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Archive-name: Couples/crystl-1.txt

Archive-author: Dastardly Dave

Archive-title: Crystal's Fantasy

                        A Custom Fantasy

I'm sitting on the deck of my beach condo, when I see a

beautiful young girl walking down the beach.  As she nears, I

realize it is Crystal, a girl I have met a few times at parties.  

She doesn't notice me and stops and sits on the steps of my

deck.  She seems sad for some reason, so I call down to her. "Hi,

Crystal, how're you doing?"  She turns and I see her lovely face

framed in fine red hair.

"Oh, hi Dave, I guess I'll live."

"That sounds serious," I reply. "Care to join me for a


"I could use one right now," she says as she climbs the steps

and sits across from me.  I have a pitcher of golden margaritas

on the table and I pour her one.  Crystal takes it and downs half

of it.

"Whoa, sweetheart, that's powerful stuff, you'd better go


"Yeah, I know... I usually don't drink much, but I had a

terrible day today." She puts the drink down and looks over at me

with her beautiful green eyes.  "Sometimes men can be such


"Present company excluded, I hope?" I say with a grin.

"Of course, Dave, everyone knows what a teddy bear you are."

"Even if I'm a dirty old man?"

"Well, from what I've heard, you ARE pretty dirty, but you're

not that old."

"Thank you darling, you just made my day... What happened to

put you in such a bad mood?"

"I thought I had something going with a guy that could have

been really good, but he was a total jerk today, so I dumped him.  

It's my fault, I pick jerks instead of nice guys like you."

"Oh, you're making me feel good, but you wouldn't want

someone so much older than yourself."

Crystal looks thoughtful, then says "I don't know about that,

want to go for a walk on the beach?"  I agree and we start to

stroll on the sand, looking at the golden moon on the water.  As

we walk, she takes my hand.  I feel young again, walking on the

beach with a beautiful young girl.  All sorts of thoughts flash

through my mind, but I brush them away as being unlikely.  

Hand-in-hand, we slowly turn and walk back to my place.  When we

reached my place, Crystal started up first, but stops on the

first step, turns and kisses me deeply.

As we break for air she says "You are a wonderful man, Dave,

and I need to be with someone wonderful tonight."  My dreams come

true!  I take the gorgeous young lady by the hand and lead her

into my condo.  I start to sit on the couch, but she stops me,

looking in my eyes.

"Where's the bedroom?"  I point wordlessly and she leads me

in by the hand.  She turns and starts to unbutton my shirt.  Then

she moves down and releases my belt, unsnaps and unzips my jeans

and lets them fall to the floor.  She grasps my hard cock through

my underwear, then reaches in and encircles me with her hand,

squeezing gently.  She pulls my shorts down, exposing my rigid

tool.  She drops to her knees and takes my dick into her hot, wet

mouth, rolling her tongue around the head.  I groan in pleasure

as I look down at the lovely lass sucking me.  She takes me deep

into her throat, then pulls it out and licks the underside.  My

knees start to buckle.  She moves me to the bed and I reach to

loosen her blouse, but she moves back.

"Just lie back and watch," Crystal tells me with a smile.  I

lie back as she takes her blouse off and I gaze at her beautiful

breasts.  Her nipples are distended and I long to suck the

delicious buds.  She unbuttons her jeans and turns her back to

me.  The jeans come down and I look at her pantied buns.  She

turns and slowly rolls her panties down, revealing her auburn

covered mound.

I can see her slit through her light bush.  She walks over to

me and I reach up for her.  She lies on me lengthwise and I hold

her close, whispering in her ear how beautiful she is.  I roll

her over and kiss her deeply.  I kiss her eyes, cheeks, ears,

chin and neck, then work my way down to her breasts.  I take a

nipple into my mouth, nibbling gently, then sucking, then licking

around and around.  I give the other the same treatment, then

lick and kiss my way to her navel.

Crystal moans as I reach the top of her triangle.  I slowly

spread her legs in the moonlight and her pussy opens like a

flower, the petals glistening in the soft moonlight.  I push her

legs back to her chest, then lean in and slide my tongue into her

slit.  She moans as I flick my tongue across her clit, then

plunge my tongue deep into her pussy, fucking in and out with my


I move back up and flatten my tongue across her love button,

lapping at it as it swells.  She starts to buck her hips as I

slide a finger, then another, deep into her, reaching up to

massage that special bundle of nerves.  She bucks wildly now,

rubbing her pussy all over my mouth as I continue to tease her


    I start to feel her cum, her juices flowing around my

fingers, dripping down to her puckered pink asshole.  I roll

another finger in the cum and then gently insert a finger into

her ass.  She cums again, harder this time.  I pull my fingers

from her dripping pussy and cover it with my mouth, drinking her

hot love juice as I continue to finger her ass.

I put my tongue deep into her and add a finger to her ass,

sliding them in and out as I eat her cunt.  She screams as she

cums again.  As she recovers, I move up and hold her, gently

rubbing the small of her back.

Her eyes flutter open and she smiles at me.  "I want you in

me," she says, and climbs on top of me, guiding my hard cock into

her sopping pussy.  She is so hot inside, with her cum drenching

my dick!  She moves on top of me, riding my cock as it slides in

and out of her.  I massage her beautiful breasts as she fucks me


"Tell me when you are coming," She says.  My cock continues

to plunge deep into her until I can feel the juice boiling in my


" OH, YES," I shout, "I'M COMINGGGGGG!" She hops off my dick

and slides her mouth down on it, taking me deep into her throat

again.  The cum shoots from me filling her lovely mouth as she

sucks me.  She drinks down my cum, savoring the flavor and not

losing a drop.

When at last my cum is finished, she let's my cock slide out

of her mouth, licks her lips and says, "Now that's what I call a

perfect end to a lousy day!"

 I hope you enjoyed this custom fantasy from Dastardly Dave.

Ladies may request fantasies of their own on any board where I am

a member.



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