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Archive-name: Couples/encuntr1.txt


Archive-title: Encounter - Part 1

The ways of love are many, or so they say.  And I have been very attracted to

many men.  Some I have known, in the Biblical sense, others only glimpsed from

a distance.  Why can a stranger seen only briefly start the electricity flowing

through my body?  Why can the thought of new hands touching my breasts make

them so excited?  What activates the hormones, when I observe a man walking

toward me with obviously large equipment?

And why did I see you and know immediately that we would become lovers?

Walking around at lunchtime, looking for a new dress to ease my depression I

bumped into you, literally.  I was looking in the shop window and you were

reaching into your suit pocket when it happened.  I almost stumble and you

reach to steady me, brushing my breast with your open hand.

The immediate reaction in my breast must have been noticeable to you too,

through the silk blouse.  It was more than a desire to know you, it was instant

knowledge that we were destined to have a place and time together.  You smile

and take my hand, asking if I am ok.  I smile back, a slightly embarrassed

smile.  Not so much for my clumsiness as for the thoughts running through my


It is said the best measure of a man's cock is his hands and fingers.  Your's

are strong and long and wide.  This too intrigues me.  I was thoroughly loved

just last night and do not understand the sudden stirring I am experiencing.

You lean down and look into my blue eyes asking again if I am all right.  I

didn't realize I had not yet answered your previous inquiry.  Yes, I nod.  And

unconsciously squeeze your hand tighter.

Only now do I notice my purse had fallen and spilled on the sidewalk.  You

release my hand and begin to pick up the lipstick, keys, wallet, loose change

and other sundries.  As you pick up the open business card case I notice you

study the name and number carefully.  You comment that we work in the same

building and perhaps we could have lunch sometime.  My heart pounds and I

almost ask if now is too soon.

Handing me my purse you also press your hand in mine again.  I ask your name

and apologize for running into you. (Why do we always lie in these situations?)

You tell me it was your fault and take a card from your pocket, handing it to

me also.  I notice your name, Trevor Martinsen, III.  Business consultant.  Not

knowing what to do or say next I'm relieved when you ask if you may call me.

Taking my own card and quickly writing my home phone number on the front I

answer yes, please do.

There seems no graceful thing left to do but thank you and to walk off.  You

smile again, a great warming smile and wink at me.  Promising to call me soon

you walk off.  I move very slowly from the spot hoping you will in fact call,

very soon.  Shopping is no longer important.  I think I found what I was

looking for........

                                      Part 2

All afternoon it seems I fantasized about you.  So hoping you'd call and

suggest a quiet dinner, or just a drink after work.  Every time the phone rang

I jumped.  To say I was unproductive was truly an understatement.  There was no

possibility of running into you in the elevator, since you were 8 floors away

and used a separate bank of them.

Just as I was beginning to think you weren't going to call the delivery boy

arrived.  What incredibly beautiful yellow roses!  And the card was special,

too.  It merely said, "I Don't believe in Accidents.  Please meet me in the

same place at 5:15.  TM."  My heart pounded, and the smile on my face was

described by a co-worker as bordering on obscene.

I must have checked my hair and make-up at least five times.  The afternoon

which had previously been moving so slowly now seemed to stop entirely.  Would

5:15 never come?  Why was I so incredibly excited?  Where would we go?  Would I

be able to speak intelligently, this time?  I kept fingering and sniffing the

flowers to convince myself this was really happening.

At last it was time to leave the office and proceed to the street again.  My

breathing was inconsistent and my normal walk with the perky stride was

impossible.  I alternated between almost running and slowing to a very slow

pace, trying to arrive at precisely the right time.  As I approached I was

disappointed to see no one there.  Suddenly, a car horn broke into my thoughts

and there you were.  A Black 1957 Thunderbird, with a white top.  Naturally it

was in mint condition and sparkled all over.  You reached over and opened the

door for me.  As I climbed inside my dress raised a little to show you my left


We seemed to talk at once.  I said "Hello, thanks for the roses and I love the

car".  You saying, "Hi there, glad you got my note and were able to meet me on

such short notice".

