open my eyes to check your expression, although I know what

I'll see. Your eyes sparkle with delight and your face is gently 

serious with the hunger growing inside you. I lean forward, take the

beverage from you, take a sip and place the glass on the ground.

Then, with both hands I draw your face to mine and as our lips meet,

I share the cool tea with you. I let you swallow, then I slowly

search your mouth gently with my tongue. Your finger continues to

tease the wet silk under my jeans.

	Suddenly, you thrust your finger up inside me! I gasp and

break our lip-lock. I see a very determined look on your face, and

you see surprise and delight on mine. As you start moving in and out

and around inside me, I lie back and again grip the chair arms. Gawd,

it feels so good! I lie there moaning softly and raising my hips to

you, as you manage to add a second finger to your magic. My eyes

close, my mouth opens, I try to remain quiet while you do your best 

to make me scream! My breath comes in gasps and whimpers.

	I reach for your shirt to pull you to me, wanting to beg

you to take me in the house and fuck me; but you pull back and I

look to find you moving yourself down to lie across the foot of the

lounger. What are you going to do? You position your chest on the

chair, and reach up with your hand to pull me closer to your face!

Oh god! Are you going to eat me out here?? 

	"What are you doing?" I can barely whisper. "Let's go

inside, okay?"

	You shake your head and your lips form "no" ... and then 

you pull aside the thin denim hiding my sex, and your mouth comes

down hard on me. 

	"Hhhuunnhh! Oh god, I can't believe you're doing this!"

	I look around the yard to see if any of the neighbors can see,

but I know there's a six foot privacy fence, and strategically planted

trees to prohibit viewing. But, my god, I have an awful hard time 

being quiet when I'm cumming! What do you want me to do? Die of the

anxiety of being quiet, or make the neighbors think they should call 911??

	"Oh no! Baby! Please, let's go inside! Mmmmm ... please!"

	Your only response is to reach a hand up under my skimpy top

and start pinching my nipple! Flashes of heat and electricity flare

through me! That's it ... I don't care now! Oh god ... let 'em call

the fire department!

	"Unh! Oh shit ... you are WICKED!" I say breathlessly as I

grab a fistful of your thick, silky hair. I bite my lip and try to keep

my moans quiet. With my feet still on the ground, I can easily lift 

and tilt my hips against your face. You tug my shorts down off my ass

so they're scrunched up around my hips, allowing more slack at the

crotch. Your right hand pushes my tank top up, exposing my breasts

and my hard, hard nipples and you play back and forth between them.

Then, you focus more attention on my clit, starting to suck and nibble

on it ... suddenly thrusting two fingers from your other hand into

my dripping cunt!

	"AH!" I cry out, then more softly, "Oh! Mmmm ..."

	Then I realize you don't plan to let me maintain control!

	You start fucking me vigorously with your fingers, sucking

and rubbing my clit, pinching my nipples harder and harder! I'm

holding my breath, fighting the need to cry out ... my eyes are

squeezed so tightly shut, tiny tears start to roll from the corners;

but I can't resist! With one gasp and a long, deep groan, I let the

flood of ecstasy take over. 

	"OH! Hunh! Yyyeesss!" I cry out as softly as I can. I have

no idea how loud I am. All I know is it feels wonderful and I want 


	"Please, Baby ... come up here ..." I plead, trying 

to get you on top of me.

	You look up at me with the devil in your eyes, then slowly

lift your mouth from my cunt. Your face is glistening with my juice.

	"What do you want?" You ask, knowing perfectly well what the

answer is ... but you insist on hearing it.

	"You know ... please ... I want you."

	"But you `have' me, I'm right here."

	"I want you inside me."

	"I AM inside you ..." you claim with an emphatic thrust of

your fingers, as you work me a bit more intensely.

	My pleading pauses as I moan and writhe during this new wave

of ecstasy. I find myself thrusting against your hand; you now have

three fingers inside me, and your thumb is working my clit with an

amazing precision. Shudders of orgasm flow through me! My breathing 

is limited to gasping and groaning ... and as I peak, a long low

growl escapes my throat.

	"Oh, GOD!" I finally gasp, after catching my breath a bit.

"Damn you ... the way you make me crazy!"

	You laugh softly, "I like making you crazy. Do you want more?"

	I look at you with glazed eyes. 

	"What do you think?"

	I reach down and remove your hand from my cunt (noticing my 

fingers are slightly cramped from their tight grip on the chair arms).

My juice is dripping from your fingers, and I lick the sweetness off

them, as I pull you up to me. This time you cooperate. I know you

want it, too. As I draw your mouth to mine, your body settles onto me,

fitting perfectly. Your bulging crotch presses against my swollen mound,

and you grind against me as our tongues caress. 

	"I want you to fuck me," I whisper when we break our kiss.

	"Do you want to go inside?" 

	"I don't care anymore ... no one can see ... fuck me out here."

	You search my eyes to see if I'm serious. I am. I slide my hands

down to your waist. You lift up enough to allow me access and I unbutton

and unzip your shorts. Your throbbing cock is poking out from the top of

your briefs, and the pre-cum has created quite a spot on your shorts. I

push your pants (both pair) down just far enough to accommodate our needs,

which means about to the bottom of your sweet little ass. 

	With some squirming and struggling, we manage to get my skimpy

shorts down past my knees, so I can spread my legs and take you inside.

	Finally, I feel your hardness press against my wet, open cunt and

enter me with barely any resistance. As horny and lathered as I am, you're

still thick enough to create excellent friction to my tight pussy. We both

let out a sigh as the tension is relieved. Damn ... it feels so good to

have you inside me! 

	You pause there, we both enjoy the "rush" of the first few 

seconds of our union, then you start to slowly slide out and in. My

hands are on your tight butt cheeks, squeezing slightly as you move 

back and forth. I love to feel your ass tighten as you move. I look up at

your face ... your eyes are closed as you focus on the sensations in your 

body, your expression is that strange look of pain and pleasure ... the

intensity of sex is so powerful, I know what you feel is not pain.

	You sense me watching you and you open your eyes. We speak to 

each other without words, declaring our love and passion ... then I lift

my mouth to yours and we kiss deeply again as our hips grind together.

	We make love slowly and sweetly for a long time, till the feelings

intensify to the point of no return. I draw my knees back as far as possible

(somehow my shorts have slipped off completely) and you straighten your arms,

lifting your torso off of me, focusing the intensity and pressure on our

groins. Our sounds become animal ... grunts and groans, gasps, cries ... as

the passion increases and the climax approaches. 

	Suddenly I feel it ... the tingling wave of a powerful orgasm ...

as it begins to build. I look into your eyes just before I roll my head back,

and ...

	"OhGawdYes! OhGawdYes! YES! YES! BABY! ..."

	You thrust harder and harder as I cum, making my climax last as long

as possible ... then just as I start to come down I feel your body tense,

and you groan as you explode inside me! Oh yes! I wrap my legs around you

and lift my hips to you, trying to take you deeper into me, as I feel your

cock pulsing with orgasm. Your entire body is tight, your eyes squeezed shut,

your jaw clenched ... it seems to last a long time. Gradually you start to

relax ... your face, your legs ... then you lay yourself down on me and try

to catch your breath.

	As we reassemble ourselves to decency, it becomes apparent we've 

been out in the sun awhile ... the backs of your legs, my shins and face, are

quite pink and will soon be tender. Time to move indoors and begin smearing 

on tons of lotion.

	Hmmm ... thoughts of luscious indoor activities begin ... =)



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