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Archive-name: Couples/cheerldr.txt

Archive-author: Nicole

Archive-title: Nicole becomes a Submissive Cheerleader

You can hear me rummaging in the closet, doing who knows what, when you

hear me call out to you, "John, come here and see what I found!"  You come

into the bedroom and find me sitting on the floor of the closet in front

of the hope chest, digging through its contents.  "Look!" I say as I hold

up my high school cheerleader outfit.  "Remember when I used to wear this?

I wonder if it still fits."

"Oh yes, honey, I remember you in THAT!  God, how I wanted to fuck you

then, but you were always with that football player, what's his name,

Jack or Jock."

"His name was Jake, and you were always off with Cheryl anyway.  I

wanted you then too, only you never seemed interested.  God!  I used

to watch you sitting there in the bleachers, hoping you would look at

me and catch a glimpse of my panties as I jumped up and down doing my

cheers.  My panties were always wet at those games, from wanting you

so much and wishing you would notice me.  I would have done anything

to get you away from Cheryl and have you then!"

"Anything?  How could I have been so blind in those days not to

notice?  I always thought you were there for Jake tho."

"And I always thought you were there for Cheryl!  Gosh, we lost a lot of

time, even tho we found each other in college.  You never did get to fuck

your cheerleader tho.  Do you still want your cheerleader, honey?  I CAN be

your cheerleader if you like.  If I will please you, I'll be your

cheerleader.  I'll do anything to please you!"

You feel a tightening in your groin as a thought passes through your

mind, and you say, "Yes I could have my cheerleader, only now I'm

39."  You look at me questioningly, "I can have my very own high

school cheerleader?  Put in on!"

"Wait," I say.  "I have an idea, it's Friday night, and I think there's a

game tonite at the high school.  Wait in the living room, hon, I'll be out

in a minute."

You pace restlessly in the living room, wondering what I have in mind, as

your cock starts to harden with anticipation.

I walk into the room.  My hair is tied up in a pony tail and I'm

wearing my winter coat, all buttoned up.  I look so young with my

hair like that -- just like a teenager -- and you again feel that

tightening in your groin.  I take your hand, saying, "Let's go to the

game, hon!  It's been so long since we've seen our school play.  It

will be fun, and I have a surprise for you.  Indulge me and I'll be

anything you want, and do anything you want when we get home.  Let's


We arrive at the game at half time, and find seats alone at the top

of the bleachers.  The game is outside and it's cold, so I snuggle

against you.  My hand clasps your thigh and accidently brushes

briefly over your cock, which I can tell is hard as it presses

against the cloth of your jeans.  "Do you want me, John," I whisper in

your ear.  "Do you want to fuck your hot, teenage cheerleader?"

You glance at me quickly and look over my coat, "Honey, you didn't?!"

Your hand slowly moves up my bare thigh until you can feel the cloth of my

skirt, and moving higher, until you can feel the heat and wetness as you

brush your fingers across the silkiness of my panties.  You gasp and

breathlessly utter, "You did!  You wore the cheerleader outfit, and you

want me!!"

"Yes, I do Mr. Robinson.  Tonight I'm YOUR cheerleader.  I'm here only for

your pleasure and to do with as you please.  If you want to fuck me, I'm

yours.  If you want to take me home with you and tie me up and tease me

with your cock until I beg you to fuck me, you may do so.  I just know I

want you, and I'll do anything to have you.  I'll submit to you

completely, only please," I gasp, "take me home NOW!"

You look into my eyes, with unconcealed desire.  "Go to the car,

Nicole, and wait for me there.  Take off your coat when you get in

the car and wait for me.  And while you are waiting, I want you to

finger yourself.  Make yourself hot for me.  When I get to the car, I

want you to pretend to be my teenage cheerleader.  I want you to act

like a slut and beg to be my whore, and beg me to fuck you, using

words you know I want to hear.  This will please me, and you must do

what I ask.  Go NOW!"

I walk quickly to the car, feeling the cool night breeze work its way up

my coat and brush against my panties which are drenched from my longing

and need.  I toss my coat into the back seat and then work my fingers past

the restriction of my panties and begin fingering myself.  I stop as I

hear the car door open, and pull down my cheerleader skirt.  My

actions have not been missed by you, as you slide behind the driver's


"What are you doing in my car, Nicole?  Shouldn't you be back at

the game with the other girls, cheering for your team?"