You looked even better than I remembered.  You had removed your jacket and

loosened your tie.  After I was safely strapped in the seat you casually

reached over and took my hand and kissed the back of it.  Again I saw that

killer smile of yours and thought I must be dreaming to think this man is not

heavily involved with several ladies already.

We pulled away from the curb and you asked if I liked sailing.  Very

enthusiastically I said "oh, yes, I love sailing."  We headed away from the

high rises and toward the water.  A short time later, pulling up at the yacht

club the valet came to take the car.  He opened my door first and I stepped out

looking around carefully.  I'm still breathless and all you did was smile at me

and kiss my hand.

You exit the car and open the truck removing a large duffel bag.  Coming to my

side you casually place your arm around my waist and guide me toward the

marina.  So many lovely boats are berthed here, which one is yours?  You move

your arm to unlock the gate and I pass through first, waiting as you again take

my hand and lead me down the ramp.  These ramps were not meant for high heels

and you are careful to go slowly.  Finally we walk past several slips and come

to the last boat.  A beautiful 45 foot, motor sailor.  We climb the 4 steps and

you lift me over the side.  "Welcome aboard", my new friend.  This is "The Last

Resort".  "Hope you like her".

"Like her, I love her.  She's gorgeous."  You take my hand again and show me

all that's to be seen topside and then we go below deck.  It's surprisingly

spacious below.  Two large cabins, a galley, the head, the engine compartment

and lots of storage areas.  The galley is very well outfitted, including a

microwave.  I even see a computer in one of the staterooms.

If I were to write a romance I couldn't have done it any better than this one

is beginning.  The boat, the car, you are all exactly what I want.  Slowly you

place your hand on the nape of my neck and press your fingers gently.  I'm so

relaxed and yet still so excited.  What an incredible feeling.  At last, you

lean down and kiss me.  Very lightly and so gently.  Your lips are soft and

parted slightly.  I respond, trying hard to control myself.  As you break from

the kiss you smile again and ask if I would like to change into something else.

Somehow I expect you to have a wide array of female apparel here, in various

colors and sizes.  You tell me you can only offer one of your shirts, but since

it is nearing darkness no one will be able to see but you and I.

I can now appreciate the Van Husen commercials better.  The blue oxford cloth

shirt felt wonderful against my skin.  My upper thighs are covered by it and

the tails tickle me as I walk, barefooted of course.  I have the sleeves rolled

up to my elbows and the top three buttons open.  Hopefully you can only guess

that I have removed my bra, leaving me dressed in only bikini panties and your

shirt.  You also change to tight often-washed jeans and a polo shirt, looking

spectacular.  But then you'd look good in a paper sack, I'm sure.

You lead me to the galley and ask me to be seated at a small table there.  The

shirt pulls up exposing most of my thighs as I sit.  You open the refrigerator

and take out a bottle of Cabernet Blanc.  Opening a cabinet and removing two

lovely wine glasses and then a cork screw.  You sit opposite me and open the

wine.  I'm getting very warm just watching you.  Slowly you pour each of us a

glass, handing me one.  Offering a toast you say "to the new lady in my life".

I sip the wine and notice it's slightly oakey flavor.  You ask if I would like

to go on deck.  I agree and we take out glasses and the bottle up the stairs. I

know you can see all of me as I climb the steps ahead of you.  Did you notice

the wetness of my skimpy panties?

We settle on a bench seat aft and you gently place your arm around me, pulling

me closer.  This time you kiss me longer and deeper.  I feel your tongue enter

my mouth and press against mine.  The feeling of electricity is instantaneous.

My tongue searches for yours and you cause a gentle pressure as we kiss for

several minutes.  Placing my wine glass on the bench I reach to caress you with

both arms.  Pressing my body against your chest you now know I have very little

clothing on.  My nipples are erect and surely you can feel them through your

cotton shirt.  You hold me tightly and continue the kisses.  Finally you move

your head and kiss my cheek and then my neck.  Oh, I love this so...........

                        (to be continued)



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