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Archive-name: Couples/celeste.txt

Archive-author: RedFlag the Pirate

Archive-title: Encounter with Celeste


  The party was over.  Thank the Lord.  Most of the time, these family 

get-togethers are fun, but it just seemed to wear on and on that day.  

This time, it was not just family, but lots of friends and acquaintances

too, and others I had never seen because this was the party to celebrate 

my younger brother's high school graduation.  It gets tiresome when there 

are all sorts of young kids roaming around the house and yard, getting 

into everything.  Of course, it seemed as if my brother and his friends 

are all kids, even though they were only three years younger than me.  

College tends to change one, make one grow up.  At least it seemed to 

have that effect on me.  You couldn't tell that by looking at my college 

transcript, though.  My grades were enough evidence that I had attended 

my share of parties.  I was now on the five year plan, possibly the six.

So I had plenty of time before graduation.  No summer job for me!  Well, 

a part time one flipping burgers.  That little extra expense money goes 

a long way.  Besides, it gave me a reason to get away from the house.  

After nine months of not having me around, my parents needed to 

reacclimate themselves to me in small doses.  


  After we finally ushered the last of the guests out the door at midnight 

(the party started about one, and really was only supposed to last a few 

hours), I bid my parents good night, slipped on a pair of swim trunks 

and padded out to our pool to unwind.  Heck, I didn't need to be anywhere 

the next day, so I could sleep late.  The pool looked ghostly with only 

the underwater lights on.  The night was dark and still.  The city's 

lights gave the horizon a strange glow, and I thought I could hear the 

deep rumble of the occasional truck on the nearby highway.  But, standing

there, it felt as if I was the only one in the world.  A good feeling, 



  I took a deep breath and stood with my toes at the edge of the pool.  

After doing some sustained, catlike stretches to remove some of the 

strain I felt, I bent and dove strongly into the pool.  Of course, this 

is not an Olympic-sized one, but I had done this before and knew what 

the limits were.  Almost immediately after hitting the water, I twisted 

to come to the surface and stop exactly one arm's length from the other

edge of the pool.  Like I said, small.  I patted the side of the pool, 

smiling that my reflexes were still trained to do this after the better 

part of a year of disuse.


  Suddenly, off to my left (away from the house) I heard clapping.  I 

strained my eyes to see who this was, afraid that it was a burglar or 

something.  But criminals don't clap, generally.  This person stepped 

up to the pool, still clapping.  She stopped and stared at me, hands on 

shapely hips.


  "Well, don't you remember me, Mike?"


  There was this vague glimmering at the back of my mind.  Of course, the 

eerie illumination twisting her features unrecognizeably didn't help any.  



  She looked somewhat annoyed, but knelt down to get closer to the light.

She shot me a quizzical look, head cocked to one side.  I looked at her 

closely (which certainly wasn't a chore), taking in her shoulder-length 

tawny blonde hair, her open, honest features, her full lips, her slim 

body clad in a light sundress.  She seemed to follow my approving stare 

along the curves of her body, smiling faintly.  


  Suddenly it occurred to me.  "Celeste..." I spoke.  Her face lit up, 

nodding in agreement.  "It's been a long time."


  "Yes, it has," she agreed.  "How could you forget me?  It wasn't all 

that long ago."


  "That was back in high school.  And, as I remember, we only went out 

for about a month before you met that linebacker."


  "Just like a man to forget!  It was two months, and he was a tight end.

His end was a lot cuter than yours.  Of course, he wasn't quite the 

gentleman you were."


  My face took on some color.  "Gentleman?"


  "Yes.  He never held the door open for me, never offered me his coat 

when it was cold.  That sort of thing.  You always respected me."  She 

pulled her hair around the back of one of her ears, in one of the 

exact same subconscious gestures that had drawn me to her years before.

"Frank never did those things.  He was otherwise nice, and sexy as hell, 

so I stayed with him-"


  "-until you graduated and went to different colleges.  Now I remember 

that tidbit.  Have you been happy since then?"


  "Yes."  She removed her sandals, and sat down dangling her feet in the 

pool.  "No.  Even he was better than the clods at my college.  All they 

seemed to want was sex.  Not that I minded too much at first.  I lost my 

viginity very quickly and spent most of freshman year in a hormonal 

wonderland.  But then I came home for the summer with atrocious grades, 

and I decided to work harder the next year."