"Oh, Mr. Robinson, the game is almost over, and I saw you leaving.  I wanted

to wait in your car for you and surprise you."

"What were you doing with yourself, Nicole?  Were you fingering


"Mr. Robinson, you must know I want you.  I want you to fuck me.  I'm so

hot for you I couldn't help myself.  Even if you don't want me, the

thought of touching myself in YOUR car makes me go crazy."

"Look," I plead, as I lift my skirt and open my legs, pulling aside my

soaked panties.  "My cunt is wet and hot and I want to feel your cock

deep inside me, fucking me.  I'll do anything.  Tonight I'm yours."

"Anything, Nicole?  Do you realize what you promise me!"

"Yes, I said anything.  I only know I want and need you to fuck me.

I'll surrender to any demand you place upon me.  I submit to your every


"Show me," you say.  "Show me you want me.  Act like my slut.  Show

me that you are my slut and my whore!"

I anxiously reach for your belt and your zipper, frantically

loosening them until I can grasp your cock in my hands.  I bend over

your lap and take the entire length of your cock deep within my

mouth,  licking and sucking, willing your cum to fill me.  My

movement has caused my skirt to lift, and you can see the silkiness

of my white panties shining in the moonlight, barely covering me.

"Nicole," you say, as you lift my head from your cock and look into my

eyes.  "Enough for now, my private whore."  Your lips touch mine and your

tongue probes deep within my mouth as you kiss me with a fierce passion.

You again look deeply into my eyes, watching for my surrender, as you

question, "Anything, Nicole?  Even if you find it distasteful to you?"

"Anything, Mr. Robinson.  I am your slut, your whore, for the taking.  My cunt

belongs to you.  I am here only to pleasure you in any way, any place, any

manner you see fit."

"Does everything belong to me, Nicole?  Everything?"

A puzzled look crosses over my face.  "Everything, Mr. Robinson?  What

else do you want."

"Dear sweet child.  You have offered me your body for my pleasure.  Your

cunt is mine as you say, and I will take that!  But if I need other

pleasures, will you give me those?  If I decide I want to buttfuck you, is

that mine as well?  You must know all the rules of the game, my

babywhore, if we are to play it properly.  Tell me, Nicole."

"Yes, Mr. Robinson.  Everything I have is yours."

"Say it, Nicole.  Say the word.  It will give me pleasure to hear it."

"Yes, Mr. Robinson.  Everything I have is yours, for your pleasure alone.  I

am here to serve you with my body in any manner you desire.  If you want

to buttfuck me, I will submit to you.  I am yours completely and totally!"

"Okay, my sweet whore.  I'll take you home and you will get what you

want and need eventually, AFTER you serve my needs.  Just remember, I

am the master and you are my slave.  You must do anything I ask,

without question, without hesitation, and you will be rewarded as you

deserve.  Daddy will take care of his little babyfuck if she is good

to him."

*    *    *

When we arrive at the house, we walk in together, and you slowly close and

lock the door behind us, turning off the outside lights.  "Hang up our

coats, Nicole, and then join me in the living room."

I walk into the living room and sit beside you.  "Oh, Nicole, my

babyfuck, you are mine, all mine!  Now listen carefully, Nicole.

Remember, you must do everything I ask without question, or

hesitation.  Go into the bedroom, remove your sweater and bra, and put

on the camisole I laid out on the bed.  Leave on your skirt and those

pretty little lacy socks, but take off those saddle shoes, and wear

the high heels that are also on the bed next to the camisole.  When

you return, we'll share a glass of wine to relax a bit and you can

model your outfit for me."

You sigh as I walk back into the room.  Your cock springs to instant

attention as you see me.  I look so young -- the pony tail, the socks

and high heels, the cheerleader skirt -- all create the illusion of a

teenager, yet the body is that of a woman, willing and anxious to be

fucked.  But I look like a teenager, and it is obvious that I want to

be fucked.  It is a nice contrast which stirs your desires, and you

are pleased.

"Babyfuck, let me see your outfit. Turn around."  From your position

on the floor in front of the sofa, you can nearly see up my skirt.

Your eyes travel from my heels up my thighs, taking in as much of my

long legs as you can see.  "Come a bit closer, Nicole, and stand

before me.  Let me look at you."  I stand directly in front of you

and twirl around.  My skirt swings out slightly, and you catch a

quick glimpse of my white panties and the wisps of blond hair framing

the silky fabric.

