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Archive-name: Couples/elly2.txt


Archive-title: Elly - 2

     She'd been playing with my dick while I pondered and my cock, which

has no conscience, was stiffening and my balls were tightening. Her

fingers were tantalizing my prick now, barely touching it as they moved

up and down and then sliding lower, between my legs, where she trailed

her fingernails lightly over my balls. I almost had a seizure from the

intense lightness of the touch. She squirmed against me, her breasts

massaging my belly as her cunt drooled wetly on my leg.

     She started kissing her way down toward my cock, but I stopped her

with a hand under her chin.

     "I want to give you pleasure in my way," I whispered.

     "This gives me pleasure," she murmured, pressing her lips against

my abdomen. "It makes me, you know, get over when you shoot your -- your

cum in my mouth."

     "I know, but I want to taste you, too. Please?"

     She looked really troubled by that.

     "Trust me?"

     She bit her lower lip and then nodded. With my hands under her

arms, I pulled her up to me and kissed her lovely mouth. After a few

moments of hesitation, her lips parted and our tongues danced. I was

running my hands over her naked loveliness, savoring the taut, tiny

waist and hard little mounds of her flawless ass. Occasionally I let one

hand wander down between her legs to barely touch her pussy. Her

buttocks would flex at the contact.

     I rolled her onto her back and started kissing my way down her

torso. I lingered over her tits again, Magellan-like, circumnavigating

those amazing hemispheres. The undercurves had -- as with too many

women, I've found -- been neglected and my tongue there made her shiver

with pleasure.

     It wasn't a long journey down her petite frame from her outrageous

breasts to her naval, but I took a leisurely, meandering route, making

the most of it. Then I headed for paradise. All the time, I was running

my hands up and down her firm torso and legs and by the time I had

kissed the hollows just inside each hipbone, she was sighing and

occasionally gasping with pleasure.

     I slid lower, forcing her legs apart, and then began kissing and

licking the insides of her thighs. Her knees, wide to either side of my

broad shoulders, were bent and I could even lick the backs of her lean

thighs. I slid my hands beneath her and took one cheek in each palm. She

tensed more and more, the closer I got to my target. Again I had to

suppress the mental association with a prepubescent girl -- it was

really disturbing -- and I began savoring the morsel of her cunt.

     As narrow-hipped as she was, there was space between the top of her

thighs and the outer edges of her labia majora. Her bush was more of a

tuft -- and a sparse, blonde tuft, at that. Her pussy lips were very

thin and her pussy seemed almost truncated.

     I grazed the outer lips with my mouth. She stiffened and her thighs

trembled, as if she were fighting a battle with herself to keep them

apart. I grazed again and she gasped that my beard tickled. I looked up

from my tasty treat. "Does it scratch?" I couldn't see her face; her

breasts were too large and firm.

     "No, no, it's soft but ... I'm just not used to it."

     "Get used to it," I ordered. "I like this!"

     I went back to licking. I tried to catch her cunt lips, one at a

time, in my lips and play with them, but they were too thin and tight.

They were beautifully engorged and she was almost drooling. I tried

parting them with my tongue. The tongue is, ounce-for-ounce, the most

powerful muscle in the body.

     I could not part her outer labia with mine.

     Bringing my hands forward, I used my thumbs to pry those clamshell

tight lips open and expose the pink tenderness within. I licked and

laved and trilled and teased and let my breath fall on her little clit.

I didn't need to hear her gasps to know she was enjoying it; her clit

was swelling.

     Her legs had clamped on my head and her hands rested in my hair.

They trembled as if in isometric exercise. She was fighting the impulse

to push me away because I'd told her I wanted this and at the same time

she was enjoying it immensely.

     Then I started flattening my tongue in her thumb-parted cunt and

slowly wriggling it up to her clitoris. By the time I reached it -- and

it took a good ten seconds, even for that short a trip -- her clit had

swollen considerably. When I pointed my tongue and began slowly tracing

circles around the nub, she began to cum.

     I slowed my circlings and took her clit in a lip-grip. She seemed

to go catatonic. She stiffened, taut as a catgut string, and shook. She

made barely any noise at all. I moved one thumb over, finally found the

tiny vestibule and carefully worked the tip into the spasming

constriction of her cunt.