  I grinned.  "Your parents have anything to do with that?"


  She chuckled.  "Of course.  I didn't tell them the reason why they were 

so bad, of course.  I would have been sent to a convent."  I chuckled 

too.  "Anyway, I'm not doing too badly now.  And you?"


  "Well, ah..."


  "Five year plan?"


  "Yes."  We smiled at each other for a moment.


  "So am I.  I didn't say that I had gotten up to A or B level.  Still, 

anything is an improvement over failing half of your classes."


  "So why are you here?  I don't remember you being here for the party."


  "Well, I was sort of here.  My brother graduated yesterday too, and I 

sort of drifted in for a while.  It was pretty hectic around your house



  I ran my fingers tiredly through my wet hair.  "That it was.  That it 



  "Well, I don't want to interrupt.  Go on with your swimming, you 

deserve a break.  I'll just sit here and watch your rippling muscles."


  I glared at her and set off to swim a couple laps.  I stopped then and

blinked the water out of my eyes, looking for Celeste.  She wasn't there.


  A throat was cleared behind me, and when I turned, there she was.  

Unbuttoning the front of her sundress.  "You looked like you were having 

so much fun, I would join you."


  "Well, my parents are over there in the house, and I don't think that 

skinny dipping is high on their list of approved things," I said, 

feigning disapproval.


  "Well, silly, it's too dark for them to see.  Plus, they're probably 

in bed.  Plus, I'm not going to be skinny dipping, at least not right 

away."  She finally undid the last button and the sundress fell away to 

reveal that she wore a small blue bikini.  As lovely as ever.  As I 

examined her sexy bod with an open mouth, she obliged my inspection by 

turning in a circle, arms raised, and then unnecessarily adjusted the 

top, containing her not overlarge, but extemely shapely breasts.  "Still 

as damn sexy as you remember, Mike?"


  "Damn straight.  More, even."


  She laughed and slipped into the water beside me.  "Race you to the 

other side, you aquatic stud."  She gracefully launched herself from 

the side and was halfway across before I started.  A lot clumsier than 

she, I add.


  She was standing there, waiting for me.  She was not even out of 

breath for her exertion.  I slowly stood up and grinned foolishly at 

her.  "Still as tricky as ever, huh?"


  "Yes, I am.  In fact, I think that you can't catch me."


  "With you standing right there?  No problem."  I lunged.


  "Too slow!"  She dodged, never losing her smile.  At least I'm pretty 

sure that she didn't.


  I came up sputtering.  "Lucky, you wench."


  She opened her mouth in mock horror, and touched her hand to her 

shapely chest.  "Why, littl' ol' me, a wench?" she said with an 

exaggerated southern accent.  "You must have the wrong lady..."  She 

splashed me strongly, and when I cleared my eyes, she was at the other 

end of the pool.


  "From what you just told me, 'lady' can't really be used to describe 

you..."  I called.


  "Why, you say such hurtin' things!" came the rejoinder.  She pulled

her wet hair behind her ear again.  I set off to catch her, this time 

diving and swimming along the bottom.  It was harder for her to dodge 

me this way, because of the distorting effects of the water.  I actually 

was able to grab an ankle, before she wrenched it away.


  I came up for air.  She was only a few feet away in about three feet of

water, waving daintily.  I lunged again, but this time she must have 

wanted to be caught because I unexpectedly (but happily) ended up with a 

double armful of sexy feminine anatomy.


  "Well, now that you seem to have caught me, what do you intend to do 

to po' littl' me?"  She leaned her head back with wrist touching forehead 

in the classic hopelessness pose.


  I chuckled.  "What you have wanted me to do."  Moving my arms up her 

back, I pushed her head forward and clamped my mouth on hers.  She 

submitted willingly, and soon our hands were gliding over each other's 

wet backs, and our tongues intertwining.


  Long sweet moments later, she pulled back and gasped for breath.  "My 

god, Mike.  You were always a good kisser, but you've improved so much!"


  I grinned.  "I've had some practice.  Would you like to help me 

practice some more?"