"Sit in that chair and drink your wine," you order, as you point out a

chair directly across from you.  "Relax, babyfuck, you will get what

you want, AFTER you please daddy."

I sip the wine and sigh softly, wiggling in the chair until I am


"Babyfuck!  You sit so prim and proper.  You are here to please

daddy.  Act like my whore.  Let me know you want me!"

I wince and a look of discomfort crosses my face.  What am I to do I

wonder?  I open my legs slightly and position my skirt so that you can see

between my legs.

"Open them wider, Nicole.  So I can see your precious, dripping

cunt.  Entice me with your cunt.  Loop your heels around the legs of

the chair and lift you skirt a bit higher."

I do as I am instructed.

"Yes, babyfuck, that is perfect.  I can see your anxious cunt now,

beckoning to me.  Drink your wine, baby."

I drink my wine, watching you as your eyes pour over my body, your gaze

touching my breasts as you look over the thin cloth covering me.  And I

feel a twinge between my legs as your eyes come to rest on my panties."

"You want me, don't you, my little whore?  Your panties are wet with the

evidence of your longing.  Tell me what you want!"

"I want you to fuck me."

"You have to earn it first, my precious.  Tell me, what are you?"

"I'm your teenage cheerleader."

"Yes, my little cheerleader.  My willing, hot, teenage cheerleader.  What

else are you?"

"I'm your whore and your slut."

"And?" you query further.

"I'm your babywhore and your babyfuck."

"Yes, my own babywhore and babyfuck.  Good girl!  You please Daddy.  Your

glass is empty, sweet.  Let me pour you some more wine."

You kneel next to me and pour the wine in my glass and hold it to my lips.

"Drink, my precious, it will relax you."  You set the glass on the table

and ease your hand past the restriction of my panties and place two

fingers into my opening, gently stretching it to your probing touch.  "And

what is this, my babyfuck?"

"It is my pussy."

"What else is it?"

"It's my hot cunt."

"WHOSE cunt, babyfuck?" as you thrust your probing fingers deeper within me.

"YOUR cunt."

"That's right, my precious babycunt.  Soon I will fuck you, when *I*

am ready.  When I know I have your complete and total surrender to

ALL my needs and desires."

You withdraw your fingers from my pussy and my panties and brush them

across my lips.  A look of discomfort again crosses over my face.  "You

will deny me NOTHING, Nicole!  Lick my fingers clean, taste your juices.

This will give me pleasure, to see you do as I ask!"  I open my mouth and

your fingers press inside and I sob as I lick my own taste from your


"And what else are you, Nicole?  I want to hear the other word.  Let me

hear what you are for me, say the last one, Nicole!"

I sob and I begin to stutter, "I am your ... "

"Yes, Nicole, you are my what?"

"I am your ... your ... your buttfuck," I blurt out quickly.

"Yes, darling, you are mine, my everything.  I want you to prove to

me now that you are all you tell me you are.  You won't be needing

your panties now.  Take them off, and then go lay face down on the

bed.  I will join you in a moment."

I stand and strip my panties from my body and down my long legs.  I

feel a trickle of my juices slide down my inner thigh as my

anticipation mounts further.  I make a bending motion and move my

hand in preparation to wipe the trickle away, but you order:  "No

babyfuck, leave it.  It pleases me to see your juices running down

your thighs, so great is your need."

"Now go into the bedroom and lay face DOWN on the bed, Nicole.  Do

not disobey me in this."

I walk into the bedroom and kick off my high heels and lay face down in

the center of the bed.  I hear a voice behind me as you enter the room and

kneel on the bed beside me.  "Yes, babyfuck.  You please me.  Now stretch

your hands over your head towards the headboard.  I'm going to fasten your

hands into these handcuffs so you cannot escape me.  And then you will be

completely mine, helpless to my every desire."

You fasten the cuffs and stand back at the foot of the bed.  "Now move

your legs apart, Nicole.  Open them wide, my little slut.  Open them wide

to me and let me know that you are mine, helpless there to whatever I

desire to do with you."

I slowly part my legs and my movements have caused my cheerleader skirt to

work its way up, unveiling the cheeks of my round bottom.  The blond hair

between my legs is tangled and wet, glistening with the flow of my juices.

