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Archive-name: Couples/elly1.txt


Archive-title: Elly - 1


     I opened my eyes wider and scanned the crowded Sunday-morning

sidewalk. Sunday morning in a neighborhood that's almost all Polish,

Italian, Irish and Latino means the sidewalks are Mass confusion, if you

get my drift. And I was not all that fully awake anyhow, having finished

Saturday night only six hours before.

     "David!" The voice was right in front of me now. I looked down.

Recognition came slowly. I blinked. "Elly?"

     She smiled prettily and hoisted herself up and gave a little jump

to plant a light kiss on my beard, catching me by surprise.

     I stared at her. "You look unbelievable," i said, with complete

sincerity. And her appearance was more than half the reason I hadn't

recognized her.

     I hadn't seen Elly in about 18 months. She'd just turned 19 a few

weeks before we'd last bumped into each other. She'd been pretty much as

she'd been the first time I'd met her, three years before. Elly was very

short -- four-foot-seven, I learned later -- but not petite by about

twenty pounds. Elly could have stood to lose that much and maybe a

couple of pounds more, because a great deal of baby fat still clung to

an otherwise fine-boned frame. She had a pretty, round face and Big Hair

and seemed determined to dress as unattractively as possible. The last

time I'd seen her, she was still just the plump, sweet, smart kid who

sometimes needed someone with whom to talk.

     Elly had made some serious changes. Make that Changes, with a

capital "C."

     The change that was unavoidably obvious was her figure. She'd done

away with most of the weight; the rest had been redistributed. She'd

always been buxom; now she'd melted the baby fat and what was left was

just busty. Even dressed to deemphasize it, she had an astonishing bust,

the more so for her otherwise-slender frame.

     She was dressed to deemphasize it, but nothing could hide it. Elly

had a figure designed by the feverish imagination of a 14-year-old acne

farm. She was very slim-hipped. She had no waist at all; the way she

cinched her fashionably cut loose jeans betrayed that. Her waist

couldn't have measured more than 18 or 19 inches.

     But even the oversized flannel shirt (it was spring, but the

Weather Gods had left some nip in the air to remind us that winter

wasn't very long gone) and the oversized vest, unbuttoned, couldn't hide

her the swell of her breasts. Words like "massive," "huge" and

"coconuts" came to mind. I probably could have worn the shirt she had on

and I'm a size 42; she still couldn't button the top three buttons over

those tits.

     But as fabulous as her figure was, as radiant as her newly slimmed

and well made-up face was, it was her vivacity that commanded attention.

She was glowing and vibrant and gushing with news. She'd just signed on

for a co-op in Flushing and then she'd lost her job -- at Shearson

Lehman -- but it didn't bother her. She was looking for work as an

administrative assistant and was sure she could find it quickly. I

agreed. Best of all, she'd done something I'd nagged her about in most

of our last conversation -- she'd had the doctor do a biopsy of the cyst

in her uterus -- and it had been removed early enough to insure that she

was healthy and free from The Bastard That Kills.

     Damn, she looked good! Her jeans clung to slim hips and legs that

were just a shade to short for her diminutive height. She'd had her hair

cut differently, a bit longer and fuller. Her eyes sparkled and her lips

and nose were perfect for her face. Elly had turned into a little


     But she wasn't happy. She'd been taken with this fella for the past

couple of months, an Afghan refugee, and she had the distinct feeling

that he wouldn't be devastated if she left him. That, to her, meant he

didn't care much.

     We talked and she told me she had a job interview for Tuesday

morning and she was tickled at the idea of meeting me for lunch when she

was done. I sensed a tingly tension with her. She'd gone from a pudgy

sixteen-year-old to a devastatingly sexy twenty-year-old and I wanted to

explore it more.

     She called at noon and I had her come to my office, in the Village.

I brought my company's job listing with me and took her to a good

neighborhood restaurant, China Bowl. Their prices were reasonable, the

ambience was unhurried and a sign in the window proudly proclaimed that

they never used MSG.

     Our waitress, who went by the name of Alice, was familiar to me.

Alice and I had played trade smiles and try-to-catch-the-other-one-

looking games for about three months. Alice, who was about Elly's

height, came over for our order, took one look at Elly's preposterous

bust not-too-effectively hidden by a very conservatively cut neck-high

collar and gave me a look that said she was sure she could never compete

with THOSE.

