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Archive-name: Couples/dreamgrl.txt

Archive-author: Robert E. Epps

Archive-title: Dream Girl

I answered the door of my beach house and there was Becky.  She said

"about last night, I'm sorry I didn't think she was your sister."

You are still hurting from my actions aren't you? "I was because one

thing I've always valued in a relationship is trust.  Remembering

back now, you remember your sister, whom you haven't seen in over a

year came to visit and I took her out to dinner.  Becky saw me and

her dancing and didn't quite understand that it was my sister I was

dancing with.  She slapped me across the face and ran out the door. I

went after her and stopped her but she just pushed me away. I told

her it was my sister she didn't believe me and immediately brought a

knee to my groin and of course after that I wasn't exactly able to

get her to understand.... he was wearing that green dress that

matched her emerald green eyes and golden blond hair that I love so


I told her I was still a little hurt but that I was glad to see her.

I invited her in and through the conversation that followed, it

turned out that my sister went to her house and explained the whole

situation.  "I am really sorry about this," she said "I want to make

this up to you". I then suggested that she change into her bikini

that she left so that whenever she comes over she can slip into it

and use the beach to her hearts delight.  She changed and I put my

trunks on and I met her on the beach.  The sun was just going down

and the horizon glowed with bright red and the water and everything

else was a brilliant orange.  We walked down the beach hand in hand

with the tide lapping at our feet, back and forth, back and forth.

After about 10 minutes of this, no talking she stopped, and grabbed

my hands and stared deep into my eyes. At that moment, she looked

more beautiful than I can ever remember. Her blonde hair was blowing

slightly by the wind.  She then said "Joe, we have been going

together for eight months now and you have respected my wish of no

sexual contact.  At this moment, I realize that I love you more than

I could love anybody and I am now willing to have you and I make

love. I know you love me the same." My heart couldn't have been more

happier!  I just stood there dumbfounded and so lost in love and in

her eyes that I couldn't move.  She then leaned against me and

brushed my hair out of my eye, put her loving arms around my neck and

kissed me. I kissed back long and very deeply and with as much

passion as I could muster. I felt her knees get weak and her body go

limp in my arms.  She then looked long into my eyes and at that

moment I knew it was truly meant to be.  She layed down on the sand

and I layed down beside her.  The next thing I knew, we were in a

lovers embrace, rolling around on top of each other, half in and half

out of the water.  When she started to tug at my trunks drawstring, I

knew this moment would change our relationship forever and introduced

us both into the world of true love and feeling.  I then slowly

peeled her bikini off lovingly with very much tenderness, touching,

and little kisses all over her young, sleek, beautiful body.  She

then said "make love to me."  In a very quiet and excited voice. We

then made hot, passionate sweet love.  I will never forget that

night........the two of us .........on that beach far away.  The

magic is still here with us both, even though that was fifty years

ago.  She is calling me in to dinner now so take care!



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