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Archive-name: Couples/food.txt


Archive-title: Food

 The day  is warm  and sunny  as I drive up to your house - perfect for

 the picnic we've been planning for  weeks.   I tap  the horn,  and you

 come  running  out  of  the  house.    As  you  cross the lawn, I take

 advantage of  the opportunity  to watch  your breasts  bounce and your

 body gracefully  sway under the lightweight blue dress you're wearing.

 This is not without effect - when you reach the car, my cock is almost

 poking out  the leg  of my  white shorts, and the bulge created by its

 length is plainly visible.  We kiss quickly, and I  slide the  car out

 into traffic.


 The drive  to the marina is only about half an hour, but seems to take

 forever.  We even have a few near misses when my attention drifts from

 the road's  hazards to your charms, but we eventually arrive safely to

 find my uncle's boat right where he promised it would  be.   It starts

 up on the first try, powerful engine roaring, and we skim out over the

 water, leaving a trail of churned white foam behind us.


 Soon we are out on the  open sea,  bouncing across  the waves.   Here,

 where there  is nothing  to hit, I'm paying more attention to you than

 to the boat.   You are  teasingly shifting  in the  seat to  make your

 skirt slide  higher up  your thighs,  and leaning  over to examine the

 dashboard, not incidentally giving me  glimpses  of  your  tanned tits

 sliding inside  your blouse.   All  of this  is giving me a monumental

 hard-on, a  detail that  has not  escaped your  notice.   We spend the

 entire  hour  making  each  other  hotter  and hotter without a single

 touch.  By the time we  reach the  secluded cove  on the  back side of

 Catalina, both of us are fantastically horny.

 I run  the boat  up to  the shore,  and help you out - not missing the

 chance to caress your soft breast  and give  the stiff  nipple a quick

 squeeze.   Handing you the blanket, I grab the paper bag and ice chest

 that hold our provisions, and we walk up the shore several yards  to a

 grassy  little  area  overhung  by  shady  trees.   You spread out the

 blanket and barely have it on  the  ground  before  I  am  holding you

 tightly, my hands squeezing your bottom, my groin rubbing against your

 belly, and  my mouth  locked to  yours, tounges  writhing and twisting

 together.   Our embrace  lasts for  several minutes, just holding each

 other close and kissing hotly.   Finally  I  raise  my  head  and say,

 "Shall we eat?"

 Our clothes drop off quickly - I actually pop the button off my shorts

 in my haste to get them off.  We hold  each other  again, enjoying the

 sensation  of  skin  against  skin.    My  cock is trapped between our

 bodies, and  you can  feel it  throbbing against  you.   I move gently

 against you,  feeling your  soft breasts crushed against my chest, the

 hard nipples standing out like  bullets.    I  lift  you  in  my arms,

 carrying you  across the  grass to  the blanket, where I lay you down.

 Reaching into the ice chest, I  pull  out  a  glass  and  a  bottle of



 I hand  you the filled glass, and with a wide smile kneel between your

 legs with the bottle.  I  hold it  over your  smooth crotch  and begin

 pouring a  slow trickle  down, licking  it up  as it runs through your

 pussy.  The  combination  of  the  champagne  and  your  own  juice is

 delicious, and I lap rapidly at your cunt trying to catch it all.  You

 are feeling  incredible  sensations,  as  the  champagne  tickles your

 sensitive pussy  and I  voraciously lick  you.   The champagne in your

 glass is not going to waste - dipping your fingers  in it,  you rub it

 on your  nipples, which are quickly becoming as hot as your crotch.  I

 begin concentrating on your erect little clit, and the pleasure grows.

 You know that orgasm is not far away.

 Then I  abruptly set  the bottle  down and  reach for the chest again,

 this time pulling out a bunch  of grapes.   Leaning  back over  you, I

 lick  quickly  at  one  champagne-flavored  nipple and exchange a kiss

 before moving  back down  between your  legs.   Spreading and stroking

 your cunt,  I begin  pushing the  grapes inside, one by one.  Finally,

 they are all inside, and once again I place my mouth over your crotch,

 sucking them  out.  As each pops out and into my mouth, new shivers of

 excitement  shoot  through  you,  culminating  at  last  in  a raging,

 explosive climax  that almost  lifts you  off the blanket.  Lying back

 gasping for breath, you  look down  at my  head, still  buried between

 your thighs.

 "C'mon, I'm  hungry too"  you say softly as you sit up and I roll over

 to take your place on the ground.  My cock  stands up  straight, stiff

 and hard,  as you  bring out the condiments - chocolate sauce, whipped

 cream, and a cherry for the  top.    Soon  my  crotch  is  a  mound of

 chocolate and  whipped cream, the cherry balanced precariously atop my

 rigid cock.  You waste no  time in  lapping up  the sweet  mixture, my

 shaft quivering  with each  stroke of your tongue.  A steady stream of

 fluid is trickling from  the swollen  red head,  and you  lick it off,

 swirling your  tongue around  and around the cherry still miraculously

 balanced on top.  Finally you slip me into your mouth, and  after only

 a few  moments in that hot wet grip, my cock lets loose, shooting it's

 own special sauce into your throat.


 Looking down at your chocolate-smeared face next to my still half-hard

 rod, I fumble behind me in the bag to see if there is anything left in

 our supplies.  I find what I am  looking for,  and gently  draw you up

 next to  me.   Sliding down,  tracing a  trail over  your body with my

 tongue, I lie down again between your legs and taste  your pussy.   If

 anything,  it  is  wetter  than  before,  and  a  slight  taste of the

 champagne remains.  But then I take the bananna that  I am  holding in

 my hand,  and begin  rubbing it  up and  down along the length of your

 slit.  You moan with pleasure,  and reach  down to  hold your cuntlips

 open, showing  me your  hot pink  hole.  The bananna slides in easily,

 and you gasp as it twists  inside you.   Leaving  it buried  inside, I

 lick and  nibble your  clit for  several minutes before pulling it out

 again with my teeth, eating it as it emerges from you.


 When it is gone, your body  is hotter  than you  can ever  remember it

 being.   You are  desperate to  come, your  body straining for climax.

 Your fingers are rubbing and digging at your clit, and  you beg  me to

 make you come.  "We're out of banannas - I guess this will have to do"

 I chuckle, and shove my hard cock all the way inside you.  Your scream

 and  my  shout  at  the  sensation  emerge at the same time, and for a

 moment I hold still inside  you  while  we  enjoy  it.    Then  I roll

 sideways and  pull you close, our sweaty bodies sliding together as my

 cock slides in and out of your quivering pussy.  Our hands are roaming

 over each  others' bodies,  stroking, squeezing, caressing, and we are

 kissing hotly, trying to devour each other with our lips  and tongues.

 Your climax  is first,  even more  violent than  the last, and as your

 body shakes and quivers my release is triggered.  For  long moments we

 are held in ecstasy, rolling and bucking on the ground together.

 We finally  catch our  breath, and  lean together  against a tree, you

 sitting with  your back  to me  between my  spread legs,  with my arms

 around your  waist and  hands idly stroking your belly.  You turn your

 head and  laugh as  you say  "Hey, you  want to  go into  town and get

 something to eat?"



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