     Elly and I had a pleasant lunch and she thought my suggestion was

nice -- that she stop by my place later in the week and see what I'd

done with it.

     She rang my bell at 8:03 on Friday and I buzzed her in. She was

wearing jeans again and a simple, plum blouse under a loose cardigan.

The blouse was tucked into her waistband and when the cardigan came off,

it looked like she'd stuffed a pair of cantaloupes into her blouse.

     I gave her a glass of white wine -- her choice -- and the two-bit

tour. She thought my alleged cat was cute. She admired the photo

montages of friends and family and the cat.

     She enjoyed the stereo -- choosing a recording by Kitaro, much to

my surprise and pleasure -- and ooohed and ahhed at the little study I

created; it's the place where I write.

     In the living room, she admired the nude torso framed on one wall.

She asked; I told her: "Yes, that's her. It was taken by one of her

former lovers." But what got her was the opposite wall:

     "Did you READ all of these?"

     I am always surprised when someone is impressed by Library Wall in

the living room. I explained to her that if you read for an hour a day,

you read a couple of books a week. In thirty years, that's around three

thousand books. If you save some books -- well, you pretty quickly end

up with the Library Wall. My living room is only twenty feet long, so a

wall of books isn't that big a deal.

     But Elly was impressed. We sat, drinking wine and talked. I asked

after some of her friends. One was dying of AIDS.

     "I'm glad I got out of that crowd," she said. "When they started

getting into stuff past a few joints, I got scared. He was doing

needles, so I guess that's where he got it."

     "There's lots of ways to get it."

     She drained her glass. "Don't I know it! When I went to get tested

for it -- "

     "You did?"

     She nodded, eyes wide, as I poured more wine for her. Of course she

did, she said -- as if there were no other reasonable course. She was

crazy about her Afghan refugee. "You think I want to take a chance on

killing him? No way!"

     Which was, I told her, exactly the way my Significant Other and I

felt and why we'd gotten tested.

     The talk moved on to cheerier subjects and later, after more

chatting and catching up -- and her doing in two-thirds of a bottle of

wine -- she started examining the titles of the books. She asked if she

could look at one on a high shelf. I started to get up from the couch.

     "I'll get it. I just wanted to know if it was okay to look at it."

     "Sure, help yourself." She got the little folding step-stool from

the corner and set it up. It's only a four-step job, so she had to stand

on the top. I went to steady her -- remember that wine -- and as soon as

I got there, she turned half-way and started toppling.

     I caught her, with my hands at her trim waist. Her cheeks were

flushed and the redness was spreading down her neck and throat and into

the vee of pale flesh exposed by the three unfastened buttons.

     She put her hands on either side of my face, bent and kissed me.

Her breath was sweetly tinged with the wine and her lips were taut and

urgent. They opened immediately and her tongue danced with mine,

teasing, then searching and demanding. Her tongue was rather long, too,

she seemed to have no difficulty running it over the roof of my mouth

and I know it reached farther than any other I'd encountered. It was

somehow making me even more aroused.

     Without breaking the kiss or moving my hands from her waist, I

lifted her off the step-stool. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I

had to bend to maintain the kiss as I stood her on the floor.

     I put my arms all the way around her and pressed her up and against

me. Her breasts, so huge and full, were crushed against me. She was

arching her back deeply to catch my leg between her thighs and rub her

denim-clad crotch against my leg. I ran my hands up and down her back,

then reached down and covered her ass, one hand to a cheek. Her hips

were so narrow and her butt so tight and hard that I was momentarily

taken aback; it was almost like squeezing a preteen girl's ass.

     But there was nothing kid-like in the heat or experience in her

hungry kiss or the way she was writhing against me. And there sure as

hell was nothing childlike in the massive pressure of her firm,

bounteous breasts against me.

     When she finally broke the kiss, she leaned back in my arms,

otherwise remaining pressed against me and letting me support most of

her weight. Her eyes were closed and there was a small smile on her

flushed face.

     "I have wanted to do that for four years," she said. "And I've

wanted you to do that, too." Her eyes opened. "Did you know that?"

     I shook my head.

     "And you don't remember the time I told you that one of the things

I liked best about you was that you'd never tried to come on to me."

     Again, I shook my head.