     When I pulled my lips off her clit, she sank her hips down -- and

in the process forced half my thumb into her cunt. She groaned, long and

low. I wriggled the digit until she came again, this time with her hips

rocking. Her juices were coating my fingers and matting my beard. My

cock, hard to begin with, was aching -- no matter that she'd drained me

less than twenty minutes before.

     I slowly licked her again and she arched and came again -- and then


     When I pulled my face away, she collapsed back onto the bed,

sobbing and gasping. I crawled up and rolled her into my arms. She began

weeping uncontrollably. I was getting scared, now. I held her, gently

caressing her till she calmed. Then I asked and she said, "I just feel

so -- so unworthy of cumming so much that way! Over and over and over --

it must be bad!" She started to sob again.

     I kissed her eyes and her tear-stained cheeks as she caught her

breath and relaxed.

     "I never knew I could get over so often so fast," she murmured

against my shoulder. "But I want you inside me -- no matter what!"

     "I want that, too." No matter what? I wondered what she meant.

     "I don't have to worry about getting pregnant, David."

     I understood: the cyst removal had meant hysterectomy. I still

didn't understand about the No Matter What.

     She squeezed my aching erection. "I want this inside me."

     "Wanna get on top, shorty?"

     She giggled, then calmed. "Mmmmm, I don't think that would work.

I'm kind of...small down there." She pecked me on the lips. "Besides,

I'd rather be under you, 'kay?"

     I rolled her onto her back and her legs came up around my hips.

"Maybe. Will you still respect me afterward?"

     "Not at all."


     I rubbed the head of my raging rigid richard (well, that's the long

form of "dick" and it preserves the alliteration) up and down her sweet,

syrupy slit. She moaned softly when my glans brushed her engorged clit

-- but for the life of me, I could not feel her opening.

     Her little hand insinuated itself between us and she took over the

guidance. I felt no difference, but she was satisfied, evidently,

because she locked her legs around me and began pressing up at me.

     I can take a hint. I began pushing slowly down at her and felt a

tiny opening at the tip of my glans. A grimace flickered across her face

and I hesitated. Her eyes, squeezed shut, opened wide. "No! Don't stop!"

     Okay, I didn't. I swiveled my hips and she swiveled hers and only

the fact that she'd vacuum-dried my balls less than a half-hour before

kept me from blasting my cum into her the moment my glans was inside the

incredibly small hole and her cunt was vise-gripping just behind the

little raised flange of my knob.

     Guys with three-inch thick "tubesteaks" (an attractive expression,

if I ever heard one) are probably familiar with what I was experiencing

-- and judging by the letters columns in Certain Magazines and the

postings on some BBSs, 85 percent of America's men have dicks that

require Commercial Plates in most states. But for me, with my

(apparently) sub-normal six inches by one-and-three-quarters, this was a

first. I had never been in such a tight opening -- not with the slim-

hipped seventeen-year-old Homecoming Queen-cum-love child, not in the

ass of the sex-mad Singaporean lovely I'd known in Greenwich Village,

not even in the sweet and willing cunt of the little German blonde who

was afflicted with vaginismus. Never.

     I stopped there. Her expression said she was in pain and her twat

was spasming slightly looser occasionally -- but then clenching right

back down. I moved to withdraw but she tightened her legs around my


     "Don't stop!" she grunted. "I have to have it in more!"

     I slid my hands down to her ass, so tiny and tight. I pulled her

toward me as I pushed down. cock burrowed into her, as she

humped hungrily up at me. She was wet all the way down and tight all the

way down and spasming all the way down. And when I finally felt her

pubis grind into mine and knew I was all the way inside, I could feel

her cervix against the tip of my cock.

     Putting my hands under her butt had caused my upper body to fall

forward onto her. I raised myself up on my hands again and looked down

into her face. It was slack and darkened with a deep flush -- and she'd

bit her lip hard enough to draw blood. Her eyes fluttered open and the

concern must have shown on my face.

     "I'm okay. I want to you to cum in me."

     "It's hurting you -- "

     "I want you to ... fuck me! Fuck me!"

     Each time she said it, she shivered.