And I am struggling a bit against my bonds, breathing heavily as I

anticipate your next action.  You kneel between my outstretched legs and I

feel the probe of your hard cock between the cheeks of my ass.

"Oh, my little babyfuck, my whore, you please me greatly.  You would

surrender this to me as well, would you not?"  You bend over to

whisper into my ear, "I love you, my sweet babyslut.  Your surrender

excites me and I am rock hard.  I want you so much."

I moan softly, "Fuck me.  Fuck my cunt, or buttfuck me.  ANYTHING!!

I can't bear it!"

"No, my dear one, not yet.  *I* am not ready yet.  But soon, very

soon.  You are a good little whore.  You please me!  Your sweet young

body entices me, but I want to prolong the moment when you are

completely mine.  And I'll not buttfuck you even if you beg for it.

Your surrender was what I wanted.  You have pleased me much, and I

will reward you with a little enticement of what is to come."  You

guide your cock to my dripping pussy and ease it in a couple inches.

"There, babyfuck, is that what you want from me?"

My answering moan tells you clearly what I desire, as does the

tightening of my cunt around your hard cock.  "Not yet, love.  There

are other ways you have yet to please me!  That was just a taste of

how a good little slut is rewarded when she pleases her daddy.  Will

you please me further, my babyslut?"

"Yes!  Anything!  Only fuck me before I die!"

You chuckle as you begin to remove the handcuffs and roll me onto my

back.  "You must wear the cuffs again, Nicole.  Hold out your arms."

I writhe in frenzy, pressing my thighs together, and I look at you

with glazed eyes.  "Does baby want to be fucked?  What will baby do

for me to earn her fuck?"

You reach for the pocket knife on the nightstand and quickly cut

through the wispy fabric of the camisole.  My nipples stand fully

erect upon their release from the confining cloth.  I am now only

wearing my skirt, which covers little, and my little girl socks.  My

arms pull against the restraint of the cuffs, as I try to break free.

You sit beside me on the bed, naked now.  My eyes fall upon your

cock, which is swollen and hard, and which glistens with a drop of

cum, and I lick my lips.  This gesture does not go unnoticed by you.

"My little whore, would you like to swallow daddy's cum?" you

question as you straddle my body, pressing your probing member

towards my face.  "My little babywhore knows how to please me.  She

will earn her fuck tonite.  Suck me babyslut.  Let my cum slide down

your throat."

I lift my head until I can reach your cock and lick its length, but

you pull away.  I cry out in protest.  "Oh!  Baby wants daddy's cock,

does she?  There is one last word I have not heard from you yet,

little girl.  Say the word I want to hear.  Say it, beg for it!"

"I want your cock, I want your cum."

"Say it properly, babyslut, tell daddy what you want."

"I want to suck daddy's cock!"


"And swallow daddy's cum."

"Good girl.  You please daddy again."

You straddle my upper chest and position yourself so I can have

freedom to your cock, bound as I am within the restraints of the

cuffs.  I work feverishly over your cock, alternating between biting,

licking, and sucking, beckoning with each motion of my tongue for

your heavy load to find its way into my mouth and down my throat.

You assist my efforts and your own desires by thrusting your cock in

and out of my hot, willing mouth, thrusting till you can feel the

back of my throat, awaiting your release to deposit it there deep in

my throat where I will be forced to take every drop of your cum.

At last, you can hold back no longer, and with a final thrusting

motion and an arch of your back, your cock releases its sweet cum

onto my tongue.  You can feel me begin to swallow, as another hot jet

of your seed spurts down my throat, and another, and I swallow every

drop, submitting to your probing member and taking your cum within


You fall beside me and your hand begins to caress my near naked body,

working over my breasts, kneading the nipples fully erect between

your thumb and first finger.  Your tongue flicks over each nipple,

teasing them until they are fully erect.  You have never seen my

nipples so hard before.  You hand brushes over my stomach and down

over my skirt, which I am still wearing.  Lifting the hem of the

skirt, your hand brushes over my mound.  My hair is saturated with my

juices, and the tangle of hair is glistening in the dim light of the

room.  You look down over my body and allow your eyes to travel the

length of my legs, down to my lace socks.

"Baby won't be needing this skirt now.  Babyslut has pleased daddy

well!" as you pull the skirt down the length of my body and drop it

on the floor.

I begin to writhe on the bed as I become aware now of my full

nakedness before you, and my continued helplessness.