     "And you don't remember telling me that you liked me and thought I

was cute, but that I felt bad about myself and that was why I was

overweight and I felt bad about myself because I was overweight."

     I was starting to remember something, now ....

     "And do you remember telling me that if I was a few years older and

about 20 percent thinner, then you'd have more of a problem not making a

pass at me?"

     "Uhhhh --- Well -- "

     Her smile widened. "I'm a few years older and a lot thinner --

mostly -- and just like you said, you're making a pass at me. And guess



     "Pass received." She brought one hand up and quickly unbuttoned her

blouse. The bra she wore wasn't meant to be sexy. It was meant to

contain and support breasts that belonged on an over-endowed woman a

foot taller and thirty pounds heavier. It wasn't containing them,

though. Her tits swelled up and around the edges of the cotton, creamy

swells of billowy pale flesh that was just tinged with a flush of

arousal. And that made it a sexy damn bra

     I swallowed.

     Her fingers went to the clasp between the two overflowing cups. Her

fingers moved. The clasp released. The bra slid back partly, unable to

deal with the pressure of her large breasts.

     "Did you ever suspect that sometimes when I called you and asked

about relationships and how they could be, I was sitting in my


     "No, I never -- "

     She was shimmying her shoulders and the bra was opening wider and


     "Or that sometimes, when we were talking, I was getting wet and

starting to touch myself, imagining what it would be like to have you

making love to me?"

     "Not even once."

     She shimmied and the cups fell back from her breasts. They wee

magnificent. The bra hadn't been able to contain them and judging by the

firmness of the twenty-year-old tits jutting up at me, it hadn't been

absolutely necessary for support, either.

     "I used to imagine you kissing and licking my breasts -- not like

the grabby guys my own age or the dirty old pigs that were always

copping feels -- but just sweetly, lovingly, hungrily devouring my

tits ... Would you like to do that?"

     "Guess what, Elly?"

     She frowned. "What?"

     "Pass received." I lifted her easily and turned, setting her tiny

butt on the arm of the loveseat, then I bent slightly and began kissing

and licking her magnificently excessive tits, trying furiously to live

up to the lurid imaginings of the pudgy sixteen-year-old who'd encased

this gloriously sexy twenty-year-old.

     I tried to guess what she'd fantasized, planning to live up to it

-- if biologically possible -- but abandoned that effort in, oh, five-

sixteenths of a second. So I just went with instinct and Me.

     I bent and licked her shoulders, then down her arm. I trilled my

tongue in the hollow of her elbow and watched the goosebumps rise and

felt her shiver. Then I went to work on her breasts.

     Twenty years old or not, tits that big are required by Gravity to

have some sag to them and hers weren't lawbreakers -- but they were

bending the rules pretty good. I licked the underswells of each

gorgeously curved mound and then kissed along the outer edge. Then I

moved my tongue around and around, slowly, on each breast, working

closer to each nipple and never ... quite... reaching it. My saliva had

coated the pale flesh of her mountainous boobies and her nipples swelled

huge in response to being left out of the treatment.

     Her aureoles were no larger than twenty-five-cent pieces, making

them oddly tiny in proportion to the her tits, but the nozzles

themselves were outstanding. They swelled up and out, stretching easily

three-quarters of an inch and as thick as pencil erasers.

     Her hands had come up to either side of my head and she was trying

to force my mouth onto her nipples. I let her -- but my mouth draped

over each one, open, and I withheld my tongue, so no matter how much she

pressed my face into the firm, fragrant abundance, her nipples were


     She was moaning for me to attend to them, but I had another idea. I

figured a girl with such huge, gorgeous breasts probably had her nipples

grabbed by every moron who got his digits near them. I also figured that

absence makes the frond grow harder. So I stayed completely away from

touching her nipples.

     It made her crazy.

     But while my lips and tongue were busy with her abundant upper

attractions, my hands had been steadily caressing and stroking her

curvy, slim legs. My right hand was gently moving up and down over the

denim-clad chub of her mons. I could feel the heat through the fabric of

her jeans and whatever else she was or wasn't wearing beneath them.

     I unsnapped the waistband of her jeans and lowered the zipper. I

could almost feel the humid heat rising in waves from the v-opening. I

began kissing below her breasts, working my way down over her abdomen.

