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Archive-name: Couples/coldmorn.txt


Archive-title: Cold Winter's Morning

        I slowly awakened to the soft white light of a winter's morning.

Glancing at the thermometer across the room, I knew I was not going to 

enjoy getting out of this warm bed to start the wood stove.  Besides, I

thought to myself, why get up?  I have all I need right here...

        She groaned and shifted her head on my chest.  Under the thick

comforter and the thin sheet, her leg moved, reminding me that beneath

the sheet, we were both skin to skin.  Another part of me took this

reminder to heart, and she awoke fully at my caress.

        Looking into her eyes, I saw love returned, and an impish

smile crossed her face.  The friction from her leg delicately rubbimg

me heightened my arousal, and I knew that _someone_ wasn't too tired

from last night...

        I closed my eyes, and gave myself into the feelings.  Her lips

brushed under my ear, and along my jawbone before sliding down my

already-arched neck.  A smile crept across my face when I heard her

whisper "Happy Birthday" and felt her nip at my nipples.

        Her very dextrous tongue began exploring my upper body,

finding the places that make me tingle, while her hands roamed around

gently touching every part of me.  Then, with a long lick (reminding

me of a ski jump, for some insane reason), she surprised me by

swallowing me whole.  The warmth that had been centered on that area

of my body shot up, and I was straining not to release too soon.  As

she always does, she stopped just too early and sat on my lap, slowly

taking me inside her.  The combination of the cold air crossing my

chest, and the warmness on my hips was too much to bear, so I started

to push against her thrusts...

        She stopped, and a whimper half-crossed my lips.  Slowly, she

leaned forward, pulled the blanket up, and kissed my lips.  My arms

moved automatically around her and held her.  Swiftly, I rolled her

over, and began my own celebration...

        Her hair framed her face beautifully, and with two fingers I

drew closed her eyes.  My fingers lightly danced around her classic

features, and slowly moved downward.  Her neck was the next focus of

my attention, and the reaction received from nibbling made me smile.

        A famous author not known for his erotic fiction but his

horror once said that the female body looked best on its back.  Gazing

at her, I must say that I agree.  The chill in the air and my actions

had caused her nipples to become erect, and her breasts became the

next focus in my activities.  Teasing along the side and underneath,

slowly moving towards the center, I gently teased her with my tongue.

After about fifteen minutes of breast envy, I moved to her midriff, where

a soft touch and a vagrant feather from the comforter caused a bit of

twitching and another angelic smile.

        Finally, I threw the comforter off of her legs onto the floor.

She began to protest, but that was quieted when I started to firmly

massage her feet.  Heinlein may have fucked everything else up, I

thought, but he guessed right here.  As every school child knows, the

feet are connected to the calves, and the calves to the thighs...

        Knowing the sensitivity of her thighs, I stoped rubbing and

began caressing again, marveling at their shape and form.  Growing

ever closer to her sweet-smelling crotch, I begin to flick her skin

with my tongue.  I move my hands and begin placing soft kisses on her

upper thigh until I reach my destination.  By now, she is well

lubricated and aroused, and a thin sheen of sweat gleams on her skin.

I gently touch her mound with my fingertips, and move downward,

spreading her lips so as to provide access to her clit.  My tongue

reaches forward, and for one moment she jumps as if she were being

shocked.  Again I touch, and again she jumps.  I place two fingers

inside her, and 'let my fingers do the walking" on her special spot,

and begin massaging her clit with my tongue in earnest.  With her

thighs clamped around my head, I continued to pleasure her until I

heard her gasp "Now please!"

        Never one to disobey a lady in distress, I quickly mounted

her, and slid into heaven.  I held her tightly in a hug, embracing her

everywhere and whispered into her ear "I love you."  She responded by

squeezing inside, and we began to move rhythmically.

        I brought her over once quickly, and slowed down some, my

arousal notwithstanding.  Still as hard as before, I brought her back

to her peak and held her there, enjoying the aginizing pleasure in her

face.  Finally, it was too much for me, and I pushed harder and harder

into her.  With my ears filled with her pleasure, I exploded with her,

and held her while the tremors resonated within us. 

        With suddenly much less motivation to move, I pick up the

discarded comforter, and cover us with it.  She shifted to a more

comfortable position and closed her eyes again, silently thanking me

for everything.  I looked at the ceiling, sighed, and tried to fall

back asleep...



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