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Archive-name: Couples/encuntr3.txt


Archive-title: Encounter - Part 2

                              The Meeting continues

                                      Part 2

...after holding each other and whispering "I love you, baby" simultaneously,

we smile and kiss very deeply.  Your body is stirring again. My lips search for

your chin and nibble very gently.  I breathe in your ear and feel you caress me

tighter. Our bodies are intertwined now, our legs pressed between each others.

This is an incredible feeling, and we know it is only the beginning, my love.

I can know honestly call you "my lover", for at last you truly are.  Please

understand how much I need you and want you.  I cannot find words to express my

longing to know each and every part of you.  My body moves beneath yours and I

can feel the way you are hardening again already.  I love this feeling and want

to make you fully erect.

My hands move to your sides and I run a fingernail teasingly down your side,

making you shiver.  You moan slightly and I know you love this sensation.  I

reach down and take your ass cheek in my other hand.  What a tight bottom you very sexy and this too causes a reaction in your cock.  You are

becoming harder my love.  My finger traces the space between your ass cheeks.

And I want you.....

My next line is far from original, but so true.  "Please love me, baby.  Take

me now.  I need to feel you inside me.  I'm so very ready for you now."

You have begun to fondle and kiss my breasts.  They are excited and I love the

feel of your tongue on my nipples.  I love the feel of any part of you

touching, sucking, licking, holding me.  Without words we roll over and change

positions.  I am now on top of you and straddle your hips.  I guide your very

hard cock into me, slowly at first, then press down taking all of you inside of

my hot cunt.

Oh, baby, it's so big and so hard.  And it fills me so completely.  God, how

perfectly we match.  You lift my hips and start the rhythm I seem incapable of

beginning myself.  I follow your lead and use my muscles to increase the

friction of your prick going in and out of me.  Loosening and tightening them

as you are moving in and out of me faster and stronger.  My body is rapidly

approaching another wave of pleasure and I don't know anything except how it

feels to have you stroking up and down inside my very wet and warm and tight

pussy.  Oh, my GOD!!!!  Here it starts and my hips move involuntarily as I cum,

and cum again with each succeeding stroke of you.  At least eight orgasms pass

over my body and you hold me tight to continue the motion.

Breathing is very difficult and I cannot control my body.  I need you to take

complete control now, love.  I am sending a flood of juices over both of us as

you move faster inside of me.  The muscles contractions are animalistic, caused

by the intensity of my pleasure, not by conscious effort.  This increases your

desire and you are very close now too.  Wanting to please me, you try to hold

back, until I beg you to cum with me, please, my darling.  I want to feel you

fill me with your hot sperm.  As you approach your climax, I again feel the

waves take me higher than anyone has a right to go.  This is the ultimate in

satisfaction, an expression of total release, and pure delight.  We finally cum

together and I love the sounds of your moans and the way you tighten up inside

me just before you release your hot cum, shooting deep inside me.

Collapsing on your chest, our breathing very labored, we caress and know the

very best has been given to us.  We are lovers as we have dreamed and hoped we

would someday become.  It was even more delicious than we had hoped or dared to

expect.  Moving to your side and placing my head on your shoulder I cuddle up

very close and tell you how completely you have satisfied me, my love. You

whisper that you love me more than you knew it was possible to love someone and

we lie together until sleep takes us both.

                                    Part Three

As two people do, who are not accustomed to sleeping together, we slept lightly

and moved frequently.  This pattern lasted only an hour or so when I felt you

stirring.  Instinctively my hand reached to pull you closer.  I so love the

feel of your body against mine.  I felt you sliding your hand over my hair and

brushing it away from my face.  Without opening my eyes I leaned up to kiss you

softly.  Only after we kiss do I look at you and see your features, so relaxed,

so content, so much love in your eyes.

Without a word being uttered, we begin to touch each other, very gently, and we

kiss again, with more passion this time.  You are already very hard and I feel

you press against me with desire.  You move one hand down between my legs and

stroke my inner thigh softly.  Moving a bit higher I feel you press against my

pussy and slowly insert a finger.  Using small movements you press into me and

pull back.  I moan low and stretch my hips to meet your hand.  I begin to

massage your back with firm pressure as I begin to get wet again.  Your finger

now strays up to my clit and another moan escapes my lips.  I am ready for you

very quickly my love.

Again with only a motion you indicate I should roll over onto my knees and I do

it immediately.  My head down on the pillow, my ass as high as possible with my

legs spread wide to receive you.  You toy with my pussy, pressing your hot cock

against it and then withdrawing.  I beg you to please enter me.  And suddenly,

in total contrast to our previous movements you shove in very hard and deep and

fast.  A gasp comes from my chest as I feel as though you have reached my

throat.  I tighten around you and know this will be the best yet.

You begin a slow rocking motion and thrust back and forth, in and out, almost

all the way out.  Again I feel the head of your cock press deep inside of my

willing body.  Oh, love, this is so very good.  I feel as though my ass is

being separated into two separate sides and this feeling also bring pleasure.

I feel your balls slap against me as you thrust back and forth harder and

faster.  I hear the noise of our bodies coming together.  Your hands have been

holding my hips to allow greater penetration.

As my body moves in concert with you, you begin to feel me suck you in with

every thrust and move one hand under my body and begin to finger my clit.  I

cannot take the feeling without letting out a scream as I experience the first

of several new orgasms to encompass my body.  You continue to thrust and finger

and there is no stopping the waves of complete pleasure that have taken control

of me.  With each thrust I cum again and again.  My head is buried in the

pillow to muffle the sounds that start deep in my throat and are simply

guttural noises, not words.

Not wanting to cum too quickly yourself, you slow down the rhythm, but keep up

the total penetration.  I still cum with every thrust, almost incapable of

breathing at all.  Your finger is still stimulating my clitoris and I know only

the darkness of pure ecstasy.  The feel of your cock, and your finger, and your

balls against my body are all I know.  You have never experienced a woman in

your complete control such as I am at this moment. This is a turn on for you as

well and soon you know your explosion is very close.  Your balls tighten and

you begin to thrust harder and faster.  With only a very few more moves you

begin to make animal noises also as you cum deep inside of my hot pussy.  I

feel you shoot thick semen hard into my loins and love the feeling as you

release what seems to be more than I have ever known before.

As you finally stop cumming I collapse flat on the bed and you lean on top of

my body.  Nothing could make us move at this moment, there is no strength, or

desire to separate our connection.  I feel you still inside of me and want

never to have you leave my body.  Your arms come up to touch my sides and I

feel your shallow breath on my neck.  Slowly you reach one hand to rest on top

of mine and our fingers intertwine.  You kiss the back of my neck and my cheek

as I turned my head slowly.  I know such total contentment, and absolute bliss,

but since words are inadequate to describe my feelings I only sigh and press my

fingers against yours.  You kiss my cheek again and I feel your head settle on

the back of my neck.  I hear your breathing become steady and very regular and

know that you are sleeping.  I too need to sleep and want to wake finding you

still on top and inside of me.  Sleep comes quickly........



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