That's what you call that part of the torso on a woman in her condition:

"abdomen."  "Belly" is too soft a word. From the definition of the

muscles crisscrossing her tummy, it was obvious that she'd been burning

calories with serious exercise. I could easily find the ridges of hard

muscle beneath the smooth, minimal layer of normal, healthy human fat by

tracing and exploring with my tongue.

     That's just what I did: explore with my tongue. I traced and

delineated every smooth ripple of firm abdominal muscle, always working

lower, and as my tongue finally found and reached the limits of her

opened zipper, her hands came down to either side of my head, pushing me

lower, always lower.

     As deep as the V went, it didn't reach deep enough. I couldn't even

touch pubic hair with my tongue and had no choice but finally to halt

and stand.

     "Put your arms around my neck," I whispered -- mostly because my

voice wasn't working quite right at that moment -- and she complied

willingly. My plan was to stand with her hanging on me and push the

jeans down off her narrow hips. Would've worked, too.

     But she also put her legs around me, just above my hips, hooking

her ankles behind my back.

     "Bed?" she breathed and pulled her mouth close to my ear. Her

tongue, wet and serpentine, wriggled into my ear. "Bed?" Her breath was

fire on me.

     "Buh," was all I could say. I cupped her tight little jeans-clad

ass in my hands, one paw under and covering each cheek, and walked

through my home office, down the hall and into the bedroom. She was

kissing my beard and ears all the way.

     I bent at the foot of the bed and braced myself with my hands. She

released her leglock on my waist and brought her hands down over the

front of my shirt, undoing buttons as she went. When I straightened, she

rolled lithely to her knees and pushed my shirt back. Her blouse and bra

were in complete disarray, her lush breasts exposed and quivering. Her

nipples -- I can't stop thinking about how her nipples looked with those

nubbly aureoles and the immensely swollen nozzles turning almost purple.

     Her hands were busy, unsnapping the waist of my slacks and dragging

down the zipper. She pushed the jeans down and then my briefs and my

dick popped free, standing straight out and pointing at her face like

some turret gun tracking its target.

     She grabbed my penis and for the first time, after knowing her for

something like four years, I realized how small her hands were. True, my

dick is a bit on the thick side -- about an inch and three-quarters in

diameter -- but that's within the standard variation. No one has ever

swooned at the sight. And her fingers barely reached around it.

     She rolled onto her side at the foot of the bed, putting my dick

almost exactly on the same level as her face. Her mouth, to be precise.

She ducked her head forward and began moving her tongue around my glans,

swirling. That's something you may have heard of, but let me tell you:

I've been with a few women and the awkwardness of the movement usually

restricts it to something that's really pleasant, but not accurately

described as "swirling."

     She swirled. Her tongue was agile, experienced, limber and long

enough to do the job. Not to mention, tireless. She moved it around and

around my fat dick head, all the time moving her lips closer and closer

to my glans. Her slim little fingers were gripping the base of my cock,

her tongue was swirling, her lips were nearing, and from time to time

she'd glance up at me and her eyes would sparkle.

     Her other hand? She was playing with her breasts, caressing them

briefly and spending a lot of time pinching and twisting her nipples a

lot more vigorously than I would have. Even laying crossways on the bed,

she could almost have straightened her lithe legs. I reached down and

caressed her face. She closed her eyes dreamily and pushed her head

forward a little more and fastened her lips around the head of my dick.

She let go of the base of my cock and reached up to rest her delicate

hand on my hip. She guided me toward her a little bit, then back. As I

pressed forward, she took about half my cock into her mouth.

     Her tongue did amazing things to the underside of my shaft, and her

cheeks were drawn inward with the force of her sucking. I caressed her

face again and she shivered slightly. I traced my finger around the side

of her mouth, up her jaw to her ear, then back down to where my dick was

outlined through her concaved cheeks.

     Her flush had spread to her fabulous breasts. My hand went farther.

I caressed the beautiful swells, using just my fingertips to glide over

the silken, full flesh of the undercurves -- or what would have been the

undercurves. They were already firm; aroused and laying on her back, the

stood up like pale hills.

     Still, when I touched her like that, she sucked even harder and her

tongue did amazing and mysterious things. I brushed my fingertips across

her hard little belly, then began pushing her jeans down over her hips.