  "Certainly."  And she planted her full lips on mine.  It was even 

longer than the previous one, and tasted sweeter.  I barely noticed the 

chlorine from the pool, and from her reactions, neither did she.  

Celeste was really getting into this kiss, sliding her hands all over 

my back, reaching my buttocks, cupping them with urgency.  She rubbed 

her body against mine.  Of course, my penis was hard by this time.  I 

did my share of sliding along her curves.  The experience, one of the 

strongest I've had, ended abruptly when she pinched my rear.


  I stifled a desire to cry out, and jerked my head back.  We seemingly 

fell apart, although we didn't stumble at all.  The pinch and sudden 

cessation of carnal pleasure left me stunned for a moment, and when I 

looked at her, she had a look of recrimination on her face.  I imagined 

that her foot would be tapping had she not been standing in water.  


  "Well, gentleman Mike?  What have you to say for yourself?"  I smiled 

and held up what she was missing.  The top to her bikini.  For, of 

course, I had been trying to unhook it all the time.  And she noticed 

when it came loose.


  "Just like you're not a lady, I'm not a gentleman.  Anyway, you look 

a lot better now."  She really did.  Her breasts now hung free, capped 

with large pink nipples.  (Standing at attention now, of course.)  She 

had no tan lines that I could see, but I resolved to make a closer 

inspection.  My penis became harder at the sight of the pool lights 

eerily reflecting over her mammaries.


  "Just so.  I do."  She cupped her breasts, first pushing them together,

then moving them apart.  With a smile on her face, ske asked, "So, are 

you thirsty?"


  I nodded dumbly and moved forward, dropping the bikini along the way.  

She backed into deeper water, coming to a level where the water just 

covered the bottom parts of her breasts as I encircled her waist.  First 

brushing my lips against hers, I got to work on her sexy breasts.  I 

licked her hard nipples a few times before I playfully bit the right one,

eliciting a moan of pleasure, and started to suck.  


  After a while, she moaned and said, "Kiss me again.  I want to taste 

it too."  Keeping some of her milk in my mouth, I obliged her.  We passed 

it back and forth between our mouths until its taste became lost in our 

saliva.  After regaining our breaths, she asked, "Why, oh why, didn't we 

go this far so long ago?"


  "I don't know. Let's make sure we go all the way this time.  I 

want to be inside you."  I played with rolling her left nipple between 

my fingers.


  "And I want to feel your dick in my pussy."  She stroked my crotch 

through the fabric of my swim trunks, and whistled.  "My, my, are you 



  "You bet.  In fact, I'm not sure it'll fit.  Let's find out."  I ran 

my hands down her smooth flanks, and into her bikini bottom, pulling it 

down.  Submerging, I pulled it down all the way.  She stepped free.  I 

gave a little tug on her pubic hair and came up.  


  Pouting, she reached into my trunks, pulling on my cock hard.  I 

winced.  She untied my trunks, slowly sultrily, and then submerged to 

pull them off.  I was about to step out of them when I felt her mouth 

clamped around my cock.  I was so surprised that I almost let a blast 

of semen shoot out into her mouth.  But then she was gone.  I tried to 

follow, but I tripped on my trunks and splashed down into the water.  

When I came up, trunks gone, I saw her standing in front of me.. She 

was again sultrily playing with her ample chest, and grinning like a 



  I grabbed her, turning around a couple times with her body pressed 

sensually close to mine.  As I stopped, she planted a kiss on my lips, 

which stalled us for a short while.  I disengaged, putting my hands on 

her hips and lifting her slightly into the air.  She obligingly spread 

her legs and I rammed her downward onto my erect cock.  She wrapped her 

legs around my waist, and we grinded against each other, caressing each 

other's back and chest.  Soon (too soon) I couldn't hold back the waves 

of sperm, and groaning, loosed them into her.  She spasmed just 

afterwards, reaching her own orgasm.


  Later, each of us spent, she released her grip on my waist and slipped 

off of my limp penis to fall under the water.  I lost my balance myself, 

tumbling back.  When we both had regained our feet and breath, she 

wrapped her arms around me and whispered in my ear, "So what are you 

doing tomorrow night?" 


  It was going to be a long summer.




-by RedFlag the Pirate, April 1993     "Arrrr!"


  ** any comments welcome **


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