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Archive-name: Couples/days-end.txt

Archive-author: Jennifer Kilmer

Archive-title: Days End

God, what a day.  I'm tired, life sucks.  I let the door slam behind

me and lean against it, eyes shut.  I open them and look around to

see him smiling at me over a book from my favorite chair - large,

sturdy enough to plop on and comfy enough to make plopping worth it. 

"You ok?"

"Ugh. Tired."  Can't frown at him.  I smile.  "I'm glad you're here. 

How are things with you?"

"Hmmm."  Now I'm grinning.  He always does that - like it requires

thought, doing a quick checksum of the day before replying. "All


"Good".  I drop down my purse, take off the coat, throw it on the 

couch.  Stand on one foot and then the other to take off my heels.

Nice.  Back on solid ground.  They're nice shoes, though, so I set

them carefully on the floor before stretching.  The tension's

leaving, taking some of the tiredness with it.

I wander across the room to him and lean over, bracing myself on the

arms of the chair looking directly in his eyes.  Don't want to throw

my back out.  He looks up from his book again.  "Yes?"  

"I miss you when I'm gone."

His smile is deeper now.  He puts the book down.  "I miss you too." 

He leans forward and gives me a quick kiss.  "I made spaghetti sauce.

Want some now?  I just need to cook some noodles."  I start kissing

him on the temples, by his eyes, on his cheek.  "Nah".

"Mmm" he says.

My back won't go out in one second.  I let go of the chair and pull up

the sides of my skirt enough that I can kneel on top of him, my legs

on either side.

"Yes?" he asks, a bemused smile on his face.

"Do you mind?"

Wide smile now.  His hand moves to cup my cheek for a moment.  "No".

"Okay".  I kiss him, quickly, then pull back and giggle.  He's

giggling too. I lean forward again and we begin kissing.  No rush. 

How many different ways could we enjoy a kiss?  Our hands start

exploring, lightly, then hugging tight.  His hands on my back slip

under my sweater, then around to the front, feeling my breasts

through my bra.  I unbutton his shirt.  My hands and mouth play with

his chest, his hands move to my rear, then down my legs.  Using one 

hand on play with one of his nipples, I lick the other, beginning to

suck.  His "mmmm" sounds good, his arms move to hold me tight.  I feel

him kissing my hair as I move to the other nipple, my hands moving to

his buttocks.  "Hey", he says, "my turn".  He lifts up my sweater, I

take it off.  He kisses my breasts above my bra, through the lace.  I

stroke his back and kiss him on the mouth.    

His hand reaches the bottom of my skirt, slips under, then moves up

the side. I feel it stop at the stocking top.  A finger slips under

the stocking, moves over to the garter.  "Garter belt?"  Surprised.

I'm smiling.  Gotcha. I kiss his forehead. "Mmm-hmm".  His hands move

up, exploring my legs, his mouth on my breasts.  I'm too busy feeling

to do much, but I won't let go of him either, my hands stroking his

back and shoulders.  His hands move higher.  He's still.  I can feel

his hands on my bare vulva.  I open my eyes, look at him.  "No

underwear?"  It isn't really a question.  I smile.  I begin kissing

him.  "You mind?" He seems at a loss for words. "Umm."  Then : "No. I

don't mind."  I kiss him quickly.  "Good." Then another kiss, longer

this time. 

He moves his hips forward, his hands on my buttocks pulling me down

against him.  "Here?" he asks. I pull my skirt out of the way and

begin rubbing myself against his erection through his jeans. "Mm-hmm"

I say.  "Oh", he answers.  We continue to hold each other, kissing

and hugging, moving in rhythm.  His jeans feel rough on my legs and

vulva.  Eventually I unzip them, and he pulls his jeans and shorts

out of the way.  I feel him entering me, inside me, continuing the

rhythm we had begun earlier, feeling it build.  I push myself further

down wanting more of him.  He arches back, pushing further into me. I

start clenching and unclenching my vagina, gripping him tighter, then

relaxing.  "God..."  he says, pulling me closer.  I hear his breath

in my ear, feel him moving under me.  "Ohh.." I groan.

"Orgasm" is such a pale word for what we experience.  But "come" is


Afterward he moves over a little, so I sit beside him.  I don't want

to move.  I don't want him to move.  Unless, of course, it's to start




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