She wriggled, sinuous and smooth as an eel, and then she wore only pale

blue -- sodden -- panties, cut high across her thighs. I pushed them

down, too, and then she was naked before me on my bed. In the dim glow

that filtered through the blinds, I saw that her pussy was topped with a

small tuft of fine sparse curls, but the border was too uneven for it to

have been trimmed.

     I knelt astride her head and slid my hands under her butt. I

couldn't believe how tight her asscheeks were! It was exactly like

holding two little mounds of hard foam rubber...but considerably more

pleasant. I began kissing and licking just above her knees. When I slid

my hands to the back of her knees and pulled her legs open, her sucking

hesitated. When I pressed my lips to the taut flesh on the inside of one

shapely thigh, I felt her groaning around my turgid dong. The vibrations

were excruciating on my swollen, over-sensitized cockflesh. My balls

were starting to tighten ominously.

     I licked higher on her thighs, forced by the disparity in our

heights to slide back until my dick as threatening to pop out of her

mouth -- which was the idea at the moment: I didn't want to cum so


     But Elly had other ideas. She arched back and up, maintaining her

lip-grip on my glans as long as possible. And she was clamping her

thighs back together as my tongue approached her barely furred cunt.

     I slid back a little farther and my dick popped out of her mouth. I

licked around the edges of her pubic hair and then pressed my tongue

down between her tightly clamped thighs to brush as much of her labia as

I could. Her musk was almost dizzying in fresh sweetness.

     She gasped and her hands came down to push my head away.

     "Stop!" she hissed. "You're starting to lick me...down there."

     "I know," I said. "I'm trying to."

     This seemed to stun her. "You mean -- you want to lick me down


     "You betcha. Or don't you like it?"

     "Well, sure, but -- you really want to?"

     I knelt upright and locked down, past my throbbing cock, at her.

"Been craving it."

     "But then I can't suck you! I'm too short to -- "

     "I know, but if you keep doing those lovely things, I'm going to

cum in your mouth ."

     "Ooooo...I hope so!"

     Her hands were back on my hips, anchoring her so she could pull

herself up and get my dick back in her mouth from underneath. "I want

you to cum in my mouth," she breathed hotly onto my glans, her tongue

flickering onto the underside of my shaft for unnecessary emphasis. She

used her hands to urge me to lay back. She rolled to her hands and knees

on the bed. "I want you to lay back and let me suck you and -- "

     Who was I to refuse a lady? Especially since as she talked about it

and as her tongue touched my cock, her hips began to move as if she were

being soundly fucked. She was, I realized with a dull thud, one of those

women who gets off on sucking cock. Heh.

     I sprawled crossways on the bed, with my legs hanging off at the

knees. She scrambled over me, brushing me with her luscious tits in the

process, and arranged herself perpendicular to me. Her face was at my


     She took my cock into her hot mouth again and this time she moaned

as she sucked it slowly into her face. My dick hit the back of her

throat and she groaned, backed off, then shifted her angle a bit. She

took it slowly back in and kept gulping until she had her lips into the

coppery hair around the base of my cock and her nose was pressed flat

against my abdomen.

     This time I was the one who groaned. She sucked powerfully on me.

She began to back my dick out of her throat. When only the head remained

between her lips, she slowly pushed her face down again. I reached down

with one hand and caressed her hair and her shoulders, then slid my hand

over her torso and squeezed her cute little butt. I brought my hand

under and around to cup one big tit.

     She quickened her pace slowly, inexorably. As she came down, my

hand was pressed between her breast and my abdomen. I could feel her

swollen nipple grinding hot and pebble-hard into my palm. I rubbed a

little bit and she groaned. Her groan vibrated my dick, eliciting an

answering groan from me -- which seemed to excite her still more. Her

hips were hunching slowly, almost grinding at the empty air. She was

sucking harder and bobbing a little faster.

     I felt the tingling buzz through me and whispered, "I'm cumming

now, Elly."

     She moaned loudly and her hips pumped rapidly, demandingly. She

sucked hard and her hand came up between my shaking thighs. Her

fingertips grazed my balls and I could hear and feel her gasp as her ass

lurched and then she got my cream in her mouth.

