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Archive-name: Couples/fran.txt


Archive-title: Fran

    I first met Fran one day after work in the parking lot.  There she was with

the hood of her car open, so I went to see if I could help.  She was wearing a

short skirt and blouse that showed her figure off.  I couldn't get the car to

start so I offered her a ride home.  As she slid into the car her skirt slid up

revealing even more of her legs.  As we rode we talked and I found out that she

was an ex-stripper, she gave it up for a good paying job.  The thought of

seeing her on a stage naked gave me a slight hard on.

    When we arrived at her house she invited me in for a drink.  I sat on the

couch as Fran poured us a drink, when she returned she put the drinks on the

end table.  She turned and walked over to the stereo and put some music on.

She then excused herself and went into the bedroom, when she returned she was

wearing a long silk robe.  As she sat down the bottom of the robe opened all

the way up to her hip.  Then she asked if I would like to see her dance, I

would have been a fool to say no.  She stood up and moved to the middle of the

room.  Slowly she untied the robe to the beat of the music, and slid it down

around her shoulders moving about the floor.  She opened the front enough to

let me view her large breast cupped in a thin bra.

    I started to get a erection again as she teased me.  Next she let the robe

open all the way and fall to the floor.  Kicking the robe to the side she

leaned to me and bounced her tits in my face, I thought they were going to pop

out of her bra.  She looked down and noticed the bulge in my pants, she gave me

a smile of appreciation.  Just watching her dance around in her bra and panties

made me horny as hell, I never saw a stripper on stage.  As she turned around

again she reached back and unfastened her bra, tossing it back over her

shoulder to me.  When she turned to me she crossed her arms across her chest

trying to cover her nipples.  Then she moved one then the other, she had large

tits and her nipples were hard.  She ran her hands along her thin waist up to

her tits pushing them together.  She came to the couch again, as I looked up 

at her she offered me a tit to suck on.  As I sucked her hard nipple she

unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off, running her hands over my chest.

    Fran pulled back and started to remove her panties.  She pulled them down

just far enough so I could the top of her hair that covered her pussy.  She

turned and pulled her panties all the way down, her ass was firm and well

rounded and she shook it to the music.  When she turned she pumped her hip my

way as if offering me her pussy.  I couldn't help but to notice how she kept

her pussy hairs trimmed to a small bush.  By now my cock was harder than ever

and she kept looking at the bulge in my pants. I reached my arms out and she

came over to me, I put my hands on the cheeks of her ass and pulled her pussy

to my face.  She started to grind her hips as I let my tongue part her hairs

and slip inside her tasting her love juices.  Fran pulled back and unfastened

my pants, as she pulled them off my stiff rod sprung up like a flag pole.  Fran

reached down and took my cock in her hand, as she stroked it a drop of cum

developed on the tip she lowered her head with her tongue out and licked it

off.  Fran slowly took the head into her mouth working more and more of me in

as she sucked.  I watched as my dick disappeared in her mouth, then she lifted

her head letting my cock almost all the way out only to suck it back in again.

    She then laid on the floor and pushed her tits together, I stood over her

then lowered myself on her resting my hard cock between her tits.  She gave me

a smile then squeezed her tits around my dick.  I started to fuck her tits

letting my dick slide between her soft tits as I played with her hard nipples.

I looked down at Fran as she stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of my cock

every time it slid up.  I moved up on her chest and let my stiff rod slip into

her open mouth once again.  As she sucked me in I leaned forward over her head

on all fours, and started to pump my tool in and out of her mouth as she played

with my balls.

    I then turned myself around with my dick still in her mouth I buried my

face in her pussy.  My tongue explored every fold of her love cave licking her

juices up.  My tongue would dart in and out of her pussy trying to get deeper

into her each time.  Fran  pulled her legs up so I could get to her pussy a lot

easier.  My tongue now found her love bud, I toyed with it letting my tongue

flick over it then sucking it in between my lips.  As I sucked at her pussy I

inserted my finger into her.  She was so wet it slid deep into pussy, she

started to pump her hips up to me driving my finger deeper into her.  I reached

my other hand around and started to probe at her ass hole, this made her

movements grow faster.  As I slid my finger deeper into her ass I could feel

her muscles tighten up, soon I had my finger all the way in her ass.  I

couldn't believe how easy it slid into her.  There we were on the floor I was

pumping my dick in her mouth a finger and tongue in her pussy and a finger up

her ass.  As I pumped her mouth her movements grew rapid under me I knew her

time was near when she wrapped her legs around my head.  My cock was starting

to throb now, I started to pump faster and faster and she sucked harder then I

unloaded in her mouth.  She swallowed all I had to offer her, and her hips gave

a few rapid jerks then she relaxed her legs.

    I slowly pulled my finger out of her ass, then out of her pussy.  We rolled

on our sides my now limp cock still in her mouth, and my mouth still sucking

her pussy.  As my dick slipped out of her mouth she turned around, our lips met

and we engaged in a long tongue teasing kiss.  We laid on the floor and kissed

as I played with her tits again until her nipples were hard as rocks.  Fran

reached down and toyed with my now limp dick as I took one nipple in my mouth

and sucked on it like a baby.  She whispered in my ear "Come on baby get hard

again I want you to fuck me some more."

    As Fran played with my cock it grew hard again when it was stiff she rolled

me on my back.  As I laid there with my pole straight up Fran continued to

stroke its full length, then she straddled me guiding my hard rod into her

still wet pussy.  It slid right in and she started to rock back and forth

letting my dick slide in and out of her.  I watched her big tits swing in my

face every time she rocked.  She lowered herself so her hard nipples brushed

against my cheeks and lips, I caught one between my lips and pulled on it, she

let out a small moan of pleasure.  Suddenly she stopped all her movements and

rolled off me. She got up on all fours and said "Take me from the back, bury

your dick deep in me."

    I positioned myself behind her and slid my cock into her pussy from the

back, letting the tip rub her love bud a few times.  As I pumped her she took

my balls in her hand and played with them, as I played with her nipples.  Then

I pulled my cock out and lined the head up with her ass hole, the moisture from

her pussy was enough to let me slide into her easily.  She moaned as I drove my

cock deeper into her, she started to rock to meet my pumps.  Fran was really

hot now she started to moan and talk as if in a world of her own, she said " I



    That made me drive into her all the harder, I let my one finger slide into

her pussy.  Fran was going crazy now we pumped our bodies together.  I don't

know what made her feel better my dick ramming deep in her ass, my finger

buried deep in her wet pussy, or my teasing her rock hard nipples but I wasn't

about to stop any of them.  I was ready to shoot my load again and I told her

"Get ready babe here it comes.  I am getting ready to fill your ass."  All she

kept saying was "Give it to me, give me all of it, I want it all."  As I came I

pumped all the harder filling her with my cum which made my dick slide even

easier.  Fran collapsed on the floor and me on top of her, I slowly pulled my

dick out of her ass.  She rolled on her back and held me tight in her arms.  We

fell asleep on the floor in each others arms.  The next morning I went home

because I had to go to work.  I would of rather spend the day with Fran.  We

see each other at least once a month and we spend all day in the house pleasing

each other.  I still enjoy my private strip show that Fran puts on for me every

time we meet.



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