"Does daddy's little babyfuck like how she feels?  Do you like to

feel helpless to daddy's need and wants?"  I nod.

"Would my little babyfuck like to feel even more helpless?"

I moan and toss my head back and forth as my lower body gyrates and

twists with longing.

You hold up two lengths of soft cord and show them to me.  My eyes

convey to you my approval.  "Does baby want her legs tied open.  So

daddy can have his way with her?"

I moan a breathless, "yes."

You loop a cord over each of my ankles, and widening my legs fully,

tie the end of each to the footposts of the bed.

I am now totally at your mercy.  I cannot escape my bonds or prevent

you from having your way with me.  My surrender is complete.

You kneel between my open legs and move your face to my dripping

cunt.  Your tongue probes until it can find my opening where earlier

you placed your fingers and your cock for a brief moment.  Your

tongue teases me as you taste me, and then work your tongue up my

slit, coming in contact with my clit, which is swollen and fully

erect.  I sigh in near agony.

"Yes, babycunt likes that, doesn't she?"


"Yes what, babycunt?"

"Yes, daddy."

"Good girl.  Daddy's little babycunt will get what she wants

very, very soon now, but first, I have some questions for you,


You move until you are in a sitting position between my legs, your

cock pressing between my legs just outside my opening.  Your hands

gently caress and massage my body, and brush over my nipples.  You

continue these motions over and over again, until I am close to

orgasm from this touch alone.

"Now, babywhore, before you get what you want, I must know I have your

complete surrender and submittal to my EVERY desire.  So listen

carefully, and answer me truthfully.  Will you do this, baby?"

I nod yes.

"If I wanted you to go for a ride in the car with me, in nothing but

an overcoat, naked underneath, and asked you to open your coat at

every stop to let daddy look at you and finger your cunt, would you

do this to please me?"

"Yes, I would."

"Would you finger yourself if I demanded it?"

"Yes, I would."

"Good girl!"  You touch your fingertip ever so gently upon my clit

and push your cock just barely inside my opening, and I moan with


"If I asked you to dress up like the maid, wearing only a black

maid's skirt and white lace apron, and lace socks and black high

heels, and nothing upon your upper body, would you do this?"

I again nod yes.

"If I asked you to do this in front of my friends, and serve them

drinks, would you do this, as well, if it pleased me?"

"Yes, I would."

"And if my friends had other needs for you to serve, would you

fulfill them upon my order and let me watch?"

"Yes, anything!"

"Good babyslut!"  Your fingertip circles my clit now, spreading the

moisture evenly.  My body twinges from the sensation, and my pussy

tightens around your cock.  You slide within me another inch.

"And if I desired to let one of my friends buttfuck you, while

another put his cock in your cunt, would you submit to this to please


"Yes, I would."

"And if I desired to see a woman make love to you, would you allow me

this pleasure if I demanded it?"

"Yes, yes, anything, just fuck me NOW!"

"If I asked my little teenager to bring home a girlfriend, and tied you

up in a chair, and made you watch me fuck your friend, would you

submit to this as well if it pleased me?"

"Yes, I would do anything you ask."

"If I wanted to fill both your holes, if I wanted to buttfuck you,

and work your cunt with your vibrator, and made you finger your clit

while I did this to you, would you do this to please me?"

"Yes," I sigh, "Do it to me, do anything."

You cease your circling motions on my clit, and gently tap it,

feeling its quivering response, and you slide your cock in another

two inches.

"Are you daddy's little girl?"

"Yes," I barely whisper.

"Do you want daddy to fuck your cunt, precious?"


"Tell me then, precious.  Ask daddy, my dearest little babyfuck."

"Fuck me, please."

You withdraw your cock, remaining poised at my entrance, teasing me.

"Tell me properly, babyfuck.  Tell me the way I want to hear it."

"Fuck me, please.  Baby wants daddy to fuck her.  Please daddy,

please fuck your little babycunt."

"OH!!" you groan.  I have finally pleased you completely and have

pushed you over the edge of your own restraint.  "OH, babyfuck" you

groan again, as you drop upon me, plunging the length of your cock

within my waiting cunt.

I arch to meet your thrust, desperate for your length within me, to

the depths of my being.  I whisper in your ear as you collapse fully

upon me and I have you at last,  "Daddy is home now.  Here with his

cock inside his babyfuck!"



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