     I came like a newly released convict. The stuff erupted out of me

into her mouth and when the first spurt splashed into the back of her

throat, she started to shaking all over. She sucked harder, almost

frantically, and a second geyser flooded her mouth. She swallowed and

dived her head down and back up halfway, working her throat and lips and

tongue over my pulsing shaft, milking my dick and balls. I had the

presence of mind -- barely -- to pinch her nipple sharply and her hips

jerked sharply, rapidly, as she drank my cum and had an orgasm.

     When she got the last of my cum, she slowly relinquished my

limpening dick by pulling her still-sucking mouth backward, her tongue

all the time working wildly on my shaft and finally on my glans. When my

shriveled dick finally popped out of her mouth, she used her tiny

fingers to raise it. She lapped at my cock like a kitten getting the

last of the milk from a saucer. When her tongue rasped over my glans, I

almost screamed from the sensation; my dick was much too sensitive at

that point.

     She flopped on her side with her cheek on my abdomen and her face

toward me. Her hips still moved, but now languorously. I rested my hand

on the side of her face and caressed her.


     She frowned. "Why?"

     I pulled her up to me and forced her to sprawl across me. Her

breasts were crushed -- but not nearly flattened -- against my chest. I

moved to kiss her, but she jerked her head away.

     "I've still got some of your stuff in my mouth!"

     I took her head in my hands and forced her face toward me. I kissed

her as sweetly and gently as I could, on the eyes and nose and finally

on the lips. She kept her mouth tightly closed for a moment.

     I pulled back. "I want to kiss you, Elly."

     She looked bewildered, but relented. Our tongues danced for a few

moments. She was telling the truth; she still had some of my semen in

her mouth. It didn't bother me in the least, but she seemed to get

uncomfortable and I was beginning to have a suspicion of why.

     I let her back away from the kiss. She looked at me strangely for a

moment, then: "Can I ask you really personal question?"

     I grinned like a damn fool. "Gee, I'm not sure we know each other

that well, Elly. A personal question? Gosh, I dunno. I mean, it's not

like we've ever shared any intimate moments."

     "Is that your sarcastic way of saying I can ask?"


     "Are you bisexual?"

     I stared at her. She had honestly stunned me with that one. I just

shook my head, numbly. Finally, I managed to ask: "Why?"

     "Well, you just came in my mouth and wanted to kiss me and it's

like you don't mind the taste of, uh -- "

     "Semen. The word is `semen.' Or `cum.'"


     "It's not my favorite taste, but I don't mind it -- at least, not

my own. I don't think I'd be so tolerant of another guy's semen." I ran

my hands down her back and pulled her closer. "But, Elly, you don't seem

to mind the taste; why should I?"

     "That's different." She said it as if it was something that was

self-evident. "I'm a girl."

     "A woman."


     "There's a difference."

     "I had big tits when I was thirteen, and I'd already started to

have my period."

     "And you were still a girl, then. Did you always like the taste of


     "Well, sure, it's okay. I guess."

     "Do you like it?" I put the emphasis on "like."

     "Not particularly," she said, "but I really don't mind it."

     "But you had an orgasm when I came in your mouth."

     Her eyes got suddenly heavy-lidded. "Oh, yeah, well, I really like

feeling that in my mouth, all that stuff spurting so hot and thick, and

feeling you moving and hearing you groan and knowing that I'm doing that

to you, making you feel like that while you give me the cum right out of

you, like you're feeding me and -- "

     She shivered and I could feel her nipples hardening against my

chest. Her legs had parted; her thighs were opened to either side of my

left thigh and she was slowly rubbing her mons up and down against my

leg. Thinking and talking about sucking me off was turning her on. I had

the brains to realize it wasn't me, in particular, but the mere idea.

     Now, let me set the record straight here on something. It may sound

like she's some not-too-bright young Polack bimbo with big boobs and a

bottomless throat. Yes, she's Polish, young, has big breasts and a

bottomless throat. But she wasn't and isn't some bimbo. She was a bright

kid and she's a smart young woman. She's always been -- at least, for

the four years I've known her -- smart and sensitive and sometimes

startlingly perceptive and introspective. She'd graduated high school

with her peers after being left back twice in grade school (parochial,

of course) for something called "defiant and insubordinate behavior" and

dropping out of high school for a year. Yet she was bright enough to

catch up on the earlier stuff and return to high school and graduate on


     But she had the idea that it was dirty to have a man give her

pleasure with his tongue and mouth. At the same time, just the thought

of swallowing semen had her hot and ready to rock again.



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