     "Fuck me and cum inside me! Do it to me! I need it!"

     I pulled back a little -- maybe an inch -- and pushed slowly into

her. Sucked off or not, I wasn't going to last long, not the way this


     "Fuck me -- fuck me hard! I want to feel it! Fucking do me!"

     I pulled back half-way and then pressed slowly and steadily into

her. She groaned and her legs fell away from my hips. Her feet must have

been flat on the bed, because her slim hips were angled up at me. I did

it again and she gasped again and she started with "Unnnnnh!" each time

my dick pounded into her.

     She loosened a little, but not much. I took her hand and led it

between us. When I put her fingertips at her clitoris, she jerked her

hand back. "Do it!" I hissed.

     She shook her head wildly. "It'll make me cum!"

     "That's the idea!"

     She shook her head again and grabbed her nipples, twisting and

pinching them, pulling the nozzles till they were supporting the full

weight of her large breasts, distending the abundant hemispheres.

     "See?" she demanded. "See? Now fuck the living shit out of me --

hard so I can feel it like this!" And she tugged her nipples again.

     I saw and understood. I pulled my legs up and knelt, my hands under

the small of her small back supporting her so she was arched back. I

held her with one hand and moved the other around to her front and

pushed my thumbed down over her clit and started rubbing light and


     Her abdomen twitched wildly and then -- and then she came and the

spasms of her cunt felt like they were going to hold my dick in her

forever. She squeezed her tits viciously, as if trying to compress them.

I kept working at her clit and her hands fell away from her tits.

     ""No, don't make me cum like that -- don't make it feel so good to

fuck -- fuck me hard! Make it hurt!"

     "No way..." I murmured and started pistoning inside her slightly

loosened little cunt. I kept on toying with her clit and she started

cumming again. I just concentrated on holding off as long as I could and

didn't stop messing with her trigger until her hips were starting to

roll with her orgasms.

     After a few minutes, she started gasping my name and "Yes!" in a

little chant and arching up for her orgasms. Her cunt had loosened

enough that when she came, it contracted around me and milked at my dick

-- not like it was trying to keep me out.

     I leaned forward and starting driving into her faster, harder,

using longer strokes. She was cumming easily, now, and giving herself

over to the pleasures. At one point, she wrapped her legs around my hips

and her arms around my neck and glued herself to me and I damn near came

right then and there -- but she couldn't maintain the position through

more than one orgasm.

     Then she was raising her shapely legs, folding them higher. I put

an arm under each of her knees and pushed her legs up and back when I

pressed into her this time, she made a little "Eeeee" noise and came

very hard.

     "Yes!" she gasped. "YES! DEEP!" Her legs went back farther and

farther and then she shifted her arms so that her knees were hooked

behind her triceps, almost behind her shoulders. I looked down and saw

her belly bulge each time I pushed down and deep into her. "More!"

     I did the best I could, enjoying every second of it, but I wasn't

long in cumming, myself. When the time came, I told her so, with my

usual eloquence: "Cumming! CUmming now!"


     I poured my jism into her, interrupted only by the clenchings of

her cunt -- which tightened so much that it repeatedly stemmed the flow,

which only prolonged and intensified my orgasm. My dick lengthened and

thickened inside of her when that happened and she made a little squeaky

noise as she came and she bit the back of her own LEG in her wildness.

     When my dick deflated -- this happens, you know -- her pussy was so

tight that it wouldn't let the erection-producing blood escape right

away; a cock ring does that, too. Only slowly did my cock soften enough

for me to try pulling out of her.

     Her legs straightened as my dick came free with an audible POP! and

I rolled onto my back, pulling her into my arms. Her tits were pressed

against me like fists and she shook against me. I felt dampness on my

chest, from her face.

     "Are you okay?"

     "Why do you have to make something so dirty feel good? It just

makes me want to do it more -- just so I'll feel good."

     "There's something wrong with that?"

     "Then I just want to feel good and I'll be a slut!"

     She dropped her head back to my chest. I caressed her back until

she seemed calm. When she snored I realized just how calm she'd become.

I rolled her off me and arranged her in the bed, pulling the sheet and a

light blanket around her, then crawled in with her and rolled her into

my arms.



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