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Archive-name: Couples/choclte.txt

Archive-author: Northern Flower

Archive-title: Chocolate


The room is painted a deep rich red, you have chosen

the music and there are white candles all around the

floor, the light dancing wildly over your glistening

nakedness.  You lay face down on the floor and I sit 

naked astride your soft backside, a thigh each side.  I 

pull my fingers through your hair touch lightly on your

downy neck run them firmly dowm your back.  That

electrifying skin on skin sensation is getting

stronger.  I circle my hips as I slowly pour melted

chocolate between your shoulder blades watch it flow its

sensual path along your supple spine.  Some trickles

down your side, I reach out my hand to catch it.  As you

suck it hungrily from my slender fingers, your mouth so

strong and warm, I lick it from your back, I lick,

suck, lick 'til there is no more but I am still hungry.

I run my hands roughly over your tight buttocks

searching for more, you shudder as I bite then pull you

round to face me.  I am on you I want to be inside you,

my mouth on yours we kiss deep and long, our tongues

searching, increasing in force but we are insatiable.

You are still hungry I am still hungry, my long fingers

find your clit you run you taught thigh through my legs,

our hearts pumping pumping our bodies writhing in

ecstacy we climax together, I pull you close to me,

clinging together in this timeless space but I want

more you want more, your face between my legs

mine between yours we feed voraciously sucking licking

biting more and more 'til there could never be any

more, our world is created, we are inside each other I

roam free in your mind body soul you roam free in mine,

we are united.

       Northern Flower

       (York, England)



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