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Archive-name: Couples/frdlyvis.txt

Archive-author: Howie

Archive-title: Friendly Visit I


                       January 3, 1992


    Samantha could not stop thinking of her boyfriend ever sence New

Years Eve.  Jason was in 11th grade and she was in 10th.  They both

went to Billy Ryan High School.  They had only been going out for

about a month, but both of them had fallen deep in love with each

other.  They could not stop thinking about each other.  There

relationship was getting more sexual everyday.  They both knew it too.

    One Saturday afternoon Jason decided to pop up at Samantha's house

without her knowing he was going to.  At about 1pm he arrived at her

door.  Samantha was shocked as she opened the door to find Jason.  After

about 45 secounds of pure shock she invited him in.  Her parents had

gone out of town for the day so they were going to be alone the entire


    Samantha led Jason into her room where they turned on some music and

started to talk.  After a while there talk turned into a deep kiss.  It

seemed like it lasted for hours.  After a while Samantha glanced down and

saw that he was very turned on.  So was Samantha, you could tell from the

look on her face.  She wanted him more than anything at this moment.

Nothing eles mattered.  She wanted him to the point that she wasn't

going to let him out of the house till she had her way with him.

    They were both getting really bored so they decided to paint each

other with some paint that was left over from painting the house.  The

paint was white and purple.  Which was Samantha's favorite colors.  Jason

was first, she started out with the purple which she started at the

feet.  She slowly made her way up his left leg till she reached his

inner thieghs.  One she had gotten the she was majorly turned on.  You

could see how wet she was from a mile away.  She slowly started to slide

his pants down.  After getting it all the way off she started to paint

the rest of him, but as she started to paint her way up she decided that

she had to have him.  She took his dick into her mouth and in one quick

pass had it all the way in her mouth.  Faster and faster she went,

paying close attention to the head.  After about few minutes of this he

came unexpectedly into her mouth.  She tried hard to swollow every drop

but there was to much and she had to take it out.  The rest went all

over her dress that she was wearing.  After looking at this Jason grabbed

her dress and tore it off in one stroke.  Now all she was wearing was a

pear of black lace panties which came off just as fast.  After this she

took him into the bath room to get all the paint off and to take a

little shower.  Once they got into the shower they started to kiss.  His

hands slid down from her sholders to her firm tits.  Then he slid his

head down and started to lick and nibble at her nipples.  Then he slid

his head down even lower till he reached the object of his desire.  He

slowly ran his tongue along her slit.  Thats when she first started to

moan.  The further he went in and the faster he went the louder she

would moan.  After a few moments of this she had a orgasm like she had

never had before and then grabed his head and pushed it far into her

pussy.  Through out all of this he never stoped what he was doing.  He

just kept going.  She just kept having orgasm after orgasm.  Then she

grabbed his head ( one on his shoulders not the other one ( key chain,

sorry inside joke )) and pulled it back up and told him that she wanted

him to fuck her right now.  So she backed up into the corner of the

shower and positioned her self where she would not fall.  Then he

positioned him self were he had very good access.  Then he slowly

inserted about 1/4 of his cock into her pussy.  Then slowly went to 3/4.

Then he pushed hard till he could fell that he was all the way in.  Then

he started to pump slow at first but faster after a few seconds.  After

a few minutes she was into multiple orgasms.  Then in one quick rush he

came harder than he had ever came before.  They were both tired so they

both just fell to the bottom of the shower and layed there not talking

or doing anything.  This is the first time the whole time that they were

quite.  After a few seconds they heard a sound of her dad in the room

next to them.  They both wondered if he had heard them moaning.  So they

quickly cleaned off got dressed without making a sound.  Jason got in

the closet that was right behind the door and Samantha went out and got

her dad to go out and check on the dogs.  The moment he walked out the

back door she ran and got Jason and got him to slide out the back door.

After about 45 minutes he knocked on the door just like nothing had

happened.  Samantha's dad answered the door.  Her dad let him in and told

him that Samantha was back in her room.  Once he got back into her room

they closed the door and started to crack up laughing.  They had gotten

away with it.  Her dad was the type if he had caught him with her that

he would have filled him full of lead and he had the guns there to do


    They were now alone again so they started to kiss.  She knew if her

dad caught them kissing he would throw him out and never let him back

in so they stoped after a few kisses.  The rest of the night went by

fast and at 11 that night her dad made Jason go home.


To be continued in Friendly Visit II....  Just you wait....  Samantha

will return for a better time soon..




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