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Archive-name: Couples/evengbed.txt

Archive-author: Bronze Tigress

Archive-title: Memory of a Evening in Bed

                      Dedicated to Silver Tiger

        I don't know what it was, to start with.  It was late, for one

thing, a long day with another tomorrow - the whole list of reasons why

not.  So, "take me to bed?" I asked.


        "No, take you -in- bed", was your reply, voice soft and deep.


        So, we undressed, quickly, and I went off to the bathroom to

clean up.  The lights were off when I got out, and I could see you lying

there, with the covers kicked back, by the light from behind me, just

before I turned that one off too.  I made my way over to the bed, slowly

in the dark, letting my eyes adjust to show me your form stretched out

there.  And I knew I wanted you tonight...


        Wanted to taste you, feel you...  A gentle push on your hip, and

you were lying flat, and I could lay a trail of kisses down your chest,

and down the line of fur that leads down, across your abdomen, bumping

into your smooth, half-erect cock with my cheek, feeling how soft the

skin of it is before running my tongue over it once, just to get your

attention.  Oh, yes, I had it now...  Long, soft licks, savouring the

feel of you, growing harder with each touch of my tongue.


        And you, moving your hand against my leg, trailing it softly up

the inside of my thigh as I continued my work.  You reached my crotch,

as I knelt over you, and pressed up against it with your knuckles, and I

moaned softly, taking the head of your cock into my mouth, enjoying the

feeling, and turning my hips further towards your hand. You moved it up

further then, trailing it across the back of my thigh, and then across

my cheek, and then back down by my tailbone.  I moaned again as you

brushed against my anus, and then paused there, rubbing slow circles,

and pressing ever so slightly as I slid my mouth slowly up and down the

length of you.  As we continued, I pushed back against your hand, almost

to urge you on.


        "Umm...  your finger, it's awfully dry..."


        "I was wondering...  Can you reach the lotion?"


        "Mmm, hmmm...", and I reached up to the dresser top for it,

passing the bottle back to you and returning to my licking, applying

just a little bit of suction.  The lotion was cool along my tailbone,

but warmed quickly.  This time, your finger slipped in easily, and you

began a slow pace that I echoed with my mouth and hand.  A little bit

faster, then, and I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm building,

even though you were doing nothing beyond stroking that one finger

slowly in and out of my ass as I suck and licked at you.


        The second finger went in almost as smoothly as the first, and

the pace never changed, but it was getting harder and harder to keep up

the blowjob I'd been giving you as the tension grew.  And then I was

shaking and spasming around your fingers, unable to continue stroking

you, managing a lick across your balls as I shuddered.  I felt you

withdrawing, and the twist of your body as you reached for the towel.


        Then your voice, muttering something about more, and your hands,

gently moving me, urging me to turn, facing the edge of the bed, your

knees inside mine, and I -did- want more.  You must have heard that,

because after a moment, you had spread more of the lotion over me, and

then nothing, for a while, and something about wanting to be well and

thoroughly lubricated for me.


        Again, then, just one finger, only this time there was half a

sting as it entered me, and I twitched, and then the soothing lotion was

doing its work and I was relaxing again, just enjoying the sensation.  I

knew what was next.  The head of your cock felt smooth, and warm, as you

pressed it slowly against me, easing me open, and I could feel you stop

your motion, letting me rock slowly back onto you, slowly, slipping

maybe half the head in, and then out, as my muscles relaxed into the

feeling of your penetration.  Then the whole head slipped in, and I

gasped and stopped rocking for a moment, then started the rocking again,

trying to get you deeper.  Passing the widest part, I had to stop again,

and hold, and then pulled almost off and back into you again, clearing

the hurdle and stopping again, and feeling you start the slow rocking

motion yourself, slipping ever deeper as we continued...


        I could feel you getting even harder as you moved, fucking me

oh, so slowly, your excitement growing.  I was on the brink of coming

again myself.  Reaching back, underneath myself, I could just reach to

stroke behind your balls, pressing up with my fingers, feeling the

slickness of the lotion that had spread over the two of us, feeling you

stretching me wide and sinking so deep into me.  Still not all of you

in, either, and I wanted you all...  Feeling your orgasm building, and

your hands tightening their grip on my waist as you tried not to slam

those last few thrusts too hard, as you came, hard, inside of me.  My

own small cries of pleasure sounded loud in my ears, echoing through the

mattress as I reached my own climax.


        Your withdrawal left me feeling empty, and strangely both

finished and unfinished, twitching, and with my legs shaking, out of my

control.  You got up, walking around the bed, to the bathroom to wash

up, and as the light flicked on, my nerves began to spiral down and my

thoughts were sifting in some semblance of order.  I managed to get up,

and tottered on still-shaking legs to the door in time to meet you

coming out, and made my own clean-up efforts.


        Coming back in, and slipping bed again, and lying down to hold

you close for a moment, felt good, and warm.  But I wasn't satisfied

yet, and you knew it, and when my twitches stopped, you were raising up

again, onto your own hands and knees, kissing me, moving to lick at me,

and send me into another series of orgasms before you moved up again, my

feet still draped over your shoulders.  You were hard again - too soon,

really - and I was dripping wet now, and you slipped into me easily this

time, as you started to fuck me again.  Hard this time, the way you knew

I wanted you, and I bucked and wriggled under you in my pleasure as I

came, and again, and again, until I couldn't anymore, and still you

slammed into me, until, wrapping my legs around your hips, you stopped,

and let yourself down onto me, holding me close and me holding you,

biting and licking at each others' necks.


        "Are you okay?"  I think that was your question.


        "Mmmm.  You?  You haven't come yet...?"


        "No, that was for you...  I'm fine.  Have I told you recently

that you have a wonderful ass?"




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