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Archive-name: Couples/choclate.txt


Archive-title: Chocolate



    "Sweetheart, where is that chocolate?"

						"Hmmm? What chocolate?"

    "Don't play with me... when I left a minute ago, there was a piece

     of a huge Hershey bar sitting right here on the bedside table.

     Now I come back to bed and it is gone.  Where is it?"

						"Oh, that... I ate it."

    "Oh, thanks... didn't even save me a..."


    "Um... no, you didn't."


    "You didn't eat it.  If you had eaten it, I would have been able

     to _taste_ it when I kissed you.  And I can't.  So..."

		"Well, maybe you aren't kissing me in the right place?"

    "What?  And where am I supposed to..."

				      *giggle* "Try a little... lower."


					        "Try... a _lot_ lower."


    "Um... what's this?"

				       *giggle* "Hershey's, of course."

    "Oh, my..."

    One combination of tastes you'll never see _me_ turn down...



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