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Archive-name: Couples/ctailpty.txt


Archive-title: Cocktail Party


    Mike had been itchy all evening, Rachael could tell.  He'd been

rubbing his hands across her shoulders, down her arms, and across her

ass, bumping up against her as they moved from one crowded room to

another, and slipping his hand halfway up the inside of her thigh

whenever he thought he wouldn't be caught.


    It wasn't ordinary horniness, she knew.  They had taken care of

that earlier while showering before they dressed for the party.  It

was definitely something else.  And she knew just what he needed to

scratch that itch.


    Slipping her hand into his, Rachael guided him out of the main

room, and up the stairs to the second floor bathroom; the one most of

the women used because it was out of the way from everyone else's eyes.


    Leadin him into the large bathroom, she flicked the light on over

the toilet area while leaving the other lights over the double sinks

dark, creating a spotlight effect in the shadowy room.  Closing and

locking the door, she turned to Mike and unfastened his trousers.


    Directing him to sit on the toilet, she knelt down in front of him

and took his cock into her mouth, licking and sucking until it had

become hard in her hand.  Her own excitement at what was to follow for

him generated a warm flow of her juices, misting the silky panties she

wore under her party shift.


    Rachael stood and, pulling the leg band of her moist underwear

aside, backed onto his hard member, engulfing him slowly with her hot

hole.  Mike's hands on her hips helped her to move up and down until

she was extremely agitated.  The wetness, resultant of her orgasm,

copiously drenched the crotch of her panties.


    She stood, leaving Mike in a very excited state, and motioned for

him to stand.  As she bent down to remove her wet underwear, she

eagerly licked and sucked his cock clean.  She then sad down on the

vacated seat, and released the stream of urine, held so long.


    The cool air on his moist member and the sound of Rachael's waters

made Mike's cock twitch.  Again, Rachael stood, and holding back the

layered curtains hiding the bathtub, motioned for Mike to step inside.

With Mike standing in the tub, Rachael leaned in and kissed him,

stuffing her wet panties in his open pants under his balls.


    "I'll be back for you in fifteen minutes.", she murmured, and

turned to leave the room.


    As she opened the door, she happened upon two women heading

towards the bathroom together.  "It's all yours, ladies.", she smiled

as she exited.


    "You first, Laura.", offered the tall redhead.


    "Oh, lord, I've got to go so bad!  I can hardly walk.", moaned the

little blonde.


    "Me either, hurry up!", gasped the redhead.  Both women entered

the bathroom, closing the door behind them.  Indeed, the blonde needed

to go so badly, she could barely walk.  Breathing slowly, she

controlled her need and carefully squirmed her way over to the toilet,

her hand under her dress holding her pussy tight and praying she would

mmake it to the bowl.


    Now, to et her underwear down fast enough so she could sit in

time!  Squirming, and wriggling frantically, Laura swiftly pulled her

panties down around her knees, and plopped onto the seat.


    A long, gushing stream erupted from her as she sighed in pleasure

and triumph.  "Aaaahh, better than sex!", she exclaimed to the tall

redhead waiting over at the sinks.


    "Oh, yes!"  She looked up at her companion, and saw that the

lon-leed woman had simply pulled her dress up and leaned back into one

of the sinks, and was at that moment releasing her pent up waters as

well.  Laura noticed that her friend hadn't been wearin any underwear

at all, and now, considering her own sopping panties, she removed and

tossed them through the curtains into the tub, to be retrieved later

before she left for home.


    Mike, who had been listening to the exchange and watching both

women through the curtains could barely stand to touch his rock-hard

cock.  The red satin panties leamed darkly at his feet where they had

been tossed.


    The two women cleaned up and left the room, and Mike was left

alone for a moment.  During this time, he bent down and picked up the

discarded underwear, stuffing them under his scrotum along with

Rachael's.  He could feel the wet material against his skin and smell

the musk rising from the warm area in which they were hidden.


    His hand had lightly touched his straining member all the time the

two women had been at their toilette, careful not to bring himself to

orgasm in anticipation of a full quarter hour of watching and

listening to all these beautiful women relieve themselves.


    Soon, another woman, obviously a bit tipsy, entered and closed the

door.  She weaved over to the toilet and barely remembered to pull her

panties down before sitting and letting go.  She had been teasing a

group of three men all evening, and had disappeared with them for a

short time before excusing herself to go upstairs.


    Their attentions, patting, rubbing, and nibblin, had aroused her

to the point that she couldn't wait to get back downstairs again, and

as she peed into the bowl, her hand wandered around the lips of her

pussy, rubbing and tickling herself to distraction.  The drunken woman

rose from the toilet, and lying on the lush rug next to the sinks,

stroked herself to orgasm.


    A light tap on the door roused her from her exhausted stupor, and

she pulled herself together enough to wash her hands, pat at her hair,

and leave the room under her own steam.


    Good thing, too, because Mike was ready to release his wad, and

knew he would make too much noise to remain discretely hidden.


    Rachael was the next woman in, and after locking the door, she

pulled her party shift up over her head and draped it over a towel

bar.  Nude, she pulled the tub curtains back and pulled Mike out from

behind them.


    "Have fun, lover?", she smiled wickedly at him, and kissed his

mouth before moving down to ascertain the state of his erection.  "Ah,

yes, I can see you did."  She lightly touched his straining cock, and

Mike jumped; the sensation slightly painful for his too hard member.

"Come over here.", Rachael walked over to the sinks where the redhead

had sat, and with Mike's help sat up on the ledge.


    Wrapping her legs around his waist, she pulled Mike's raging

hardon into her hot puss, allowing him to pump as hard and fast as he

needed.  She felt his hot fluids almost immediately, and felt, more

than heard his moan of pleasure and loss muffled against her breasts.


    Reaching down to the panties hidden under his sac, she pulled them

out and used them to clean the cum from his cock and her streaming

pussy.  "Say 'bye-bye'.", she giggled, as she tossed the two extremely

soiled pieces of lingerie back into the tub, to be found later.


    Leaving the bathroom, Rachael and Mike rejoined the crowd

downstairs, no loner distracted, and able to enjoy the silly

flirtations and small talk of the evening ahead.





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