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Archive-name: Couples/fantasy.019


Archive-title: One Summer Night

I've often thought about making love on the sands of a

moonlit beach but, you made my thoughts reality when you took

me in your arms. I thought it would stop there. But, as you

continued to work your way down my body exploring every

crevice of my being, I knew different.

After you made your first move, I took over, I felt

your body respond. As I took your hot, throbbing organ into

my mouth I felt you tremble. When I finished, I gazed up

at your handsome muscular body and knew what I wanted.

I pulled you down and begged you to take me then.

All I knew was pleasure as you entered me. Mm. You were, oh so

good! I felt you thrusting harder and harder until the ecstasy

was almost painful. But, oh it hurt so good!  It felt as though

we were on the realm of another world and time.

As we lay beside each other afterwards, I could

see that you were still excited and seeing that, made my

excitement rise.  As I bent over, I begged you to enter me this

way. I felt you thrust your manhood into my ass. The night

continued on as we experimented finding ways to drive

each other to unknown heights exploring each other's

sensitive parts. Tasting each other's taste.  

But, that was only one summer night....



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